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  1. Hi @DNA0101, Apologies for the late reply, the first issue you have reported should be solved in the latest beta. I've exported your files in 337 and the hyperlinks seem to function as expected. Can you let me know if you have any issues with this file in the current beta? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for reporting this, I've logged the fact that guides aren't re scaling with spread dimension changes. Although I'm not sure i'd expect guides to be treated as objects when enabling that option.
  3. Apologies in the delay in a response here, but this should behave slightly differently in 337, however I have recently logged an issue with certain filetypes leading to larger than expected afpub files so there may still be some work to do here. Thanks
  4. Can I just clarify, that even though you had portrait ticked you were getting landscape documents created? I've not been able to reproduce this yet. It might be worth updating to 337 as well. Regarding the "Default Master", this option is indeed more for users that don't want a master page created and assigned by default when creating a new publication. Thanks
  5. Can you attach the folder that you renamed? That folder contains custom user settings and something in there might have been causing the issue, so I'd like to double check! By renaming it we essentially "reset" the program, as it creates a new folder from scratch. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I've done some investigating here, and logged an issue relating to PDF/afphoto/afdesign filetypes leading to larger than expected afpublisher files. When linking multi page pdfs, I would expect the publisher file to be a bit larger than it would with for example a JPG (I wouldn't expect a tiny filesize for example with a linked multi page PDF) but I wouldn't expect it to end up larger than the PDF that was linked. Thanks for reporting this
  7. @petriknz Try download the latest beta and see if that's any better
  8. I'm afraid there's nothing obvious in the crash reports from what I can see, I will get the developers to see if i'm missing anything, but can you try navigating to %AppData%\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher\ and renaming the 1.0 Beta folder to 1.0 Beta backup, then relaunching the application and letting me know if anything changes? Thanks
  9. On the machine that is experiencing this issue can you please navigate to %AppData%\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher\1.0 (Beta)\CrashReports\reports and attach the reports there? It sounds like it's just crashing on startup, so there should hopefully be a clue as to why there. Thanks
  10. I can reproduce this behaviour. It seems to be Windows specific. I've logged it, thanks for reporting it
  11. Hi dominik, Thanks for reporting this, it's been logged!
  12. Jon P

    Typography Problems - Small Caps

    Hi Barbara, I've logged this for the developers to look into further. Thanks
  13. Yeah it didn't take long to reproduce it with your file, I'll get this logged for the developers. Thanks for reporting it and sending the file!
  14. Hi Gmit, Can you upload the file you use in the video here? I set up a similar document but couldn't reproduce it. Thanks!
  15. Hi Sket, A developer has recovered this document for you, and I've sent you a PM with the file. As i mentioned, something definitely happened here during your last use of the document which lead to this "corruption" when it got saved. It would be really nice to try get to the bottom of what this might have been. Can you let me know anything that looks "missing" in the recovered version? Are there any other processes (relating to master pages especially) you took during your last use? Do you have a version of the file I can see before this corruption happened? Apologies for all the questions!