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  1. For GUI-creating you need EXTRAORDINARY pixel/space-correctness. My GRID is very hard, my other settings are "quantized" to hard-pixel... but if try to export a group... i uses-less stuff like this: Well its a special "make-nice" interpol/enhancement/algorithm and maybe in 95% what even I want. BUT for such special case i don NOT want any kind of interpolation or other kinds of "smartness". (forget the outframes, and no a corrected pixel-offset will create exactly same "interpolation/blur"...)... i cant better show... just see the "lines" for what i mean...)! Bothe "boxes" are pixel-exports... the first one is a default-export "without" any "smart stuff". The second-box is the default, AUTOMACALLY "smart" interploated output, WITHOUT any possibility to say "no, thanks, please just pixel-correct"... from AP. Fisrt one comes free KNOBMAN, second one is AP - what a "smart" , not "sa no thanks-possibility" "regress! BTW: why can the EXPLICIT-Ppipette not sample from everywhere on the desktop? So this is just an "near-by" but i guess, its the same "smartness" with 100% exact-color..." ) ##### If not clear: my "hard-pixeled" object is 31x1, but the regular export will ONLY offer this "smart" interpolation-output (nope, thats not JUST a frame... thats "smart" interpoliation, without the possibility to UNCHECK!) . True, mostly i want an interpolition, but in maybe 20% I DO NOT WANT! A changing here (size/größe) will much more"interploate", but in this "seldom" case, i do not want ANY "smart" interpolition, i just want extrem HARD pixel-output! Well, there is the export-persona, but just for ONE "fast/dirty" its many overkilled. And even than... I want luv, that the (regularly) export-dialog remember last setting (doc, selection with, selection without) and that this dialog offers the possibility "as EXAKT as selection" and offering to ADD (not stretch all) "invisible" pixels plus 1,2 pixels... or (and ) "quantized" to grid (even if invisble)... Do not get me wrong, i´m some happy with 1.7 the Export-Persona... FRAMES can now JUST ADD invisible pixel, instead to stretch the content... thats made AP a little bit more usable for PIXEL-EXACT/GUI-WORK... and in 80% i want of course a smart interpolition, but there are such 20% cases i really hate this, and just want "QUNATIZE/GRID". I do not know, is this AD better? Thats, plus a preview how will the stuff look IF pixel, that would really be a reason to buy AD too!
  2. Thanks MEB, ok i understand, its the same window, but a different mode! No i understand! Problem is just, that the non-destructrive "brush-SELECTION" becomes automatically the "destructive" Edit-panel if i change to another brush, but ok, this MORE is really helpful, if keep that in mind. Is there a shortcut for this MORE?
  3. Nope, if i edit some settings in Brush-mod-window and close this window, and recall "this" brush later it has the changes now as new "default" without asking me. BTW: I have edit my further post, in the meanwhile you answered, so maybe that helps to get my point more clear!
  4. For me ist absolute "does not matter" if this is an app-brush or whatever - i see the unwanted results: 1. The brush lost the blue indicator 2. The "edits" will taken as new/permanet without asking me 3. The brushes.procol is growing up. Thats all because there is no differnece between an "temporally" edit for just this special situation and an explicit overrite-edit, i REALLY want as new setting! EDIT: As long i do not say "overwrite" i just do not want an autamtically overwrite - If i change other "presets" eg. crop-settings, the texture-filter, the shape-presets, the grid-settings, THIS preset i used as base, do not get overwritten automaticaly. And that for good reason. I´m thinking of brushes as "presets" , so each of this persets could get manipultated as i want, but it gets only overwritten i explicit say: OVERWRITE!
  5. Polygonius

