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  1. Mithferion

    [ADe] Book Cover - The War Of The Worlds

    I see. Seems to be a case where the film's imaginery surpased the book itself, in the mind of people. I thought the planets (Mars and Earth) was enough to give the impression. I see I was wrong. It's true. Even the original book says that the Handling Machine seemed to have more life that the martians themselves. Thanks. At least the image itself wasn't a disaster. From what I gatter, the key common point would be tripods, more like anything else. Considering that, I will work on another illustration after making some sketches. Thanks again. Best regards!
  2. Mithferion

    [ADe] Book Cover - The War Of The Worlds

    I'll take a look to them. One of the best parts of the book, indeed. I'll make some tries and then I'll post them here. When I was a child, the movie was what introduced me to the story; after that, some years later, I read the book. Again, thank you all for the time and your points of view.
  3. Mithferion

    [ADe] Book Cover - The War Of The Worlds

    Hi! I made the design based in the description given in the book: They were, I now saw, the most unearthly creatures it is possible to conceive. They were huge round bodies—or, rather, heads—about four feet in diameter, each body having in front of it a face. This face had no nostrils—indeed, the Martians do not seem to have had any sense of smell, but it had a pair of very large, dark-colored eyes, and just beneath this a kind of fleshy beak. Somewhere else it says that they have a V-shaped beak, so that's why it looks like it's amiling. That's a good idea. Thanks! Yeah, I still don't have a good idea about making them look like a whole instead of just different parts put in place. I went directly to something classic because of the time this book was written, but I'll try something else. Not exactly, but that's what I can do considerin the description given by the author. D: That's a good one! Could you mention any of those elements? The Tripods? The Cylinder? The Heat Ray? Best regards and thanks for your time and feedback.
  4. It's the method I use. It also works for all kind of objects. Best regards!
  5. Hi there! Here in my country, a certain Library is making a contest about illustrating a book cover. So, I decided to enter by making The War Of The Worlds (one of my favourites of all times). Any feedback will be appreciated (I still have time until I send this to the Library's jury ). Best regards!
  6. You can test playing with the Threshold. But also, the blurry image adds a certain degree of dificulty to this task. Best regards!
  7. Is this result good for you? Best regards!
  8. Just like when people need Artborads in Photo but don't want to purchase Designer, I guess. Best regards!
  9. You could try if Krita (a Software Libre application) can do what you want. If it does, you could have more tools at your disposal. Also, the image you posted is blurry, and if that's the original file you are working with, results may not be the best. Best regards!
  10. Mithferion

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    The Designer Workbook was launched along with the 1.5 release, but, as you said, it's still good with the current retail version. Best regards!
  11. Mithferion

    Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts

    Source Sans Pro is one of my favourites, but for small sizes, Inter UI and Open Sans are better suited. Also, as far as I know, Inter UI is currently under constant development. Best regards!
  12. Mithferion

    Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts

    I would recommend you to try Inter UI: https://rsms.me/inter/ Best regards!
  13. You can use more than one thing. If Adobe products are a must for you, go for it, while you take the advantages Affinity products offer to you. I, for example, as a BI Consultant, use Oracle BI, MS Power BI, Tableau... Best regards!
  14. even if Fontspring lacks in terms of some of the most recognized and legendary fonts, they are the only ones that offer the cheapest alternative to Frutiger, in the form of Graphein Pro (more like a carbon copy, but I don't complain). Best regards!
  15. Maybe the discounts they offer from time to time, like the one I linked to, in June? Many great typefaces had 85%+ discounts. Best regards!