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  1. Here is what I found: epingle.mp4 Problem: Pinned block jumps abnormally to the top when moved with the mouse on the same line as or above the pin. Environment: File opened in version and on Windows 11, the attachment is a linked PDF file (missing). The behaviour is identical (here) with a JPEG image. Observations: The PDF block contains a child rectangle. Is it a remnant of an older version? The block is positioned correctly when moved with the keyboard, but jumps to the top when clicked again with the mouse. Significance: This problem can affect the quality of use of the file and can be frustrating for users.
  2. Hello, @Viennafil, and welcome to the forum. How does the preflighting work? Could you provide an example of a PDF and EPUB file showing the malfunction?
  3. The date is correct. The behaviour of the generation routine is not. It is, of course, important to maintain the consistency of the document by ensuring that the values displayed are clear and consistent. It is best to increase the calendar document by document to avoid contradictions. This ensures that the information is always displayed clearly and consistently. excel-date.mp4 To reproduce the bug related to the increase of values in the document, the following steps should be taken: Load the EPUB and XLSX files which contain 8 identical blocks with 3 fields. Observe that the values are displayed 8 times identically. This is the expected behaviour. Generate the calendar to see that each of the blocks is increased by one day. We should have obtained 28 sheets from 2 to 29 January, each successive date sheet containing the same date 8 times. Observe the contradiction between the two behaviours. By following these steps, you can reproduce the bug and understand it in more detail.
  4. I was looking to make adobes, ideal materials for building green houses. I came across a DTP software site developed by a small specialist company. Yes, I didn’t quite understand the connection between mixing clay, water and a natural binder, such as chopped straw, to create strong, environmentally friendly bricks. But anyway, I looked up how to create a document. By following the help links there, I was able to access other pages, such as the one on using page templates, to master all the features of the software. The URLs of these pages are clearly displayed in the address bar. They can be easily copied for future access. Sharing these links on other websites certainly helps to improve the SEO of this innovative company based in San Jose, California, and to spread the word about their green and sustainable products. I didn’t understand what their software had to do with dried mud, but hey, you’d think I’d advertise it if it was good for our planet. 😁
  5. Integrating an iframe may seem like an easy way to achieve a smooth user experience, but it is important to note that this method has several important drawbacks. Firstly, it can be difficult to reference inline text frames, which can lead to a drop in external visibility and therefore a loss of traffic. In addition, the <iframe> tag is often criticised for greatly increasing the resources needed to use a page, especially when nested. This can slow down page loading and affect the user experience. It is therefore important to weigh up the pros and cons of using an iframe before making a decision. There are more modern and effective alternatives, such as live content solutions, which can be used to enhance the user experience while maintaining good external visibility and performance. It is also important to note that both internal and external SEO are key elements in improving the visibility of a site on search engines. Internal SEO is the process of optimising a website's pages for search engines to improve their ranking in search results for relevant keywords. External referencing, also known as netlinking, consists of obtaining links to a website from other quality and relevant sites. These links are considered by search engines as "votes" for the content of a site and can have a considerable impact on its ranking. It is therefore important to consider both aspects when setting up an SEO strategy for a website.
  6. Bravo, @MikeTO, for this beautiful synthesis. Perhaps we can make a clarification about the space (French Wikipédia). A distinction is made between: the cadratine, sometimes called indentation, a blank whose width equals the size of the character used, and is approximately the width of the character M (which in fact has 15/18 cadratine); the cadratine is sometimes assimilated to the width of a double tabular digit 0 (00) although theoretically these occupy four thirds of the cadratine; -> in English typography, it is normally used to separate two sentences on the same line, and may be used once or more at the head of a paragraph to improve visual separation when paragraphs are not separated by increased line spacing; the two-thirds cadratine, a number space, which is used to align columns of numbers at a fixed advance; it often also corresponds to the average advance of low letters and punctuation such as the n or the comma; the half-space, sometimes called the big space, was the smallest space that could separate two words on the same line. In digital typography, the half-cadratine is the reference value for tabular numbers; the third cadratine, sometimes called the justifying space, which is used to increase the space separating words in the case of line justification; it often corresponded to the advance of the punctuation mark. It is now obsolete with digital typography, as the interword is designed to be close to a quarter-cadatenation by type designers; the quarter-cadratin, named in the days of the lead fine space in French typography. -> In digital typography, it is now the reference for the design of the inter-word. So, a fine space in digital typography should therefore often be closer to a fifth of a cadratin or even an eighth of a cadratin. In practice, the French professional extensions are at odds with each other. Some use U+2009, others U+2005; the fifth of a cadratine, sometimes called a fine space in English typography; the sixth of cadratine, which is used to modify the space between words or letters in case of precise line justification; it is now obsolete with digital typography, which allows more precise adjustment of approaches; the eighth of cadratin, also called fine space in French typography.
