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  1. Will the Affinity apps be ready for the transition to Big Sur and the Apple chips when new hardware ships?
  2. I am an old pro with desktop publishing and have been using Indesign for many years, and Quark before that, and PageMaker before that. Some things I need in APub: Ability to import native Indesign and PDFs and edit them as native APub elements, not as graphics. Ability to preview color separations and overprints. Ability to flow text to multiple text boxes, break text flow, reverse text flow, insert text boxes, delete text boxes and maintain flow, etc. Full paragraph and character style support with nested styles and auto apply styles Robust table support with cell styles, copy and paste rows and columns, repeating headers. Full PSD and AI support, along with AD & AP support Find and replace fonts throughout document Find and replace text by story, document Basic effects such as dropshadow, feather, fade, blend Full corner options Library support Object styles with size and attribute controls Script support such as importing multipage pdfs on each page and calendar creation Ability to embed, unembed, relink, break link, etc for all kinds of links Robust text alignment such as lock to baseline, multiple baseline grid, vertical justify within box. Preview with bleed, without bleed, with and without guides Robust spell and grammar check Support for different binding beyond saddle-stitch, including perfect bind and coil bind Warning if multiple page sizes exist in a document Industry standard pdf output with full transparency support, RIP tested pdfs Full spot color support from day one Logical master page behavior, link pages to master, break link to master, convert objects from master to page level objects Presets for pdf export, text import, document setup, print Easy and logical header and footer, page number and section support Well, that is what comes to mind right now. Could go on and on. Hope this helps.
  3. I have 3 Gb of RAM. I have no plans to upgrade that because the Mac just needs to be replaced soon.
  4. Forgive me if this has been discussed, but I have not seen any mention of system requirements. My 2007 iMac runs the software but the screen gets artifacts sometimes, as if the graphics card is not powerful enough. The same thing happens with Pixelmator.
  5. One thing that ticks me off in Illustrator is after you transform an object, it forgets what you have done to it. For example if you rotate a square 35 degrees, deselect it, reselect it, the program does not tell you how much the object was rotated. If you want to return the object to zero degrees rotation, you have to eyeball it. I know you guys can do better than that. I want to select and object and see that it was rotated x degrees and perhaps also a record of the scaling, and other transformations that have occurred. This is also very useful with imported graphics. Was it scaled disproportionately? Was it flipped?
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