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  1. Bit late getting round to this but it seems alright for me now, do you still get this in 1.8.3?
  2. Hi @Unahrt, Can you send us the file here and we'll pass it on, it's my understanding this is the 2nd time this has happened with your file. Assuming this is the same as the first time, some of the images inside the file lost backing data which was preventing us from loading it. Can you explain to me how images were inserted into this file and any steps that were taken that you might think help us reproduce it. I believe some images were copied and pasted in from a PDF the first time this happened, was a similar thing done this time? Any information on your workflow with images when creating this file might be of use.
  3. Hi, Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums I'm not seeing this at the moment? Does it matter what button you press? Any chance of a short video demonstrating the issue?
  4. @deadhippo This should be fixed in the latest beta if you can give that a try
  5. Can you also let us know what styles you are using when creating the ToC and if you change these if it has any effect
  6. Hi @maxepopaxe Do you get this with any symbol or a certain one?
  7. This was an issue in the beta but i believe it was fixed, It seems alright from a quick test here. When you import the afdesign file what view are you using in the dropdown on the context menu? Does that change after it has been saved
  8. Hi, I'm struggling to reproduce this following those steps Any chance of creating a short video demonstrating the issue? Thanks
  9. It seems to be the same cause, I can only reproduce the issue following your steps if I resize the text frame first, do you get the same if you create a new frame?
  10. Three exist, but one is off any spread and placed at the bottom of the pasteboard. If you go View > View Mode and untick Clip with Canvas, then double click the picture frame that contains the violin man image, you'll see that it focuses a frame off the spread, you can drag this on a spread (or to the side of one) to see what it is. I assume this possibly came over with the frame or text you copied?
  11. Yes, but as far as i'm aware (and just checked) that was fixed and still is. I have just noticed if you resize a new text frame with the normal resize handles that I can then reproduce behavior similar to your document when pinning and unpinning We have this logged (thought it seemed familiar) but I'll give it a nudge, I assume this is what has happened.
  12. Thanks i can reproduce that with your file, I've passed it on to the developers
  13. Can you upload the file here and i'll take a look Thanks
  14. Thanks for the file. I'm curious if you made this file from scratch or if it came from another document? If i'm taking a guess, you copied a text frame from a problem document to demonstrate the issue? We've had previous issues where if a frame was scaled it was applying that scale to the floating images pinned to it, but those should be resolved now - but it might be something along those lines. I can get this passed on, it's just curious how it got into this "state" to begin with.
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