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  1. I am yet to read what Andrew Loomis says about Composition. It might be complementary to this. I'll get back with that as soon as I can. Best regards!
  2. Hi there! I wanted to share this video. It's a conference made by Gleb Alexandrov during the Blender Conference 2017. It applies to anything. Hope it's of use for everyone. Best regards!
  3. You could try with the Transformation Panel. I hove the pointer over the width number and use the mouse wheel (Windows user) to increment/decrement by 1 pixel. I'm sure the gestures on the Touch Pad would do the same. Best regards!
  4. Maybe, haha. But now that we are talking about Illustrator, I believe that most of the folks that complain about some features not present in Designer want Illustrator so bad but they are so poor... Frustration beyond imagination. Best regards!
  5. This was the key: - i need to pay 20$ a month to use the software! =P
  6. If it's mandatory to deliver the AI file, some folks do this: pay one month for that solely purpose and integrate that fee into the final price for the client. Another way would be that more clients embraced the Affinity range of products. Best regards!
  7. Haha. This made my day. And that's because: a) Absurd things are funny. b) This can be said about anything, so it's so generic. c) I am in a good mood. Best regards!
  8. Thanks for your kind words. =) Best regards!
  9. You can check Apple's guidelines regarding sizes. Icons are not just for the main screen: Best regards!
  10. So, are you designing your elements in a higher resolution? I ask ebcause the templates provided by Apple in PSD Format come in the final size. You can download the AFDESIGN version I made of some of those templates. You coul also make use of this other file. Now, when you have your icon in the real size, it's a matter of using the Pixel view mode. Best regards!
  11. Yeah, and it can, but there is something weird about this file, uhm. Best regards!
  12. I know, but if you open the file in Inkscape, you have the correct appearance, even if you don't have installed that font (Bitstream Vera Serif). I wanted to convert all into shapes and then copy to Designer. Best regards!
  13. There is something weird in that SVG file, because if I open it in Inkscape everything looks good, but when I try to convert the text into a curve, it remains as text (Bitstream Vera Serif). Also, I can't change the font... Best regards!
  14. Such tools, fortunately, are in their roadmap. Just a matter of time. Tempus fugit... Best regards!
  15. This might be a good feature for the Color Picker Tool. Best regards!