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  1. I'm afraid I agree with GreyEyes on both counts. I'm sticking with PPx9 and will be open to AP when it is as good. I was really dazzled by the previews, but AP is still in alpha, not beta. The idea of cross platform and close integration of the suite is ambitious and a great idea.
  2. I entirely agree. I don't mind paying more. Turing PP+ files into PDFs, then into AP is cumbersome and doesn't work very well. As can be seen from this conversion, the text is wrong - both text frames used the wrong font, size and spacing. Dan Birthday 2016 0903 ng.afpub
  3. I find Serif PagePlus (now using x9) Start up Assistant essential. I do a lot of posters, flyers, greeting cards and some epub. The PP start up assistant is elegant and extremely easy to use! How hard would it be to implement in AP? The lack of the Start up Assistant is a show stopper for me.
  4. Please find a way to import PagePlus docs. I've been using it since ver 1 and have loads of x9 docs (many are folded, have personalized tables or are poster sized) I regularly reuse with different content. Converting to a pdf may be a stopgap. Unfortunately, the first one I tried to import I'd made in PPx9 crashed AP. The second one, less complex, was fine.
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