    Blend mode using fill dialogue

    This is a very, very special wish ---- there are a LOT of "extra-step-needs... wide-window... mouse-miles...",... which should fix ASAP, but this seldom need, should be become a "focus"? How OFTEN do you need this "feature", compairing to eg. a "dodge-brush" is per default always "white" and a "burn" is ALWAYS "blck" complete independingly from the color of the regular brushes? Why does it need a DOGE and BURN toll???? I choose one and if i hold a mocifyer key, it does the opposite (Dodge become Burn: Paint become Erase; Sharpen become Blur....) by just hold the special (user) modififyer. It does not matter what the REGULAR has as for(background-color... if i click eg. doge it gets automatically FULL-black or FULL-white by holding the mod-key... and if switch back to my REGULAR brush i get ITS current for(backcolor... back.... Same for sharp/blur-brush, or Mask-brusch".... The current REGULAR brush-colors... Nobody needs for this tools... My suggestion: >changing a tool, from regular "brush" to any other tool, or "mask-painting":... the current tool gets ITS "native" colors and a NORMAL change from eg. dodge to burn will KEEP the current "brush"... Just a dodge/burn with a modify will load the last/default... nozzle to this... (however you prefer)... All Conter-"Brushes" like (reg) brush/eraese... dodge/burn... sharp/blur... mask hide/cover... should work (per default) on this simplified "logic". With (eg. CMD i got exactly the opposite of this "brush"). LEAVE this old-fashioned paradigm what a special "brush" is doing! IF i do not know dodge/burn... but i want to bright/dark some areas... I want ONE tool for this. And this tool does exactly what i expect, does not matter how the color of the brush currently is... In this case its absolutely not important... i want my "darker/brighter" tool as solid "black-white" instead the maybe regular brush pink/lightgreen... I NOW want to dark/bright and if switch back to regular brusch... i want my pink/green back... And if switch from regular-brush to eaaser, the pink/mintgreen is also not important... i just want to" erase" some parts, with the same "NOZZLE", but without to keep care what the for/back-color is! All old-fashion-"photographer" and so on... all this guys, should ist old wide-window-behavior... if they wish... but all (more logic thinking guys) should get this new, fast, smart... of understanding "brushes" as tools AND conter-tools! i´m pretty sure this new, easy, smart... concept will convienced EVEN the hardest "i`m a photograper and i want my wide-windowed exactly i knoe..." fraction very soon. Maybe there will be left some guys, but this ones are freaks, like the fraction "a mp3... never sounds as the original... NEVER, never, a digital-camera.... will be as good, as good, as a mechanic... and so on.... Nostalgics, people without fantasy.... will always and everywhere have "take into consideration" . Are you a "nostalgic" brake block, or are you a smart people, which recognize in the future, even if the during-phase is extra-complicated?
  6. Polygonius

