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  1. And I am with you on that, as I have mentioned before. Totally. There is no disagreement on those specific points: we want and need some popular features, requiered for a wide range of use cases. That's why I started the Topic where I listed 4 types of Distortions to cocer all of our requirements, the idea behind them. How they are going to be developed is another story, but for the greater good, we require all. It's on other claims where we disagree, but that's fine by me. Best regards!
  2. I understand. But since there have been times where Developers have engaged in some features discussions, I think it’s possible that this will be one of them. Best regards!
  3. Also, I was forgetting: How professional Jowday really is (something I'm not denaying in any way) How fanboys we are (because we don't look this matter with the same perspective) But those are more personal things and I rather ignore them, but it's worth mentioning them due to the constant repetition of those statements in similar Topics. Best regards!
  4. It has, however, some disadvantages. One is that even if you convert text to curves, each letter will have its own Live Filter, and if you export that file, the result is not the distorted curves. All of the examples are shown to provide examples (with links to other Topics) of what people expecto. One of the purposes of this Topic is to reduce the gap of what we expect and what Serif have plans on developing. Best regards!
  5. I haven't read all of your post regarding this missing features, but from what I gather, your messages can be summarized as follows: How Serif take bad decisions How unprofessional Designer is How the marketing is misleading I tried going forward by creating a topic to discuss Distortion / Warping thing and what's wanted by us, with little participation from all that wrote here, but I hope it becomes that first step to talk about the features themselves. Best regards!
  6. Hi there! Just to mention a petition I made a while ago. The title says it all: Custom Bleed color. For ease to the eyes If custom is not doable, please, change the color from pale gray to red or pink Best regards!
  7. Well, I said that based on my experience when I asked for the Pages Panel to be included in Designer: it was to work on it the same way that Macromedia Fireworks users used to do it back in the day. My argument was that it'd not compete since Pages would be displayed differently on each Application, if my memory serves. Best regards!
  8. Mithferion

    Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts

    Hi! Another few additions to this thread. The new fotns are: MONOSPACED - JetBrains Mono. For coders SANS SERIF - Tanohe Sans. Derived from Cooper Hewitt. Some changes made SERIF - Gelasio. Looks to me like a Transitional type of Serif HEADLINES - Fahkwang. Elegant and modern, without the serifs I will update the main post soon. Best regards!
  9. There is a difference between which features we think might be great to have in two or more of the Applications and what Serif think makes more sense for their business. I know, I'd like to have this too in Designer (as well as the Pages Panel), but I don't think we can convince them. Best regards!
  10. Meanwhile, anyone here (Devs included) are once again invited to contribute to this thread, in order to have a discussion for the better (not just expressions our own concerns and pain points) regarding for Vector shape manipulation. Best regards!
  11. Mithferion

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Many will be happy with this. Best regards!
  12. People really need to learn how to give feedback. Because simply saying “this is wrong” hardly leads to the other part in the right direction to understand what you mean. Best regards!
  13. Mithferion

    No beta?

    Maybe there will be a few surprises regarding new features for Designer. And well, the macOS Photo Beta was just released. Best regards!
  14. "Scale with Object" was not used in my testings. This is how the lines initially looked like (I changed the Stroke wisth manually): Best regards! Expand Test 2.afdesign
  15. Hi! I made another test and it still happens. Notice that there are two initial curves, with differente dimensions: 1 px and 2 px. They both had different results: NOTE: The selected object on the Screenshot shows the original width of the stroke. On the left side, I changed the width to create the smaller object on the bottom left part. Best regards! Expand Test.afdesign

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