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  1. Hi there! Not much to add here, just a couple of good Typefaces: SANS SERIF - Be Vietnam Pro - It's a Neo-grotesque that has italics and it has single story and double story "a". SERIF - Sentient Best regards!.
  2. Hi! Typography enthusiast here. It's a wonderful and a giant world. I hope I can help: I would ask the following questions, in the following order: What are the technical requirements of the Text? This means: Whats the language or languages that the Typeface must cover? Beyond Latin script, you might need Greek or Cyrillic scripts, for example. I use Spanish as my primary Language of work (Latin script with some aditional characters) What are the Numbers features that you are going to require? Do you need Old Style figures? Do you need Tabular figures? Any other? What are te Text formatting features that you need? Do you need Small Caps? Do you need specific weights for this project? Maybe you need Extra Black fonts or Lighter fonts? What are the stylistic requirements of the Text? This usually means if your project is best serverd by using one of these: Sans Serif (maybe aplayful one if you are doing something for kids) Serif After that, you can narrow down your search and find something that fits. This might provide some light. But, to be honest, Font Licensing is sometimes confusing. Anyway, long story short: Microsoft does not put any restriction for your use case: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/fonts/font-faq But, when in doubt, use an Open Source Typeface (SIL). For Typeface selection, refer to my first answer. Also, for printed material, my clients are best served with Open Source Typefaces because it basically have no restrictions Either Sans Serif or Serif. Which ones I prefer? there are more than this but just to provide a quick list: Sans Serif: Inter Source Sans 3 Hanken Grotesk Metropolis Montserrat Noto Sans Serif Amiri EB Garamond Libertinus Serif Libre Bodoni Ibarra Real Nova Crimson Text Which Fonts people buy for Body Text? Well, depends on the Budget and what the Designer has picked for them. There are some Typefaces that are popular. There are some time-tested Typehaces that are classics that are safe to use but... Personally, the ones I use are intended for Logo Design (if the respective License allows it) Caslon is one of the classics, yes. And the version provided by Google Fonts is good, yes. It has one of the largest collections of Fonts, having acquired several Type Foundries it's becoming more like a monopoly. But nonetheless, sometimes they run Sales and they have very good deals. But if you are starting out, maybe you should skip that for a while. Best regards!
  3. Oh, I didn't notice that! It did improve the experience overall. But still this happens from time to time. I have to click and drag again to delete it, sometimes even more than twice: Also, with less shapes, this happens as well: It mostly works well but there might be something to improve : SBTV.mp4 Best regards!
  4. Hi! It helps to a degree, indeed. But still, I think it's worth investigating the issues, for a better SBT. Best regards!
  5. Hi there! I tried to find any similar Topic and I didn't, so apologies if this is a repeated report. When using the Shape builder Tool, in an scenario where there are multiple shapes it doesn't delete intersecting some areas or lines, as seen in the video below: SBT.mp4 I attach the sample files. Best regards! SBT2.afdesign
  6. In Mexico, we would say "cuarto para las siete" to say "15 minutes before 7", or "veinte para las siete" to say "20 minutes before 7". Just as a minor curiosity. For what you mention, we would only say "a la media" (at half an hour) but only when both parties know what hour we are talking about. Following your example, it'd be 19:30 h. Best regards!
  7. Since working at night as IT Support, all I can think of is from 00:00 to 23:59 h. No more am or pm for me, haha. Best regards!
  8. Hi there! I couldn't resist to bring some more Fonts to the Forums (hope you don't mind). So, here we have: DISPLAY - Catallina DISPLAY - Moniqa DISPLAY - Rousseau Deco HEADLINES - Lexend HEADLINES - Margaret HEADLINES - Rondal SANS SERIF - DM Sans SANS SERIF - Satoshi SANS SERIF - Supreme SANS SERIF - Switzer SERIF - Zodiak The main Topic has already been updated. Best regards!.
  9. Hi there! Here we have a couple more Typefaces to add to the list. Two Sans Serif goodies this time: HEADLINES - Geologica - A good Geometric Typeface, saldly with no italics (maybe there is an update in the future). I installed the Auto variant of this Font, included in the Google Fonts download. You can have a more traditional geometric design if you select the Cursive Shapes Stylistic Set SANS SERIF - Urbanist - Another Geometric Typeface, but this time it includes italics. I link to the GitHub page because it has an important correction (at least to me) in the upper case S, because the one in Google Fonts has a wider top section that doesn't look that good: Best regards!
  10. Hi! To celebrate the release of 2.1 (not really related, but well...), I bring another selection of Fonts to add to this list. BLACKLETTER - Fette UNZ Fraktur BLACKLETTER - CAT Walthari DISPLAY - QT Peignior DISPLAY - QT Bengal DISPLAY - MADE Mountain HEADLINES - Instrument Serif HEADLINES - Gloock HEADLINES - Wix Madefor Display HEADLINES - LC Sac SANS SERIF - Instrument Sans SANS SERIF - Wix Madefor Text I'll update the main list later. Best regards!
  11. No problem at all installing this new version. Best regards!
  12. This version installed without a problem. Best regards!
  13. Some of the results on the video seem a bit random to me. I like the idea overall, but when shapes overlap... not so much. Best regards!
  14. That's one of the Screenshots I used as a reference. But since that's the Windows XP version, it's not using the AERO interface. This is how it was on Windows Vista, with the frosted glass-liked window decoration: Best regards!
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