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  1. Here's another way to create frames (borders) using Affinity Photo. You can use Designer also.
  2. This would be the same as reading Canon's Camera Profiles for their digital cameras, which Affinity Photo does not. There is a Feature Request and Suggestion forum. You can search to see if someone has already made such a feature request, and if so, add your vote for that. If not then add your request to the forum.
  3. Yep, because it's not Adobe Photoshop. Isn't that why you think it's wrong? Affinity can do similar things as Photoshop, but does them differently. Since Affinity is a different software, you need to learn it, just like you had to learn Photoshop.
  4. Are you using a Gaussian Blur Live Filter ? If so, make sure the box in the upper left of the dialog beside, Preserve Alpha is checked.
  5. Does the text you're duplicating have the background color? To remove the background color, open the Character Studio. 2022-07-26 01-50-02.mp4 Here's the On-Line Help for Designer, DEFAULTS
  6. Welcome to the forums, Have you tried Camera Bits Inc's Photo Mechanic? It's far from being a toy. Used by the top photographers in the world.
  7. The immediate preview of the changes being made. When you move a slider, you see on the image what is changing, without committing it first.
  8. I see Jerry W.'s comment as the typical stereotype of men, at least here in the US. We don't need to read instruction manuals, and we certainly will not ask for directions to our destination, no matter how lost we may be. It's just not manly. FWIW, he has figured out the difference between PS and AP, and what he thought was AP not working. Why press him?
  9. Welcome to the forums @PCGEEK, It's unknown if they will. It's been one of many requested features for sometime. Affinity Designer Trace Image
  10. So far I still use the now ancient, perpetual version of LR. It still works for me, well because I haven't updated cameras. I know it does not handle the newer Canon Rs and similar. Don't have one, so it does not affect me. However like RichardMH, I'm happy to use a third party app, like FastStone, XnViewMP, to quickly look through images to use in AP. Serif seems to almost have their plate overloaded trying to get the bugs out of the apps they already have.
  11. Need to voice your request/demands with LibRAW, as Serif relies on them for these profiles.
  12. I'm sorry but your screenshot provides us with little to no information to work with. Can you provide a screenshot similar to this? Each one of those areas I've highlighted in red, are important to what the brush does. Also are you trying to dodge/burn on a separate pixel layer? Is it an empy pixel layer or one filled with 50% grey? If so what Blend Mode is set for that layer?
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