  7. There is no doubt that this was not the result of a bug, but rather a confusion on my part. I was misled by the use of the colour blue, which is generally considered in our cultures to be a simple indicator rather than a warning. It then appears that ‘Hidden overflowing white space (paragraph returns, line breaks)’ and ‘visible overflowing white space which occurs when Hide Overflow is off in the Text Frame panel’ could indeed be considerably improved by using colours more in line with standard colour codes. By changing the blue colour, we could avoid such misunderstandings in the future and significantly improve the user experience.
  8. And? This does not change the fact that this is a major malfunction. In fact, inline frames are strongly discouraged by all search engines.
  9. v. Hello everyone, Text frame overflow can cause serious problems when correcting a work. However, some situations have been omitted. Characters such as the end of a paragraph or the end of a section are not detected, making it difficult to detect the original location of the overflow. Imagine a book with several linked pages, each containing a frame of overflowing text. You would have to go through all the pages to locate the initial error, a tedious and time-consuming task. It is therefore crucial to take into account the text frame overflow to avoid such complications. text-frame-overflow.mp4 To reproduce the text frame overflow malfunction, follow these steps: Create a document containing two or more text frames Add a paragraph or a section of text at the end of one of the frames (here, yellow) Add two line breaks after the added text Delete the added text Shorten the text frame so that it no longer contains two empty line breaks and end section. Link the shortened frame to another text frame (here, grey) Check that the linked frame is now overflowing Check that this can cause correction problems in a book if it is not detected at its origin (line break and end of section). These steps will allow you to reproduce the text frame overflow malfunction, which can cause difficulties when correcting a work, especially in detecting the initial location of the overflow.
  10. Hi, @Dan C, It is conceivable, and if we think about it, it could be useful, especially for adding text afterwards without the beginning of the new text being stuck to the last character of the previous one. Thank you.
  11. I have received direct links to the help on a few occasions, but in any case, the fact that the link does not appear is still a bug.
  12. Every time a link in the help is clicked now, or right-clicked, the current URL does not change although the content does. This is something new. help.mp4
  13. Wow! There is quite a difference with the computer versions! The number of digits of thickness after the decimal point is something important.
  14. Hello, @gcvrsa. Welcome to Affinity. We are all users of the Affinity suite here, and we all know the features of the product, but we have no idea what you are talking about here. A good understanding of your expectations and disappointments is important to be able to answer! On another subject, imagine the following dialogue in a doctor’s office: - Doctor, I didn’t enjoy my dinner last night. - Okay! What did you eat? - You know what I ate. It’s a dinner! - I know what a dinner is, but what did you eat last night? - That’s my private life. What I’m asking you to do is to cure me. - What are the symptoms? - Are you doing this on purpose or what? I told you it’s my private life. Etc. To understand your suggestion, a screen copy or better a video, and explanations are necessary.
  15. Hello everyone. There is a bug in the online help interface. If you write the Google sequence: Aide Affinity dictionnaire It’s OK. You get the link: https://affinity.help/publisher/fr.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Text/hyphenationInstalling.html?title=Installer%20des%20dictionnaires%20de%20c%C3%A9sure but if you click on one of the internal links in the Affinity Help, for example on this page: Césure You get the hyphenation help, but the link to the page is not changed. This situation is of course disastrous for indicating a specific page in the help… And for referencing, let's not talk about it.
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