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  1. Welcome to the forums @adamo000 I think it crashes cropping any image format in the Photo Persona. However you can crop in the Develop Persona without it crashing. It's been reported in another thread, and Devs have it to fix.
  2. That's odd, the Nikon Z6 didn't write the lens make/model into metadata. 🤔
  3. Here you go @Chris B, I zipped together a copy of the original RAW file and a developed jpg showing the blocky artifact. blocky-beta.zip
  4. While cropping in the Photo Persona causes a crash, I can open the same image (a jpg) take it into the Develop Persona, crop it, and it does not cause a crash. 😗
  5. This has been reported in the BETA forum, where all matters with the BETA versions should be posted. Also it's highly recommended to NOT use a BETA version for critical work. It might be several weeks before they release a version where this is fixed. So please use the retail release for any critical work.
  6. With Open CL active.... First while in Develop Persona, the sluggishness when zooming in/out is present, along with the blocky redrawing of the screen. I thought it was going to crash but didn't. After processing my CR2 RAW file, the first thing I noticed was the blocks in the image, see screenshot. This was not present with Open CL unchecked/not active. Beta-
  7. It looks like it's doing as it should, when you provide it with something to replace the selection with. After making your selection, go to the Selection menu>Grow/Shrink. Then increase (grow) the selection by about 2 px. Then choose the Edit>Inpainting. Now it has just enough of what you want to fill that area with.
  8. I don't know about Macs, but on Windows, those are for the Zoom . I can not find any way to assign keyboard shortcuts for Flow. User's can only change the settings for increasing/decreasing the width of the brush.
  9. So far I'm not able to replicate this, using just one layer having the live Gaussian Blur applied, then painting on the mask.
  10. $50 is a lot of money to some people. Chastise someone because they may not have the budget you do? Really? I'm sure Serif could make their Affinity suite just like PS, LR, any of them, But it would no longer cost $50, but more like $500. I for one hope with all the additional feature requests, the continual because it's in PS, Serif does not make it a PS clone, because that will drive the cost up, and rightfully so.
  11. Not true, just multi-select all the images you want to place. Granted, you can only place one at time in your document, ie; drawing out 33 times. But you can load up the Place command with numerous images.
  12. @Pluscuamperfecto, Click on the More button to open the Brush Editing dialog. What is the spacing set to? Looking at your screenshots, the default for that Basic Brush 128 is 25%. Move the slider for Spacing to the left to decrease the spacing. Also check the shape settings. My attached screenshot shows the default for that brush.
  13. I can confirm that. AP must be restarted for the list to be cleared.
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