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  1. I seems to be fixed. Thanks.
  2. Hello, Paul. Take a better look. Text on a yellow background between (not within) the green bands is repeated.
  3. Please look, for example, at the repeated text on pages 271 and 272 between the greenish areas, and then move and put back the title block to see the difference.
  4. No, of course not, but I can send an excerpt by e-mail if you tell me where to send it.
  5. Hello, Ernie-F. Welcome to the forum. Publisher contains some bugs, some unlikely, even inadmissible, (see my post here) but certainly not the speed one (it is by far faster than QuarkXPress and Indesign), nor the one about the poor management of widows and orphans. We've all been there. Like all of us, ask the community and you will be pleasantly surprised.
  6. Here are my 7 wishes. I wish that Publisher to finally manage footnotes, end of chapter notes, end of section notes, and end of book notes. I wish that Publisher to fix the bug with object wrapping. I wish that Publisher to fix the page break bug on the near even or odd page. I wish that Publisher to allow the choice of spelling dictionary. You see, the one currently proposed by Publisher in French dates from before the spelling reform (30 years ago, anyway), and it would be nice to have a choice. I wish that Publisher to allow spacing adjustment instead of imposing. In French typography, the standard is that of the Imprimerie Nationale (not Affinity settings at all), but there are actually about ten settings, and in Switzerland, Belgium, and French-speaking Canada, other settings are used. It's a shame that a DTP software doesn't allow this. I wish that Publisher to use a real, professional translation, done by a real translator, instead of this French jargon that would shame even a small school dunce. I wish that Publisher to allow a default setting in each PDF export format. It is scandalous that it imposes by default the export per plates, whereas in the publishing world , it is the export per page that is preferred. Will we have the good surprise by spring? In the meantime… Happy new year 2020.
  7. Affinity Publisher doesn't handle odd or even page breaks correctly. He often just makes a simple page break. Again, here too the French translation is particularly disastrous. A machine translator cannot replace a real translation professional.
  8. publisher-bug.mp4 Either a book with a lot of pages. The text in the book is contained in 4.6×7.23 inch bound text blocks. How to do? At the beginning of the chapter, the first paragraph uses a lettering style identical to the normal style. For convenience, the chapter title (La clinique de Tokyo) is placed in a new 4.6×2.165 text block wrapping over the 4.6×7.23 inch block. Affinity Publisher does not manage this wrapping properly. See the text that is poorly cut by the software. Consequences of the bug This inadmissible and improbable bug is obviously not sought at this stage of the work. So it was undetected. It resulted in the entire first edition being rammed. Bug workaround The bug has been circumvented (not modified) by avoiding the skin. The 4.6×7.23 inch block on the first chapter page has been reduced to 4.6×5.065 inches. This bypass of course means that the models cannot be used completely. All text blocks must then be created by hand one after the other. Let us add that the French translation is particularly disastrous. It would be nice to get a real translator.
  9. I just changed the title to correct title.
  10. Impeccable. Thank GarryP, and Dan C. However, I have to put the image first outside and then inside. Action 23-12-2019 11-49-28.mp4
  11. Thank, Joachim_L. I actually can't do it, hence the question. Is it possible to show it to me on a video?
  12. Good morning, everyone. On a background image, for example an image from the series Victoria, I would like to add an image contained in a shape from another image, for example the head of the actress from the image from the series Doctor Who. How to proceed? Thank you for your explanations. coleman.afdesign
  13. Bravo LibreTraining and Carl 123. Thank you for your research. To find the other logos, I had searched in Google image: logo [name of software] svg. All manufacturers, except Apple for its texter, provided an SVG image in Wikipedia. I then found the SVG image of the texter on his support site. This is a frequent confusion. According to European law, you can use a logo (and more generally a sound or graphic or textual trademark) to talk about the product (here a software), you can't use that logo for anything else. And fortunately!
  14. I find it a bit unfortunate that the moderation has not yet proposed here a Designer or SVG version of the logo. I published my article. Out of 185,000,000 results for the main keyword, the page currently ranks 13th in Google. The poor quality of Affinity Publisher's logo probably causes this DTP software to lose a lot of impact.
  15. Decidedly! I wrote an article that talks about Publisher in relation to texters and then compares it to other desktop publishing software. The version provided in PNG by Affinity gives a very poor result. All other manufacturers provide an SVG version in addition to PNG or JPG. Their logo then appears in a very beautiful way.

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