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  1. People loves gimmicks, hm? As long as AP does not have enough resources, to solve real issues, like a comfortable preset-manager for brushes, macros, styles, colors, fx...is it really so important, that the open/save will correspond with the current mojave-minute? BTW: this "Feature" will cost a lot of Cpu/ram... I prefer FLUX.. its no dark-mode per default, but you can set if you want...., i tested dark mode, does not really help... But with FLUX you can also set its "temperature", after the sun is gone.. or whatever you mean, WHEN the sun is gone in your personal-clock... Thats REALLY helpful to find a better sleep! The opposite of mojave-dark was Affinity "White"... A gimmick.... All people cry for this, but nobody use (at least all YT-user....)... OSX dark is a gimmick, like white AFFinity.... not more. After this new-periode maybe 90% will get back... cause it makes no sense...But FLUX make sense!
  2. - In AP you can use the halftone-filter, set it to stripes... - You can powerduplicate a "rectangle" - you can use a style of stripes.... - you can use a big stripe brush....
  3. Your head/synopsis is confusing???? But if you just want to select/replace a sky.... there are a lot of tricks, even with filigran backgrounds... Youtube "replacing sky".... if you mean "how to select" clouds... well, clouds are mostly high or mid... There is a possibility to select just high/mid (there is also a macro-pack to selct more different on lumisoty....) you will find under selection?????
  4. If the objekt is full-opacity (no half-transparent pixel) you can easy use the the Fill-color in the FX-panel. Depending on the blend-mode it will mostly exactly done the job you want. Eg. white card with black / dark typo/symbols... Select that object and activate FX-color overlay (or however its called in english). Set this blend-mode to "darken" and choose a color you like. The white part takes this color, the rest keeps as black/dark as it is war! In the opposite (black card/ white/bright items) you need an opposite blend-mode like "brighten". The white/bright will save and the black/dark will recolor... Per default there is black as fill selected.... set it to a mid red or green or pink... to get a feel for what it is doing in the different modes! As more as you left the luminosity-middle, as more also light- and dark greys will affected. and as mor as you left the stauration-middle as more B/W or as more haribo... In extrem settings, just extrem black/white will keep its old values, all other will more less affect, so test with gentle luminosity/saturation first!
  5. Except this, if you NEED an export with ultra-correct sizes (eg. some apps need its "animation-text" as a vertical stripe, all single-item must have exactly the same size....) all distances has to be the same... you need an invsible shape as placeholder! Example: A 10 entry text with a space from 2 point will be as text 98 point. The last "line" will not exported, even as Frame-text. So you need an extra invisible shape to get the correct 100point! You must export /slice the group (with that placeholder), otherwise you get only the incorrect "frame" of the text.
  6. Yeah this forum is (mostly) so fresh "just-the-item" :-) No steve-jobs-is-holy-cleriks or i-know-it-better-than-you-people!!! I learned so much here, i can not say enough thanks! This just-help without any RTFM or i-know-it-better-attitudes and the ability to take "critic" as just "suggestion in love" make not be important, but for me its one of the highlights of 2000 years occidental cultur!
  7. The Affinity GUI is not really good-looking and one-view-i-get-all-current-settings, espacilly by separating "tabs" and other stuff ( a little bit shamy for a company which other GUI-creator should use;-)) Look exactly and you will find it (in this big resoultion a short view is enough).
  8. Polygonius

    Centering Objects

    Maybe fastest way: The fisrt 2 of this 5-block does this job!
  9. Polygonius

    Affinity Photo using.

    Nope, you have to use the mouse/sliders/brush-window for deeper edit! There is NO way for fast direction flip, no way for hold "size/opacity..." for all brushes independet ist own settings, but if you set "wet corners" for One brush, THIS will take for all brushes... Adjustments in the brush-panel will OVERWRITE that brush without asking and so on. But you can set special oppacity with 2time-it of eg. 4 to 4 or with 3-time hit to 444 = 100. Its a version one, all is working fine, but lot of comfort is missing, eg. better views for the brushes (if you want just one-click-textures...) or the possibility to reorganize the categorizes, batch move.... flip/flop...take a size temporially....
  10. You get also Inner-shadows or 3D or all other of the FX with object-opacity= zero!
  11. The easiest way is maybe open the fx-panel of that shape and set the object-opacity to zero. Then you will get just the shadow, or glow... nothing else!
  12. You can write a macro with "copy/paste". Start macro, say cmd+c and cmd+v to the layer you want. It will paste in that the buffer, in this case your layer. Save that macro, run a batch with that macro.
  13. There is a "select area" tool. Its quite similar to PS magic tool. Select acolor and it will select that color plus, the tolerance you set. (uncheck "neighbor"). Do not know how its correct translated, but the meaning ist right Than just delete the selection!
  14. Then please explain this in the video, its confusing!!!!!! no color.mov
  15. Polygonius

    export to jpeg = darker?

    Hi norwegian, do not become afraid : RAW-developa-persona... is not the favorite dizipline of AP. But even when, there is no DM, an Organize-Tool.... I would recommenend FREE Soft like "darktable"... it does ALL aspects of "import/develope/organize..." much much better... AP in the opposite has its power to EDIT a developed jpg, png, screenshot... and in this case, its really great! Keep in mind: each wish to do a "neighbor-job" will steal ressources from the "core-team"... AP is bad in developing, but who cares? There is Darktable and some other which does a great job for just this SPECIAL thing. For me SERIF could burry the idea of "develope-persona". Eiher the bring out a special app, (including a DM, whishwise the DM seperatly...) but really focused of that... or they do not waste ressources in a field, a freeware is 10times-better! AP is a great "EDITOR", not a great "developer"...your manufacture-camera-soft... Take and tweak them there. And than start a kpg/png and do some things and you will ask "how did i waste so many to the "developement"" .... AP can really magican in its core- features not in its "furher-stuff", there are better freewares... wehre other firms has 100 people to this!!!! Which will win? And - and thats my point" this 20 people will burned for NOTHING! DOES AP need a Developa-Persona? Nope, never... There is much more better Freeware! Does AP the power of this "now free 20 persons?" Of course:Very, very, very.....good is always just small step before it could be better!!!!!!!! As soon, a feature is implemented, tested, used... people want more! And thats fantastic! The whole human-progression based of this simple principle! We are very thankfull (for a time), but after some time, we want more... and than we ask, how to organize/realize this more.... with just the resources we have.... ! THIS simple principe is the motor of our collective-development: from fire, to wheel, to math, to books, to simple machines, to star-flyes, to 000100100-"reality".... black, white, long, short...noses... who is interested in such things? The only question is: do you understand/live this paradigma, are you ready to "help with whatever you can" without a special "honor/expectation" cause its just "normal" to act like this??????? If yes, you are very really welcome! If not, go back in your land and do what you think "its correct"!