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  1. Just to update that it's still present in the retail version. Also, forgot to mention that I don't have OpenCL activated: Best regards!
  2. Hi! After the release of 1.9 I saw the video for the Contour Tool and I liked the last example, but after trying it, I noticed there are some rendering glitches, as seen in the screenshot below: I attache the AFDESIGN file. Best regards! Contour.afdesign
  3. But if the program knows the real position of the guide (for example, the Margins or the Bleed), you won’t hace any problem. This is only to render the Guide in a more comfortable way to the eye. Best regards!
  4. Plase, help me moving it to Feedback for the Affinity Suite of Products. I thought I was posting there. Best regards!
  5. Hi there! Something I want to make a petition about. Simply put, please make all visual guides pixel-perfect. See the exagerated screenshot below: I don't know if it's only me, but when seeing this, my eyes feel uncomfortable. Zooming in, there are antialiased parts that don't feel right: There are instances when the guides are pixel-perfect (see the red ones, as an example) and they feel good to my eyes: Best regards!
  6. And now this can be done using the Node Tool, simply by pressing Ctrl + Left Click. Lovely. Best regards!
  7. Installed and registered without any problem. Best regards!
  8. Installed and registered without any problem. Best regards!
  9. Installed and registered without any problem. Best regards!
  10. I really liked the last example. Thanks for the update. Best regards!
  11. Flawless and most impressive. You sure deserve the "Vector" part on your nickname. 👌 Best regards!
  12. As a Mexico City born guy myself, I find this really well done. Best regards!
  13. Hi there! I was testing the Register your app funtion in all three of the apps, and Publisher is the one that failed several times. After I closed the window and opened My Account again, it worked: Best regards!
  14. I'd draw a shape with the Pencil/Pen Tool on top of those two parts that you are showing, and then I'd add both objects. Best regards!
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