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  1. Hi @Andrew Wood, I've split your post into a new thread and moved it into the appropriate forum. Are you able to attach any crash reports? It might shed some light on the crashes you are having
  2. Hi @Cowtoon, This is something we are aware of and we have a potential fix coming in the next beta Thanks for the report
  3. Ah thanks @max1josef, I was deleting all of the text during step 4, which was deleting the anchor as I would expect. If I just append onto the current text and update the ToC the old anchor still exists, which is indeed a bug. I'll get this recipe passed on!
  4. Hi @Gigatronix Pete, Off the top of my head i don't think anything changed pdf encryption wise in that version. There are still some encryption methods we don't support. If you want to upload the pdf here I can take a look
  5. I've attached the file I made after I overrode the master page items and re-aligned the frame, it seems to be import better. matrice-jp.idml
  6. Hi @max1josef, As you've noted there's definitely some old pdf anchors that have been created that don't seem to have been removed/updated when you updated the ToC. If you go to View > Studio > Anchors you can see a lot of the old entries that weren't cleared. I cleared these all up and then re-generated the ToC, all the pdf bookmarks (that will show in the Anchor panel) were generated correctly and it seems to be working as expected when exported. I'm struggling to reproduce getting a file into this way from scratch though, when I change a headings text and update the Tab
  7. Thanks for the file. This is happening because the master page has been overridden and moved into a different position, I find if i override the master page in InDesign and move the grey rectangle back on top it then imports correctly. I've logged it so we can try handle this situation a bit better when importing
  8. It's been looked at by development, there is the potential of a fix in the next beta for this but it will be subject to testing.
  9. The issue linked to this thread was fixed, and I've checked and it seems fine on my end but it may be something unique to your set up. Is it only with Unsplash this happens?
  10. Hi @Hadriscus, I have an earlier version of your file from the issue you had in 1.9.1, I've resized a few inline tables on this file and not had a crash, could you let me know if it happens on any in line table for you, and if not let me know which pages I should look at to try reproduce this It could also be worth uploading the latest version of your file here. Thanks
  11. This is something that's already logged with us
  12. Hi @GarryP, Sorry for the delay! It seems like a bug to me too. I've logged it Thanks for the report
  13. Thanks, it seems to be crashing fairly reliably on open for me I've had a bit of luck renaming the Links folder, which breaks all the linked resource links and the file then seemed to open, but after re-linking the files it then was crashing on open again, there are some interseting files in the Links folder with no, or odd file extensions I've logged this with development
  14. Are you able to upload the file here and I'll take a look Thanks
  15. I'm afraid there's no further updates, I've given the issue a bump
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