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  1. I would also like to use Ctrl+Enter to exit text editing. I think it doesn't hurt to have this in the shortcut options and not have any key associated to it by default either. I would at least like to have this option.
  2. No, I would select them by appearance in advance using select > select same > edit all of them at once. No need to do tedious selections. In short, hotkey > edit the appearance of all objects = 2 steps. Currently you would have to select one object, edit it, copy appearance, select the rest of the objects, paste appearance = 4 additional steps. To really circumvent any selection procedures, I proposed to apply appearances to a layer (just like you can in Illustrator or what Autocad/ Rhino do by default if you place an object in a layer). This proposal hasn't been picked up yet.
  3. This becomes time consuming with many layers and nested layers. This workaround doesn't scale well with large documents and it also breaks the flow of designing. If the computer/ software can do this for me, why should I do these manual steps every time? You can't apply an appearance to a layer either, so this also makes it harder to preview a certain appearance while drawing the lines in particular layers/ groups. Oftentimes I need to draw stuff on multiple layers simultaneously, so copy and pasting appearances quickly becomes laborious backtracking and that's what I was really referring to with being time consuming. I don't really get why people are complacent with workarounds, rather than lauding workflow improvements. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Maybe, but I should be having around 400 GB of empty space, I highly doubt it is all being used up tbh.
  5. @Customer FeedbackThese are exactly the reasons why I have created this feature request. But, you do have to consider that developing software takes time, so you can't reasonably expect a new piece of software to have the same amount of features as a 30+ years old one. It also simply didn't receive close as much feedback from its users. So no reason to rant on people or the software. If you take a constructive approach, I am pretty sure your points are taken in much easier. You'll also have to consider that people who bought the software did some testing and know that it is up to what they'll use it for. If not, they will just stick to the competitor. Adobe has introduced some very serious bugs in recent years and so it's not like the grass is always greener on the other side either.
  6. When I have two curves and I want to merge them down to one, they sometimes don't, because i have the move tool active as opposed to the node tool. The node tool has a shortcut associated to join curves, the move tool does not. There isn't any workflow associated, it's just this plain simple hotkey thing that I think should also be used in the move tool.
  7. Often times, I find myself wanting to join curves when I have the move tool active. I select a the curves I want to join and, when it didn't join them, I come to realise I need to switch to the node tool, hit the hotkey and switch back to the move tool. The workflow would be a lot cleaner if you could also join curves from within the move tool.
  8. For me the issue appears when I have (almost) completed the export. So after exporting, that's when the interface can freeze. I had it happen this morning as well (and I have opened/ closed all Affinity apps), didn't reboot my system though.
  9. You can paste entire layers if you select the layer itself before pasting. This wasn't clear to me yet. If you select all objects, it won't paste the layer, but if you select the layers instead, it does.
  10. I have uploaded the file. I am using quite a few links, so I'll embed those for uploading. All of the files in the Resource Manager were LINKED. Also note, it doesn't occur on every export, but it does happen very frequently on my machine. The file is 16 MB, so not as large as I thought it would be. With all links embedded the whole package is 202MB. Hope this helps!
  11. I think that the number of items and the angle of rotation should be controlled by a radial array tool (or perhaps an effect?), so you can adjust the spacing between object centres with that. The tool could internally create these instances using symbols, yes.
  12. I would like to see a radial array feature that is fully procedural, meaning, you create the object you want to array and have instances created along the a set midpoint. That way, you can modify the original shape that is being arrayed and have all instances update accordingly. If I had to do this now, it would require a lot of manual adjustments. That would make creating graphics like these a lot less time-consuming and more enjoyable:
  13. Also, when I click to show a layer while the export dialog is not yet done processing the export, a layer may be shown in the canvas, but show its state hidden in the layer studio.
  14. After exporting a PDF from Designer, the layer studio freezes and I cannot change visibility for layers, expand layers, collapse layers or lock them. Note that I am working on a rather large file, so at times it doesn't freeze, but it becomes rather unresponsive instead (so an instant show-hide takes a second or five and it may or may not require me to click the visibility icon multiple times). Saving the file or re-opening the file solves the issue. As does opening the Export Settings panel and cancel. This is in Designer, Windows 10.19044.
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