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  1. May I ask what kind of projects are you particularly interested in? Best regards!
  2. If I remember correctly, when TGA support arrived, at first it was as a supported import File Format. Then, the export capability arrived at a later release. It's possible that it will happen that way as well. Best regards!
  3. I'd personally advise againts that. What I mean is: Wandering on multiple Typefaces to see what fits is just a waste of time Trying to design without a need and a direction would lead to unsatisfying results What you might wahtto do instead is: Define a conceptual direction, for example, I want something that looks energetic, with a lot of saturated colors and fun Look for visual references that include Typography See the linked topic above where I gathered a good deal of free and good Typefaces / Fonts (at least, I hope they are for everyone) Now try to apply it to your design Best regards!
  4. Hi! Another year, another set of fonts. Before that, want to let you know: I made another revision on each and every link, to verify that the Font(s) is(are) still available. Sadly, I had to take some out Had to correct some links Also, verified if the number of Fonts had increased (something that happens on Google Fonts) And also, to provide a better experience, if some people are using the service, where possible, I changed the link to Google Fonts as well without further due, here is what I bring today (they are already on the Original Topic) DISPLAY - Centenario v0.1 HEADLINES - D-DIN-PRO (Based on D-DIN) SANS SERIF - Jones* (Has some issues with ï and í characters at Light Weight) SANS SERIF - Source Sans 3 (An update to Source Sans Pro with more weights) SERIF - Gentium Plus (Has bigger language support that its Basic cousins) SERIF - Crimson Pro (New design loosely bases on Crimson Text) Best regards!
  5. Just to let you know that HK Grotesk now is available on Google Fonts as Hanken Grotesk. I edited the main Topic. Best regards!
  6. There is another way, as seen in this example: After you apply the Add Operation, select one of the outer Nodes Then, press Ctrl + A to select all of them that are outside And delete them with the Delete key Example.mp4 Best regards!
  7. From the Tech Specs page: AutoCAD DWG/DXF import, place and edit (maintaining layer structure and scaling) I'm sorry for the experience you had, but it has happened to me: my brain tricks me with it shortcuts and I act hastly. Best regards!
  8. If I remember correctly, TGA support arrived in phases: Import first Export then Alpha channel support last I wouldn't be surprise if Export arrived at a later time. Best regards!
  9. Version 1.5 was not able to open 1.10 files, so it's something that has happened before. Best regards!
  10. But it's what you always do: expect Software Updates like security patches, performance improvements, new features and bug corrections. Also, you pay for support for a situation that might appear, to a certain degree (yes, even using free and open source Software). Best regards!
  11. You would be better if you had the 40% discount and everybody else had like a 30% of discount or less, I suppose. Best regards!
  12. I remember that they said that there wouldn't be more books. Best regards!
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