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  1. Hi @EPriuli, Are you able to upload the document for us to investigate? Does this error only happen in the current beta and not retail version? Thanks
  2. I logged an issue this morning that also shows an error, so there's definitely some more to flush out. If you can send me the afpub I'll check if it's a similar cause. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the report, this is logged with us and should be fixed in the next customer beta
  4. Thanks for the report, this is logged with us and should be fixed in the next customer beta
  5. Option + [ and ] seem to be shortcuts that come from the OS for single/double quotes so override any custom shortcuts they are assigned to. An improvement would be for us to warn these are protected shortcuts when they are being assigned, which I can get logged
  6. Ah yeah, I do indeed suspect this will have a similar root cause to the other issue, but will get it logged just to be sure. Thanks for the clarification
  7. Thanks for the report @anto. It's now been logged that externally modified images aren't being detected.
  8. I can reproduce the app not detected the image is modified, and marking it as such, so auto update modified linked images has no chance to work. I've passed along the bug. The re-linking issue i'm struggling to reproduce in isolation, can you just confirm if you: Move the image to another location - it will be marked as Missing in Resource Manager. Relink the image - nothing happens after you confirm the new folder. Without the other steps, that the re link fails?
  9. The cause is if your document contains hyperlinks to emails/anchors, in the document you uploaded if you remove the hyperlink on RSVP it will export without an error (or export without hyperlinks or tagging enabled). It's logged with us and should hopefully be fixed in a future beta
  10. Thanks @Jane P. Looks like the same issue @MikeTO has with his file, so I'll add it to the report I made for that.
  11. Thanks @steday there's an improvement already in relating to the names of custom fields
  12. Hi, thanks for the report. Can you attach the document here so I can look into this
  13. Crash reports for the betas (and retail if you remove (Beta) from the folder path) are: %userprofile%\.affinity\Photo\2.0 (Beta)\CrashReports
  14. I believe this is what is maybe being referred to, but that's a fix for a crash replacing which is not what is being reported. When replacing multiple PDFs, assuming you are replacing a PDF that has been placed multiple times and choosing the "parent" PDF to replace, all copies are being replaced for me on Mac and Windows. Can you provide a video demonstrating the issue
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