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  1. I don't think it's a bug. The default view is Zoom to Fit. I guess when you load a smaller image, just press the keyboard shortcut of CTL + 0 (windows), which is 100% zoom.
  2. Downloaded your file and played around with it. The very first time I managed to get the correct pixel dimensions, entering 2000 in the height, AP gave me 3000 for width. Every time afterwards I got what you posted, 2999. So I tested a little further. Loaded up one of my CR2 files, developed and then cropped using the 3:2 (6:4) ratio. Export size entered 2000 in the height setting and AP provided 3001. I don't know if the file sizes have much impact on this irregularity or not. I see you're using a Canon 80D, where I'm using a 70D, which produces a 5496 x 3670 file. Loaded my file again to grab some screenshots and now AP is giving me the correct dimension, 3000 x 2000. Are you Trimming as in Rasterize and Trim, after you crop? I've managed to get 2997 x 2000, 2999 x 2000, and 3001 x 2000.
  3. @Jacobyte, Are you dodging and burning destructively or non-destructive, by creating a pixel layer above your image and filling it with 50% Grey and changing the Blend Mode to Overlay. You then dodge and burn on this layer. Also by default the Dodge/Burn tools have a default Opacity of 25%. You might need to adjust it to suit your needs. Instead of using the Dodge/Burn tools, I just use the Paintbrush tool. Much faster. Make sure you have Black and White set for your colors. Then just use the keyboard shortcut X to swap between White (Dodging) and Black (Burning). Also pressing a numerical keys changes the Opacity, 0=100%, 1=10%, 2=20% and so on. Learn the shortcut for increasing/decreasing your brush size and hardness. I can breeze through dodge/burn easily and quickly. Dodging/Burning uses painting to lighten or darken, right? Well you need to be flexible, adjusting settings, brush sizes depending on the area your working on. You might even need to change brushes. Using a texture brush for say working on parts of an image that has a lot of texture in it. Most of the time I use an opacity setting of less than 20%, closer to 10% so I can slowly build up the amount. I used to use PS, haven't for a while now. I also have Corel's PSP, and Coreldraw GS. I prefer Affinity Photo.
  4. Ok, final attempt at this. PSP, 2020 and 2019 will not save the layers if there's a vector layer. It will merge them into a single layer. I used text on one, and even rasterized it. PSP still would not allow saving without merging the layers. Other than that it will allow saving without merging to PSD, (and possibly Tiff, I didn't try that), if you do or did have any vector layers, and probably paint too.
  5. Since my post, I've been testing how to get pspimage files into AP. I did try one of @SrPx suggestions of xnview(mp) and their converter. I had no luck at converting and keeping the layers. However I'm not very knowledgeable with that program. I also had tried several times just saving a pspimage file as a Tiff and PSD. At first I would get the flatten image warning. I was using the latest PSP version 2020. I then switched to 2019 version, and finally was able to save a pspimage file as a PSD, AND the layers were kept. No warning about the layers being merged or flattened. I was able to open the created PSD file in AP finding all the layers intact. @Alexandria Georgiades, Pick out a pspimage file with several layers. Choose to Save as and a location to save it to. I created a new folder for testing this. Save the file. Then try opening it in AP. It should have the layers intact. Out of curiosity, what version of PSP are you using? I'm going to run a couple more tests using PSP2020, I don't have much confidence in this version. I helped beta test it, and it was ridiculous. Whatever the testers found was largely ignored. Was just a go through the motions process. One of the reasons why I use AP now. EDIT: FWIW, PSP2020 now just wants to crash when attempting to save the psp file as psd. But I'm getting consistent successful results using PSP 2019.
  6. Hi @Alexandria Georgiades, Welcome to the forums, PSPIMAGE is Corel's proprietary working file format, and will not be recognized by Affinity Photo. Why? Because Corel is not going to disclose the coding of their file. Just like afphoto files (Serif's working file format for Affinity Photo), will not open in other image editing apps, for the same reason. I've used Corel's products for years, PSP being one of them. Sadly there's no way to export or save your PSP files without them being flattened. Tiff and PSD are the 2 one might expect to preserve the layers, and Corel doesn't allow it.
  7. Yes I know that, and didn't suggest you did. I done the reinstall of the earlier version just to confirm in my mind I had not just missed or overlooked that, based on Stokerg's post, where Mac's are in color.
  8. I agree, the behavior of the Grouped Masks changed in this current release. It should not affect, hide or reveal, layers outside the group. That's by Serif's own definition in the help files. Just for clarification and confirmation, I installed the 1.6.5 version and the grouped masks worked as we would expect. (I was also checking on another bug, the Levels Adjustment Histogram being grey and not color).
  9. I also noticed the Grey Histogram on the Levels Adjustment, and the Curves adjustment. However I can't recall the Histogram for the Levels Adjustment being color. EDITED: I reinstalled the 1.6.5 version just to see if I may have been missing something. Nope, the Histogram in the Levels Adjustment was grey not color. I think the Windows version of AP never displayed a color histogram for the Levels Adjustment or Curves Adjustment. Always been grey.
  10. Hi @GabrielM I noticed this behavior also. While it does not completely freeze the program, I couldn't pan (drag) my desktop/image. I could zoom in / out, select other tools, just no use of the move tool. As Micabear posted, the only way to fix it, restart AP. Might note that I run 2 monitors, and on my 2nd monitor I had a video tutorial playing. I would switch back and forth to pause the video. It was during this switching I noticed the problem in AP.
  11. Sorry, I don't know. I was surprised when I made the screenshot, I think in earlier versions it was just share or not shared. I've always not shared them. I don't like when I try to use the selection brush, and it has settings that were for painting, such as textures, spacing, ect.
  12. You might want to change or turn off Brush Tool Sharing in the Assistance Manager
  13. @Pipit, I had no problem opening and developing your CR2 Raw file. Severely underexposed image of golf game? What version of AP are you running? This is done in the current retail release. I also tried it in the current Beta.
  14. Yes, I agree. How does that happen? A little insider leak?