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  1. Jon P

    Crash when opening document

    The file received contains only embedded images and no linked images, and opens fine for me here with no prompt on missing images. Just to double check, did you definitely send the right version of the file? I've PM'd you a version of it that I've re-saved, i'm curious if this opens for you without crashing.
  2. Can I clarify the main differences here, just to make sure I'm on the right track with what I'm looking at. The main thing I see is that we don't seem to be importing the hard line in the gradient, making the gradient appear more "smoothed". I'm seeing a vague difference in the colour, but haven't looked into what values are being imported yet
  3. Thanks for reporting this, I can reproduce it with that font. Seems to be Mac specific. I've logged it
  4. Thanks, we have reproduced this with some Canon drivers. Can you let me know what exact printer model and driver you are using?
  5. Jon P

    Crash when opening document

    Hi Pierre, If your linked images are in one location, you can try renaming that location so that the link is properly broken, which might allow the file to open and then you can re-link the images. If that fails upload it here and I'll take a look Thanks
  6. I've PM'd you a fixed version of the file. can you explain anything you think might have happened when creating the tables, or table formats? As these tables had become corrupt and as much as we've fixed the file, finding out how this happened would mean we can fix it happening again. Thanks
  7. Hi @margoh, Can you navigate to %AppData%\Affinity\Publisher\ and rename the 1.0 folder to "1.0 Backup", then reload the app and let me know if you still get this behaviour? If you do, it's a bit of a stab in the dark, but go to Edit > Preferences > Auto-Correct and disable all the options in there, then let me know if you still get the same. If renaming the above folder does fix it, can you zip up and attach the backup folder so I can look into what caused it. Thanks
  8. Unfortunately a bug was introduced that is making embedded documents with a different colour space to the original document crash when printing. For now if you want to print your file you can either: If you have the Affinity Store version of the product, downgrade to 1.7.1 here Export to PDF and print from there Rasterise the embedded documents before printing Change the colourspace of the embedded documents to match the original document Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience
  9. Can you upload the files here and I'll take a look Thanks
  10. It looks like the pixel layers inside these groups have become corrupt, they only display when zoomed out because we are displaying a sampled version of the pixel layer that's saved in the file, if I copy and paste into a new document/rasterise them nothing appears. So when we come to export we don't see to have the information inside the pixel layers to export. How did you create these pixel layers (the dice specifically)? I'm keen to know if it's possible to reproduce as that's the bug here, so any information on how this happened is really useful.
  11. Hi @Tegwyn, I can reproduce it with that file. The tables are the cause, but I can't see why. I've logged it for the developers to investigate further, as it looks like they could have possibly become "corrupt" (for example, if I copy a table in your file into a new file I also get a crash), but a developer will be able to tell more. Re-creating the tables is probably the best solution if you need a workaround
  12. We are aware of this but thanks for making sure it is reported!
  13. I'm finding the same as AlainP, sometimes it flows within 10 seconds and understandably takes some time then to generate previews for all the pages, and other times it seems to hang. I can't see an obvious reason as to why it is being inconsistent so I will get it logged. Thanks
  14. The flyouts are meant to behave a bit differently to the studio panels, but I logged an issue earlier about the selection not being highlighted as I do agree it could lead to a little confusion
  15. As AlainP has said can you attach the word document? It is taking a long time to expand on mine, but a 500 page word document full of Lorem Ipsum text and minimal formatting takes minimal time on my machine, so I'm interested in the make up of the file.