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  1. Don't know what's going on. After being able to replicate this several times, now I can't. I closed the program, went about doing other things, not shutting down my pc. After about 2 hrs I decided to try working on the tutorial again. Since then the view tool has not froze.
  2. Welcome @colinweston, @GaryRS, Have you checked the box Preferences>Tools for using Windows Ink?
  3. In Affinity Photo while working on an an image, I'm not able to pan the image using the View (hand) tool while zoomed in. I'm trying to follow one of Drippy Cat's Tutorials, using a DNG file he provides. This is not specific to this file though. Once I have several layers, after zooming in, the Hand tool ceases to work. To reproduce, open an image, duplicate the background, for a base layer to start with your processing. Rename it if you wish. Apply a Layer Blend Mode to the duplicated layer (base). Per the tutorial I applied Soft Light. Adjust Opacity to taste. Apply a Layer Mask Paint out areas (Basic, Large, Soft Brush) Adjust Opacity Rename Right-Click to Merge Visible. At this time I was zoomed in to the image, using the Zoom Tool (Z) and my pen tablet, dragging to zoom in/out. I tried to move/Pan the image and the View tool (hand) would not respond. I can not move the document/image. I've tried this with my mouse as well as my pen tablet (Wacom Intuos 3 Small). I can do other things, change tools, but can not pan. If I save and then close the document, then reopen, the view tool works again.
  4. @Rick G, I went through several prior Beta versions, stopping at 1.7.1 and all of them are like this. I've never noticed it until now. Never using the Smudge brush I guess I'd miss it.
  5. Another image viewer that does recognize afphoto files is XnViewerMP Haakoo beat me by -- <that much :)
  6. Grab the Lasso selection tool. Then up on the context toolbar, you should see an icon resembling a magnet.
  7. Not so much. I've got numerous copies of installers for both. I checked and the release/retail versions are always an increment higher then the beta it is derived from.
  8. @larsbre, I'm not sure what effect you're wanting to achieve, but most of the time when applying a high-pass filter, people generally use softlight or overlay blend modes. Vivid light produces bizarre results as you have found.
  9. I'm not able to replicate this, using mouse or pen tablet.
  10. Yes it is possible. I set the lower button on the pen to use the modifier ALT+R-click.
  11. There's a few different things that can be done which allows the background/sky to be seen. Turning the exposure adjustment layer off, removing it from the BG Group, manipulating sliders. Also if you change the Blend Mode for the BG Group from PassThrough to Normal, the sky is opaque.
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