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  1. It is good to know I am not the only one having issues, I thought I was probably doing something stupid. :) I suppose I will wait for the next update to Affinity to hopefully resolve this issue. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am a recent convert from Adobe Photoshop, so please pardon me if I am doing something obviously wrong. I am trying to edit a photo that is currently in Apple Photos, and I have tried it both by right clicking on the photo and selecting "Edit With > Affinity Photo", which causes the changes to not be saved back to Apple Photos, and then I read that I should click Edit, click the three dots, and click "Edit with Affinity Photo". I make the changes I want to the photo in Affinity, and then click Command S to save (or Command W to close), and return to Apple Photos. The photo in Apple Photo updates, and I click Save Changes. Afterwards, I get an error saying either "Unable to Save Changes for “Edit in Affinity Photo"" "An error occurred while saving. Please try again later." or an error saying "Unable to edit with “Edit in Affinity Photo”" "An unexpected error occurred.". Would someone please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong here? Some information on my setup: 2017 iMac 27" 5K, 3.8GHz Quad Core i5, 40 GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 580 (8GB), 2 external monitors (NEC MultiSync EA232WMi), macOS Catalina 10.15, Wacom Intuos (Small, Bluetooth, 2018). Thanks!

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