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  1. Can't see a way to pick multiple pen paths and then covert to a selection though unless I'm missing something?
  2. FYI a "Nadir Patch" is the logo etc used to cover the base of a 360 image in some instances rather than painting out the Tripod etc.
  3. Hi all, I make our Nadir patches as vectors and export to PNG. These are typically a circle with a number in the centre that increases from "00" to "500". This is very time consuming to do the current way whereas I up the number each time and then export it...rinse and repeat. Is ther any form of automation I can apply to get it to do this for me?
  4. It's working wit hall subsequent text so can only assume a glitch or something. Couldn't rectify it though and had to delete it.
  5. ....insert some more text and that works perfectly, I can just double click it to re-edit the contents but the initial text will not respond.
  6. I've been using AP for about a year now after many years of CS6 and today I have a question I really shouldn't be having to ask! I have just inserted some text then set the font and Hight parameters of it. Now however I am unable to edit them. It makes no odds if I am using the select arrow or the text option, whatever I do I can't get "into" that text again to change what it says, change font or height. This MUST be a bug because no software can surely be this hard to do such a basic function.....?
  7. Hi, I am "trying" to print 6 copies of a single business type card on an A4 sheet. All the help I can find says us N-Up which is fine, but that's where the guidance ends! So far I simply can't get more than one to print. I have tried changing the amount of copies and the Across / Down values to 2 & 6. Changing Across and Down just increases the dotted print area but no additional copies are shown in the preview nor print. Not having a dig, but why is this function so unobvious to use?
  8. Thanks Carl, funny enough I just tried that out of desperation to see "if" it would work. It did exactly as you have detailed. I really hate these assumption options like this, would it really kill to have a pull down or something that hinted as to the ability to perform this task? Unfortunately the result was pretty rubbish so exported as an SVG instead. I wanted to put a logo onto a Word Document at about 12cm wide. Did the export as you have said and imported the image but it was very pixelated. Fortunately Word now accepts SVG!
  9. Anyone? I was under the impression the whole point of vector content creation was the ability to export to any size without quality loss. Where is the ability to set physical output dimensions (12cm x 5cm etc) If its in there then it is too hidden. I have looked in the slice options and there are things in there for size but they are X1, X2 etc there are some that may imply and X by X size but no units are mentioned.
  10. Hi all, Looked hi and low but I can't find any useful info on what I believe is a meat and potatoes function and the export persona has zero obvious pointers to achieve this. I have a logo that I have created in designer and I now what to export it as a png at a specific physical size to go on a printed document. Like seriously, how do you do this. Logically I would expect an option to specify this during export but not seeing anything either in straight up export or via the item's slice settings in the export persona.
  11. err because the question was posed as a possible solution to allow MORE FUNDING for additional development speed / resources. Consensus being against it i am fine with, silly, I don't think so. As others have stated, perhaps cost increases and or having to pay to upgrade to major version updates that bring new features may be other options. Maybe they are just fine "as is". This post was to explore the situation as the software is good but designer is definitely missing some key features. I want the software to succeed without going subscription, if it can do that and add feature great, if it
  12. Not a good suggestion for paid software as people may find they can do what they need to with said software and just use that.
  13. "A Pro version, when should they find the time to do that, beside all the bug-fixing they have to do and some new features people are waiting eons for".. that's the point of posing the question as to whether additional income would increase resource.
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