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  1. Hi! I never had one of these but always liked the design, so I searched for an image of it to do a vector version. If anyone is interested, I attach the .AFDESIGN file (I made it in V1 but used V2 for the screenshots). Hope you like it. Best regards! iPod-Nano-7-2015.afdesign
  2. And now I was able to check the rest. There are more Fonts marked as [VARIABLE], I had to delete some because they are no longer free but added this one. (= SANS SERIF - Involve. It is based on Evolventa, which is based on URW Gothic. Adds language Support and more weights (as well as including a Variable option) Best regards!
  3. Unfortunately, those are Demo Fonts that don't cover all the Spanish characters I'd need but hope they are good for others. Best regards!
  4. Ah, but you still can download them from Tinkov's website. No registration required. But thanks for pointing it out. I will add this link instead of the MyFonts one. Best regards!
  5. Hi there! I know it's a bit late but now that 2.5 is here I dedicated some time to specify which Tyefaces include a Variable Font option. I partially covered this since I only checked the ones in google Fonts. You can search for this text in order to find which ones have this: [VARIABLE] Sorry for the delay and best regards!
  6. Haven’t started yet but the first step has been accomplished: I’ve installe the 2.5 update. Hope this is done this weekend, at the latest. Best regards!
  7. Once 2.5 reaches the first retail version, I will check to see which ones have a Variable Font version and update the Topic. This will also apply for new Typefaces I find. Best regards!
  8. Long time I didn't update this Topic. Added a new site. Best regards!
  9. More precisesly: plenty of text with some little bits of useful parts in it. Best regards!
  10. It's good because it's good. It'd be better if they've done this before, but still, I don't see any harm. Best regards!
  11. Hi, Ash. As promised yesterday, I will share if this sounds good to me, and it sounds OK. Here is why: Pledge 1: The perpetual Licensing model is what attracted people in the first place, but I feel like if some kind of subscription appears, it will be seen as a Red Flag if offered from you. If Canva is the one adding the Affinity Suite with their current Pricing Plans, well, that'd be seen like an addition. Still, I've read some comments that the Canva Team has changed pricing policies and this will still keep us watching closely. Pledge 2: Keeping Affinity as it is also key: installed locally with no need of being connected to the Internet (except when activating the Product). Now, regarding the development and the speed in which new versions are delivered: we will see if more money brings that but I'm not sure that we'll see Features coming twice as fast or double of them in the same period of 3 moths (roughly) when new releases come out, as an example. Pledge 3: I like this one. Hope it works great Pledge 4: This is a complex one, because as you know, people have been really vocal about demanding Features in the forums, so there are features (as the one you mention on Pledge 2) that you are aware that people want for yesterday. I will take y time to fill the form you provided as well. We'll see if these pledges even last in the coming years. Best regards!
  12. Ah, yes, and I've used professional Software that I liked at the first try. Best regards!
  13. I'll let you know if that sounds good to me. How it turns out in the end will be another converation. Best regards!
  14. Tried it once. Didn't like it. Best regards!
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