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  1. Where is the com.seriflabs.affinityphoto folder for the beta version? I want to use all my shorty, brushes, prferences... from the real app in the beta, so i think i just replace the relevant user-folder and other stuff from the official to the beta? Does this work? Thankyou!
  2. I solve the problem: I move the beta-app to the app-folder, now it runs! (latest catalyna)
  3. I have installed the 1.86 official Release. It runs as it should! But i cannot open the latest Beta, cause it wants a product-key, but i do not know that, becuase the official release was installed by the app-store?
  4. True... i can also use a FX with "peplace color".... but thats also too long-winded! I would prefer to have the option to have a "one-click-possibility". In 80% i will use it so or so, without any "un-nessary" extra steps. Maybe thats "small-minded", but im a "fighter" for efficiency and "less-click-as-posibble" and i believe its not the the "feature itself", its often the "shortest way" to get MOST of features, why people prefer this APP for another app with (quiet) similar features! I "accept" new long-wided features just by REALLY new stuff... like DESIGNER would get the possibility of the FREE knob-man inside (i´m a VST-GUI Designer... and would BUY Designer hjuts for this... without this, there is no reason for me, to buy....) ... but small thinks like "take brush-dip" from selection".... is not really new/unique...!
  5. thx for this new feature to create a brsuh from a selection. But, this brush will allways be an "image brush" - if i change the brush-color it dosent effect the brush. Is this behavior a "feuture or bug? I would like to decide if i want this brush as a pixel- or as a instensive-brush. Any possible to change this?
  6. There is 18 Designer beta, but i´m just a Photo-owner, so i dont know! - Is it meanwhile possible in AD that i can create "animation stripes" for eg. knobs/potis/fader.... in a smart/efficent/fast way, like e.g. in the FREE knobman/some CSS-websites....???? I just define the start/end-point (for eg. 4 layers) and AD will create (eg. 32, 64 or 128....) between-steps automatically and render this as a vertically "stripe", so i can export and use this PNG in VSTi or other apps which needs such "frame-stripes"?????
  7. Its not a Serif-issue, its an Apple issue! If i fullscreen AP in osx 10.15 there appear really ugly native "transparancy effects" shining trough to the AP-UI. I absolutely do not like that! And as said, its not by Serif, it happens also with other apps in fullscreen! I tried everything in OSX system-properties i found (reduce transparancy, etc) but this is only working for dock-effects not for this transparency effects in general. Please AP could you, as a company, ask apple to make an option to reduce ALL transparancy-effects? You have more "voice" as a single person! Thank you! BTW its not only a view/taste-problem, it also waste system-power for this ugly effect!
  8. Maybe wrong place, so please move it. Thanks! - but is official or upcoming 18 Beta AP ready for catalina?
  9. Sometimes a CONCRETE quest will also help! Its a complete leecher-generation isnt it? Am i too? Serious qeustion????
  10. Is this a "Retina" mac/display? Izt makes a huge different if the display is "just showing" 4 or 5K, even in absolut non-pixel-apps like all audio-stuff, but with a "moving/dynamic-UI"... Just the pure "showing the display" takes a lot of CPU, yes, CPU, not GPU and we are in 2019.... Its a shame from the OS/HW-manufactures to keep "just 2D-displaying" as a thread for CPU, not for GPU! In Audio-Apps you have to hide some advanced "display-gimmicks" and you will maybe reduce the "drops and clicks" which is normally an identicator fpr too much CPU. In AP you will reduce the time for running a very complex macro, if you reduce just the size of the "canvas" (your simple cmd+1.2,3.... or plus/minus "view"), as smaller the "just display" as faster the REAL computing.... In general you will save save CPU!!!!!! if you reduce the amount of pixels your screen is showing!!!! But for this - i do not have extra-paid for a 5K display, which i really love, i´m a screen-pixel-junky, i love high, higher, highest resolution.... !!!!! And thats in 2019!!!! Its a shame, but its not the problem of Serif/AP, its by Apple(OS)/GPU-manufactureres... The OS should be able to decide, ok, this just a GUI-thread -refresh inside an audio-app, it has no really priority and never must refreshed 441000 per second.... 25 times per second is "vital enough"... and the GPU should take care about this, its not really my work...
  11. i´m in Photo! Maybe thats it. Or maybe i´m too stupid to understand what you are saying. But to just lean/bend... does not make a square to a parallleogram (in a square = all angles are 90°, in a parellogramm just the A and C has the same angle and the B and D has the same the angle). So how can i get this with a standard square in PHOTO???? I know i can create something like that with the pen-tool and than bend and stretch the object, but it isnt a "shape", and its difficult to change the AC/BD-angles later....
  12. maybe i´m blind, but i didnt found the shape "parallelogram"? is this maybe hidden in trapez/sqaure/ polygon?????
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