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  1. Not sure where else to raise problems with the forum itself, but the 'Page x of y' text at the top of the forums is almost unreadble. Tested in Firefox 62 and Chrome 67
  2. That's what I'm after, but in the colour studio panel without having to open another dialog which covers my design. Or even a cut down version of this in the panel rather than a separate dialogue. I just find it a strange design desicion why HSL is shown, but nothing else.
  3. Does this need moving to the new forum topic?
  4. Thanks MEB, but what I'm after is the same colour chooser, but with values displayed. I find that the colour wheel is a free flowing way to select the colours. I like being able to see the values I'm choosing in one place. I use the Colour Chooser dialogue as my default, but it's annoying that it opens in another panel just so I can view all the values. It just needs the other colour space values adding. Something like this: Or this: Or maybe even this (although this looks a bit messy):
  5. matt.baker

    Crosshair cursor on dark backgrounds

    I've recently moved to a high DPI screen with scaling set to 150% and noticed the same problems again with a few cursors. See below capture with the move cursor (good) and marquee cross-hair (bad) Other affected cursors Artboard cross-hair: Shape cross-hair: Both text tool cross-hairs:
  6. File -> New. Type = print and select any predefined page setup such as A4. Untick portrait in the dimensions group and verify that the width is now > than height. Press OK. Document is in landscape as expected. Open the Document Setup dialogue (File -> Document Setup). Notice how the 'width' field (verified by hovering over it to display the tool tip) is now less than the height (portrait)... Tick 'Portrait'. Width field is now > than height (landscape!). Press OK. Notice how the page goes to portrait. Open the Document Setup again. Notice how the width and height values have now switched (back in sync)... Bonus (continued from last step): Untick Portrait, press OK and then reopen the document setup. Width and height are now out of sync again. Type w into the left/width field and press enter. Notice how the left/width field value matches the right/height field (square). Press OK. Notice how the page remains the same (landscape, rectangle). Reopen the document setup. Notice that the left/width field has reverted to its previous value (210 mm if A4). See video demo: 2018-07-12_21-13-12.mp4 I'd experienced strange behaviour like this before changing the dimensions, but could never work out exactly why it was happening. Finally tracked it down.
  7. Please could you give an option in the colour panel to choose the values of a particular colour space. The colour wheel is fixed at Hue Saturation and Lightness, but is a good method of quickly choosing a colour. All it needs is a small dropdown that allows cycling of the values in RGB, HSL, RGB Hexidecimal and CMYK
  8. Is it possible to create a pixel selection from a centre point and contract/expand around this. In the shape mode, the Ctrl key modifier does this (as shown below), but doesn't seem to work for marquees in the pixel persona. 2018-07-03_10-06-24.mp4
  9. Please could the colour chooser dialog remember and use it's last position when reopened - even if it's just for the session. I use this as my default option when selecting colours and I keep having to move it out of the way as it obscures the centre of the canvas.
  10. I've now retried it and it's opening without any problems. Before it was consistently failing when opening it in the Beta version ( Edit. including an application restart. Other Illustrator documents were okay at the time. Could be that a restart has cured it or one of the Windows updates, although this seems unlikely. Very bizare. Also tried it on a another machine running the latest beta without issues.
  11. Any link to upload privately, or is this not of interest?
  12. Unhandled Exception when opening an Adobe Illustrator document in the beta version. It opens fine in the mainstream release. I'm happy to upload the file privately.
  13. matt.baker

    Wrong item selected under cursor

    The behaviour makes perfect sense now. Thanks for the explanation.
  14. matt.baker

    Wrong item selected under cursor

    Awesome, thanks for the tip The ALT modifier does work on the next mouse click, but I still think selecting what is actually under the cursor would be the best solution.
  15. The item directly under the mouse cursor should be selected when clicked on not the item within 3 pixels of it that has a higher Z-order. The following animation shows the problem. The cursor is directly over the dark grey rectangle on the bottom, yet the other items get selected, There is no advantage to having an extra 3 px selection area around objects (unless there is nothing selectable around them).