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    Primary Basic Feature Request

    Thanks for the suggestion. Worked out perfectly. I saw the video but it Doen't Cover the part where I can Remove a Node or Minus Pen during the process of making a curve. The minus pen would also make it possible to contentiously remove point just in single click rather than select a point then press delete button. No but didn't check this function properly before and yeah it is a work around. Yeah that also works Oh Yeah Have a lot of Brushing in understanding the tools yet. Yes I use the same but had a hassle finding it as new to software so wanted it would help new users to find the function faster. No that was not the reason. The reason was to Quickly unlock specific object rather than going all the way to layer panel to unlock it or unlocking all the object with the shortcut. Thank You Very Much for such a detailed reply helped get along with Affinity designer lot smoothly than I expected. And Now i guess Affnity Designer itself is a different software like other software and it has its own separate functions to workaround and expecting to add few features would be rude of me hoping to make the software to adapt itself and me not taking the effort to explore it around. @Mithferion in your language. Muchas Gracias for addressing most of my issues.
  2. Hardik Galaiya

    Primary Basic Feature Request

    Thank You for the Update happy to know that the feature is on the way. As I am not a beta user so was not aware
  3. I have recently started using Affinty Designer and found that few basic features were missing which all the other professional Vector Editing Software have. Split Point ( This feature allows to break the point into Two separate points ) Minus/Plus or remove/add node ( Feature in Pen Tool to add or remove a node without limiting to shift to different tools ) Break Apart or Release Compound Path ( After Separating a shape with subtract front from back I need to be able to use both separations as different object rather than one single unit ) Create Clipping Mask or Power Clip option in Context Menu and Also Ctrl/Command + Drag object over other object for Quick Power Clipping(This feature is required for the reason of better efficiency ) Actions or Automation ( This Feature is in Illustrator which allows pre-recorded actions to take complex or rather bulk part of the work be smoother and FASTER ) Shape Builder Tool ( This Tool makes it easier for ratio base designing ) ( This is specifically required for professional designers ) Hovering Thumbnail along side the eyedropper tool with Color information (Eg : ) ( It is much need feature if you use it ) Convert to Curves should be included in Text Drop Down Menu. Change of units from right click on ruler ( This feature allows change of measuring unit from just by right clicking on the ruler ) Convert Object to Guidelines ( This Feature allows to Convert Object into Guide Shapes ) Object Locking option in Context Menu (much needed feature for Desktop and Mac user ) Color Numeric Value in swatches with the current color mode ( This feature is highly required one suggested by dadesign I.e.: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/77313-color-numeric-value-in-swatches/ don't know the person but really useful feature ) Thank You for Hearing,

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