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  1. Ah, so that's why. But it also happens when you are in the Export Persona and then you select the Slices Panel. Best regards!
  2. Well, anyone can contribute in this thread (beyond simply saying they want this feature). Best regards!
  3. I know there is no excuse, and I’ve said that it has been badly managed by Serif. Also, there are key points where checking should be done, not in every single step. I remembered another weird stuff. When installing Oracle EPM System, if it’s a Virtualized environment, tell the Administrator to save a Snapshot before you click “Run” in the Installer. Why? Because it’s going to fail ay some point, and you will need to revert back to the Snapshot, and then, you will repeat the installation process some more times with the exact same steps and exact same configurations, and it will eventually work. Frustrating, I know. Best regards!
  4. I remember a bug in Oracle BI that made add a user to a Role, have to Save and Close, edit the Role again and add a new user, because adding more than one in a single go was not possible. Even simple tasks can be buggy. Best regards!
  5. Since my college days, I’ve been told to test everything and I also learned the hard way that you never have to take anything for granted, so that’s why I asked. So, just to summarize: - Testing is a must and a best practice, with Serif and with any other Software Package from any Vendor - It has been badly managed, this and the seams bug, by Serif. I agree with that - Beating a dead horse has no purpose Best regards!
  6. And the bugs/problems they cause to other large corporations are gigantic. Best regards!
  7. Ah, true. That’s a whole different story, no doubt. Just out of curiosity, do you do any kind of testing before going full production mode? Was such a course of action possible in the work that you are referring to? Best regards!
  8. Do you have any idea what backups are for? They will be your best friends. I’ve been working with Oracle/SAP Solutions for some years now and I can tell you that bugs are everywhere, and that sometimes those big fish last a lot of time to correct them right (because they can issue a Patch that will cause more troubles). Best regards!
  9. The origin/purpose of serial complaining might be some sort of psychological relief that it causes, maybe wanting others to join the joy... Meanwhile, it’s as tiresome to others as the bugs themselves. Best regards!
  10. Whenever a new trainee is assigned to work with me, there are two things I always teach them: 1. Where the restroom is 2. Don’t take anything for granted Best regards!
  11. For some artistic things, the autotrace feature might be suitable, but for Logo Design, it’s a bad habit. Best regards!
  12. The yes is for the currently being worked part of the question. The or, for me, is not substantial to the nature of the question. Best regards!
  13. Mithferion

    Simple Poster Design (.afpub)

    It’s time for my Topic to shine again. Best regards!
  14. Mithferion

    zoom artboards

    Double clicking also works for any object, in the Layers Panel. Best regards!