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  1. Welcome to the forums Try the Load and Save buttons, upper right of the Preferences>Shortcuts dialog. In V1 use the Save, then in V2 use the Load.
  2. Instead of placing a white rectangle at the bottom of your layer stack, try changing the Matte Color in the Export Dialog. It's found under the Advanced section. To the right of the word Matte is a rectangular color selection button. Click it, and the HSL wheel, Swatches, or whatever you're using will pop up. Change that to White. If that doesn't work, we need more information, such as what format(s) are you converting from to jpeg? Could you provide a screenshot that includes your layer stack, and also one showing the Export dialog?
  3. Hi Swingnsaxman, Do you have a question, wanting help with over-exposure, exporting, or just making a statement? Could it be, you actually over-exposed your image? You certainly know that doing so, the data is gone, no way to recover it. Also I think you really mean by your statement about "can't spend hours beating my head against the wall", you can't be bothered learning another software. You spent time learning Photoshop, a lot of time. PS is not an easy piece of software to learn, very complex. I agree that there shouldn't be an issue with exporting. Are you using version 1 or 2 of Affinity Photo? You do know the Develop Persona is now non-destructive, so long as when you develop, you have the Output set to either Raw Embedded or Raw Linked. You can take the image right back into the Develop Persona and make changes. They're not baked in until you choose to rasterize the image. Can be really helpful when the exposure needs tweaking. Yes there are problems still with Affinity apps. Serif is working on correcting the bugs. If they had 1/3rd the staff of Adobe, they would have them corrected by now. Since they don't, it takes a lot more time. Granted, some of the bugs have been around for way too long. Photoshop, Affinity, On1, Lightroom, ect, are just tools. Use the one(s) that will get the job done for you. You ever work on cars? If the wrench you pick up does not loosen or tighten the bolt, might be the wrong size, do you just keep trying to make it work or grab another that will?
  4. Hi @Brandon11111, welcome to the forums I think what you want to do can be done through the Export Persona. Affinity Designer Online Help-Export Persona EXPORT PERSONA TUTORIALS (YouTube) Export Persona Layers Panel Export Persona Slices Panel Export Persona Export Options Panel Export Persona Slice Tool
  5. Have a look at the File Options Settings. In a File Explorer window click on the View tab, then the Options, located on the far right. In the Folder Options window that opens, click on the View tab. Is there a check in the box beside Always show Icons, never thumbnails ? Uncheck it and see it that helps.
  6. On the Context Toolbar, there's a button to Convert to Donut. Or you can just start with the Donut Shape..
  7. I think staff has responded earlier, it is not a bug, so there's nothing to fix. Looking at your screenshot from the Sigma Photo Pro, it is applying camera presets such as the White Balance, Color Mode, ect. Affinity Photo does not see these and thus does not apply them. Its the same with other cameras like Nikon and Canon. Affinity Photo gives you the RAW information and you then make the adjustments so your images appear how you want them to. The Histogram, and using the Scope clearly show the image is way under-exposed. I downloaded your image, and it tested it. I applied about 2-stops exposure, and 20% Brightness for it to look right. The Histogram in your Sigma software even shows it's under-exposed. 2023-01-19 04-43-29.mp4
  8. The far right hue is Magenta. There needs to be Magenta in the image for that to work. It works fine for me. Could you provide a screenshot showing your preview area (image), the layer stack and the HSL Adjustment dialog?
  9. Just a little more info. It's not a matter of 2 or more RAW files opened in AP Develop Persona at the same time. I tried the following. Opened a single RAW file, made adjustments, then Developed (Embedded Raw) it to the Photo Persona Left this image open in the Photo Persona. Opened 2 more RAW images into the Develop Persona, made adjustments then Developed (Embedded RAW) to the Photo Persona This time the issue was not there, the first one developed successfully. If I close/save the very first (Single RAW) before opening the 2nd & 3rd, then the problem is there.
  10. I've also noticed that the first one, where the adjustments are not saved/passed through, when you take it back into the Develop Persona, the settings/adjustments are not saved.
  11. I can confirm this occurring. I tested first with Aileen Russell's images, then with mine (CR2). The first image does not develop, the second and subsequent do.
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