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  1. Here's a video... this definitely feels bug-ish. IMG_0217.mov
  2. No, this is when you are dragging out a gradient. It’s not a color picker, it is the same one that would appear on the node tool for zooming. The way I see it is by dragging a gradient and holding the slider still for a half second or so.
  3. The loupe is popping up when i use the gradient tool with apple pencil in 1.7.1 when it hold it in one place for a second or so.
  4. This seems right, "touch for gestures only" should allow only zoom, pan and modifiers with touch input, all other editing would be done with pencil. It was working incorrectly before, the function looks to be expanded on and appears to work correctly in 1.7.
  5. You guys are masterful! Node grab feels perfect again! A bit more precise than before but still forgiving enough to work quickly! Incredible! Thanks for actually listening to your loyal fans (unlike a certain giant faceless creative company that comes to mind...) keep up the amazing work!
  6. I agree, the icons were the perfect size on the 12.9" pro before the update
  7. Theres a bug in 1.7 where the magnification loupe pops up when you try to activate the one-finger modifier. Devs said they are working on a fix, you can get the modifier back by turning on the on-screen modifier button in the settings for now.
  8. The one finger hold modifier is messed up by the magnification loupe bug, i'm guessing it will probably work as intended after the release 1.7.1 since they've acknowledged that bug in previous threads.
  9. TonyO

    How to sign up for beta testing?

    If there is still any opportunity to test beta iPad builds, i would love to join. I do my whole stock art side hustle from AD on my ipad 12.9 iPad pro w/ apple pencil, roughly 2 to 3 hours daily. I'd love to offer feedback on UX, functionality and overall experience since it's basically become my daily driver.
  10. I reported this same thing, It works if you release your 2 finger modifier before finishing the lasso. The devs said they are going to make it work as expected.
  11. Amazing! Incredible! Thanks so much!
  12. TonyO

    Node issues in 1.7.0

    I can confirm this, i'm getting this popup magnification circle when using the pencil (it shouldnt appear with pencil input) and at very inopportune times (node tool modifier, also cannot select multiple nodes when it pops up). I agree this should be a toggle we can turn off system wide, pencil users have no use for it.
  13. I hadn't even realized that the desktop version of AD was already able to adjust handle size (and nodes) in preferences. If the 2 apps use the same codebase, hopefully that means it's not too much of an effort to carry over to the ipad platform. These big points and handles would be a lifesaver!
  14. I liked the double tap to switch between the 2 most recent tools, it was a nice quick action... but on the otherhand, i kinda forgot about being able to double tap the pencil and for the past month or so haven't even used that gesture, haha. But per your comment above, undo is definitely not the best action for pencil double tap, its easier just to flip up the pencil and use 2 finger tap, even with the same hand as the pencil, IMO.
  15. Going to add that with UI size configurability, points and handles should also be considered. The new apple pencil's higher precision is making the default sized points/handles difficult to grab when editing.