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  1. Thank you Iconoclast for your reply. I can see a border in Affinity Photo and elsewhere. I hope this is just a bad setting.
  2. Hi, all, When you put objects edge to edge, exporting to JPG or PNG, for example, adds a border between the two objects (but not in PDF). How to correct this error on raster images? Thanks for your explanations. bordures-effet.afdesign
  3. Hello, everyone, Suggestion on footnotes: there may be times when the author wants to add a footnote on an index heading, such as call 8 on ‘necessité⁸ des affaires’ in the index example on page 3. Therefore, it should be possible to call out a footnote on index headings. note-de-bas-de-page-sur-index.pdf note-de-bas-de-page-sur-index.afpub
  4. Suggestion on footnote calls: to be able to add a footnote on an indexed expression. Example: Aix de Denée¹⁷⁹, Marie-Emmanuelle d’
  5. I received an explanation on the French-speaking forum Affinity-forum. In summary: You open the Index window, create ‘Aix de Denée’, search and mark the occurrences, then change the name of this indexing to ‘Aix de Denée, Marie-Emmanuelle d’’. Easy, and what a time saver!
  6. Hi, all. I would like to make an index that will list a slightly different text than the searched occurrence. For example ‘Aix de Denée, Marie-Emmanuelle d’’ each time it is written ‘Aix de Denée’, for example This should be displayed in the index: How to proceed? Thank you for your explanations.
  7. To go further, a print file is available for a printer (therefore in RGB), and a print-ready file is intended for a press (CMYK). (If it had been correctly translated in the French version, it should read ‘Imprimante’ and ‘Imprimerie’ – it says ‘Imprimer’ and ‘Prêt à l’impression’, which doesn’t mean much). A file ready to print (Press) is a file which generally contains the following elements: The safety margin: not materialized on the printing documents, this margin guarantees that the elements will not be truncated during trimming (cutting). Cutting marks: also known a
  8. Hi, Paul. The problem still exists. In fact, the video and screen shot were made on beta version on Windows 10.
  9. Hello everyone. The insertion of a linked Affinity Designer image in an Affinity Publisher image frame is buggy since a 1.9 recent updates. It no longer appears on the right size, and the refreshment is no longer done correctly. See the video. See also the thumbnail on the side. designer-to-publisher.mp4
  10. Yes for True Type, and it’s a shame, because they are by the 3 main competing software. What is even more annoying is that the bug on the PDF export of Opentype Collections is still not fixed while this bug with big consequences is probably not much to solve.
  11. There are essentially 5 kinds of fonts in print. Windows offers 934 of them for free. A lot of them are not recognized by the Affinity suite. Opentype Collection: correct screen display | correct printing | buggy PDF export OpenType CCF: correct screen display | correct printing | correct PDF export Opentype TTF standard: correct screen display | correct printing | correct PDF export Opentype TTF variable: buggy screen display | buggy printing | buggy PDF export Opentype Truetype: correct screen display | correct printing | correct PDF export Here is an Affini
  12. Hello to all. The public version 1.9 and the beta version bring big slowdowns on the DTP of a standard book. The number of pages seems to be at issue since on a 14 A4 pages document, they are not noticed, whereas it becomes very annoying on a 350~390 pages document. This verify into a high time to react to a single click or mouse wheel instead of instantaneously, and an unfinished design on the working page when including a linked Affinity Designer image (example below. These problems are encountered on several machines running Windows 10 Pro, multi-core processors, 16 GB
  13. Thank. I found it. It's level 11 of directx 12, so that explains why it doesn't work. https://technical.city/fr/video/GeForce-GT-720
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