    Media Browser

    Take a look here... SPOTLIGHT (on WINDOWS should be a similar "free-to-use-protocol") offers all SERIF needs. As said its an INTERIM Solution... but it would be a fast and easy way to implement... SPOTLIGHT is a very solide catalogue "base" and maybe "all you need" for "develope-further/special..."? Spotlight offers all what SERIF / a catalouge... is (basically) needing, there is no special-need to code an extra-special-own-database... BUT just the cleverness to use this already existing FREE database very SMART!! Itunes, Traktor/ iphoto, the whole finder-attribute-shower / the smart-"album / search...."-concept... all "catalogues" in each off this apps "based" of spotlight... And its free, each DEV can use it - its just the question: Are you smart enough to implement to your special wishes? But even if not, eg Pixabay/Splesh... creates (at least) usable "catalogues" in HTML... not perfect, but i like the "unsplash/pexel/pixabay..." -"media-browser" as just "type search".... On a (spotlight) HD there are also misc filters like (date/size...) all infos are for free, for every DEV usable/filterable.. if he just know the basic... instead to code...code...code his own system... And yeah, i like it as static "panel" more, than the old media-browser-flying-window: Just create some buttons for first-filter and second-filter.... Use TAGS and other already given file infos... to "filter"...
  7. I´m also unhappy with the WHOLE brush-concept. Its in the free!!!! KRITA 1000x better.... How to start? "' 1 "You have changed the brushes preset so it is no longer the same brush..." ---- Why get brushes permanently AUTOMATICALLY!!! "changed" without asking me? In 94% of cases i DO NOT want an automatically overwrite , i just want the changes in really most of cases, just for this special situation: If i just change eg. the rotation or an size-jitter... (or whatever...) i want this in 94% cases JUST in this special situation! IF IF IF !!!! i really want a change PERMAMENT, i would click the non-existing "overwrite"! But as said, mostly i do NEVER want an automtic change"! --- In the opposite the "no-ask-automatically-overwrite", forces me, to create a backup of this brush, if i just want to experience with "it". Nope Serif, this default overwrite-without-asking-behavior is absolutely annoying for complex stuff like brushes... I do not understand, why not just an "overwrite" button if i happy with my settings and want to use later? This current behavior DESTROYS old brushes without asking and will grow up the brushes.propcol extraordinary. Each time i just change the flow or any dynamic... the brush.propcol seems to create a complete "new" brush (including a copy of the bitmap(s), instead just using the <1 KB parameter-settings. How to make better? Like in other questions... YOU should for such questions take a look to some Audio-SW. There is the problem with big SAMPLES. If each new preset would make a complete copy of the whole "base-preset", well, even TB-HDs would be very soon full by just some new "(copy all) presets". Instead to duplicate SHARED!!!! audio-samples... each preset is just a very small parameter-script, with the current paramater-settings, not more. The (big) sample-files will shared for each preset. Instead to create by each eg. just changing of the dynamic-x-size-jitter... or whatever.... a complete "new" brush (including all Bitmaps SEPARATELY) ... just create a "PRESET (just the parameter-settings)" instead a complete, whole new brush! 2. Another suggestion was to add the brushes you're using for the current project into their own group so you can more easily identify the one you need. I do appreciate this could potentially be a bit time consuming. Really???? We should create duplicates of duplicates and waste our time and grow up the brush.propcol...extraordinary? This all, because SERIF is not will or able to create just simple a brush-history? PS and even FREE Krita has! What is so difficualt fpor SERIF to offer a brush-history, where eg. all last 5 brushes get remember and re-call-able in the brush-panel???? Is this your bizarre and annoying CONCEPT of each brush gets automatically overwritten without asking??? See below! 3. here some other suggestions for tweaking this bizarre/old- fashion brush-concept! - other possibilitys to show brushes. Again free!!! Krita: I love its compact-square-view with the possibility to show a "stroke/nozzle"-example PLUS the possibility to add a "symbol/indicator" to this. So i see with just one fast scan-view... aha, this brush is a wet-edge, this a bristle, this a solid, this a palette-knife... (of course i have to configure this ONE time... but this little extra-work will later save so much search work....) - Nozzles from clipbord or just be drag/drag layers... - copy/paste "PARAMETER-settings" from one brush to another / deactivate ALL DYNAMICS permanently... / also the opposite ACTIVATE all current DYNAMICS (also size, flow...) for each new selected brush TEMPORAILLY.... - "brushing" with an special-key will ERASING with the current "Brush" - saved "colors" for brush-like-tools... IF i mask or dodge/burn... i will not take care of current color i want in 98% a solid black/white... maybe a neutral grey...., however i can save my "defaults"... but if i switch on-the-fly too a brush-"brother" i do not want care about the current colors/... this tools will EVER use the for/back-color, i have set in the option, or wherever... and if switch back to my regular brush, my current for/back is still available... (also if "regular painting" on a mask... the "regular-brush" takes automatically black/white... or whatever i set for GENERALLY). - btw: CONTERPARTS like brush/eraser or dodge/burn or sharp/blur-"brush"... could be AVAIBLE in just ONE tool. Just select ONE and click/hold a modifyer and the opposite will perform, with the current brush in exact the current settings... I HAVE just to hit a MODIFYER KEY... instead all this wide-windowing extra and extra clicks... More suggestions here:
  8. Polygonius

