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  1. Ron P.

    Affinity Photo Raw Histogram

    Here's 2 more apps using that same RAW file, Canon's DPP4 and On1 PhotoRaw 2017. Again these are similar to the other 4. The last one is from Affinity Photo Beta 1.7. It seems they have fixed this problem for the next release.
  2. Ron P.

    Affinity Photo Raw Histogram

    It does seem that the Histogram in Affinity Photo is not presenting accurate information. In my screenshot below, I've used the same RAW (Canon CR2) file in 5 different apps. 4 of them present similar results, while Affinity does not. Using a Histogram can be beneficial when developing/processing images, I don't rely on them for this reason. Use your eyes, see what changes are being made while moving sliders, applying adjustments and filters.
  3. Welcome to the forums Krow. Are you referring to Designer or Photo? Here's a link to a search on YouTube for tutorials on digital painting using Affinity apps https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=digital+painting+in+affinity+photo+tutorial
  4. I used the Clone tool for the background of the extended canvas, applied a lens blur.
  5. I agree 100%. I've been reading these forums daily, which include the Requests. There seems to be a lot of requests that appear to want Affinity to be Photoshop. While it's obvious Serif is working hard to eat away at Adobe's market for their products, it's not trying to be Photoshop. Posting that PS does it this way can you add this, type of requests suggests to me anyway the posters want Serif to clone Adobe's products. I'm sure Serif could do that, including the pricing. It would take that to provide a product that is a replica of PS. BUT, I'll wager they (those requesting) would not be willing to pay for it. I've used PS, and did like it, but not the pricing. I currently use several tools, LR, On1 (very little), Corel PSP, CorelDraw, and now I mainly use Affinity Photo. If I need to do something I'll use which tool(s) work the best or at least what I can do the task(s) best with. (For now, I just can't justify purchasing Affinity Designer having a current version of CorelDraw GS. It's way more advanced, and I do not expect Serif to be able to equal it for some time). If you can do things using MS Paint or Gimp but AP doesn't have the niffy one-button click to do it, well use those. I wouldn't expect some other software to adapt to that. JMHO.
  6. Yes, can confirm that happening.
  7. Ron P.

    Crash on gradient layer and resize

    Tried it, but AP wouldn't crash. It is strange that the resized layer suddenly grows as large and even larger than the original image.
  8. They (the Google free) work fine for me. Color space needs to be RGB, 8 or 16 bit. They don't work if using 32-bit HDR.
  9. Ron P.

    Image Policy a bit annoying

    It is in 209 beta on my PC
  10. What about the coffee mug, or the sofa? The mug most likely has fingerprints of the suspect, the sofa may have DNA evidence.
  11. Hi David Maxey and welcome to the forums; Are you using a Mac or Windows? I know nothing about Macs. In windows, this is a function of the OS, not the App such as Affinity. Clicking on File>Open, opens a browser window, ie; Windows Explorer. Using Win10 it has the proper codec for the RAW file to display the JPEG image contained within. What Camera are you shooting? I shoot Canon and the OS provides thumbnail images for my CR2 RAW files. See attached screenshot. The second screenshot shows the icon in the upper-right of the Browse/Explore window to click to open a menu where you can choose how the folder contents is displayed. Choosing Large or Extra Large should produce the thumbnail views.
  12. Tried again this morning, and it's not doing the same thing now. The Navigation box in the Navigation window does not appear until >29%. It remains there for me this morning, until I get to <29%.
  13. Can confirm that here.
  14. Ron P.ΒΈ issues and feedback

    1.Bracket keys working here. 2.Didn't appear slow, and didn't freeze up