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  1. No it didn't, but I'm not disclosing where this second screenshot came from. Probably not a big concern. I don't know how specific a copyright is to programs. If they're allowed to produce very similar UI's. You see how this is similar? How many other software's have that degree of similarity?
  2. Ok since we're splitting hairs (or hares), it's almost. I'd post a screenshot, but don't want to get into some NDA violation trouble. The software is in private beta.
  3. Well, in the other software, it looks almost identical to Serif's. They call it Selection Refinement, and it doesn't have the Ramp. I suspected something because it wasn't in the previous version, and it does not work very well. It just seems for developers to have created this, it should work for the most part. Since it doesn't it gives me the suspicion of being copied, and trying to get it to work.
  4. So it's common for even the UI to be copied?
  5. Are there any other programs/apps that use the identical Refine Selection Dialog? Is this something Serif developed to be unique to their programs? I happen to like this tool, and I'm not insinuating Serif took this from some other software. But I found this in another and right now due to NDA, can not disclose where, and it's the first I've seen such a duplication.
  6. I agree, I was just thinking maybe he was using some technique I had not came across, and of course would like to learn. That's all.
  7. I'm curious about this too. I can understand applying a mask to a layer, but not using quick mask.
  8. Done a short to the point screen capture showing how to do this in APhoto. Crop using the crop tool Go to the Document Menu, select Resize Canvas Transform dialog: Select the node you want to be the anchor point. Your clip reflects you're wanting more space at the top. So chose the bottom middle node. Open the padlock on the Height and Width. Change Height amount by typing it into the field, hit enter. Click Resize
  9. Hi @initrc, Viewing your screencast, it looks like the brush sizes are very, very small. Those numbers beside the brushes are the sizes, 1,2, 4, 8 pixels. Those are extremely small especially if you're document is fairly large. The brush will look like that small cross. You would have to be zoomed way in to be able see the brush. Try selecting one, then enlarging it in the context toolbar. Also you are aware, the if you make changes in the brush, in the brush panel, the changes you make will change that brushes parameters. What is the size of your photo/document? Please try selecting one then changing the size in the context toolbar, or click the More button to get the dialog to change many of the properties/parameters.
  10. Ok, one of Serif's well kept secrets (and should be). I see what you mean by interface leaves a bit to be desired. I'd take that one further, It needs an interface. It took me at least a half hour to figure out that we must create them. Not what I was after. I think it would be waaay better to have a decent UI for it, where we can open it and manipulate the colors, shades.. ect and have it present us with what we're after. Sorry Serif, APhoto's Color choices is not user-friendly. It needs an interface similar to PSP's. I'll stick with my request.
  11. Paintshop Pro has their Learning Center. You can opt to not show it, and by default is docked to the right. It can be drug out and resized. It is very content aware/topic sensitive. Selecting one of the topics in the Learning Center, provides more info on how to use tools, ect. If that's not enough it has a More hyperlink that takes you to Corel's on-line help, specific to what you're needing help with.
  12. I don't need another DAM, (using LR), but this looks like something I might use. LR has become very slow on my system. Thanks @casterle
  13. Corel PSP has had a Materials Propery Dialog that presents you with the various options of using Mono, Complementary, Triad, Tetrad, Analogic, Accented choices. I think Photoshop has something similar (where else would Corel get this idea) . I think it would make a very nice, and very useful feature to APhoto. Since there's always numerous requests to add features to APhoto that come from Photoshop, why not add something from PSP?
  14. I'm not able to replicate that. I tried about every brush I have, and with both my mouse and wacom tablet. The change was instantaneous.