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  1. This appears to be fixed now. Thank you.
  2. Appears to be fixed in Photo Beta 514.
  3. Ron P.

    Question about a couple of the latest patch notes

    This is causing problems with my Wacom Intuos 3 when changing the width and hardness. All I get now is the color picker. With the current retail release, I can change the brush width and hardness by holding down the ALT key, the bottom key on my pen, then dragging. It does the same as the ALT+RMB+LMB. Plus when attempting this in this beta version, it causes the brush to "stick" and I can not select any other tool or close the program. I must use windows shortcuts. Trying to correct this, I've completely uninstalled, went to Wacom re-downloaded the current drivers, reinstalled and still get the same problems. This is only happening in this current beta. My Wacom tablet does not have the option to disable (or enable) Windows Ink. FWIW, Windows Ink is enabled, I've done this via the Registry.
  4. You can get out of the Develop Persona by clicking on the Photo Persona icon, then acknowledging the warning that pops up.
  5. What App are you using? I've seen those references before, but not in AP, I think it was when I was using PS. I've looked in all the apps I currently have, and can not find it. I think those are referring to luminosity. Have you tried clicking on the -1 to see if any of the values changed?
  6. Confirmed here too. Also causes crash in the current beta
  7. ESPR's technique does work. It's a manual way of applying the "high pass sharpening". I've tried to replicate your issue and can not.
  8. Ron P.


    Some of the better tutorials I've found are by Simon Foster, known on this forum as @drippy cat. found on Udemy. Affinity Photo Tutorials on Udemy
  9. My approach using the good ol' fashion dodge and burn. Takes more time but also you're adding your personal touches.
  10. Have you tried using Select>Alpha Range>Select Fully Transparent. That selects all the fully transparent areas around the cropped image. Then Select>Grow Shrink set the value to about 2 pixels. Now go to Edit>Inpaint or shortcut ALT+BACKSPACE.
  11. Ron P.

    Lighting bugs

    I can't replicate that. However using the CTL key does nothing, but the Shift key is a modifier by 10.
  12. Quite the contrary, Affinity Photo is much like Photoshop, not Lightroom, which I do use. If you are familiar with PhotoShop, Affinity Photo is not that much different. Tags are used as "keywords", words assigned or associated to aid in finding or narrowing down searches for information and/or data.
  13. I'm not seeing that here. I also have a 70D and tried to replicate this on several images, but could not. I"ve attached 2 screenshots, 1-from the Develop Persona after adjustments made, just before pressing the Develop button, and the 2nd immediately after Developing. I could see no difference in them. What do you have set in the Assistant Manager? I noticed in your top screenshot, the Develop progress bar, indicating it has not finished developing the image. What is the Profile setting for your RAW files, 32HDR, Profoto, ?? This will affect how AP develops your image.
  14. Add your Adjustment Layers so they're not nested. Then select them all, and Group them. Then apply a Mask to the Group of Adjustment Layers. The mask for the Group will affect all Adjustment Layers in that Group.
  15. Not really sure what you're wanting to do. In Affinity Photo, each Adjustment Layer and Live Filter Layer have their own masks. I may be wrong, but I don't believe you can rasterize a mask. Have a look at some of the tutorials that will help you understand Adjustment layers and masks. Go HERE and scroll down to the Filters and Adjustments section.

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