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  1. Update: I just tried it again and worked this time. Thread can be closed Probably others who have this problem should wait too a bit longer. ----------------------------------------------------- Hello I just saw the mail and wanted to preorder Publisher. But when I try to activate it, it says that the payment limit of the voucher is exceeded. Does it mean that the voucher was just for a limited use (if it's a gloal one) or is it a server side issue? Thanks!
  2. That's what I also used, wrote that in my first response But I still would like to have the support in AP, rather than using any 3rd party tool
  3. Thanks a lot! While it is another step, it's not that bad as it can convert in bulk. "Hopefully", I do hope that too but I doubt it will happen
  4. Sigh, too bad. Originally I wanted to buy the 1300D, but on Prime Day the 2000D was cheaper so I got that one (is also a bit better). Hope there comes an update, have to use the Canon own Digital Photo Professional 4 until then.
  5. Hello! Got today my Canon EOS 2000D and tried to import some raw images into AP. Sadly the raw image is not usable at all in it as you barely see anything except an high magenta color. Left: JPEG - Right: RAW CR2 Do I have some wrong settings or is it just like that? Any fix for it? Thanks! PS: I am on Windows 10.
  6. It would be nice to get a 5-10 minute video of what publisher can do so far.
  7. Hi awesome Affinity Team! If those questions already came up, then I'm sorry asking them again: 1. Will it be possible to create a Table of Contents with hyperlinks to each headline? e.g. when you click on it then you jump to page XYZ (for PDFs) 2. Will it be possible to build a form with Publisher? also for PDFs 3. Is ther a list or something that shows what will be doable with Publisher? Thanks a lot already! Kind regards DerHerr
  8. @MEB Thanks a lot! That did the trick Keep on the good work (especially the community help), your tools are very nice!
  9. Hello! I am currently working on buttons for a website, but there is a bug that hinders me to work fluently with AD. I don't know why but when I duplicate my first artboard the size stays the same (500x250px) - but when I want to export it, the duplicate adds 1 pixel in width - which then makes the exported pictures uneven. It seems it adds a blurry edge around the duplicate. When I setup the slice to 500x250 on the duplicate, it still has that weird issue. I hope you guys can help me here! Added some pics so you can see for yourself. Thanks! PS: I already worked with Artboards while making a business card - there it worked perfectly and the size stayed the same on both artboards/slices. Kind regards DerHerr
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