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  1. DEAR AFFINITY DEVELOPERS! As this forum is meant to be your "hangout" and you read all the problems customers/users are having in order to fix them, please let us know RIGHT AWAY when you will fix this HUGE BUG that your software has had over the last MONTHS. We bought AP exactly because it claimed to work flawlessly with macs and their included apps (especially Photos). Now it SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK WITH PHOTOS AND IT IS CAUSING A MAJOR PROBLEM WITH OUR WORKFLOW (we might as well have bought any 3rd party app that wasn't Mac-related...). So please reply ASAP regarding WHEN EXACTLY you will fix this bug in your software. Thank you.
  2. We have been waiting for MONTHS for the developers to let us know what is going on... HELLO DEVELOPERS?
  3. DOESN 'T WORK FOR ME ANYMORE EITHER!! Instead of Affinity fixing the problem, now even the workaround no longer works!!
  4. ok this is crazy - still no fix after all these months?? Is there a way to contact the devs to get a reply?....
  5. Hi, I this forum IS the developers' "hangout" (and that they respond here too with updates). No?
  6. YES! That worked!! Thanks!! But strange that it works like that, though, and not in the first way..
  7. You used to be able to right-click on a photo in Mac OS's Photos app, select "edit with... Affinity Photo", make your edits in AP, press Save and FINITO, the edited/fixed file was directly saved into its original location in Mac OS Photos. Seamlessly, simply and FAST. Now this is no longer possible!! I know this is a bug you have been aware of for over a month, but as we still have no feedback, I thought that writing it in the appropriate section would help AP's developers speed this CRUCIAL fix up ASAP (by reminding them)! Dear Developers please hurry! One of the main reasons we love Affinity is because of its ability to work flawlessly & seamlessly with Mac OS.
  8. Any news yet on the fix? Will we get a notification somewhere to know when this is fixed?
  9. At least that means that I have not being doing something wrong. Will we get a notification somewhere to know when this is fixed?
  10. I used to be able to save directly into my mac's photos app. I would open a photo within photos app, right click on the photo, edit with, affinity photo app. After I made my edits, I would press save in AP, and then the original photo in my photos app would simply be replaced by my new edited one. Easy and fast. Now, however I just followed the same process, pressed save in AP, AP said that it's "exporting", and after it was finished exporting, the original photo in my photos app remains unchanged!! What am I doing wrong?? And where did the file that was "exporting" even go??
  11. I already HAVE my company's logo - so I don't want to write text as shown in the video - how can I do what is shown in the video but instead of typing the text, import my existing logo (and then affect opacity, shadows etc etc)?
  12. With the clone tool you can copy a certain part of a photo and paste it to another area. Can you do the same between 2 photos? Eg. Say I have 1 photo which I like and want to keep this one, but I have an annoying person standing in front of a relatively complex object (like a small table) and therefore hiding it. I can't use the inpainting brush tool there as AP doesn't know what's behind the man to reveal it while making him "disappear". But I have another photo taken from a similar angle & proximity of the same place - I don't want to use this photo because the first one is better - and in this second photo the man is not standing where he was in the first photo. So I would like to copy the "vacant" area from the second photo and paste it to the first photo to get this guy to disappear. So I suppose I would open each of the two photos in a different AP tab and then somehow copy the area I need from one photo to the next? Can this be sone? How?