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  1. I was pointing out where you select which overlay. Yes I know on the image I had the Thirds overlay. Here's the same image with the Fibonacci Golden Ratio overlay.
  2. @Nero It's already included. You can cycle through the overlays by pressing O. Then with the Golden Ratio overlay, pressing Shift+O will flip it around.
  3. Ron P.

    .odg formats

    Welcome @Saharagirl, That's an OpenOffice drawing file. The only thing I can suggest is to download and install OpenOffice. It's free, and IMHO, about as powerful as MS Office. Apache OpenOffice I use OpenOffice, and in Draw, you're provided with several options to export, anything from BMP to PDF. So you could open it in OpenOffice Draw then export it to a format that will work for you.
  4. Did you purchase it from Serif or MS? Also it seems you're only looking on your "C" drive, and you state you did not install it there. So why look there for it. Look at the drive you installed it on. What Drive Letter did you install it to? I think that's where you need to start investigating. The power-shell search only looked on your C drive, and of course it's not going to find it there. JMHO You can also look in the Registry Editor, Right-click on the Windows start select Run and type in "regedit". It will launch the Registry Editor. Then in the Left Pane, scroll down to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, click on the arrow to expand it. Then go to SOFTWARE, again expand it, and scroll down to Affinity. Again expand it and Photo. You should see a folder called 1 (that's numeral one). Click on it, then look in the right pane for Photo Install Path. That line should show you the exact path to where you installed it, and you should be able to find it there. Attached is a screenshot from mine.
  5. It amazes me that people buy a new software, and expect it to function just like PS. I wonder if the OP took the time to try out AP before deciding on purchasing it? IMHO, those that want AP to be just like PS needs to stick with PS. I hope AP does not become a mirror, clone or so close to PS it's hard to differentiate the two.
  6. Ron P.

    Beta .258 causes crashing

    Welcome @Wacomuser, Could you provide a little more detail? How are you moving? Are you referring to a selection made using one of the selection tools?
  7. Ok, there's not anyway to create a shortcut for that specific selection tool.
  8. Welcome @ian nuttall, I also use LR and AP. I develop mostly in LR, then will use AP much like using PS. If further work is needed, stylizing, or I need to remove objects it's sent to AP. So far I've found AP to play nicely with LR. I think Serif is not in competition with LR as much as with PS. I have and occasionally will start my developing of RAW images in Affinity Photo>Develop. For me though, since I've used LR for so long I'm just so accustom to knowing how to get my images processed in LR, AP's Develop seems a little more clunkey. I don't like how the panels are laid out for tonal adjustments. For example White point and Black, Shadows/Highlights, having to scroll way down and back up to tweak them. You can't separate them from the Basic panel, or even close the section of the panel up without removing the adjustment. In LR of course we can open and close each section (using Solo mode especially) which makes things move faster, and accessing each too easier. AP, however has way more fine control in the Photo Persona once you understand how to use the Channels, and a big plus is the adjustments are non-destructive via using masks and layers. Also I will not use LR's Spot Removal or Heal, it's pathetic compared to AP's Inpainting, Healing, Blemish tools. Those are fantastic for retouching. Finally since Serif does not have a D.A.M. yet (they say they're working on one), I still use LR for that. I've put in a lot of time cataloging thousands of images. I do realize these are never, ever going to portable to any other DAM, but it's what I've got. I tried the subscription plan for about a year, then decided it wasn't worth it for me, so hanging on to LR at least for the DAM.
  9. First you are aware AP 1.7 is Customer Beta? You can run it along with the Released version, 1.6. I'm not sure how Serif handles full released upgrade version installs. Most softwares will over-right the older version or require it be uninstalled. But that's not always the case. Corel for example does allow multiple full release versions to remain on your system, just can only run one at a time. With Affinity you can run the Beta and the full release simultaneously.
  10. Ok, I guess me not using Designer, I didn't pick up on the polygonal "mode" and boundary "mode", which I'm guessing is only in Designer. Other than those, OP does not specify what program is being used. IMHO, forum needs to have a requirement or template when submitting questions, where some simple info and necessary info is completed.
  11. You can make a shortcut in the Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts>Photo>Tools. Scroll down to find Polygon Tool.
  12. Welcome @Mettafort, I seems like it would be better to clip the image to the circle. There's a difference between Masking and Clipping. See the following tutorial, Clipping vs Masking You are running the Photo Trial?
  13. I've always understood Luminosity and Lightness to be interchangeable, ie; the same thing.
  14. I tried deleting that bad link, but couldn't. It still shown in my post. I didn't realize I could hide it, so I've now hidden it and edited out the request to delete it. Thanks