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  1. ... works perfect. Thanks! And the factory-shorty is also right for this, so i can leave it as Default;-) Perfect!
  2. How can i paste copied text from other apps without its style/format.... into an exicting text-box/artist-"line" ??? The copied text should "inherit" the style/format from the AP text-box/artist-line.... How to do?
  3. Thanks. Its support TRANSPARENCY by this small size of compression? And ist "old"? Why does APh this stuff not "import" in my current file (so called project!!! ), as it examplary (my wish) does, wit eg. jp/png and creates a new file -instead a new layer (what i wish) - can i preference this??????
  4. My (picture) save as on most www-sites gives me now a so called...webp file, instead jpg or png. Well, the "expalanitions" sounds nice (smaller than jpg but more.... blabla) ... Has anyone experience with this new format?
  5. Thanks PAUL... i Thougtv this BUF.Reports is only For BETA not for Official... my fault, thanks!
  6. Here is a WISH/and an angry PUKE about "Pixel/Image" layer, CHILD layer an CROP_Layer and MASK-Layer and FX/Adjaustmenst-LAYER... This is not a Feature- WISH ... for me its a BIG-BUG in (design/concept... itself)... ! WHY can i not difference all this types of layers... by a little color-symbol and if i click... i see its a "cropped "MASK " or its a "Child" MASK... this filter is a Cild of another filter/adjustmenst WHY can i not SEE all Filter/Adjusts INSIDE a PIXEL_Layer at ONCE??? And why can the "Studio" can remember where i placed the the FX_Window at least and will it ALLWAYS bring to right-above???? And why is there no " preset" behavior like in Textural proceder... (Each kind of "prestes" uses its own "logic" ... even PT is not perfect... why no next/prev...buttons.. for fast "scroll"... Take a look of some music VST and how this "plugins" handel its presets... The "dominant stag" firms, like NI, Steinberg, Emagic... lost a BIG part of market.. because hungry young nerds made LOT of things better... Fast and elgegant Preset-HANDLING and other FASTER workflow... was ONE of the part of sucsess... Dont become a DINO an think we are the BIGGEST... For me, this are not feature-wiches... this are big bugs in (DESIGN)!!!!
  7. Sorry Admin, but i dont know where the BUG-report for OFFicial relases is... Please move to a better place, if existing... The "procedelual texture" (PT) The PT, as LIVE_CHILD-Filter, will sometimes lost it,s COMPLETE Function espacially when you RGB off an just A has enabled... Do anything else in other layers... tools... and try to change a preset in PT Vand PT will sudennly do NOTHING... nor preset/slider... no effect anymore. You must to RELOAD the PT than it works again! AS a said it happens "accidently" SOMETIMES not as reproduceable "pattern" but maybe this "circumtances" above will help!
  8. Thanks. Yeah thats "wonderful" example of the confusing Traps/FINESSE with so called "false friends"
  9. Well, german ALSO and english ALSO seams often/sometimes to be the same, but sometimes to be strange different... Do you belive all this EXTRA_confussing ist "natural"? Or by God??? Will anyone from today anyone in the future of the brave new order understand? Geramen-gender-langugeue --- i LITERALLY just understand parts... if this freaks speak/slang to eachother ...is this natutral or is this "some" people-forced-BABYLON????
  10. Thanks WF. Maybe i should by AD too and for now-selling 25€ its best price ever for such brilliant app... BUT.. i´m waiting untill they have implement at least the functions from the FREE KNOB_MAN_TOOL from 2011 (that was/is an free-internet-"App")... too create animation-stripes (in 64, 128, 256.... frames (= just Power-duplicate...() as long i NEED this 2011 (free web tool, too create simply stuff like this) SERIF does not get any cent from me... any "designer-app" without some function is ridiculous for me.
  11. It is not. But if you mean it would be better to post it there... please give the original LINK to combine booth!
  12. 1. Well in AP there is also an option that i can set Pen-STROKES into a "brush". But i dosent work, or at least i found no way! I guess you need vector-brushes for stunts like this, and AP does not have. So for what this "option in the stroke area is for??? 2. Any possibility that stroke-"BREAK"(Curves goes into another direction) this "connected" points get/became automatically an (auto circle/rectangel... or other stuff like this)... I mean, i am in Straight-mode... and every time i set a point and change the direction... JUST THIS POINT(s) becomes special forms... Too Abstract? Have you ever seen some "diagrams" to visualize some, dozen's, hundreds... of NETWORK(connecting) POINTS as "one" "Stroke"???? Thats what i mean! Thank you!
  13. My normally left-pinned TOOL "bar" is compeletly!!!!! gone.. I have STUDIO-Presets... but this one is gone... itryed "STDUDI/VIEW/WINDO -> show toolbar... but there is no such...
  14. I have a similar issue for paragraphs and "new docs" from a jpg/png... in my TEMPLATES i have my TYPO-"Styles" for typo, paragrafs.... , but if open a jep/png... from finder, i get a "new doc" and the text/typo/paragraf settings are really strange! For example... this paragraf-parameter will automatically set to the value of fisrt my artist-text-size... but i want this as default ZERO and i want to space my paragrafs directly just on the TEXT-header... not there.... I have re-set all stuff of all texts... but in "new" documents (from "open in AP" finder... NOT my templates) this strange text/paragraph-behavior is still existing. Do you mean this here to RESET this automitcally 87, 43, 155... created paragraf-space to ZERO ? Sorry, i ask for Verify, cause i guess i got this strange behavior, after i "saved as default" anything, i should better not save as default.
  15. Is there any EASY way to get the results from the nice detect edges into a mask/selection????
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