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  1. Hi @J.C. You cannot toggle to the Pan tool with any tool whilst interacting with your selected tool by holding down the left mouse button. If you use the Colour Picker Tool (shortcut = I) rather than the eyedropper in the swatches panel, you will be able to toggle to the Pan tool and back to eyedropper a lot easier.
  2. Thanks @Hangman and @Return, we have since found that 'Align to nodes of selected curves' must be enabled on the context toolbar, whilst editing the warp group to trigger this.
  3. Hi @alidesigns We believe this issue has been resolved as we can no longer reproduce it. Could you please retest this in the latest release and let us know if you can still reproduce it?
  4. Hi @attaboyBrad Do you have an example document you can provide and a screen recording(s) of these issues in action? It would help us to get a better understanding of what is occuring.
  5. Hi @Dybkjær We are aware of this issue and I've passed along your example to the devs.
  6. Hi @Mothman We're not able to recreate this, could you send me a screen recording of this issue in action?
  7. Hi @Gnobelix Thanks for your report, I have passed this over to the devs for investigation.
  8. Hi @Bob Terry Could you just confirm if you reopen the file in Publisher, does the file still look the same? Would you be able to provide us with a copy of your file? Could you also provide a screen recording of your whole screen showing this issue in action?
  9. @XPERTDESIGNER We can replicate this crash on iOS only, I have passed this along to the devs for investigation.
  10. @XPERTDESIGNER Thank you for providing the file, we are still investigating however I have split your posts in to a new thread from here as this does appears to be a separate issue.
  11. @XPERTDESIGNER Would you be able to provide a copy of that file so we can investigate? I can provide a private upload link if required
  12. Hi @4dimage and @MikeTO I've noted 3 separate issues here around this tooltip and have logged it as such. Thanks for your reports.
  13. Hi @XPERTDESIGNER Just to confirm, has the screen recording you provided been created on the current release build If so, the fix for this issue is currently only available in the betas from builds onwards and not in the current release build. If you follow the News and Information forum, it will advise you when an update is available. If you would like to participate in the beta program, you can do so by following these instructions.
  14. Hi @R C-R The build referenced in the comment is correct for this issue. We found that @Serif Info Bot had not been tagging fixed PD issues and so we triggered the post to occur for issues marked as fixed the last 2 versions.
  15. Hi @MikeTO Thanks for your report, I've passed this along to the devs.
  16. Hi @nomi02118 It looks like the issue is occurring on this layer here: If you resize or crop it so it fits within or at the size of the boundaries of the page, the file does then export correctly. I'll pass this along to the devs to be investigated.
  17. Hi @nomi02118 Would you be able to provide a copy of your file so we can investigate?
  18. Hi @srg We are aware of this issue and I've passed along your report to the devs.
  19. Hi @md_germany Unfortunately we are unable to replicate this. Could you send a screenshot of your app settings in Settings > Performance please. Is there anything specific you are doing before changing persona?
  20. Hi @GRAFKOM I've passed this over to the devs for investigation, I have found if you enable 'Include build' then close and reopen the export window the size with bleed does then show. However it is truncated as @MikeTO has pointed out, I've also logged this issue with the devs. Thanks for your reports.
  21. Hi @Mr Sinister There is a known issue around strokes with pressure being expanded incorrectly on export or when using Expand Stroke. I have passed along your example to the devs. If you make a small change to the pressure graph and move the top node down slightly this does seem to be a current workaround to stop it occuring. I've made this slight change to the problem curves in the Tomatoes, Vegetable Man and Hill Climber 4 groups in your document to demonstrate this. modified Pink Floyd Part 1 V7.afdesign
  22. Hi @SeamusBerkeley Does this occur when you open a RAW file? The behaviour you see depends on how you enter the develop persona, if you open a RAW file then it will display K as the information is embedded in the metadata. If you open a JPEG and enter develop persona, it will display % as it doesn't have a reference for what K is.
  23. This will be due to which app is set as the default app to open that specific file on your OS, this can be changed easily enough. How to change on Windows How to change on Mac
  24. Hi @anto Thanks for your feedback, it is currently expected behaviour for a warning message not to show when opening a v2 document, but it may be something that is changed in the future. When signing up to the Beta Program there is a warning regarding using the beta versions for production work (see quote and link below). https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/affinity-beta-program/
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