    Redraw bug

    Mabey not in this special case: But there is a very big "metal" / redraw-bug... and i do not know, since 098... or so "this bug" was try to patch and patch.... and there was always a new bug /next patch... after each "fix"! Your bug seems to be INDEPENDENT from metal-bugs... but maybe exactly this "wrong code" is the base for all other "pseudo-metall" issues...? I do not know, not my job...but i know this: Sometimes very "wide (pseudo-autark)" related stuff cross-work together... However its not my job to find/fix... but i know lot of examples where an "in-thinkable -impossibility" was the real reason....!
  9. Yeah even with such behavior, that a "mouse-down" is running the suspecting action, instead the "mosue-off"... What kind of spoilsport! In AP you need the regular mouse, for capture a "do it". Krita?Co are usable with just your tablet! Thats high-suspect! ---- New (AP-beta) 1.7.0110 allows to use existing brushes as sub-brushes, per drag/drop... This is really helpful! But it does not change anything on the very old "i´m am in flow" behavior... where i want my "favorite brushes" as right-click-avaiable in a better overview, than Serif offers... If i am painting, i do not want this always...go the hamburger, switch down... selct a category... and see just (maybe) 20 brushes (as long-stroke) with no other help what this brush is maybe doing... In KRITA i see: this is a knife, this a long-repeater, this is an variation.... I can sort my maybe 100 favorites... in one category and "catalogized" with an short-cut-image.... and i can switch between all on EACH point in the canvas, simple by RC.... In AP i have to move to the panel...then hamburger... then select a brush.... maybe you do not really "brush"- so you will not understood, but i do it a lot and this "wide-window" anywhere with a all extra-steps... to get i want... (or even to NOT see what is active/this non-preview....) its a very big retrograde-step, to smart "brush-apps". Even PS offers a "brush-tool-box" by right-click in a VIEW you prefer.... Just in SERIF you need so many steps/mouseway/clicks... to change a brush.... But however, you can now, "crop" in any comfort and flavor you wish... yes, most time working on a picture --- i crop and crop and crop, sometimes 227849 times or maybe more...., so this fix is #01 .... of course! Other guys works on pictures, instead just to crop, crop, crop... in the best possible way...even with brushes?????..... but maybe we are too are seldom... no USP for such muddle-heads???? Who wants to edit an photo, maybe in a "strange way"? Even with brushes??? Its completely suspect, if people like that...! Why do you not crop and crop? Brushing/texting/elementing.... is only for <moderated>...
  10. Do not get comfortable with that. In 1.7 the new "better" remeove-noise is a big back-step to 1.6! Maybe the filter is better for removing nose, but it will lost its creative aspect: "Blur in the opposite of bipolar-blurr" is completely "away-bettered". The old "de-nosier" smoothed hair or other "edges", by keeping the "average" intact. Exact the opposite to "binaural-blur". The new, "better" de-noise does not do this anymore! New "better" denoise (top) and old (nice, subtle,blur) denosie (bottom) (look at the hair). There is no tool for such an equal effect anymore! This "denoise" was really an unique "out-of-the-box-blur"! Booth examples with 2 instances of it! For just de-noise maybe 1.7 is better... but there are also "out-of-the-box-useers" who miss this old one "blur"!
  11. Polygonius

