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  1. soundmanbrett

    Cannot edit N-Up values

    I've got this feature working but from looking at yours the background for the entries Left, Top, etc are dark grey. Mine are white and the text I enter is white so I can't see what I've done until I hit enter and then the text turns black. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have found that when you try to print N-Up in document layout of the printer interface, all is well unless you want to make the left, top, HGap, or VGap something other than a whole inch increment. When you click in the box to enter a number it goes blank and won't let you type anything. I was trying to make business cards. I wanted 10 up with a half inch gap at the top and bottom with a .75 inch gap on the sides. I couldn't find a way to enter those dimensions.
  3. I was just trying to use the N-up when printing and I was excited to see that feature but I found that I couldn't enter a value into the top, VGap, Left, and HGap fields. I can use the arrows to change them in whole inch increments. I can not enter my own value. I was trying to make a 3-up document with a third of a sheet for each. I created a spread that was 8"w x 3.166"h and that would require a .25" Top and a .5" VGap but I can only select whole inch values.
  4. soundmanbrett

    Freeze when printing

    You gave me the solution to the problem. When you mentioned that it might be the printer I changed my default printer and now it will print. I had my default printer set to our Lanier LD445c using the RPCS driver. I like the way that driver works but apparently, it is not compatible with Publisher. I switched to the PCL6 driver as my default and that solved the problem. Thank you.
  5. soundmanbrett

    Freeze when printing

    I am unable to print from Publisher for Windows. It doesn't seem to matter what document. I have one I created on my Mac and I have created one on my Windows machine. When I press cntrl+P or go to file and click print, Publisher locks up and I have to use Task Manager to close the program. I have Publisher Version and Windows 10 version 1803 and it is up-to-date. It did the same thing with the previous version.
  6. I just installed 128 and found that Command Shift G doesn't ungroup.
  7. This isn't directed at you, you are simply following the direction of your superiors. To me is sounds like a corporate decision that was made many years ago when Serif decided to make Publisher. From a financial perspective creating an import to attract new customers from Adobe would seem to make sense. Leaving the customer base you acquired over many years out in the cold is not a good way to get those customers to recommend your new product. Without a massive advertising budget, one of the best ways to get your product into the hands of new customers is word of mouth. If you tell your current customers they are not worth the coding time to create a viable importer from the previous version of your software they will be unlikely to promote your product to their peers. It shows a lack of commitment. I know that Publisher doesn't have all of the features of PP, like 3D objects, Warp, and mail merge. I can't even use Publisher for my company's purposes until it has mail merge. I use mail merge several times a week to create our donor receipts. I would hope that over time these new features would be added. Perhaps Serif could promise an importer once Publisher is more fully developed rather than saying they're not even going to try. The response to your current customer's requests for a direct importer from PP tells all of us who have been using it since the 1990s that you don't care enough about us to spend the time. Why should we recommend your new product to people who use your competitor's software when you haven't been loyal to us.
  8. Sorry, I'm used to PagePlus where the sliders that allow for changes to the shape remain on the screen without switching to a node editing mode. Thanks for the help.
  9. I have noticed that once you convert a shape into a text box you can no longer edit the shape, except to change the size. In PP you can still edit the shape.
  10. Thanks for the help. I guess I need to do some more clicking around.
  11. Definitely would like an import from .ppp. I've been using PagePlus for over ten years so you can imagine I have more than a couple files floating around. One thing we use it for that I don't see on Publisher is mail merge. All of the receipts from our mission are created using PagePlus through a mail merge. One other feature the Publisher doesn't seem to have is the ability to convert shapes into text frames or picture frames. I use convert shapes to shaped text frames on many of my publications.
  12. Okay, thank you for the explanation. I never used photo and draw plus very often so I didn't think much about it when I started with Affinity. I have found that there is nothing to compare with PagePlus so I have been looking forward to APu. I was hoping for something like what Microsoft did with Office. They came up with a new file format (docx) while maintaing support for the old (doc) files.
  13. Old file formats? I'm using the current version of PagePlus. It's the current software you sold me last year, that will be replaced. I'm sure I'm not the only PagePlus user who wants to switch, who has over a thousand files created in your software. Software companies who develop new versions of software usually accommodate their current customers when they develop a new file format.
  14. I'm wondering if you are planning on making Publisher so that it will open PagePlus files. I have been using it for years and have recently bought a Mac. I have both Affinity Designer and Photo and will need to replace PagePlus once you come out with Publisher.