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  1. Hi @hsmokey, welcome to the forums It's about this simple. Use the Warp Group at the bottom of the Layers Panel.. 2024-04-13 19-01-25.mp4
  2. Welcome to the forums @Gsuddeth What type of input device are you using? Mouse, Pen/Tablet, Touchpad? Can you provide a screenshot of your Settings>Tools? In that tab do you have Use Scrubby Zoom enabled? In that tab do you have Use Mouse wheel to Zoom enabled Also have a look at this post to see if you're running a third-party app that might be interfering
  3. I have it enabled. EDITED: (20mins later) I've tried with H/A disabled, and the app will still hang. With H/A disabled, I've also tried with other brushes, like the pencil and can get the app to hang.
  4. Welcome to the forums @Kelly Paul So you're saying that Affinity Photo takes a cumulative time of over 3 hrs just in loading? Really? Where are the images located? Local Drive, External Drive, NAS, Cloud? You mention taking additional time for the Develop Persona, so are you processing RAW images? Are you double-clicking on the file(s) in Explorer or Finder, or are you first launching AP then opening a file (s) ? Are you using drag-n-drop to open images? Please provide us with information about your system, GPU, CPU, OS and Version. Loading a RAW file, from one of my external USB drives, only takes 13 secs for me, that's double-clicking on a file with AP closed. Launching and loading files from my internal drives, double-clicking on the file, ~6 secs, with AP open, only 3 secs. I don't have a very powerful system.
  5. I was thinking having the Reopen Document setting in The Settings>General, might be blocked. However I've tested that theory, and it's not the case.
  6. If it's the one on the Right, just uncheck the box in the lower left corner of that screen, Show on Startup.
  7. I'm almost completely convinced it's the Hair/Fur Brushes. I can get the current Beta to hang using those brushes. However I've since tried with various other brushes and Designer will start lagging behind, but does not hang.
  8. I got them in our Sharing Resources Forum Fur and Hair Brushes (Ash Teriyaki)
  9. Seems to be the trend. Alludo, which purchased Corel, just closed down their digital media, user to user forum. This forum had been running for the past 20+ yrs. A couple of the admins of the old user forum, got together and put up a similar help forum, for those that use Paintshop Pro, and VideoStudio. Rumor says VideoStudio may be at the end.
  10. @panhors, Try adding the Luminosity Range Mask to the Adjustment Layer(HSL), instead of adding the Adjustment Layer (HSL) to the Luminosity Range Mask. In other words, nest the Luminosity Range Mask inside the Adjustment Layer. @kat, I don't know what you've got going on. It seems like you have masks, nested inside of yet other masks. Just a little above my head. I try to keep things, like using masks, simple. Someone with more experience should be able to help you... Affinity Photo Official Tutorial on Luminosity Range Mask. I think the Spotlight one is somewhat more advanced...
  11. Sorry, I'm not seeing this behavior. Following @design punch recipe, the document closes as it should, not the Explorer window.
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