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  1. It can be in the window, like you have templates, open recent and also add from clipboard in there as an icon button on the left-hand side. That would make it more accessible. That's also how other applications implemented it. So, yes, indeed not as a template but alongside the templates in the screen you'll see in startup and within reach when opening/ creating new files. Should have phrased it better. Changed the topic title to reflect this.
  2. Hi @Callum, I am still able to reproduce this bug in one of the files in which it occurred earlier. Could you send me a dropbox link, so I can upload the file? 2023-02-03 15-28-50.mp4 By the way, has the behaviour of locks changed? I can no longer select locked items Though, Select Same still selects locked items. 2023-02-03 15-27-11.mp4
  3. Basically, it is still impossible to transfer a symbol when you have added additional content to it (i.e. another shape) or changed colours/ line-weight.
  4. Would be nice to also have this in the templates section, because that's where I usually start. And that's where I find it in other software too.
  5. Hi @Callum I can still reproduce this. In this case: I have created a rectangular symbol pasted it in a new document disabled symbol syncing created an ellipse moved it into the symbol group removed the rectangle (basically it no longer has any connection to the old symbol in terms of its content) pasted it in the original document notice it is pasted as the original symbol rather than the modified version 2023-02-03 14-42-51.mp4 Also, when modifying the same shape, this also still happens when you just edit the colour (it creates a new symbol instead). 2023-02-03 14-50-58.mp4 2023-02-03 14-52-05.mp4 It only appears to work correctly in 2.0.4 when you modify the base shape: 2023-02-03 14-55-34.mp4 This is on Windows 10.0.19045. Not sure if I rebooted since the update now that I think about it. E: Result after shutdown and restart is the same.
  6. Please also add the possibility to create a new document (File > New) based on the clipboard size (in pixels). This is very useful to quickly annotate images or edit them from online sources. It basically removes the step to crop/ resize the image after pasting.
  7. Just when I tried to force Affinity to freeze, it wouldn't. So thanks folks for uploading your crash dumps and hopefully it will be addressed soon!
  8. Allright got it, thanks! The steps are: unzip the files Go to file > Import content Browse to the file location from step 1. and select all the .affont files you wish to install.
  9. For the Publication Typefaces Collection that is part of the Creative Collection, the fonts are provided as .affont files. But I can't seem to find how one should install those. The OS doesn't recognise it as regular fonts and there doesn't seem to be a button to install fonts from within the Affinity suite. Also, the bundle is not showing up in the addons (downloads) section of the user account. From the install guide: tl;dr How am I supposed to install these?
  10. @Ash shouldn't the Publication Typefaces Collection be visible in all of the apps? I don't see it in the addons panel.
  11. Thanks for the content. Even though I won't be using all of it, I think it is a great customer service to provide additional value even after the purchase was completed. Keep up the good work! E: Wow, the Frankentoon pack is jam packed. Awsome!
  12. In the Creative collection upgrade offer, when I claimed it, I noticed the first two descriptions for the content packs are swapped.
  13. It usually also happens if you have a large file (both physical and in data size) and zoom in quite a bit. If you then zoom out by a lot, for some reason the apps fail to render adjacent tiles (it seems) and then freezes. Happens with Ctrl+Spacebar+LMB zoom with a pen tablet too.
  14. Hi @NathanC I can relate that this is by design (to join two vertices). But what particular case does the design satisfy that it does not allow to join curves when you have one curve and one node selected? There is no real risk of a user error, but it can be obtrusive in joining curves. Therefore, I very much think there should be a case (exception) to allow joining curves when you select a node and a path and the curves are open, but have overlapping enpoints. Otherwise, I would like to hear a valid reson for disabling joining under such conditions. Hope this makes sense. Having done days of tracing and joining work, this was The major chore with regards to curve manipulation to me.
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