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  1. Meanwhile, if you are in a hurry, you could find this thread somewhat useful. Best regards!
  2. Mithferion

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.5

    So, even after you restarted the App, the interface was still in French? Best regards!
  3. Mithferion

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.5

    Go to Menu Edit > Preferences: There is an option to choose language. Best regards!
  4. If you search for a Vector Eraser Tool, it hasn’t been release yet. For erasing bitmaps and masking vectors, there is one Eraser Tool in the Pixel Persona. Best regards!
  5. Right now, you can buy everthing with 30% discount: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/store/ Best regards!
  6. Well, finally I could make it appear. The steps I followed to get to it were: Reset the Studio Create some text with the Artistic Text Tool Select it with the Move Tool Go to Text > Show Glyph Browser That way it appeared on the screen. After that, the problem of the Panel now showing never happened again. Best regards!
  7. Mithferion

    Introduce Yourself

    You are welcome. Best regards!
  8. Mithferion can't check "show grid"

    I noticed something like that and came here to notify, but what's more: Grid doesn't change and I can't hide it. There are no Selection Bounds, and you can't see nodes nor the lines of the Pen Tool. Best regards!
  9. Now I know better. Hi, Sean. Let me try and I will be back with the results. Best regards!
  10. Mithferion

    Introduce Yourself

    If you want to hide a certain Symbol, you have to select it, Click on the "Sync" button, hide that Symbol and then Click the "Sync" button again. This way, that propertie for that Symbol will be independent. Before After It's worth noting that some other properties don't require to hit the "Sync" button, like the position of the Symbol (not the position of the Object(s) inside the Symbol). The keyboard would be helpful if you want to select an specific Blend Mode. The Mouse + List to preview in real time is for cases when you are uncertain. So, having both makes more sense. And it's something they have in mind. The same happens with Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher. The only thing is that it takes it a couple of seconds (at least in the current 1.6 version). Best regards!
  11. Most of them are some System and Office Fonts; also, Wosven confirmed that he can open it in Windows 7. Best regards!
  12. Like 90% the same, yes. Best regards!
  13. Yes. It’s weird because in Windows 10 I can also open the Glyph Browser. Best regards!
  14. Hi there! I noticed something on Windows 8.1... and the thing is that I can't open the Glyph Browser. It simply does nothing, but I can see that the Check doesn't appear on View > Studio > Glyph Broswer. Any other Panel, I can open it. Best regards! P. S.: This also happends in Photo.
  15. Thanks, Sean. It worked to delete de Construction Items. And hoping to see these additions. Best regards!