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  1. I worked 36 years in the IT industry. I'm now retired, but one thing I did learn when dealing with software developers and companies. There are always 3 versions of the software they talk about, the last version, the current version and the next version. The next version will always fix all of you problems.
  2. For the past couple weeks I've been testing Pixelmator Pro. It is not nearly as powerful or elegant as Affinity, but it works with Apple Photos.
  3. I had made a copy of my hard drive prior to upgrading to Catalina. After all the bugs in Affinity Photo, I went back to Mojave by reformatting my internal hard drive and copying from my cloned copy. As of today, I don't want to move to Catalina as long as there is some hope Serif will fix this. Said differently, welcome to our nightmare. We've been told "fixed sometime" for a very long time now. I, and others here, are starting to wonder if it will ever be fixed. If they are not going to fix it, I think Serif needs to be transparent with us and say so. I really don't want to go to Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop but if this isn't going to be fixed in the coming weeks, I, and I assume most of us, really have no choice. Sooner or later, other apps will stop working with Mojave and we'll need to move to Catalina or whatever is coming after it. Frustrating.
  4. MEB, I appreciate your responses and that Affinity Photo team is working on this. However, the export, edit and import really isn't much of an answer. That is possible with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Pixelmator Pro, Lightroom and any number of photo editing software packages. The point of differentiation with Affinity Photos is the ability to have full Affinity launched from within Apple Photos, do all the edits, including layers and the full suite of tools and having those changes saved back to Apple Photos. When the "save loop" is broken, it makes Affinity much less of a useful tool. Fortunately, I have been able to revert to Mojave which worked on my Mac. However, sooner or later, moving to Catalina or whatever comes next will become a necessity. It seems like something that should have been caught during beta testing. I really like Affinity Photo and have invested a considerable amount of time and energy learning the software and really don't want to spend an equal amount of time learning something new. Also, "no eta" on a fix isn't really much of an answer either. It could mean it's right around the corner or there is no intention from the Affinity Team to fix it ever. For those of us who have invested in this software and the time to learn it, I think we deserve a better and more definitive answer from Affinity. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Like Chris B said, this is a change in the app since the workbook was published. I've found for most applications between 10% and 20% on the clarity slider works well. I rarely need to take it above 20%. Many images need no clarity at all. Also, the sharpen slider I rarely take above .7px. It all depends on the look you're after but I find these ranges work for me to add a little crispness to the photos while still maintaining a natural appearance. With the sliders in Affinity a little goes a long way.
  6. MEB, Thanks. Like Steve108 said, it is a disappointment no ETA on a fix. I will hold off on installing Catalina as long as I can. I really like Affinity and the Photos extension has become such a part of my workflow that it would be hard to imagine working without it. Hope you all can figure it out and get it fixed soon. Jeff
  7. Actually, it didn't work that way. I clicked Edit in the upper right. Then selected edit in Affinity Photo from the 3 ellipsis. When I saved the photo in Affinity and returned to Photos and clicked on "save changes" I got the error that it could not be done (same error everyone else is reporting). I was, fortunately, able to revert to Mojave (took a couple hours to copy my clone drive back to my primary boot drive). However, would like to take advantage of tools like sidecar as soon as possible but can't until we get this fixed. Any ETA? Thanks, Jeff
  8. I had the same problem and noticed a couple threads here dating back to June where people had the same problem and same error message with Catalina. I had cloned my drive before the upgrade so I was able to back out and return to Mojave. I don't plan to upgrade to Catalina until this bug is fixed. Affinity Photos Team, any update on any ETA to get this fixed. It is a critical part of the workflow for many of us who use Mac and Affinity Photos.
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