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  1. Mithferion

    Latest Affinity releases on each platform by store

    The table should be updated in the Customer Beta column, because currently we have Affinity Designer and Photo Customer Betas at version, right? Best regards!
  2. Mithferion

    Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts

    Added a carbon copy of Friz Quadrata, called Quadrat Serial, 1 weight is free. Best regards!
  3. Mithferion

    General Mayhem

    I love the style. Good work. Best regards!
  4. Mithferion

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    It's a positive and hopeful comment. Best regards!
  5. Mithferion

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    And that's why I am expecting it "before 2019". Best regards!
  6. Mithferion

    Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts

    Nice. Thanks for sharing. Best regards!
  7. Mithferion

    Affinity Photo - Cosmic Entity [Illustration]

  8. Well, you learn something new every day. Best regards!
  9. And for some people, Artboards is a more important feature, and for those folks, the program suits their needs. I understand. And I'd love to see this coming out right now, but until then, all I can do is wait (or pay for it to another company, something that I hope I won't be needing soon). Best regards!
  10. Mithferion

    Affinity products for Linux

    I'm not made for that kind of luxury, I guess. Best regards!
  11. Mithferion

    Affinity products for Linux

    Yeah, I don't know how I manage to put food in my table and pay my bills using Windows. What a time to be alive, right? Best regards!
  12. Mithferion

    Gender bias

    While I don't want to enter in a discussion about this topic (these forums are not the place to do so), I must say that I don't care if a product has a man or a woman (or many) in it's cover/commercials/marketing material. I care about the product itself. Best regards!
  13. Mithferion

    Affinity products for Linux

    There is this saying: "This is the year of Linux". I've read that a lot of times, but even if it has had a lot of success in other areas, the Consumer Desktop is not one of them. Best regards!
  14. Mithferion

    Affinity products for Linux

    If they do that research, they will have less time for the work they are commited to do. So, it won’t be happening, at least not in the next 7 years. Best regards!
  15. Mithferion

    Designer .svg export

    If I'm not mistaken, the Export features are constantly under development for further improvements; until then, not a solution but maybe a change: have you tried Inkscape for all SVG stuff? At least you could get rid of Illustrator. Best regards!