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  1. @MrDavidW I've split this into a new thread. Can you navigate to %AppData%\Affinity\Publisher\1.0 (Beta)\ and attach the CrashReports folder here? The times where it shuts down without warning will be crashes so hopefully there'll be some info in here to help us see why you are getting this. Does it always happen with the artistic text tool?
  2. @LMroz Thanks for the info, it's definitely not related to that then since you used notepad to clear the formatting (a trick I like to use!) I've logged this, but from what I can see it's related to the picture that is pinned on page 144. Changing this to Inline and then back to pinned resolves it for me, do you find the same? @Rainieria Maybe you have a similar pinned image, but as Walt says we'll need to see the file to check if it's the same issue.
  3. Can you double check that the version of the placed PDF is not later than the target export version? If it's not can you upload the PDF and I'll take a look
  4. We have a few example files that do this, but can any problem PDF's be uploaded here and I'll look into if its the same thing! Thanks
  5. Sounds like the issue I have logged (was only on PDF X4), if you could upload a few to the folder I'll take a look.
  6. @Dazmondo77 Can you upload the file that bombs out when you passthrough it here. We are aware of a few files that do it (mentioned in Adams post) and I want to check it's the same thing, thanks!
  7. I'm still looking at this but out of curiosity do you have what the text was pasted from? Can you upload it to the same link?
  8. I'll take a look, if you can upload to the above link again so I'm looking at the latest version that'd be helpful! Thanks
  9. Ist es möglich, dass Sie die Schriftart hochladen, mit der dieses Problem auftritt? Edit: Keine Ursache! Ich habe die Schriftart bezogen und kann das Verhalten reproduzieren. Ich werde Fehler protokolliert bekommen Vielen Dank
  10. Hi, Something inside this file became a bit corrupt, we have seen a few files in this state but are struggling to find how they get like this. I've recovered the file for you and it's attached (a few things might not be pixel perfect compared to previously, so check it over) Any information you can share about your workflow will be helpful, do you copy and paste a lot whilst working? If it happens again let us know 202010_anno_1_nr_1_ottobre_2020-resaved.afpub
  11. I'll probably need to see the file here to see why it's missing, if you enable show text flow to see where frames are linked are they in the correct order? Can you upload the file here and I'll take a look
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