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  1. Sometimes a CONCRETE quest will also help! Its a complete leecher-generation isnt it? Am i too? Serious qeustion????
  2. Is this a "Retina" mac/display? Izt makes a huge different if the display is "just showing" 4 or 5K, even in absolut non-pixel-apps like all audio-stuff, but with a "moving/dynamic-UI"... Just the pure "showing the display" takes a lot of CPU, yes, CPU, not GPU and we are in 2019.... Its a shame from the OS/HW-manufactures to keep "just 2D-displaying" as a thread for CPU, not for GPU! In Audio-Apps you have to hide some advanced "display-gimmicks" and you will maybe reduce the "drops and clicks" which is normally an identicator fpr too much CPU. In AP you will reduce the time for running a very complex macro, if you reduce just the size of the "canvas" (your simple cmd+1.2,3.... or plus/minus "view"), as smaller the "just display" as faster the REAL computing.... In general you will save save CPU!!!!!! if you reduce the amount of pixels your screen is showing!!!! But for this - i do not have extra-paid for a 5K display, which i really love, i´m a screen-pixel-junky, i love high, higher, highest resolution.... !!!!! And thats in 2019!!!! Its a shame, but its not the problem of Serif/AP, its by Apple(OS)/GPU-manufactureres... The OS should be able to decide, ok, this just a GUI-thread -refresh inside an audio-app, it has no really priority and never must refreshed 441000 per second.... 25 times per second is "vital enough"... and the GPU should take care about this, its not really my work...
  3. Aha, got it. Thanks guys!
  4. i´m in Photo! Maybe thats it. Or maybe i´m too stupid to understand what you are saying. But to just lean/bend... does not make a square to a parallleogram (in a square = all angles are 90°, in a parellogramm just the A and C has the same angle and the B and D has the same the angle). So how can i get this with a standard square in PHOTO???? I know i can create something like that with the pen-tool and than bend and stretch the object, but it isnt a "shape", and its difficult to change the AC/BD-angles later....
  5. Polygonius

    172 - Filter "delete white background"

    OK, thanks, so i guess, this thread can be closed!
  6. maybe i´m blind, but i didnt found the shape "parallelogram"? is this maybe hidden in trapez/sqaure/ polygon?????
  7. Polygonius

    172 - Filter "delete white background"

    HI Gabe, sry for delay... was some days on a trip.... Well, the problem, is to the half my faul, but to the other half its your fault: There is a complete confusion with the german translation with the new "delete white/black matte" entries in the filter-color-menu. This new one entrie has the EXACT same translation like the origin "delete white background" - see the screeny. I tried the first one (which is afik for delting white "matte", not for white "backround") and it didnt work, the second one (with the EXACT same name, works as known). So maybe you should give a tipp to your german translator "matte" in this case is more "Saum, Naht, Rand...", but never the german "background" = Hintergrund).
  8. The "delete white background" filter does not work anymore! If i select a white pixel with the "magic tool" and uncheck the "just neighbor" box, it works, but this special filter for this stunt, does not work in 172.
  9. You say there are - Numerous fixes for live filter rendering - especially when grouped. Maybe, but there is still a big bug like this. 1. open the file 2. create a duplicate of the group 3. render this group (rasterize to trim) 4. make the group below invisible! Filetr bug.afphoto.zip
  10. Polygonius

    Using the BETA only?

    Thank you Mark. It seems to work!
  11. Polygonius

    Using the BETA only?

    Thanks Mark, but for OSX and my own files/" hidden", system-wide-placed...USERstuff... i have better tools than the storage-utillity from apple itself. But if i got you right you are meaning the selcted folder (just one 1 MB) inside AP(official) i have to keep, for running the Beta only? (Yes, my official AP is from apple-app-store).
  12. Of course, app-design (the look of an app) its a class of its own. The golden goal is the balance, between - fastest readability and nice design - no screen-waste and nice design - a most as possible, intutive red-line and nice design - the courage to introduce new ways to show/offer "hidden" features.... Lot of different points... but lets see just the first point: Is AP/SERIF ( it is a company FOR DESIGN-Apps!!!!) a good or an bad example? Its better than Libre Office, than much worther than other classic menu/multi-function apps. Just see the pic below and its SYMPTOMATICALLY for the SERIF-GUI presentation. How long does it take, until you recognize how many boxes are checked, how often must you see twice or search specifically? (There are 4 boxes checked)
  13. Polygonius

    Using the BETA only?

    Thanks Tom, yeah, apple itself, all the osx-native-stuff.... i already know the apple-space-waster... but thnx! On the other hand, I do not know how Serif is handling its stuff. If i just work with the BETA i would guess, i just need the PLIST of the official version and some other stuff like here : All what is not checked - i guess i need. All what its checked... i believe i can delete?
  14. Polygonius

    Using the BETA only?

    My 2015 SSD i-mac has just 128 GB storage, which is mostly near the limit. Two versions of Photo will need a lot space: 2.8 GB the official app (why ist this so big????) and maybe the same GB of my user-settings, brushes, etc...). BTW: The Beta is "just" 1.2 GB big. And in booth even i set my pathfinder to show invisble files i do not see/find the really big folders???? I mostly use the latest beta, so i could save 2-3 GB if i delete the official version. But is this possible? I guess the BETA is without a valide lincense not runable, and if i delete the official, i will probably lost my registration/licence???? Is that so? What can i do? And yeah, if say show package in the 1.4 GB of app, i geuss there is lot stuff inside i do not read... what are big files/folders witch i could trash without lost main-functionalitty? I do not need any camera-profiles, any RAW-files, any extra pictures, localisations....
  15. Polygonius

    v147 - undocumented fix

    Maybe i overread/oversee this, in earlier version, but in v147 i nocticed an app-chrash-big is fixed and i just want to say thank you! It the bug wehre an selection from the quickmask would crash the whole app if you try to run macro. Now its fixed. So thank you AP!