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  1. That is what I'm expecting in this case, yes. I wouldn't normally draw something like this, but it's from another design that I am trying to optimise by converting to expanded stokes. On this element they had 3 circles 2 with strokes all overlayed which could have been simplified to a single torus (black and white symbol). A bit of a mess.
  2. Thanks. Should this not be more intuitive though, so that Affinity does the work automatically? I see that it works when an another inner torus is included
  3. If I have two 2d projected torus shapes overlayed with the same centre point and perform a boolean add the centre is filled in. I would have expected this to have remained hollow. These do not have a stroke width and are curves with hollows. I know that this can we worked around by adding, dividing and then subtracting. 9CyVyp2Bi2.mp4 Add bug.afdesign
  4. The mitre rendering for the elements in the attached are inconsistent when zooming in/out even when making the document 1000 mm tall (it worked for the expand stroke bug). Precise clipping is enabled in preferences. pyJayumayV.mp4 WEEE.afdesign
  5. You're right. I forgot it was such a small element. I was hoping that Affinity was doing some sort of relative scaling based on the overall document size so this wouldn't have much effect, but looks like it doesn't. Increasing the size and then performing the expand stroke does fix it. Thanks It was taken from the attached where the symbol is typically <10 mm tall when reproduced on physical media. WEEE.afdesign
  6. Expand stroke bug seems to be a long standing issue. I've tested this in the main release and the beta with the same result (source attached). Any ideas why it's doing this? It appears to be a closed path. cTeHmHHrEw.mp4 Expand stroke bug.afdesign
  7. @Chris B forcing an update of the display drivers on my Surface Pro 5 from the Microsoft 09/2020 Surface specific (latest available) to Intel 02/2021 ones has fixed the problem. My comment still stands about the UX though with a progress bar / operation cancellation.
  8. Possibly related: Running the Benchmark section seems to result in the benchmark getting stuck at the Combined section with no way to quit it and no indication of which part it's currently testing.
  9. @emmrecs01 @Chris B Switching off hardware acceleration seems to have done the trick, but not ideal. I've also verified that re-enabling this results in the Loading 1 document problem. @Chris B is there any more information that I can provide which may be of use?
  10. @Chris B Thanks. I've renamed the directory, reopened Photo beta and verified that the new directory is created and defaults have been restored. Unfortunately the result is the same.
  11. @Joachim_L Perhaps it's a regression then? Does it work with the latest beta This is what happens on mine: lw7Z19uvoa.mp4
  12. Hi Chris The attached DNG file has the same issue. Perhaps it's incorrectly formatted. It's from an Akaso action camera. Are there any plans to improve the user experience when opening a DNG file, such as adding a progress bar and the ability to cancel the operation, similar to Designer? SINR0018.DNG
  13. I attempted to open a DNG file in the latest 1.9.4 beta which is stuck at "Loading 1 document..." in the top right corner and no progress bar in main window area (bad design). I'm then unable to close the application or cancel the loading process unless I end the process in task manager (bad design). The DNG file (23 MB) opens fine in Designer beta, although it does take a while to develop.
  14. I've raised this before, but never got anywhere with it. The cross-hair cursor used on the shape tool and others is very difficult to see on dark grey. The other cursors have a nice white outline, but this one doesn't. Could you try the following test file and see if you experience the same issues when hovering over the dark grey rectangle? Shape tool crosshair visibility test.afdesign These are what mine look like. Rotate ✔️: Move ✔️: Cross-hair 😥: Video. Cursors actually like like the above images (must be the video compression). r9awWF99Q6.mp4
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