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  1. Hi there! I saw this post about the resources Apple shares for interface design, for Sketch, Phoroshop and Adobe X D. I downloaded the ZIP file provided by Apple and started to make the AFDESIGN version of it. There are several PSD files with pixel images, and I'm trying to make the closets possible to that, but all here is editable and with lovely vectors and shapes. Here is the first one of the files. I'll update this Topic when I finish more of these files. Hope this be useful! Note: You still might want to download the ZIP file to get the fonts SF Pro Display and SF Pro Text. Best regards! Template-App.afdesign
  2. Thanks, Chris!
  3. And cute they are.
  4. Well, I don't know what to make of this: I get nothing too. Best regards!
  5. I see. It’s just that I don’t remember them from the previous version so I thought it might be a problem. Best regards!
  6. Hi there! When using the Pixel Persona, this kind of glitches happen when painting near or out the edge of the canvas. After Zooming In / Out, it disappears. Best regards!
  7. Hi there, Team. I've noticed that when either of both programs start, there is a bit of CPU usage related to the Font Management on Windows (or so I guess), as seen on the screenshots below. After one minute or so the CPU usage goes back to normal, when both programs are idle: Also, another thing that happens is that after closing Photo, the process remains there for some minutes using Disk bandwidth (this doesn't happen with Designer): Best regards!
  8. You're welcome!
  9. Hi. Here is something on the matter. Best regards!
  10. I guess you mean something like this quick Mockup: I know it'd be darker, but I think the way it is works really well. For dark interfaces, some white backgrounds work well as a contrast element, like the Menus on a Mac. Best regards!
  11. You're welcome. And glad it worked well.
  12. Press Alt while using the brush and it should deselect. Best regards!
  13. I believe this is the way to go. A dark background and light letters would be hard to read. Also, I love the dark theme. Best regards!
  14. I'm just curious. Can you share the name of a Program / Platform / Solution, in general, that has that workflow you want? Best regards!
  15. It's an excess of precision. Let's hope they can solve it soon. Best regards!