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  1. I think it should be simplified definitely. You should be able to select iCloud storage, and the affintiy folder in iCloud is where things are saved ONLY. Right now theres 2 layers. On device and On icloud. If you leave a document or save while the document is open, its saved to local, then if you click the burger icon and select save, it dumps to icloud..... It would just be better to open and save directly to iCloud and bypass the weird local files layer. I can't tell you how many times i saved a document while it was open, then went to the desktop to finish and the old version was there because i didnt leave the document, tap another icon and save again. If i open from icloud it should just save to icloud.
  2. You will never get REAL precision out of 3rd party styluses, Apple locks the high precision screen mode to the Apple Pencil only, 3rd party pens can never be more accurate than a finger. Couple in shotty connections, awful palm rejection and laggy pressure response... 3rd party pens are just not worth it. Some apps may support some off brand styluses and the functions might "work"... but none will feel as natural and precise on iPad as the real thing. It's worth the steep price. It's literally mind blowing how good it is.
  3. TonyO

    New Icons Too Similar

    Disagree. We’re not talking about Microsoft excel. There’s no reason a design program shouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing. Ugly UI and a garbage icon is probably the main reason nobody uses Inkscape, even though it’s a competent illustration app.
  4. Go to "Customize Toolbar" and replace all the "flexible spaces" between each tool bar item with regular "space" and you can force all of the toolbar buttons to the left or right (or toss flexible between 2 sets of regular spaced items to have left and right oriented tools).
  5. Multi finger gestures are pretty similar to command, option and shift modifiers on a keyboard. Not really that much of a learning curve. Practice makes perfect.
  6. Lots of people request to have quick action tools added to the standard interface. Requests like this: "The alignments tools are too deeply buried in the transform pallet" "It takes too many taps to expand the stroke" "I want undo/redo in a better place" "It would be great to have a quick duplicate button so i don't have to go into a menu" "Can we put Combine into the tool bar because i use it all the time" "Nudge tools on-screen would be cool to have so i don't need a keyboard" "Need a quicker way to re-order layers, maybe back forward buttons, K thanks!" ... the list goes on... All of these requests could be fulfilled with a user editable tool bar in the empty space in the top bar (persona's could even be a pop out menu to save space). The screenshot says it all. This would be the ultimate shortcut.
  7. Linking this thread to a newer thread.
  8. This is also a desktop issue. In corel draw back in the day, as i recall, they avoided this by making it necessary to select a node before control handles would appear. Perhaps that small extra step could make moving nodes from a grab'n drag action more fluid. I agree, this is maddening. I started a thread about this same issue a while back.
  9. Fixed the name a bit, haha. This is still messing with my workflow a bit but lately not as much since I’ve been using outline pressure for lines... but that’s when the problem with outline stroke rears it’s ugly head. Affinity is still in its 1.x stages, so some hiccups are expected, hopefully these are ironed out for 2.0.
  10. Oooooh, no idea. Left windows behind a decade ago and haven’t looked back.
  11. I see the point in your argument that it may be useful to have the option at document creation, maybe allow it in both creation and export to work with multiple workflow styles. But assuming "most people" want it that way is nothing more than made up. Everyone's workflow is different.
  12. If you hold OPTION modifier when deleting nodes, it does the corel-style control handle adjustments to maintain the shape (desktop only as of now). It works OK, but it's not as refined as Corel's implementation (but it's better than default behavior) I actually posted a request specifically for the double click/tap to delete. It's a great idea for a currently unused gesture and would save a left hand move to the delete key which feels unnatural. As or deleting a node and leaving an open curve, like Adobe illustrator does, I don't think Affinity does that... and I don't miss it. Regarding the delete shortcut: you can set the delete key to any key on the keyboard that you feel comfortable using in the settings menu. Set it to X and the short cuts will be super easy to reach.
  13. I use those all the time, but when we refer to "nudge" we refer to a tap gesture that does a preset incriment of movement. Sliding on the X and Y are analog motions, and its hard to get (for example) and exact 1mm nudge in one direction. The equivalent is tapping an arrow key on the keyboard, which you can do if you have a bluetooth keyboard attached to an ipad, but you dont get this same precise tap to nudge with the pencil or touch.
  14. TonyO

    Expand stroke still sucks

    I just ran across a workaround for messy expand stroke output. (first video attached) The amount of superfluous extra nodes is affected by miter limit settings. (regardless of joining, the miter limit affects all 3 - rounded, bevel and miter alike) The higher the miter limit the fewer junk nodes, the lower the limit the more you get. This isn't a fix for what I'm dubbing the "sawtooth overlap bug" (second video attached), that is the major problem I'm running into with nodes. When a large stroke overlaps itself it renders a sawtooth that vectorizes that way and looks very strange. This sawtooth is unaffected by any of the stroke settings, it just happens in tight corners with large strokes. Miter Limit and Junk Nodes.mov Sawtooth_Bug.mov