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  1. Forgot about this, sorry. I tried it on my work PC and could not reproduce the issue, but it's still occuring on my home PC. It doesn't occur with other applications as far as I'm aware. I'll try uninstalling / adjusting settings and see if I can resolve it.
  2. First use of AP in a while and it immediately breaks... Create a new document. Drag a Photo or Designer document into a newly created document from Windows Explorer/Desktop. AP hangs (still responding to Windows message system / no 'not responding' message). Window is not draggable. [Redacted] Example document below House template.afdesign xNV7wseEGS.mp4
  3. Thanks. I'll do so more testing tomorrow on my work PC to see if it's the same.
  4. If I use the window resize handles to increase the width or height the window, it doesn't update with the new size until I release the mouse. It works as expected when decreasing the width or height. RSQRu3Vvso.mp4
  5. matt.baker

    Some cursor icons are not very visible

    Thanks Chris So the cursor for the shape icon always looks like video 1, regardless of the the scaling when you tested it? Video 1 - Good Video 1 - Good.mp4 Video 2 - Bad.mp4 Video 2 - Bad Video 2 - Bad.mp4 Yes, this still happens on a standard HD monitor if the scaling is not a multiple of 100. 200% seems to be better and shows more white around the edges. Still not as crisp as the 100%, although that may be by design. From the original thread: Both setups are dual/triple monitor, but I've just tried disabling the extra displays and it still happens on either of the displays individually. On a side note, is there any way to limit the embedded video width in these posts?
  6. matt.baker

    Some cursor icons are not very visible

    Displays are running at their native resolution in both instances. How strange. No wonder it's never been picked up. Display drivers are different on both machines as well: one is Intel and one is AMD.
  7. matt.baker

    Some cursor icons are not very visible

    It's a 32" screen, but I've just verified that it also occurs on my work PC with a HD monitor when setting the display scaling to 125, 150 etc.% from the in-built Windows Display Settings dialogue. Just to clarify, as the gif and video may be reducing fidelity, it only seems to be ones that use the cross-hairs such as the shape tools and text. Compatibility options are off:
  8. There's a cross-hair cursor below if you look really carefully. How the cursors appear on my PC: 4K display, 150% scaling, Windows Version 10.0.18356 Build 18356 (also happens on mainstream release). ZB9oUt2mPY.mp4 Please can you fix these. It's been like this for a long time now. Previous thread:
  9. If you draw a line and then adjust the length numerically using the transform dialogue with lock aspect ratio still active (even though the width is 0 and greyed out), the output is not as expected from a user's perspective (programmatically it might be correct).
  10. matt.baker

    Beta download speed @ 36 kB/s

    Gloucester / Cheltenham
  11. matt.baker

    Beta download speed @ 36 kB/s

    Ah, I see. I've tried it at my workplace which uses BT + Virgin (one line for redundancy), and at home using TalkTalk, but both had the same slow speeds. I've tried it again at work and it's gone all the way up to ~95 kB/s, but still very slow.
  12. matt.baker

    Bleed not printing, but works on export

    Cant seem to reproduce this now, so I can only assume that it must have gone into an odd state and cleared once app re-opened.
  13. matt.baker

    Bleed not printing, but works on export

    Your file worked as expected. I have artboards in my document, so changed yours to have an artboard from document and the bleed then fails to print (range dependant). Also, the preview fails to show the bleed with the range set to anything other than 'Document'. Not sure if this is expected - I would have thought not? Notice how, with include printer marks and bleed selected, there is a very fine red border/bleed. This is what led me to think it was displaying correctly on my file With Document selected, it does print the bleed as expected.
  14. matt.baker

    Bleed not printing, but works on export

    Thanks Sean. I'll give this a try tomorrow. I was using the pre-installed Microsoft Print to PDF from Windows 10 - I'll get back to you on the physical printer. The preview image in the print dialogue updated correctly when I toggled the bleed check box. I'd try it again now, but I don't have the beta installed at home and don't want to wait another 2+ hours for it to download from Amazon S3 at 35ish kB/s Also noticed some odd document rendering when zooming after setting the bleed to values that are large with respect to the document size. For example, a 55 x 35 mm document with a 50 mm bleed.