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  1. I believe that Serif is beginning to understand the exasperation we all feel and that the time for hagiography is over. We all know that the software will be extraordinary. It is already extraordinary in many ways and each beta update brings new miracles that were impossible just a few months ago. This is no longer enough. We now want the software to do what we bought it for, too. DTP is never anything more than the activity of preparing documents for printing using a computer instead of the historical processes of typography and photocomposition. I, for my part, boarded Affinity's boat in June 2019, and what was supposed to be a somewhat difficult but possible race, a sort of DTP Vendée Globe, turned into an endless wandering in the middle of the roaring forties. How can we not be surprised by this communication which has been explaining to us for almost two years now that this feature will soon be working, and other times that nobody but us (no luck) needs it. I believe that the main dysfunction is there. We would understand all these ever increasing delays if the race management would finally change its strategy and give us a prospective with the different stages of development to come. So that we can organise ourselves more serenely. Courage, Saint Serif. Don't miss the last steps. Give us back our confidence.
  2. In which parallel world do you live? These words are very similar to the denial of an obese president of a distant banana republic close to Canada who claims for months, even before the elections, to have been re-elected despite the difference of 6 million voters for his opponent and 306 electors against 232. Publisher is very promising and has seen many new features appear since its public launch. I don't regret buying the whole suite. Nevertheless, it still shamefully lacks the indispensable and necessary functionalities for such a product. You seem to have forgotten that DTP software is intended for the printing industry. Printing is essentially books and posters (and similar). It is inadmissible that we still can't find : the management of footnotes and similary, the management of all kinds of fonts delivered free of charge by Microsoft and Apple, the correct conversion of an Affinity file into an Adobe File which is THE software used by all printers, the opening of the necessary information to companies manufacturing extensions, the management of spaces relating to punctuation (how can you suffice it to believe that only the English typography exists and in addition only to the one you have chosen exists), the complete index management, a translation made by real professionals and not this horror, Etc. Because of your delay, I was forced, and many other buyers like me, to delay and then finally transfer projects with your software to another less exciting, Adobe, but more respectful of its clients. Who could have imagined such blindness on your part?
  3. Yes and no. Possibly yes if we are sure that the file will only be used for export. No here, because these are the French images of a book created with Affinity Publisher which will be published in a foreign language (English) in May. Editions Hachette wants to have these francized images in PSD for an upcoming French version to be published in April.
  4. Please note that it is the PSD export with the filter (3D effect?) that slows down since if you save the file in AFDESIGN format, the saving is done in a much shorter time.
  5. It was the wrong file. Try again with this one. 32.afdesign The processor utilisation rate is bordering on overwork between 75 and 99.8%. 2 cores 16 MO.
  6. Hi Sean. Yes, but this is a pity, because the function loses much of its interest. Here are the settings used. I left them by default in PSD.
  7. Hi to all. The conversion to PSD of an AFDESIGN file containing an effect, for example 3D, is particularly long (10 to 30 minutes), especially if the dimensions are large, in this case 11,000 pixels in 400 DPI, making this conversion impossible. The result produced is of poorer quality with a text converted into an image, therefore pixelated. Afinity Designer Bêta 32.afdesign
  8. This Beta version is buggy. It crashes whenever you want to open a file from the previous beta version or from the public version. Disabling hardware acceleration allows opening files. Renderer: NVidia GForce GT 640.
  9. I made the same observation with the Microsoft Office series and with QuarkXPress. It's about time Affinity fixed this very big bug.
  10. I use a backup computer that is always a little behind the new version of Windows so as to limit the problems of temporary malfunctions sometimes encountered during system updates. Does this mean that the software will not work on this computer?
  11. Hey, you've already received a link showing that Microsoft's specialists have taken care of the problem of such a potential virus, which is no small feat. You will find further discussions on the sites specialising in antivirus detection. I have no doubt that you will retort again that such an infection is impossible. Here's also a link to why it's shameful [and dangerous] to publicly offer an illegal version of a font like you did. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/fonts/font-faq
  12. Hello, What does this improvement do? Thank you for your explanations.
  13. This is not really conceivable. By proposing this, you are encouraging the use of a pirate version of a font, which exposes the thief to ruin if the owner files a complaint. Microsoft regularly lodges complaints against thieves. It is also questionable whether the theft is relevant in this case, since the font is also offered free of charge. You are also then mistaken when you believe that you cannot catch a virus with a font. A pirated font can contain unusual glyphs that can be used to store the code of a virus. The font reader will only see a glyph with astonishing shapes. Just as a grimoire is not the spell itself, the font is of course not the virus itself. However, just as a grimoire read by a magician allows a spell to be executed, the infected font read by an external programme allows a virus to be launched. The external programme may, for example, be located at the site of the pirated police... or elsewhere in places that thieves usually frequent. The bottom line, however, is that it would be nice if Affinity finally realised the functionality for reading font collections.
  14. Alas, yes. There may be viruses in fonts. ZDNet (In French). This was reported by various antivirus manufacturers a few years ago.
  15. Time goes by and True Type collections are still not exportable or printable in PDF format.
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