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  1. From what I can see it depends on the makeup of the EPS file, I've got one that works smoothly and another that performs quite slow, the slow one containing lots of lines, moveto's etc. I'll log this to see if anything can be done to speed it up. Thanks
  2. A single facing page master page is a good suggestion to solve this, or you can Right Click on the Master Page in the layers tab, "Edit Detached" and move the background to cover the bleed (this will just mean the first page has a detached master and saves creating a new master page). I do think this the fact the facing master is not fully covering the bleed on the single page is a bug however and will look into this further. Thanks
  3. Hi Seadog, Good spot, thanks for reporting this. I've logged it!
  4. Hi dcarvalho84, It might be the case that another workflow works better here as Old Bruce highlights. I have reproduced this once so far on Windows, not sure why I don't seem to be able to at the moment and am still looking into this. Either way I don't think this correct behaviour so will get this logged. Thanks
  5. I don't think you are, unless I am also! I've logged one bug from and this and am still looking at another that it might be demonstrating. Thanks for reporting this!
  6. Are you able to upload the publisher file this was exported from to this link and I'll take a further look. Thanks
  7. It should update if the frames containing the page numbers haven't been detached from the master page. I assume if you make another change now (remove the underline, change colour etc) everything behaves as expected?
  8. I would kind of expect this in a way, it was 2 lines with an arrow at the end of each. When joining the curves it should probably be auto updating where the arrow is, since it is now only one line set to have an arrow at the end, which is what clicking on "Place arrow at the end of the line" seems to force it to do.
  9. I'll have another go at reproducing it, did this definitely only start happening in the latest beta?
  10. Can you explain what happens when you start the program up? Do you get a splash screen and then it disappears? Are there any crash reports in the %AppData%\Affinity\Publisher\1.0 (Beta)\CrashReports\reports folder and if so can you attach them?
  11. Hi @mediamaffia, This was an issue in the build you are using but should be fixed in the most recent beta update if you want to install it from this forum. Thanks
  12. Hi postmadesign, I've just tried this using the new build on 10.11 and it seems to be fine from what I can see. Any chance you can create a short video demonstrating the issue? Thanks
  13. I can't reproduce it yet (although am using a different printer/driver). Can you let me know what MacOS you are on Richard?
  14. Thanks, I've logged this with the developers
  15. The file will only be used for internal testing purposes yes, it's a private dropbox link that can only be accessed by staff. Thanks
  16. Hi @quantos, Can you have a look in %AppData%\Affinity\Publisher\1.0 (Beta)\CrashReports\reports and let me know if there are any reports in there? If so, can you attach them? Thanks
  17. Hi Richard, Can you upload the file here please and we'll see if we can reproduce it. Thanks!
  18. Jon P

    Table bug

    Hi @Sofie_S, Are you still having issues with this file in the latest beta? I've performed some actions on the table and it seems to be alright in the latest beta
  19. As thomaso has mentioned, if you can attach or upload the problematic file here then it will help us look into this
  20. Hi @MBScott, This isn't something we are aware of nor can I reproduce. It might be worth checking in the latest build if you still get the behaviour? If you do then we can look into the crash reports and see if there's some information to help us find out what the cause would be. Do you have issues using fonts in any other areas of the applications (if you place a text frame, the font dropdown functions and shows all fonts?) Thanks
  21. It is unique to that file, I've not had much luck yet sussing out what it is, but I've logged it for the developers to look into further. Thanks!
  22. Can you attach the document? I'll see if I can reproduce it
  23. @Gavin Anthony can you let me know what MacOS you are on?
  24. Thanks, you are correct the PSD image seems to be the cause. I've logged it for further investigation but if you would like a workaround you can rasterize the image first before exporting. Is it possible for you to upload the PSD separately to the same dropbox link? Might be useful! Thanks
  25. Hi @ConnectCreative, I am getting it silently failing but no error message, which might be a separate issue. I can however reproduce it not importing from the newest beta. I've logged it, although this may just be a case of the apps being slightly "out of sync". Thanks for reporting it