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  1. I had to go back to Ligthroom again. This company and whatever policy and way to prioritise their work is not acceptable to me. I have to say I regret having recommended people to go Affinity.
  2. So.....hrrm...what was the point with your not understanding the "grief" post on here then? You don't store RAW files. Your workaround don't work if you do. Happy days for you.
  3. So... the miracle workaround with one (!) extra click after editing RAW files is how? And actually it is a showstopper, whatever that is, I can't work on my photos and are currently waiting a fix or a move elsewhere. Crazy comments dude.
  4. Not with RAW files. And btw, Affinity....there is developer beta's for a reason. Got some new progress on the bug? Still no idea why its not working? Apple contacted? Someone doing anything? How is it prioritised? Some dude spending 2 minutes per day on it? Your competitors have this fixed by now, they did it last week.
  5. Seriously, is this even being worked on? Luminar 3 have it fixed by now, and Pixelmator have no problem with it either. Im talking about editing and saving directly into Photos. I have two options, wait for your fix unless its something that might take months(?) to fix or move back to Lightroom again. Any ETA for a fix? I need this working now, preferably yesterday.
  6. Hey, Well, I wont be near a computer, if that's needed to access the file through iTunes or something, for some time. I cant do anything with the file within Affinity Photo either since I simply cant load it since it crashes if I try. Hopefully can access it somehow when I get back home to the computer. All other projects work fine though. Just a bit scared it will happen again on another project. /Henke
  7. Did work on a project this morning and now when I'm trying to open it Affinity Photo (latest release) crashes. Tried to duplicate it with no luck, new one crash as well. All other projects I have is opening with no problem. Is it gone forever? /Henke
  8. Perfect, thanks for the information! /Henke
  9. Hey, Is True Tone switched off automatically in Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro like it is when using the Apple Photos app? Sorry if this has been answered already, couldn't find any info about it. /Henke
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