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  1. As far as I've seen, yes, exactly the same excepto for the Mask and Selection options available in Photo. Best regards!
  2. Mithferion

    Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts

    I like Besley* too, but I didn't have the time to try and test it. I will add it to the main list. Best regards!
  3. Mithferion

    Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts

    Another great release by Indestructible Type, now in the form of Bodoni*. Go here to see how many fonts this family includes. And go here to download. And just like when downloading Jost*, you can specify simply 0 to download it for free, in the Amount (in USD). Then, click on Proceed to Download. Best regards!
  4. 14 million of users againts 1.4 million users of Affinity... doesn’t sound that great of a difference, at least to me. Just 10 to 1. Best regards!
  5. So, if Adobe made it possible to get access to Photoshop, without changing the technical strategy and features development, only to said 20%, then its focus would be only on professionals? Best regards!
  6. What is lacking in the Adobe strategy to make tou feel that they don’t focus in the high-end most demanding photography professionals? Best regards!
  7. By joining the Development Team at Serif, I suppose. Also, to a lesser extent, by making a suggestion that will be taken into account by said Team once anything is made public. Best regards!
  8. Mithferion

    Merge Layers

    If you want to pixelate a group of Layers, in a single flattened object, group all, right click on the Layers Panel and hit rasterize. Best regards!
  9. Well, Vector liquifying capabilities in Designer would be nice. Best regards!
  10. Mithferion

    Select Same

    As stated in this thread,: it's planed for an upcoming version, anything else is just feeding expectations without having anything concrete to show at this point. Like other features, as soon as it's ready for testing it's added to the Betas for testing/feedback. Best regards!
  11. Or you can download my file, good Alfred. Best regards! Spiral Template.afdesign
  12. Here is another way to do a Spiral inside Affinity Designer (just make circles one by one instead of making them all at once): Best regards!
  13. Mithferion

    Arrow Tool

    It’s inside all of the shape tools, among the triangle, the cog, etc. Best regards!
  14. I'm not trying to be negative either. It's just that the word "real" is quite strong. As with many (if not all) things in life, it's about fit. Adobe Illustrator (AI) gives you everything you need, and that's why it's a good fit for you (or at least, you can live with it). I won't convince you about changing your mind: Affinity Designer (AD) doesn't give you everything, that is a fact, it won't help you, right now, to get your work done. That's why agree with you that it's sad, because I am assuming that you want to do all with Serif's solution. In my case, the "real" work I have to do can be done with AD, and no deed for AI. That doesn't mean that I don't expect them to add certain features, no. And I also want them to add things that I don't even use, but are critical for others, because that would be good for many folks here and out there. Best regards!
  15. The color label in the right side is more than 1 pixel wide (3 to be exact), and we tend to see vertical lines thicker than horizontal ones. I thought that was enought size and enough contrast. My idea was to match the style already used by Serif. Now, the reason to move the color labels to the left was that most people look from left to right and I guess that Layers are more common thatn Symbols, so the first thig that should be shown is something to identify the Layers. Best regards!