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  1. Basically, the steps I followed were: Created a new Document I created 1 artboard and created some Rectangles to test different colors, using some Adjustment Layers on top of them Then, I duplicated that Artboard to try some variations on the colors Created a New From Clipboard document, to have a Screenshot of a color palette distribution I wanted to imitate, and drew some Rectangles on top of the Screenshot Copied and pasted to the first file, outside of the Artboards Then, I dragged and droped a .JPG file in the first file for a reference So, let's say I had something like this: After that, I tried to put the selected Group inside an Artboard and that's when I noticed I could not create another Artboard. Also, I tried to reproduce the error, in the latest 1.8.4 version of Designer but the same thing didn't happen again (but Publisher still crashes). Best regards!
  2. Yes, I rarely open a File on the other applications of the Suite (sometimes I open a Photo file on Designer, but that's it). And I always work Publisher files on Publisher. Best regards!
  3. I copied Rectangles made in a new Affinity Designer file (I had a screenshot and the rectangles were placed over certain areas, and then I copied them to this file), and also I dragged a .JPG file, exported from Designer. The rest was just other rectangles created in this files (I was working on creating a color palette). Also, I didn't notice there were other reports like this one. :0 Best regards!
  4. Hi there! I created a simple File in Designer, where I created a couple of Arboarts, but after pasting objects and images, I noticed I could not create more Artbords (even after deling the Artbords themselves, leaving a blank file as seen below): I didn't notice when the Pages controls appeared on the bottom left side, by the way. After this, I decided to try and open the file in Publisher, but after a few seconds, it simply closes. Designer and Photo can open it without a problem (the files is left blank, without any object; I simply copied what I needed to another file, so that doesn't concern me, but I wanted to report this anyway). Best regards! 05. Color.afdesign
  5. I don’t know if @JET_Affinity might want that, but who knows, maybe feedback sessions and demos via Skype or something? Like when they shared the Designer for iPad Beta with some designers and artists. Very good things could happen. Best regards!
  6. On the Topic that I made, I also warned: They can be used in commercial projects (some restrictions may vary from Font to Font, so be sure to read first). Also, not ALL paid Typefaces allow ALL commercial use. Font Licensing is some of the most tedious and painful things to check before doing anything. I didn't said "most", I said "many". In recent years, some studios and professional designers have been paid to product Open Source Fonts, or they offer them themselves. Examples of this are Ubuntu, Hind, Source Sans Pro, Hind, Anonymous Pro, Fira Sans, IBM Plex, among others. Well, outlines can't be pattented, only the names, that's why you can make your own "Futura" (a Geometric Sans Serif), but you have to pay if you want to market it like "Mithferion Futura". Best regards!
  7. If it’s a Free Font, anyone can install it and then make the required changes to the file, so that would cover the terms of the License. Best regards!
  8. The Licensing allows for commercial work. Many of those Fonts are made by professional studios and designers. Best regards!
  9. I judged the quantity of the things added in the post. That’s a fact. If you think the content is valuable, I am not debating it. Best regards!
  10. I did read it. Still, not adding much. Also, I never said the post should be deleted nor something like that. Best regards.
  11. Yes, Adobe has some cases of good UI/UX. Best regards!
  12. Well, as promised, I made a new check and made some deletions of Fonts that no longer are Free for Commercial Use... but to compensate for that, new ones will come later. For now, I have this added: SANS SERIF - Noto Sans. Similar to Open Sans, with a huge range of styles Best regards!
  13. I see it has changed. I hope that tomorrow I will be able to do another check on all of the fotns, as well as add new ones. For now, I will remove it. Best regards!
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