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  1. Hi MancDan, Can you let me know what version and build of Windows you are on? (typing winver in run prompt and screenshotting it would be great) Thanks!
  2. No harm in carrying on with this thread if it's related to text flow/wrapping. It might be easiest for you to attach the problematic file for me to look at and explain what's wrong (unless you have some reproducible steps for me to follow). Let me know if it's private as I can provide a dropbox link Thanks!
  3. Hi luca0204, Thanks for reporting this, I've logged it for the developers to look into.
  4. Thanks for reporting this, I've seen it once myself but haven't had it since. We are still currently investigating the exact cause of this install behaviour, as it's not intended behaviour.
  5. Hi jason, Thanks for reporting this. We have fixed it for the next publisher build.
  6. Hi, This affects our other apps too and there is currently an issue logged relating to this. Thanks
  7. This is the latest beta ( Thanks!
  8. As Alfred and Walt have stated, it is a bug in the documentation and should be the shift key. I've reported this to the documentation team, thanks!
  9. Hi someguy, View > Studio > Hyperlinks opens up a studio that shows existing hyperlinks and can take you to that hyperlink source in the document. Thanks
  10. Hi, Not being able to expand categories on the mac is unfortunately a bug in the current version that should hopefully be resolved in the next build. Thanks
  11. Hi thetasig, Sorry for the late reply, If you encounter this again in a more recent beta build can you save the file in that state and attach it? Thanks!
  12. Jon P

    TOC hyperlinks

    Hi somewhereinusa, I'd expect that since you are manually editing the ToC after generating it that updating it won't preserve any edits since it was last generated. Fix and continue will be re-generating it (although from a quick test I can't get that to pop up, so it might be due to what PDF type you are exporting to or because I am on a newer build). Thanks
  13. Hi Andy, Apologies for the late reply! It looks here like the picture frame is locked, if you unlock it the behaviour should be as you expect. Thanks
  14. Hi tonyl, We've had a couple of fixes to text wrapping in some of the more recent betas, if you still get this issue can you let me know? Thanks!
  15. Hi pman, Thanks for the kind words and apologies for the late reply. The next beta should have some fixes to the issues you are describing, so if you still have any of this behaviour once we release the next beta let me know!