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  1. Honestly, i don't know if i would even be using Affinity today if Corel had their crap together 15 years ago when i made the switch over to Mac. For a while i was using Corel in a windows virtual machine since Illustrator's drawing tools are just so bad, i could never make that switch. When the original Beta of Designer came out, and i used Serif's implementation of the Node tool for the first time, I was hooked from day one and haven't touched Corel since. A couple years ago Corel came out with a Mac version, and still had their old-school super high pricing structure and all of the UI customization was left out, and the code base felt "converted" from windows (kinda clunky and laggy, if you know how those types of apps run), even a Corel die-hard like myself had to say "sorry Corel, too little too late."
  2. Older versions of Corel Draw back in the mid 2000's had a crazy customizable interface, you could pretty much drag any function anywhere and dock tools to any part of the interface you want. Not sure how newer versions handle that. That was my daily driver before Designer came along.
  3. I'm running an old 2018 ipad pro, and I've noticed that when i switch between too many apps, the iPad's memory will fill up and start force-closing minimized apps in the order they were opened, which is kind of the iOS way of doing things. This probably isn't much of a problem on newer M1 and above models, but on my old one, i had to get into the habit of exiting the Designer drawing space back to the list of files before switching around apps so my file would for sure save... If i didnt, there was a chance ADF would close out and not save any changes made since the last save. I blame iOS's multitasking and my cheapness when it comes to upgrading. When you got old janky equipment, you gotta solve some janky problems, haha.
  4. Yikes! I know nothing about development, but i definitely know it's complicated! Thanks for the insight! I know anything you guys come up with will be stellar!
  5. Congrats on V2.3! Working like a charm and I LOVE the new spiral tool! Can I bump this UI fix for possible inclusion in V2.4? Thanks so much for all you guys do!
  6. I was mulling over this issue a bit and wanted to bump this thread in hopes of a fix in 2.3... but bumping without a suggestion of a fix felt lazy, haha, so here's my idea! What if (like the floating modifier dot that activates ALT, CNTRL, SHIFT, etc.), there was also an optional floating color well for fill and stroke, that could act the way the pre-2.1 left toolbar eye dropper used to work (with a quick drag out color loupe for picking color on the currently selected object, WITHOUT switching tools.) I don't want to be a bother, or that needy guy who is always asking for stuff (hahaha, I mean, i already am that, but squeaky wheel gets the oil right?)... but of all the features that have changed since i started using ADF daily on iPad in 2018, the loss of the quick drag out loupe from the from the eyedropper on the left tool bar as of version 2.1 has been devastating, i still cant fix my muscle memory on that one, it was just too convenient of a gesture. Thanks for considering! You guys are always receptive, and it is extremely appreciated!!
  7. I'm seeing this issue on a 2018 ipad pro 12.9 (first generation with the new design, no home button). Just to add a model to the list.
  8. Can i bump this UI fix request for V2.3? It's proving to be a productivity killer even after a few months of re-building muscle memory. It's just so much easier to be able to drag the color picker from the left menu than pick colors any other way. Thanks so much for everything you guys do, I haven't illustrated on a computer or paper since 2018 haha! And Congrats on the 2.2 drop, it's performing great so far!
  9. I think this was referring to changes to the color picker tool itself and not the color/style picker pop-out interfering with the drag out color picker. Hoping this is the case, but it doesn’t sound like it.
  10. Oh cool! Where did you read that? I didn’t see any notes on 2.3 yet.
  11. I think the feel of the Select All function is a bit odd from a fundamental standpoint. There is very few instances on a multi-artboard project where you would want to select every object, on every artboard, and every object on the pasteboard all at the same time. It seems like the default CMD-A function is overkill. Selecting inside of a layer specifically feels too far drilled down, and Ash said in the original post, "Edit inside layers" button already toggles this. I think the real way to fix the idea of "Select All" would be to make the CMD-A key command by default select all objects on the currently selected artboard you are currently working within. It seems like expected behavior since each artboard (unlike illustrator) is like it's own encapsulated layer set within a confined canvas. This leaves out all objects on the pasteboard though. What if the pasteboard had the equivalent of an artboard on the layers pallet, so you would have a list like "artboard 1, artboard 2, Pasteboard" that way when you click out of an artboard, select all would grab all objects NOT in an artboard. On a non-artboard project, there could be a canvas and a pasteboard layer to start. Maybe I'm getting too far into the weeds now, but i feel like Select-All just feels like it's taking the idea literally when there are more nuanced ways of approaching it.
  12. No designer would ever complain about more options! I also like the idea of being able to choose the double click on node function. I just hate to see a perfectly good gesture wasted, because the double click is going unused as of now, haha.
  13. I would bump the idea for a double click to delete a node. It's keyboard free, works great in Corel Draw, there is no function assigned to a double click on a node, and it's unlikely to be a gesture people would do by mistake. Win win win win.
  14. Is this bug fix planned for a 2.2? I hate to bump and ask, but the lack of the draggable color loupe is a real drag on productivity. What used to be single swipe for color picking and no tool changes... Is now Tap to activate color tool, tap or drag to select color, tap previous tool to get back to where you were before. (3 taps) A single swipe to 3 tap process doesnt sound like alot, but when you are doing it over a thousand times per illustration, it wears you down really quickly. Thanks so much guys! Keep doing what you do!
  15. Oh, i see. You have to hold shift while using the node remove tool in illustrator (a tool that could be completely be replaced by the delete key... but "illustrator") - ya, it's not very good though, it just compensates for node handle length but doesn't appear to move the handle directions to compensate for the shape difference. Corel literally hired PHD math professors to handle their node correction algorithm, it was amazing as far back as i can remember using it in 2001 at my first job.
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