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  1. Oh man. I was rummaging through the Grid and Axis Manager but somehow completely missed that option. 🤦‍♂️ Thanks again!
  2. Thanks, GarryP! Well the transformation originis a good start to see where the center is to begin with. The thing I missed was simply the snapping, I had it deactivated - with it, the lines change to colour, and everything works fine. Now, to additional, but at the moment not pressimng questions: 1) Can I put this as a default setting, so I don't have to do it for every picture by hand? 2) Can I set/change the origin of the grid as well? Thanks for your help again.
  3. Thanks! But I seem to miss a step or setting here. I assume you use the normal "move"-tool? When I drag the origin over my picture, the transform origin vanishes, and the crosshairs stay/are grey.
  4. Hello everyone, I am look for a quick way to center the point of origin/ intersection point/ spread origin of the ruler in Affinity Photo (vers. I know I can move it with the move tool or via the Guides Manager. However, this would require me to calculate the middle of hight and width by hand. I could not find a way so far to have it start there automatically (or any thread with the solution on here, I am afraid). What I am looking looking for is how to have the origin of the ruler be in the dead center of any given image (would also be nice for the grid, too, to have it start right in the middle of a picture). This would especially useful for pictures with non-standard dimensions. Thank you in advance!
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