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  1. Pyanepsion

    Photo Crop

    Hi, Walt.Farrell. I am a little surprised by the complication that seems imposed. The difficulty here comes from the yellow to pink gradient that imposes an intermediate step to standardize the color otherwise everything would be done in one click. Here is what a software released in 2012, Photofiltre, and GIMP was doing long before that. There must still be such an elegant solution with Photo! Photofiltre is still light years away from Photo! https://we.tl/t-C5lRp8XZNJ
  2. Pyanepsion

    Photo Crop

    Sorry, but, the terms in English differ from French, which creates a misunderstanding. Can I ask in screenshot how should I proceed? I did not understand how to remove the yellow part of this image and so crop only the white page. I imagine that it must be done with one click with Photo since softwares like GIMP and Photofiltre do it very easily. How to proceed ?
  3. Pyanepsion

    Photo Crop

    Thank you, Mikerofoto. So I had to actually click the Apply button! Gross cropping (on the fly) is now done. How to realize the smart crop that will detect the "edges", here the border that delimits the page. Step before the last screen copy (5) to automatically obtain the final image (6).
  4. Hi, I did not find the answer in the user manual. I want to crop an image. It is usually a rectangular surface, to make a new image. The answer provided by the technical support is completely useless because it does not explain anything. Here is how I proceed with an old software, Photofiltre in old version (2012). This is about the same process more accurate and faster with GIMP 2019. How to do from begin to end with Photo? Thanks.
  5. French. Windows 10. Publisher
  6. Hello, The translation of Publisher in French is overall excellent. However, I find many inaccuracies, as well as errors in appearance. Here are a few. There are many more. Do you have a tool that allows you to go straight to the point rather than forcing time-consuming screen shots?