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  1. Good I read this: doing a backup of the original Cat ASAP. Best regards!
  2. New features (or old ones) can change during the Beta period, but explaining, even if with a short video, would allow for more or better feedback, I think. Please visit this section of the Forums. There you will find the current public Betas for each platform (Windows, macOS or iPadOS), available for current customers. Best regards!
  3. This is something that they really need to think about, for future Beta versions: Don't just say there is a new feature, but do a little explanation about how they work Say something about improvements like this, and also show how they work That way many things wouldn't be overlooked. Best regards!
  4. How can Tableau Desktop be considered a "Pro" level tool for Business Intelligence, when it requires you to give it very simple and plain tables, because joining them makes it more confused than a homeless man under house-arrest? How can Oracle BI / Visual Analizer be considered a suitable tool for users when you have to spend so much time configuring it, modeling the tables, until you get a simple table result? How can anyone even consider Microsoft Power BI when it's a just Excel on steroids, lacking a better language than what DAX has to offer? And why do they need you to install a Gateway to auto-refresh the Data? Ah, sorry, just complaining about things in my job... some so-called professional tools from no-name companies make me a bit angry... Best regards!
  5. That could be one more property available in these suggestions some cool guy did, if implemented. Wink. Wink. Best regards!
  6. Hi there! Well, this is my entry for a competition here in Mexico. Telecom enterprise izzi does an anual competition to do a work using their Logo. With the little time I had, I made this Isometric design. Best regards!
  7. @CLC @Hilltop Even if I started this Topic, I am glad more users are contributing to it. In the next update, I will include Fonts from contributors, once I have had the time to try and review them. Best regards!
  8. Thanks for your kind words. I also hope this is helpful for many fellow forum members. Best regards!
  9. A little update! Added Gilroy, a very popular geometric Typeface, which offers two styles for free : HEADLINES - Gilroy Finally, for ease of use, colorful previews of the fonts. Best regards!
  10. Yes, that's the original purpose of Noto (No Tofu), to avoid what happends when a character is not supported by the Font. Best regards!
  11. Hi again! Well, there is always some good fonts to be recommended, so, a couple of them: DISPLAY - Emberly (Download at https://gumroad.com/l/XTAeN, just put a 0 on the price ) HEADLINES - Manrope Best regards!
  12. No, no; just saying how I have them right now to rotate the canvas. Best regards!
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