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  1. Hope the next 2.4 cycle continues the trend to improve stability and fix critical bugs, once those are out the way, there'll hopefully be less of a backlog and more opportunities for larger new features 😊 I appreciate the effort spent towards QoL improvements. Sad to see some issues left unaddressed, but I do see how the team listens and responds to feedback, so I am positive they'll be addressed sooner or later.
  2. If the 2.4 Beta is stable for existing features, I would deem it acceptable to not delay 2.3. It's just the uncertainty of when I can resume my work that is killing.
  3. @stokerg is there any chance that the 2.3 release will be postponed (considering the first release candidate already dropped) in order to fix this bug/ regression? I have been eagerly awaiting the fix, because it causes a lot of struggles for me with very tedious workarounds for something that used to be as simple as dragging a new masterpage over a page. Even inserting a single new page with a different master can cause all of my layout to get messed up and I really have to redo the affected pages to make sure everything is alright again... I really hope that I won't have to wait for another beta cycle (>6 weeks) to be able to work with the software as it was intended.
  4. This group was never scaled, I pinned it immediately after grouping and duplicated it straight thereafter.
  5. Thing is that it is odd that you can set manual styles like I showed in the video. You'd expect that these bold, italics or underline overrides would propagate to the cross-references.
  6. As mentioned in the earlier Beta topic for Cross-references, I would like to have a live preview checkmark so I can immediately see the changes that I am making in my document. Right now, all changes require me to reopen the window > edit the reference > apply > check > repeat. For example in the Beta (with shortcuts). 2023-11-08 14-28-57.mp4
  7. Not sure if this was the scope of the improvement, but there is currently no way to address regular text formatting. I presume text fields refers to fields and not regular text. But any changes in the cross-reference window for character styles like bold, italics or underline don't come across in the actual reference still. Notice how I cannot modify the style of the text "page" in the video below (only if i apply a character style globally to Everything, can I change the style): 2023-11-08 14-28-57.mp4 This is on windows 10.0.19045, Publisher
  8. When I float a group (with an image and description) in a text frame that is determined by a masterpage, duplicating the group changes the size of the group. This is in Publisher 2.2.1, Windows 10.0.19045. Video 2023-11-08 14-04-50.mp4 Steps to reproduce Create a masterpage with 2 text columns Apply the masterpage to a document page Fill the text frame with placeholder text Create an image frame and a text frame below, put content in both Group the image frame and text frame from step 4 Optionally apply text wrap to the group Float the group in the text (pinning) Duplicate the group (I used a hotkey for Duplicate in the video, copy paste doesn't create the bug) Notice how the bounding box of the group has changed Unpinned image changes size.afpub Also, the contents of the duplicated group are left inside the masterpage folder, which I am personally not happy with, because I always have to detach the masterpage before I can edit the copied group. Same applies to copy pasting, think it is similar to what I reported here:
  9. What is the recommennded procedure then if loading shortcuts doubles them? Is this another fix that's in the works or do we need to redo the entire keyboard shortcut customisation?
  10. Since yesterday, Affinity Designer is broken for me on version 2.2.1. The UI freezes and is stuck on a full-core load (single core) even after terminating the task in Task manager. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app (MSIX) did not resolve the issue. I also tried repairing. It seems to have to do with Windows PowerToys from the look of taskmanager, so I updated PowerToys to 0.75.1. It's weird because I haven't updated PowerToys yesterday... E1: Time to uninstall PowerToys... E2: That fixed the issue, but it's not a long term solution for me. E3: The SVG thumbnails in the recent file window appear to be the culprit with SVG icon preview enabled in the File Explorer Add-ons section of PowerToys. I had several SVG thumbnails in recent files that failed to render. Disabling this specific module was enough to get it to work again.
  11. Weird, I searched for "cross-references" in this forum section before posting 😅
  12. In Windows 10.0.19045, the Cross-reference search field is clipped and resizes improperly. 2023-11-02 15-48-54.mp4
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