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  1. Polygonius

    Missbevaior in 1.7

    Whenever i close AP with several docs are open, and say "no" to the save dialog for each doc and then reopen AP i got a "there are recovery files". There was no crash, I decided REGULAR to do not save, so in 99% i do not want a recovery file. I and i do not want this dialog on startup. However, wehre are this "recovery" files stored and is this really "temporally" or do i to have to trash this manually. Maybe there is a 1%chance, that i regret the "do not save decission" - in this seldom case, it would be nice if i could recovery, if i EXPLICIT ask for it, but not as prompt by any start. I hope that the old recovery files get trashed automatically after close this new session. So that just the files from the last session are available and older ones will automatically trashed. But yeah, such caches often forget to delete old stuff and grows up and up, so please where is to find to this folder?
  2. Polygonius

    "snap" sliders in adjustments

    Some sliders in 1.7 already have this "doubleclick to default" and the rest will approximately follow soon.
  3. No media-browser anywhere in 1.7
  4. Polygonius

    Bug - fill-layer gets only half-transparent

    The flood tool fills correct a pixel-layer but not the fill-layer in this file. But yeah, the Edit>Fill does the job correct. But after fill-tool again the alpha channel becomes grey again and the fill is again half-transparent???? But as said only on fill-layers on prxel layer it is wirking correct???
  5. Where to find the "snapping panel"? Please screenshot or menu-path... ###### To >-< for me too, this an unnesecrary difference between filters and adjustments... both changes layer. Well not all filter works on shapes/text... only with pixels... but others works with non-pixel-layer... so this not a criteria. Not all filters available as layer, but other are! This is also not a criteria. Not all filters changes "color" (in fact they do all - all modify is in the end just changing "color", eg. a blur just equals neighbor-pixel more together = recoloring...), so this is also not a criteria. I would say the diffrence between adjustment and filters (which should mostly better called FX, a filter just subtracts...) is a pour artifically difference. Makes no really sense. A difference between "available as layer" and just destructive FX would be make more sense. BTW: the so called FX are for me more layer-tweaks and filters are mostly FX... But however, this is not really important, i just wanted to tell
  6. On my system ESC will deselect. I love the shortcut-preference :-)
  7. Not generally, only on my system, cause i have replaced this action to this shorty and forgotten in answer: this ist not default.
  8. Here a file, i do not know, the fill-layer will not become solid color! Fill layer.afphoto
  9. Polygonius

    Multi stroke gradient/ transparency masks!

    I didnt find it in the sugesstions-forum. I personally want this too. (But only via Shift or other modify-key, to separate this multiple draw from the normal draw a complete new gradient). And BTW it would be nice if i could define a "standard" gradient! White/half grey is maybe not the choice ALL user prefer. Also it would be nice if the extra-panel which appears when clicking the "color-field" in the context-bar would be available directly from the context-bar and not only after long-window clicking first the "color-field" (the four riders+the pipette should be DIRECT AVAILABLE part of the toolbar, and en-collaps directly here, without the need of extra-clicking the "color-field" and then tabbing to eg. swatches, becuse it always open with gradient-tab, does not matter which tab you closed before.... Thats are 2 unnecessary clicks... however, with your friendly support, Raymondo, this tread should move to the suggestion-forum.
  10. ops, sorry... my personal shorty, cause all other apps uses cmd+d for duplicate... i do not know for what the "j" stands, "juplication"???? But yeah, DEFAULT is cmd+j, my fault!
  11. That just for new docs. Not for eg. placing one/several images. It would be fine to have a "place as best-fit to canvas" option. Meaning the longest side of an image will automatically fit to the current canvas and the (often not fitting) smaller side will proportional taken as it best (not canvas- scaled). This kind of "placing" should start at X/Y zero-point automatically.
  12. Sarcasm? If so, hit cmd+D and you get the selection as new layer. Than export this layer. Keep care that "just this layer without Background" is selected.
  13. in 1.7 i get VERY often a 'recovery file exists' WITHOUT crash or similar. Sometimes i get "there are 3 recovery files"... when reopen AP-beta WITHOUT any crash! As "prompt" before doing anything... Maybe it crashes "intern" and writes this "backups" but the app itself seems be stable? Obvious, maybe system-special... but try by yourself: Open several pics, do some edits like recolor in ech "file", close APitself, say NO to all docs... and then re-open one of this pics... i get often this messages???? Maybe the JPG/pngs itself are set to not "overwrite" (read only)... but exact this finder-setting should do the opposite???? A "cannot save, cause its forbidden..."???? in normal close? When "pseudo-crshing, this box will of course not appear... but waht will happen than...??? As said i NEVER ever "stored anything" in any kind. Just playing TEMPORALLY with SOME (jpg/png) files "at once" (in the same session, but as separate "doc")..
  14. Plus your layer is an image --- Raster first! Thats maybe the MOST 2 newbie-traps in Affinity! If i would be you/serif... i would show, explain, mark... all traps and confusing... as SECOND chapter in the main-rtfm. there are more than newbie-ones: like a layer-select can switch or recolor the current fore/back-"swatch"... and so on.... 70% of "newbie"-questions are based of such confusion/traps... from such confusing, not explaining... background. If you ever plan a AP 2.0 with a new manual.. ask me, i could write such an "appendix"! Nope, this is not concurrence to your Praxis-book, this is essential stuff, just "answering" forum-highlight-trap-questions...