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  1. Hi @kevinslimp, I've split your post into a new thread. If I create a new document and a new text style I'm not having any issues adjusting the space after paragraph settings. Are you finding in a new document you set it and it's not remembered when you next edit the style? Can you maybe create a video demonstrating the issue?
  2. Can you check if you get the behavior in the latest beta here If so can you upload the document here and I'll take a look Thanks
  3. Can you try the latest beta here? There's a couple of fixes in there for errors on pdf export. If it still errors in the latest beta, can you upload the file that's erroring on export here and i'll take a look. Thanks
  4. Thanks, I can reproduce this and unfortunately have not had much luck figuring out why it is jumping onto a new style in the middle of a paragraph. I've logged this so we can look into it further.
  5. @VectorWhiz This seems to be alright for me, can you upload an affected document? Thanks
  6. There's nothing logged with fonts causing any crashes on export I'm aware of, so would you be able to upload the font you are using to the above link? I should then be able to get it reproduced and logged
  7. You can upload the Designer file too, the file you've uploaded seems to export to PDF to me, what format/settings are you exporting to? I'm also missing the font used in that document, so am curious if that's related, could you maybe try just replacing the font with a different one and seeing if that helps? Thanks
  8. I've logged this, thanks for the report
  9. Hi @Alan Douglas, I can see what you mean, I've logged this. Thanks for the report
  10. Hi @Oldnickj, Is the colour shift only visible when you print? Is it fine in the app and exporting to PDF?
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