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  1. Excellent. I often need presentation slides which fade to transparent, in order to leave a space for adding text (e.g. the right-hand side of the attached image). I have now been able to add the settings for this effect as a Group in the Assets panel as suggested. It works like a dream. Many thanks Walt!
  2. Thanks to other contributors to this important discussion. 1) Apart from the copy-paste trick, is there a way to now save the attributes? 2) If they are grouped, for example, can the group be recalled when needed? Thanks
  3. Brilliant, Ron. You have solved the problem. Many thanks.
  4. Hi Ron. All understood. It's just that when I uploaded it into my Develop persona, it came out as in my first screenshot - not just blown out, but with this extreme yellow and red banding (sorry, not sure of the exact term for this - posterization?). This is not what is shown in the tutorial, even in the pre-development stage.
  5. Hi Ron Thanks for your reply. But this is not my photo; it is the test file supplied in the tutorial. As you can see from this other attachment, it should look like this in Develop persona.
  6. I was following James Ritson's first tutorial Jump into Affinity . I uploaded the RAW image, and the program switched (correctly) to the Develop persona. Once developed, it was fine, and I was able to follow all the instructions. However, before it was developed, while still in Develop persona, it looked like this, with the sun part of the image blown out as can be seen. Can anyone explain why this might happen? Is it to do with my graphics card (Intel HD Graphics 620)?
  7. I am not a technical user at all, but in one hour of trialling Affinity I have come across one serious bug and a few smaller ones. Hope this can be fixed in the next rollout. 1) Blur average problem - see attached photos. Gaussian Blur works fine, but Blur average doesnt work with ANY photos. Instead I just get a grey layer. 2) Associated problem - cannot replicate. Some tools just don't work... sometimes! I had this problem with Cloning and with Blur/Diffuse Glow, on separate JPGs. Each time I was able to force them to work by reloading the program. But the Blur average problem (above) is persistent. I am using Win 10 Pro (Build 15063.540) on a machine with 8GB RAM and an Intel HD Graphics 620 chipset, Thanks averageblur.afphoto gaussianblur.afphoto original.afphoto
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