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  1. It's the Stock Panel, available in Affinity Photo. Best regards!
  2. Matt prepared the feature so that a user can define a new End for the line. So, in a future version of the feature, that will be possible. Best regards!
  3. That's an excellent example. I hope that's Matt's current task at hand. Best regards!
  4. Exactly my thoughts. I haven't asked since I think they already have a lot of work to do. Best regards!
  5. The comment I am refering to was another one. Sadly, I can't find it roght now. Best regards!
  6. Patrick said somehwere that they are going to make a new List, on a new Topic... so, maybe that's what they will do and that'd explain why they unpinned this one. Best regards!
  7. But it could, in the same way that the Pen Tool is in Publisher, without competing with Designer because of that. Considering the use cases, I'd add that I see it logical for the Baseline feature to be added to Designer. Even if it's rejected, I ask for it to be included. Best regards!
  8. And not all games run the same way in all of the Hardware combinations. Also, and mor eimportantly: I said that it's a more complicated task, not that such fact is preventing anything. We don't even know if they started the development to support Hardware acceleration. Best regards!
  9. Mithferion

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Go to Menu "Help", and there you should see the option to show the Welcome screen (the Splash Screen is another thing, but can be seen also there). Best regards!
  10. Hardware acceleration is planned for the Windows version, as far as I know, but it's a more complicated task since the Hardware configurations are thousands compared to the Mac world. Best regards!
  11. Mithferion

    Pages in Affinity Designer?

    I believe it make sense, since Publisher is to Export "whole Documents", nos little pieces like in Designer. I hope to try it and I hope many folks take advantage of this. And also, I want the Pages thingy in Designer, as a standalone. Best regards!
  12. Mithferion

    Pages in Affinity Designer?

    I don't use Gravit, I simply pointed to it to understand what the use of Pages was being suggested. Also, yeah, I will try the new Workflow. But also, I'd like Designer by itself to be able to do the Web Design thingy. Best regards!
  13. Mithferion

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    First of all, congratulations on the first big step in your vision of the Fully Integrated suite of Creative Applications. You've made it this far, against the wind but with great success. Keep up the good work and I look forwar to further developments. Next, will you make other Topics for the Public Roadmaps of the Apps? Best regards!
  14. Mithferion

    Hey Affinity,

    Maybe I'm wrong on this one, but I guess it was done in DrawPlus, the same way they made the Workbooks on PagePlus. Best regards!