    Redraw bug

    There seems to be a very, very DEEP-metal-bug in it. All "fix"-versions are just hacks of "one" special-problem! But the main-problem seems to be very deep! So if THIS BASE-problem is not solved, there will come another and another "metal-issue". All "fixes" was just ptach of patch of patch... instead ONETIME to solve the BASE_Problem.... And maybe its a very bad APPLE-code... (this metall-issues "on details" over and over again... are not normal)... this is a very BASE bug, and maybe solved with a SOLID metal-update from apple? Cant not imagine that Serif uses a clear code... the base-code seems to be very "buggy". But i´m not sure, maybe SERIF is not smart enough, to use that code? I mean a firm, which uses "mouse-off" as "click"... is either copy/paste-lets-try-bad-coded in the not normal, or 100 years ago.... I do not see any advantage for this generally stunt, but a lot of dis-adavantages. So there must be an reason for that or the whole Serif-stuff is lazy-copy-paste and now they the have to patch and overpatch its OWN old bugs????
  12. There are still "roadmap/pointed to the dev-team/regress" bugs in the current version: (And i have wait, wait and wait....) 1. Autosave/recovery... This bug needs some text, so there will come a special Fred about this! 2. Styles based on bitmaps are not resizable (if metal on). Well, the style itself is resizable, but not the bitmap-repetition, (with 1.6 / without metal) is working fine! 3. There are still 2(+) very old Macro-Bugs (from the roadmap/dev-agenda). 3.1. Using exiting macros as "base" for further (more complex) macros will corrupt any names/labels. For example: In a fresh macro you can give separate names for eg. EACH "opacity" witch is part of that macro. But, if you use this macro later as COMPACT-starting/anywhere point (as recorded macro in macro)... for a more complex macro, and try to rename any of this "opacity" ALL "opacity" will now take THIS name for all "brothers". Does not matter which one or where you cog-rename: The name-brothers in the whole macro, will take simultaneously the new name for each "family name member". 3.2 Neither smudge nor color-change (with "no fill") will reproduce in macros! Well, the steps get written correct, but if running, there will absolutely nothing happen. I guess i know the reason: Both tools are "regularly brushes," with the differences that both sample the "background" color by each stroke minus the flow/amount... instead using a "static/solid" color. IF the color-changer was recorded with any "solid" color, it will later macro-work like a solid brush = just "overpainting" with the (macro) selected color. IF it was recorded in blue all will be the same blue.. and so one (but without mixing with the background). And if it was recorded with "no fill" - It will overpaint "with fill" = nothing happens.! Its quite logical and the reason for this bug: Both, smudge and colorchange (with no fill) "forget" in macros to sample the new colors from the new background! Thats just the reason - i hold any bet! You said the bugs (2 and 3) are on the agenda! This was maybe 8 "new"versions before! So maybe i´m too hectic... but please never forget, to fix this very old bugs in this version!!!! Or have i to start a "hear to the user" or this seldom "crop".... is EXTREMELY "annoying-post"... with lot of repetition and drastic words to blame you? What is this a world, where just the loudest/rude/very impolite... get an ear? I "subtle" remember to #3+++ each FITTING moment, very polite (i cant remember "impolite"), but maybe i should go loud and blame you in drastic words? Maybe you then hear? Sorry, but it seems so! As louder and impolite ONE guy is crying as, more you seems to reward this non-behavior!!! Is this a very special kind of "tolerance"? I do not know... its your soul! I just remember: I have a "special" wish, since many months/years... so pleace, be so friendly and fix this bug/wish ASAP! 1001 thanks!
  13. Polygonius

    Media Browser Missing

    I was never a friend of this old "media-browser", but it was better than having nothing! I never understand why is SERIF not taken the infos from finder and create a fast and effective "Just searcher/opener" - in enclouure to its "native DAM". A DAM is for most people a RAW-studio and should be a separte app. A bridge-like "media-browser" is not a really app, its a feature, BELONG to an app like AP: Adobe Bridge is just an "special gift" for use in other "allowed" apps... "Adobe Lightroom" is an autark app for RAWdys...... SERIF seems not the see the difference between an necessary and and i would say "just a gift" "file-manager" and a rellay autark RAW-seperate-DAM or however called. An integrated "picture/file-manager" (semi-smart-Browser/reorganisator = Bridge) should be available DIRECTLY from inside the app... is not really standard, but it will common! A special DAM (light adobe lightroom) is another address, a seperate app.... But yes, a a DAM_like-just-browser/opener/organizer... should be part as "from inside the app" panel... The 16 media-browswer was a very bad "transfer" of this idea... but however, it was a little bit better than NOTHING!!! This is really a re-gress. To "ask" stock-www - this is possible, but to ask your finder/explorer... for folder, file-extension or some tags???? this ois too difficault? Course, there is no "perfect" Media-Browser as fast--shot! , just do it like the STOCKS... Just present us our folders/tags... as far as possible. However keep in the BG work on a really DAM. But decide: THere is bridge (which should contain to the app as a GIFT) and threeis Lightroom (as real SEPARTE app).