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  1. When I press delete, the link isn't deleted but the frame is. If I click inside the frame again when the icon shows the red x the link to the frame on page 13 is broken so page 12's frame now overflows. If I press delete the frame is deleted so the link is moved onto page 13 and that frame contains the text that would have been on Page 12.
  2. Jon P

    Slight Delay in typing

    It might help - you can embed all of them to save some time but you will have to upload a much larger file. I'll ask a colleague to look at this, but if you find time to upload the file with everything embedded it might help
  3. Jon P

    Slight Delay in typing

    It's hardly moaning, we appreciate the reports when we release new betas. We will probably need to see this file and see what we can reproduce between the different builds, can you upload it here Thanks
  4. Jon P

    Preflight Panel

    Looks like that got a bit corrupted during the forum upload, if you can upload it here instead i'd appreciate it!
  5. Thanks for the report, I've reproduced this and logged it
  6. Jon P

    Preflight Panel

    Can you attach the document where the scaling numbers are the same but the error persisted? We have found a way to reproduce that but I'm not sure if you found the same error! Also we have tooltips for the detailed explanations, so you don't need to go into Edit Profile, you can just mouseover the error/warning to get more info on it - just to clarify
  7. Thanks for the report - we are aware of this and have it logged. It is caused by having the 'Show scroll bars' set to 'When scrolling' in System Preferences > General. With it set to the other two options this issue does not appear.
  8. Jon P

    Preflight Panel

    I'm glad you are finding it useful! We hope that the description for the test would be clear - so if you click "Edit Profile" you can see what it is testing and if we can't fix it ourselves (certain tests have a fix button since we can fix it for you) you should hopefully be able to understand what it is checking and thus how to fix it manually For the proportional scaling, if you click the image information in the context toolbar, ensure both scale numbers match eachother. It basically just wants to make sure that the aspect ratio of the image has been preserved
  9. It should only report the last one, and I can confirm it doesn't and have logged it (well, a dev read this and logged it but i'll pretend it was me). I'm struggling to see this, if I click again in the frame it breaks the link, but then you say press delete to delete the link? If I press delete it then just deletes the frame. Might have misread/misunderstood this.
  10. Jon P

    New Document Dialog/Panel in .523

    This is still currently Mac only, I'll update the announcement thread
  11. Do you have a version of this file you can upload that's in this state? If so can you upload it here Thanks
  12. This build is not, the next one should contain the preflight panel
  13. Hi Anders, I've passed this on to our development team, this looks like an issue we know about which should be fixed in the 1.8 beta (it won't stop the file crashing on open, but it shouldn't be possible to get a file into this state in the beta) - I would suggest using the beta from now on to avoid this happening again. I'll pass the file back to you if we can fix it. Thanks
  14. Nicely investigated @thomaso. I am indeed keen to see if we can reproduce how this happened, I've had a poke around and not had much luck reproducing it so far, but it does indeed look like it wasn't cleared from a page when the master layer was deleted which should never be the case. If you find this again or have any more info to help us reproduce this from scratch let me know!

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