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  1. If you draw a line and then adjust the length numerically using the transform dialogue with lock aspect ratio still active (even though the width is 0 and greyed out), the output is not as expected from a user's perspective (programmatically it might be correct).
  2. matt.baker

    Beta download speed @ 36 kB/s

    Gloucester / Cheltenham
  3. matt.baker

    Beta download speed @ 36 kB/s

    Ah, I see. I've tried it at my workplace which uses BT + Virgin (one line for redundancy), and at home using TalkTalk, but both had the same slow speeds. I've tried it again at work and it's gone all the way up to ~95 kB/s, but still very slow.
  4. matt.baker

    Bleed not printing, but works on export

    Cant seem to reproduce this now, so I can only assume that it must have gone into an odd state and cleared once app re-opened.
  5. matt.baker

    Bleed not printing, but works on export

    Your file worked as expected. I have artboards in my document, so changed yours to have an artboard from document and the bleed then fails to print (range dependant). Also, the preview fails to show the bleed with the range set to anything other than 'Document'. Not sure if this is expected - I would have thought not? Notice how, with include printer marks and bleed selected, there is a very fine red border/bleed. This is what led me to think it was displaying correctly on my file With Document selected, it does print the bleed as expected.
  6. matt.baker

    Bleed not printing, but works on export

    Thanks Sean. I'll give this a try tomorrow. I was using the pre-installed Microsoft Print to PDF from Windows 10 - I'll get back to you on the physical printer. The preview image in the print dialogue updated correctly when I toggled the bleed check box. I'd try it again now, but I don't have the beta installed at home and don't want to wait another 2+ hours for it to download from Amazon S3 at 35ish kB/s Also noticed some odd document rendering when zooming after setting the bleed to values that are large with respect to the document size. For example, a 55 x 35 mm document with a 50 mm bleed.
  7. Print settings: PDF print output: Bleed is missing. Also verified with actual printer. PDF export: Bleed is included.
  8. matt.baker

    no bleed

    Does this also include it not printing the bleed, but working when exporting as PDF?
  9. matt.baker

    Beta download speed @ 36 kB/s

    Thanks Mark. Could cross region replication not be used? https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/new-cross-region-replication-for-amazon-s3/ It's practically unusable at the moment.
  10. Is something broken with the Amazon S3 server config? The download of the beta is painfully slow. Estimated > 2hours to download a 335 MB file... Location is UK and other downloads are fast including the mainsream release hosted on cloudfront.net.
  11. Awesome! Can't wait to check these out (slow download at the moment for some reason).
  12. Thanks MEB. I had forgotten that. As you say, not the same or as powerful as Illustraor's isolation mode, but somewhat useful nevertheless.
  13. I would like a mode where you can open a group or other container and edit these in isolation where all mouse and keyboard events stay within the group. For example Ctrl + A selects everything in the isolated container and not the other parts of the document, clicking and dragging (for selecting multiple objects) outside of the container doesn't cancel the container edit mode etc. When in this mode the other objects in the artboard/document should become more translucent/faded to indicate they are not being edited. The following video shows entering the isolation mode by double clicking in Illustrator and this is what I would like: https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/illustrator/using/selecting-objects.html https://www.webucator.com/how-to/how-use-isolation-mode-adobe-illustrator.cfm
  14. I have a file with two overlapping shapes, one rotated +90 degrees and the other -90 degrees. If I perform an add operation there is a joining line. However, if I rotate both shapes -90 degrees releative to their previous position (clockwise in the software) so that they become 0 degrees and 180 degrees respectively, the add operation performs as expected. Add operation.afdesign