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  1. Something like Adobe Reader, or Tableau Reader might prove helpful. Best regards!
  2. That’s too bad. On Windows, also nothing. What’s what you’d like to check in it? Best regards!
  3. Based on this Official promo screenshot, I believe that it's among the Samples in the iPad version: Best regards!
  4. I made the same suggestion on this Topic (I will update the images later). And I also included another one. Let's hope the improvements come in a future update. Best regards!
  5. My random guess is that they will update the 1.x Roadmap after the Publisher launch event. Best regards!
  6. Mithferion

    Expand Stroke

    Básicamente, todos tenemos ese problema. En tu captura de pantalla no veo las dimensiones del círculo, pero la forma de evitar esto es que agrandes considerablemente el círculo, expandas el trazo, y luego lo reduzcas al tamaño deseado. Los Desarrolladores son conscientes de este problema, y presumiblemente, en los siguientes meses tratarán de resolverlo. ¡Saludos!
  7. The moment you draw and define the Mode, it's possible to use the handles from the Pen tool. The thing that is not possible is doing so with a Node that you defined earlier, as a Sharp Node. Best regards!
  8. Seems to be the case, at least since Beta .293 (Windows). Best regards!
  9. I couldn't find if this has been requested before (or it's already there but I'm failing to find it), but I'd love to have the ability to chose a color for the Bleed. Or at least, change the default color to Pink or Red, so they are easier to see, like the Margins, that by default are Blue. Best regards!
  10. Ah, it’s true. I forgot that only the Perspective Filter is available as a Live Filter. Yes, more Live Filters have been asked before. Best regards!
  11. Go to Menu “Layer”, there you will find the Live Filters, which are non-destructive. Best regards!
  12. A similar feature is available in the form of Embedded Files. You can embed an AFDESIGN file inside the AFPHOTO file and apply a lot of effects and filters. Best regards!
  13. Mithferion

    Strawberry, practice (AD)

    Realistic and nicely executed! Best regards!
  14. I dare to say that it will be like this one, a previous edition of the event: Best regards!
  15. The same can be don with Photo, but Designer has more dedicated Vector Tools. Best regards!
  16. There was never a version superior to 1.6.5 for Windows, as far as I remember. I keep all the Installers, I’ll take a look as soon as I can. Best regards!
  17. I, again, rise my hand for this to be asked to the Team. Best regards!
  18. As they said on ther official account: Expand stroke is available in DEsigner, is that what you are refering to? Also, it needs to be improved sin with smalls sizes, the resultas are less than acceptable. Best regards!
  19. As Matt (Affinity Designer Lead Developer) said: Yes I deliberately wrote the code so that users can define their own curves and offset positions - with a view to opening this up in the future. In a future, you will be able to do your own heads and tails. Best regards!
  20. Getting rid of the subscription thing and working only with a set of programs that you like would be the best, but yeah, sometimes the work needs are what they are. You know? Something that I've thought for a while: becoming friends with the Developer of Photopea might prove to be a good thing, since Photopea opens SmartObjects and exports editable text in PSD format. But that's just me and my imagination. Affinity does a very good job, but any improvement is very welcome. Best regards!
  21. Why not working with both? In my case, if the time comes when I'll need to rent Illustrator (even for a month), I'd use Designer as the main Tool and Illustrator just for the sake of saving it in AI Format and maybe for some specific feature. I have the understanding that Copy & Paste from Designer to Illustrator works well. Best regards!
  22. Mithferion

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.0

    Yes, it is. Best regards!
  23. It's exactly like that. There are two options for Mac and Windows Users: Official OS Store Affinity Store The 30% discount applies for the Affinity Store. Initially, the Mac App Store was the only place to get it for macOS, but now they added the Affinity Store Option. For the Official OS Store for Windows and macOS, the discount will be 20%, I believe. Best regards!
  24. I don't know when, but based on what Matt has said, he should be taking a look at those two oldies, in the following months: Boolean Operations and Expand Stroke. Best regards!
  25. It's more than likely that the Official Launch on all distribution channels will have the 20% discount, as seen in previous releases, so, you still can benefit from saving a bit. Best regards!