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  1. Polygonius

    A Library to use with Affinity

    Thank you guys, yeah it works:-) it also open a afphoto with just a doubleclick :-) Really nice tool! Bridge is deleted, XNV gets a donation! Just this libreoffice & co look is not mine, but i can life with.
  2. Not really, but maybe that helps? (move it after "drawing" to the border! Unfortunatly "presets" get lost after re-open)
  3. Polygonius

    A Library to use with Affinity

    Nope, *.afphoto files are just showing with app-symbol. At least on last highsierra and last xnview by default - is there an option? Nice tip, its really ugly, but very fast and very small (not like bridge with its 2GB over the whole system...).
  4. Me too! Please make 2 versions of LR-replace. Just a really comfortable file-manager like bridge with full AP-support at best openabele direct from AP (mediabrowser XXL) and another bigger version for the photographer-section. I and i guess lot others just need the filemanager!
  5. Polygonius

    How to use typographic variables?

    To be on save side - make sure that both attributes are set to to what you wish (signs and break/paragraph) and if you use text-style or text-template make sure that you really mark all signs, spaces, breaks... before setting your attributes.
  6. Polygonius

    A Library to use with Affinity

    For what do you want replace LR? Just for organizing, catalogizing, managing... your photos. jpgs, textures....? Adobe Bridge is fantastic for just this and its compltely free. But it does not work with AP-files (and i guess it will never do;-)
  7. Polygonius

    Warnings for filters

    Yup, sometimes you only forgtt to pixalete your image or click outside the layer just for hiding the blue-frame... every time buy this = some secondes of confusing. ... And as i allways ask for: Click with a extra-key in a layer = this layer is ALLWAYS in focus (without blue frame), does not matter where i click in the canvas. First if i deselect this layer in the layer-panel it will locked of and you can choose another layer as locked (with extra key) or with normal behavior (simple click).
  8. Polygonius

    Pattern overlay

    BTW: If you have some bitmap-gradients (or "colorstop" gradients) stored as palette (not as style) you can easy switch between with the gradient tool. All other (blendmode, opacity, fx...) will keep. You can also reach your palette-categorys from the gradient-context-tool-box with the "none" tab. Quite confusing, but it works.
  9. Polygonius

    Paint or erase a straight line

    ??? Close AP, really close and unplug your wacom, restart AP and try again, just with the mouse!
  10. Polygonius

    Paint or erase a straight line

    Hey Victor, thats screenshot is not enough. Click "more" to see other brush-settings like x/y-offset, distance... espacilly all settings in the dynamic-tab.
  11. Polygonius

    Smudge-tool in macros

    you are welcome!
  12. Polygonius

    Unwanted system fonts

    As RCR says, some fonts cannot trashed/disbled in osx but you can categorize your fonts with osx font-book and using this categories inside AP. As you can see, i have lot of smart-folder-categorys. The problem is, you can only reach this via the sign-panel. It would be really nice if you had this dialog instead APs own small-font-"oraganzier" directly in the context-bar and if you could select a category/font as standard for new doks. Death to the Helvetica!
  13. Polygonius

    Crash during macro (elliptical gradient)

    HI chris, Does the crash.rtf not help? However, there is no reciepe;-) Just this steps, plus the next (try to change the gradient of the style)*, but the screenshot is of course before, and after the next step it crahes again. * the fisrt style i choose is a radial-gradient, and as said with radial gradients it works - just with elipzical gradients i got crashes. There is also another txt-file with this crash-report from today. crash2.rtf
  14. Polygonius

    Smudge-tool in macros

    The smudge-strokes get listed as part of a macro, but after running it, they will not appliyed. Other special-brushes like dodge&burn/blur... works, but not the smudge-one.
  15. AP crashes usually when: - create a shape -start macro-record -apply a style (with elliptical gradient) -try to change the gradient ------- It seems it happens only with elliptically gradients, using linear or radial... there is just the assistant "can not record" crash.rtf