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  1. Beautiful, Walt. Indeed that worked. Thanks so much! 🙂 Erica
  2. Hello, I have not been able to install any version of Affinity since 1.7.2. I finally have decided to spend time to deal MSI47d7f.LOGwith this issue, and downloaded 1.8.3 and predictably, it gave me the message "Setup Failed" only a few seconds after running the installer. I've seen in other user posts about the same issue that the log file was requested doing the following "enter the following %temp% \AffinitySetup into the run box and click ok. This should open a folder, with some other folders in. Open the latest folder and there should be 2 log files, Setup.log and SetupUI.log." I
  3. Thank you all and especially to G13RL for posting the screenshot...got it instantly! Erica
  4. Hi, Am I missing something? I can not find a fast way to clear all guides...? Selecting them one by one and dragging them up to the ruler is very laborious... Thanks in advance.
  5. These are my conclusions at this point: In order to maintain vector strokes instead of outlined shapes on export to Illustrator: Stroke panel properties must be set to: Style: basic stroke (2nd box) Cap, Join, Align: first box in each selected seems safest (no mitre in Join at any rate) Properties: Pressure Box completely filled (reset if necessary) Strokes can not be or have been transparent Strokes can not be or have been clipped within other shapes Export to eps seems to maintains fidelity to stroke width (svg does not) 72 dpi to maint
  6. I've done some further experimenting, and from what I've been able to best determine, it appears that strokes that have transparency or are clipped within a layer (or even that have been at a previous point) will appear as outlined shapes rather than vector lines when opened in Illustrator. It doesn't appear to be enough to simply to modify them, i.e. unclip them or make them opaque to get them to convert as vectors, it appears they have to be redrawn in order to convert as vectors. In my opinion, there are so many conditions that have to be adhered to and it's so problematic in a file of
  7. Hi Lagarto, Thanks so much. I did not reset the curve properties as you describe (as that didn't seem to do anything?) but rather duplicated the Cap, Join, Align settings for the stroke as you set them in the Stroke panel, and I was able to confirm your result: that on export to AI that resolves the problem with the circle, but not with the other strokes. These curves were drawn directly in Designer, to answer your question. I've attached a visual summary of your partial debug to hopefully help this along. This is tremendously frustrating; it's a dealbreaker for me actually. Another fu
  8. Hi there, I've simplified the file and attached one artboard with a few line so that it's not so overwhelming. Even simplified, I still get an outline with a center stroke, no matter if I export to eps or svg, on opening in Illustrator. Thank you so much for taking a look, Erica exporttestfile.afdesign
  9. Hello, I am trying to export an Affinity Designer file to AI and all the lines are converted to shapes with a center line, instead of maintaining the vector strokes. I've "Selected All" in the AD file and applied the following attributes: 1) double clicked the properties button on the stroke panel and set it to "None" 2) stroke align is set to center 3) miter is set to 1 4) Stroke style is set to Solid Line Style. I am exporting to eps (and tried pdf and svg) as well, nothing works. I'm on Windows 10 using (I realize that's not the latest version but when I try to update it fai
  10. Hi, I've done a few drawings rapidly experimenting with different size strokes (brushes), and now I've decided on one that I like best. It seems like I should be able to select the brush stroke with the attributes I like with the selection tool, and save it to a brush library for future use. Does this functionality not exist? Or what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help, Erica
  11. It seems as though there are use cases for both types of users, those of us who need it the same setting always and would be better served by a preferences check box, and those such as the user above for whom the current implementation works better. Like those of us who love a good marshmelllow, and those who can't stand it. In my case, this is a tremendous timesuck and source of frustrating errors, and just like a spongy, tasteless marshmellow, I can't stand it. Could not a feature be implemented that allows one to have it set always for some of us, and on a case by case basis for the ot
  12. Thanks!! it's working now for me -- I believe the 1.7 update may have fixed the Surface stylus issues...?
  13. Hi all, I thought I saw in the release notes for Affinity Designer that the bug where the eyedropper tool doesn't work if you use a stylus (only works with mouse) had been fixed. However, I am still having this issue; can't sample and apply color with the stylus. I'm on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 running WIndows 10. Is this in the works to be fixed? Thanks, Erica
  14. Oh...that is disappointing. But neither do I have the ¨Reset Fonts¨ option, although possibly not a fix, available to me....?
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