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  1. At least that means that I have not being doing something wrong. Will we get a notification somewhere to know when this is fixed?
  2. I used to be able to save directly into my mac's photos app. I would open a photo within photos app, right click on the photo, edit with, affinity photo app. After I made my edits, I would press save in AP, and then the original photo in my photos app would simply be replaced by my new edited one. Easy and fast. Now, however I just followed the same process, pressed save in AP, AP said that it's "exporting", and after it was finished exporting, the original photo in my photos app remains unchanged!! What am I doing wrong?? And where did the file that was "exporting" even go??
  3. I already HAVE my company's logo - so I don't want to write text as shown in the video - how can I do what is shown in the video but instead of typing the text, import my existing logo (and then affect opacity, shadows etc etc)?
  4. With the clone tool you can copy a certain part of a photo and paste it to another area. Can you do the same between 2 photos? Eg. Say I have 1 photo which I like and want to keep this one, but I have an annoying person standing in front of a relatively complex object (like a small table) and therefore hiding it. I can't use the inpainting brush tool there as AP doesn't know what's behind the man to reveal it while making him "disappear". But I have another photo taken from a similar angle & proximity of the same place - I don't want to use this photo because the first one is better - and in this second photo the man is not standing where he was in the first photo. So I would like to copy the "vacant" area from the second photo and paste it to the first photo to get this guy to disappear. So I suppose I would open each of the two photos in a different AP tab and then somehow copy the area I need from one photo to the next? Can this be sone? How?
  5. Can you please tell me: 1. Is there a way to save the adjustments' group (right encircled area in screenshot) that I have made with my favorite adjustments so that every time I open AP this group will always be there and ready for me to tweak? 2. I have noticed that the adjustments' list pane (left encircled area in screenshot) that I have activated via View->Studio will disappear every time I close the AP app using the red X button on the app window (top left for Macs). This means that every time I open the app again it will be missing and I'll have to reactivate it. (If, however, I quit via the toolbar menu - Affinity Photo->Quit - then this adjustments' pane will not disappear. Is there a way to save this setting so that, no matter how I close the app, the adjustments' pane will ALWAYS remain in its place?
  6. How do I do that? Do I first have to select the sky and then use this filter on the selection? And how do I use the blur tool? Like a brush?
  7. So what you're saying, essentially, is that for editing a batch of (many) photos, that I want to apply the same adjustments to, I either have to do this one-by-one from scratch - for each and every one; or otherwise make a group layer that contains all the layers I want to apply to the batch, to the first photo, and then copy this group layer to each photo in the batch? If that's really the only option we have in AP, can you please link any relevant video (or screenshots) of the steps that shows how to group adjustment layers with each other, and how to copy this group onto another photo?
  8. Isn't there something simpler/faster within AP instead of grouping layers etc etc and then copying the layers onto the next photo? Meaning a simple command that will just copy everything I've "done" to the source photo onto the target photos? In screenshot 2 you'll see the simple command of copying and pasting adjustments from one photo to another in the - much more basic than AP - Photos Mac app, that I had in mind. In screenshot 1 you'll see the option that you have for pasting adjustments from one video part (or even an image) in Final Cut Pro. In this app you just press CMD+C to copy, and then when you are about to paste, it gives you a checkbox so you can choose what adjustments you want to paste. Is there nothing like this in AP? (I mean sometimes I'll make adjustments on layers, sometimes on the base-background image itself). So, I couldn't use layers to copy all these adjustments, onwards to SCORES of similar photos I want to edit really fast - right?
  9. I was wondering if there is a special copy command on AP that allows us to copy all the different adjustments (and, I suppose, adjustments' & effects' layers too) from one photo that we've finished editing to others. On the Mac OS Photos app, when in the "edit" window of a photo, you can click CMD+SHIFT+C to copy all the attributes/edits you've made to one photo, and when you open the next photos (in the "edit" window, again) you click CMD+SHIFT+V to paste the attributes/edits to the current photo. That, obviously, saves a great amount of time (rather than to have to do everything again from scratch for each and every similar photo you want to edit), and when you're done pasting the same attributes to each that needs similar tweaking with the first, source, photo - you can then modify the attribute changes for each photo as needed for each in specific (but the all the starting tweaking is out of the way instantly with the attribute-pasting). Is there such a command in AP?
  10. BTW, 2 side-questions: 1. if you look at the sky in the 1st screenshot you'll see that it has become pixelated after I fixed the color levels of the tree lighting to what they really looked like. What tool (or brush) would I use to paint over (?) the pixelated sky to smoothen it out and get rid of the pixels (while maintaining the sky's color, as is? Is there such a tool? 2. Again, in the 1st screenshot (in the Mac Photos app) you will see a White Balance "Warmth" slider (selected in the Neutral Gray spectrum). This I have to be found very helpful tool so far. Is there a tool in AP that has the corresponding effect?