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  1. Well, I haven't check out everything yet. I just went to the app store, downloaded the 1.8 update, then opened Photos, right-clicked on a haphazard photo, clicked on edit with affinity photo, made a couple of eedits, cmd+s saved, and the edited photo had replaced the original photo in Photos. That was what it was supposed to be able to do, and was able to before the bug of June 2019 came into our lives, and now can do again!! I can't say that an 8-month wait for such a BASIC flaw in AP is something to say "kudos" to Serif for (actually it's INSANELY late), but at least it now works!! You are saying that something else (related to this topic) STILL doesn't work?
  2. EDIT: IT DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so does the 1.8 version that is released now, finally solve the problem/bug that we've all been waiting to be fixed since June 2019?
  3. any news on the release of the official AP version that will fix the saving back into Mac OS Photos problem that has been known for EIGHT MONTHS now??...
  4. Thank you! (That was the answer I was looking for!) So the idea is to install the beta but launch the regular ap?
  5. what does "it doesn't replace your ap" mean? If I download it, it's a full AP app, isn't it? So I can then trash my current AP (since the beta is a full-app), and work on the beta henceforth (hence, replacing my current ap..). No?
  6. so does this beta work fine (and will save edits back into Photos)? If yes, then should we download this and REPLACE our current AP app? Or should we wait for the official release (whenever that will be)?
  7. Ok... In June, OF THE PREVIOUS DECADE (!!), Affinity knew about this a month before and they were not able to fix this bug of theirs which, essentially, ZEROES THEIR APP'S MAIN ADVANTAGE/SELLING POINT WHICH WAS COMPATIBILITY + FLAWLESS COLLABORATION WITH MAC OS'S PHOTOS APP. So this has not been able to be fixed since MAY 2019??? Seriously?? I wish I was happy about my original post being the most viewed, and most commented on, post on the ENTIRE AFFINITY FORUM.. Yeeehhhhyyy popularity!! I mean, if I owned Affinity I wouldn't let anyone in my company sleep until they had fixed this with SOO many people in trouble with it!!. I am now beginning to think that Affinity either just doesn't care about the most "popular" bug topic they have, or they actually DON'T WANT TO FIX IT (maybe are in some kind of contretemps with Apple and they are using this issue as a "reason" to walk out on the collaboration through the back door...). Or maybe it's the other way 'round and Apple is the culprit. But one thing is for CERTAIN: Your customers are SIMPLY not getting what they've purchased. We, the customers DON'T CARE whose fault it is. We just want what we bought to work as it promised, and as it initially did. I am still using Mojave - just as I was during the last May of the previous decade - so it's the same os... So why don't we just revert to whatever version of AP we were using before your software started skrewing everything up, and we can work on that now, and if you decide to release a fix to your bugs you can then let us know to download it. Hopefully by the year 2050. Excuse the sarcasm, but I prefer it to rudeness. This is just NOT FUNNY ANYMORE.
  8. E.X.A.C.T.L.Y.!!! It's CRAZY that we've been unable to work properly on AP since JUNE 2019 (!!!!) and all we are getting is hints on a beta release, that "should" (not "WILL"...) fix AP's bug, at an unknown future date, and we will get new features with it... Like, seriously?? Release any new features you want, when you can, in order to remain competitive in the market. That's great. But we have been SERIOUSLY put back by this bug of yours for HALF A YEAR (in 10 days it will be a new DECADE for crying out loud) and still no fix!! If you have fixed it release it NOW. Please. Please. Please. Give us the new features LATER - that's not what's URGENT....
  9. That makes no sense at all. If you are running at least 4 other apps ON APPLE'S MAC OS, and they DON'T have this problem, then - logically speaking - it's NOT Apple's fault, but AFFINITY'S (since, according to your findings, it's ONLY AFFINITY THAT HAS THE PROBLEM...). If it was Apple's fault, then you wouldn't be able to run the other apps either...
  10. Same problem in Mojave - so Catalina is not the problem - AP is. As for not having bought AP because of this - I guess that depends on WHEN you bought it. Meaning, if you have bought AP over the last 5 months that this bug has COMPLETELY DESTROYED OUR WORKFLOW, then yes, I would be thinking the same right now so you are right to regretting you bought this app that was meant to work hand-in-hand with Mac OS & its base photos' app, Photos (except that it DOESN'T, anymore). But, if you have had it for longer, you would have had time to have appreciated the app (BECAUSE IT IS AN AMAZING APP!!) and it's flawless collaboration with Mac * Photos (as was the case until June 2019). I guess that's the downside of PURCHASING a software (which is the MAIN reason many of us chose AP over PS) as opposed to renting it... If people were renting AP and AP failed to deliver on their promises then people would rightfully unsubscribe and that would push a "knife" on AP's developers' "throats" to fix it because the company will go bust because of unsubscriptions. But right now all they have to deal with is "nagging" customers who are no longer getting what they were promised. The only "knife" right now is bad publicity that will steer potential newcomers away from AP... And that is a great pity for ALL of us. I repeat, AP is JUST AMAZING. But they have just got to get it together and fix this NOW.
  11. “Dude”, I’m the one who started this thread… And yes, I have been following it throughout. And, again, all we have been getting so far are - exactly – “vague responses”. A vague response is “we are working on it“. This response, essentially, has been recycled over the last 5 months (!!) since June. A clear response, on the other hand, would have been, for example, “Our developers have been working on it feverishly since June, and we hereby inform you that the bug in our software to be fixed by ?/?/19”. Or, another example of a clear response would be “our developers have been working on our bug since June, but regrettably, they are still unable to fix it because the problem lies in the issues x y z which have been the reason for the delay“. A vague ”We are working on it“ says absolutely nothing with regards to the ETA of the functional release (especially when we are approaching December - and in six weeks we will be in a different decade of when the problem first occurred and has yet to be fixed). And all us customers of serif who have purchased the affinity photo app so that we can directly edit from our Mac photos app – because that’s the reason most of us purchased it since it is meant to work flawlessly with the Mac photos app - have been on hold since June. Maybe you are a casual user of this app, or maybe your photos are not stored in your Mac’s photos app, but if you did you would understand that your entire workflow has been put on hold for five months! So, no, that’s not good enough. And, no, experimenting with “workarounds“ would just not be acceptable for such an insanely long time, and you would expect something more than just “we are working on it“ by now.
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