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  1. Hi, Because we knew we would effectively be down for two weeks over the Christmas period we gave the last beta (206) an extended expiry time of 45 days, so it will expire round about 26th Jan. We hope to have a new build out in the next few days with some updates if you really are stuck. I know its not much help but my builds, Mac and Windows, are fine.
  2. Thank you, fde101, I have logged this to be fixed.
  3. Hi JeroenK, If I'm understanding correctly, the problem may be that you have to be careful what you apply the wrap settings to - if you apply then to the masked object text will run around the object as though it was unmasked. If you apply the settings to the mask itself you should get what you want. If that doesn't help maybe you could give us some steps or a document which has the problem.
  4. Hi MrSchu, Welcome to the Affinity Forum. If you can provide your document we'll take a look and see if we can reproduce your issue(s).
  5. Hi Vince, welcome to the Affinity forums. Thanks for the report. This is a regression in the latest builds and we have a fix in the next update.
  6. AdamW

    Section Manager

    As far as I know it is a UI issue - after some editing the UI becomes out of sync with the actual document sections. So restarting the app and re-opening the document and then Section Manager to refresh everything may help. If not I guess you’ll need the fix in the next update unfortunately.
  7. Hi, The context menu for a topic in the Index Panel includes a ‘Find in Document...’ command which should list occurrences of the topic in the document. Specific occurrences can then be included or excluded from the index. Note the ‘Find in Document’ command includes some word stemming support, so for instance a search for ‘find’ would turn up ‘find’, ‘finding’ etc.
  8. AdamW

    Section Manager

    Thank you. I can see this and have logged it.
  9. AdamW

    Index Marker

    Hi iceritchie, I can see that the default is not working. However replacing with an alternative does work for me. I will log the fact that the default is not working.
  10. Hi Steps, The export options are saved with the document when the document is exported. It looks like this happens even if they are not changed, which could be improved.
  11. AdamW

    EPS Import broken

    Hi, Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. We have a candidate fix for this. Please let us know how you get on with the next build.
  12. Thanks. I can reproduce this and have logged it.
  13. Hi Arun, We have determined this is an issue if you set the colour space on the PDF Import dialog to 'RGB' rather than the default 'Estimate', or indeed 'CMYK'. Note this setting is saved if you change it, so you don't have to explicitly change it every time you open. We're still investigating why and where the inversion is occurring.
  14. Hi Walt, The original names of the files are as follows: C:\Users\Walt\AppData\Local\Temp\DarkClown A5 Landscape Vertical Facing-1.afpub C:\Users\Walt\AppData\Local\Temp\Essex.afpub C:\Users\Walt\AppData\Local\Temp\Murder_program-1.afdesign E:\Walt\Documents\affinity\temp\move-linked-test$$.afpub E:\Walt\Documents\affinity\temp\linktest.afpub C:\Users\Walt\AppData\Local\Temp\Kettle_Gerrit.afpub
  15. Hi Typo998, in the document attached your bleed is set up for 9 inches.