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  1. Here. I made a short video showing how the feature works: ice_video_20190415-205438.webm Best regards!
  2. Mithferion

    Isometric Studio?

    Giving it a try would be benefitial, I suppose. Best regards!
  3. I believe that if we get that, it will be later due to priority on other things. Changes in UI are rare and minimal here. We are both assuming, but I believe they have the skills to do such a Tool. The Warp/Distort Tools seems more complicated to me, and they plan on doing it. Besides time, the only thing that prevents the creation of the Shape builder Tool is the problem with Boolean Operations, but Matt has said he will look into it. Best regards!
  4. I believe, for some reason, that the Shape Builder Tool has more chances of arriving first (not that it will arrive soon). Best regards!
  5. I did that today. It worked. Best regards!
  6. I've sent you a message. Best regards!
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it later. Best regards!
  8. Yes, it's strange. Let's hope the Devs solve it soon.
  9. Also, I noticed that unlike the Paragraph Panel, if I max the Window, the Character panel doesn't use all the available space. Best regards!
  10. thanks for your comment, Mike. Answering your questions: Yes, it does stick after I restart the Application. As you said, if I change the width of the Panel, it will show correctly, but if I narrow it, the glitch no longer happens. Also, I made the Panels wider, restarted but the same thing happened. Best regards!
  11. Hi there! When opening Publisher, the Character Panel is not fully visible. As shown in the following screenshot, there is that gray area covering most of it: If I resize the Windows, the Panel will be fully visible. Best regards!
  12. I do remember a former coworker that used to reply: - When is X, Y, Z going to be ready? - Any moment It was funny for all of us, except for the Project Leader. I hope that when it’s release, the 1.7 version comes smoothly. Best regards!
  13. For that reason I tend not to read any news on April 1st... nor in December 28th. ¡Saludos!
  14. It depends of the position of the line. A line made by the Pen Tool, for example, has two sides. If it's a single pixel wide, it will have half a pixel for one side and half a pixel for the other. For it to be a perfect straight line fitting in a pixel, you have to position the center of the line in the center of the pixel. Look at the screenshot: The upper line has been made position its beginning and its end at .5 value on the Y axis. The other one, at a round number/position in the canvas. Best regards!
  15. Maybe the option in the Pen Tool to cut any vector/raster shape... Best regards!