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  1. They fon't have the same File extension but it's indeed the same File Format.That was one of their goals; their criteria was, since the beginning: Lightning fast - in particular taking advantage of all latest CPU and GPU chipsets available Cover the core disciplines of photo editing, vector drawing and desktop publishing Use exactly the same file format between applications Have no bloat - utilize a concept of personas to organize the UI into different use cases Be unashamedly pro - core requirements like CMYK and 16 bit would be built in from the start and not allow wizards or anything else get in the way of a pro workflow We hope so! There are some requests about this point. Best regards!
  2. Well, here it is, the article about the integration between Designer and After Effects: Best regards!
  3. Yup, I noticed that, but when you use Compunds, the moment you export you will get the same result as Curves. Best regards!
  4. This way, when exporting to PDF, you will have a Curve generated, but in the AFDESIGN file you will keep the text as editable. Best regards!
  5. In that case, the way to go is using Compounds. Best regards!
  6. Now I learned a bit more . Thanks for your time! Best regards.
  7. What I did in this example was to place some rectangles and then placed them inside the text. Also, I changed the blendo mode to "Erase": Best regards!
  8. Yep, the original file was generated in Illustrator. And they told me the blend mode in each object was Soft Light. Best regards!
  9. Thanks a lot for your answer, Callum! Sorry I couldn't add more detail into this. So... I had this AI file and Opened it in Designer, and seeing how it was done I noticed the blending mode. Since I'm not well verse with that I thought it was me who was doing something wrong. As you can see, when you open the file in Designer, the blend mode is set to Passthrough: It didn't occur to me that the blending mode is wrong in the first place and that the behavior is that of Overlay. Best regards!
  10. Hi there! Hope you are doing great. I have a question about some objects inside the attached file: Basically: What's the difference between Group 3 and Groups 1 and 2? As you can see, Group 3 doesn't look like the rest, and I believe all have the same settings. Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards! Question - Blending Mode.afdesign
  11. Oh, Adobe ending another Product's lifecycle... Hello there and welcome to the forums. Best regards!
  12. I also use some .ICO export, but rarely, so I relu on Krita. For a large icon set, that would be time consuming, though. Best regards!
  13. Oh, well... I'm not getting optimist that early ever again...
  14. Designer is winning by a huge margin. I don't think that will change in the remaining hours. Best regards!
  15. The fact is that the feature will be there, which is good. Both positions about why it’s useful and why it’s limiting have been explained, so I don’t think is useful to keep discussing them. Best regards!