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  1. Be happy with the business choice you make. Best regards!
  2. I don't but Software through the Microsoft Store, but if Microsoft and Apple allow to contact Users directly under certain conditions... maybe a Discount Voucher for Photo, Designer and Publisher? I don't know if that can be arranged. Best regards!
  3. Thanks. Saw this one in particular, which I think would be a very good fit, specially because it's available for Commercial Purposes (which this dite marks as only available for Personal Use): Barbaro Font on Behance Best regards!
  4. For the first one (Birch Std), I thing the closest one is Ferrum, for free: For the second one, I'd have to think and search for a good altertanive (which might need you to do some tweaks, like the spikes on the sides of each charatcer). Best regards!
  5. I’m confident that this means that you will jump right away to Version 5 of the whole suite. Best regards!
  6. I usually have Publisher and Designer open at the same time, so haveing them as separate Apps is best for me. Best regards!
  7. Hi! After some time, time to add more Fonts (updating the Topic right now): HEADLINES - Montagu Slab HEADLINES - Akshar SERIF - Roboto Serif SERIF - Source Serif 4 SANS SERIF - Plus Jakarta Sans Best regards!
  8. Hi! The options that are available to rotate the Canvas, that I am aware of, are: Pressing Alt key (Windows) and use the Mouse wheel I created a shortcut for the keaboard, where Ctrl + 4 rotates leftt and Ctrl + 6 rotates right (same as in the View menu). Ctrl + 5 resets the rotation. Beswt regards!
  9. Hi there! I just found that when I try to export the following image, the Blend Mode (Pin Light, in the example) is not applied when I export using "Selection Only", as follows: Maybe when selected, the Exporter thinks that the Blend Modes are "Normal". Best regards!
  10. More than likely "yes", but I'm afraid not "soon enough". Even if it appears tomorrow, it still will feel "late". Best regards!
  11. Which makes them fairly open with this kind of discussion and accept public criticism. "Expected" feature, instead of "Basic". The only thing for sure is that it's on they to-do list. How far from becoming a reality? We don't know, but I'm confident they are aware of all this regarding the functionality their users expect. To a certain degree, losing users is something that happens to all major Software Vendors. I've seen migrations from SAP systems to Oracle's, for example... I'm sure they try to ponder what's the best for the majority of their customers because that's good for their business. Why this is still not a reality what it's something Expected (not Basic), stays veiled forever. Imagine they say "we always wanted this to be out in 10 years after the initial launch", how would you react? Silence or not, it doesn't make a difference if the feature has not been released. As one of the users that want this feature, I don't expect any sort of apology nor someone saying "you were right all this time, we were wrong, here you have it". Best regards!
  12. Only you move the page. Best regads! P. S.: Ctrl + J is the same, and easier that Illustrator’s approach.
  13. I never feel the need of such a tool. I, however, am intrigued about what’s the actual reaction of the Serif staff when rradibg this sort of feedback. Best regards!
  14. And I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you. Yes, sketching is not the same, but pleased as I am with pencil and paper, I think someone will find his/her way to do publishing work on an iPad, the same as someone tried it on a computer for the very first times. Best regards!
  15. They have done so, in the past. I don't see myself doing any sketches in the iPad and I see many people finding it more suitable to their way of working. I prefer good old pencil and paper but that's just me. Maybe more people than we can expect will find Publisher on the iPad something thay can no longer live without, who knows? Best regards!
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