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  1. Hi @MikeTO, Do you find you still get the warning after re-saving the recovered file? I recovered it in the same way you did and still got the warning, but once I alter the file and re-save it, it seems fine on subsequent loads
  2. @Mr. Doodlezz Unfortunately, we don't know what caused the problem as such, if we did we would be wanting to fix the cause, not just repair the issue on file load. I've just double checked though, and you shouldn't ever be losing any visible objects in your documents, it's mostly an internal thing. Basically we are removing a link to an object that no longer seems to exist. Either we clean it up when we load the document or it would cause a crash which is what was previously being reported. Again, if you or anyone else find they are seeing this message appear consistently let us know, as if we can understand what causes it to break in the first place we can fix the cause. It's still something we are investigating.
  3. If, after opening the file and the message appearing, saving and re opening the causes the message to re appear, can you please provide the file here for us to investigate
  4. So we have a recipe and a potential fix for this already. As I understand the next major beta will resolve this issue. If you still encounter it in that beta please tag me and I'll get your files to investigate further. Apologies for the inconvenience, it is a bit of a hard bug to workaround.
  5. So this was added a short while ago (2.x), basically we sometimes get reports with files that crash on open. When we investigate them we find there's links to broken/corrupt objects (or objects that just don't exist), and that's the cause of the crash. We are still trying to find recipes that can create these types of situations, but for now we identify these objects, and instead of crashing, clean them up when we load the document, and leave this message letting the user know that has happened. Nothing should look different in the document, as the objects removed were broken anyway. It's probably worth noting that links here doesn't as much refer to resource manager type links, it's more of an internal link If you find during your work you are saving, re-opening and seeing this message a lot, then let us know and hopefully we can find the recipe that triggers the message the next time the document is loaded
  6. @alhagrafisk The crash report and file seem to be the same as the above issue, so should be covered by any potential fix. This sounds like a different issue however, do you have a crash report from this recipe? Is the new document blank that you create? Can you confirm what OS you are doing this on? This isn't really my area unfortunately, I would suggest creating a new post in the customer service forum, or e-mailing affinity@serif.com
  7. @alhagrafisk Are you able to upload your file to the dropbox link in my original reply, I'll double check it looks like the same crash and get the file added to the report if so
  8. @RevenantI split your comment into a new thread. If you can upload the file that's crashing I can see if it crashes on my end and is the same as the issue you originally posted in. If you "Saved As" the original should still exist and hopefully open for you, if not I would maybe attempt renaming any folders/linked resources that are in the file to break the links and see if that helps the file open
  9. Hi, It's hard for me to tell if anything has been lost, but the attached file should hopefully open for you 1637313505__MG_0440PaintAF-r.afphoto
  10. That was what I meant yes, it seems similar to the report (and the crash report seems the same). If it's possible for you to also upload the file to that dropbox link I can get it added to the report
  11. We have an issue logged similar to this, but are you able to upload your file here so I check if it's the same as what we have logged? Do you have linked remote resources from iCloud?
  12. Thanks, I thought I was going to need to ask for the linked files to also be sent but even without them this is crashing when opening on iPad. I'm also finding that opening resource manager when opening this on Mac is triggering a crash. I've logged this, thanks for the report If you link your files locally, or embed them (when you've opened it without a crash) is that preventing a crash when opening it back on the iPad?
  13. Hi @poleeto, I've responded to your other thread, if you can provide us the file I can look into it
  14. Hi @poleeto, Are you able to upload the document here? I'll have a look into it
  15. Is it possible for you to upload a document that when saved and re-opened shifts the alignment of pinned images? If you'd prefer to keep it private you can upload it here
  16. It may help to export each chapter individually, if I was to guess it will be something in one of the chapters causing it, but obviously without seeing it it's hard to narrow down
  17. Are you able to upload the book and chapters so we can look at reproducing this? You can use this link if you'd like to keep it private
  18. Thanks for the report, I've reproduced and logged this. It does indeed seem to be mac specific
  19. Thanks for the report, I've reproduced and logged this. It does indeed seem to be mac specific
  20. Hi @Partnerscomo, Out of curiosity, where was the file linked from, a local drive, cloud storage, etc?
  21. Thanks for the update, the file is loading alright for me here but I'll assume that's because the links for all the images are already broken. This isn't the first time we've seen this (where breaking links prevents the crash and once it's re linked it should be fine from now on). Let us know if you see this behavior again with that file
  22. Thanks for the report, I've reproduced and logged this
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