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  1. Hey, I have the next challenge. I'm working on an ornament. However, would like to overlap some lines over other lines. Is there a method to handle this conveniently? Do you have any advice for me? The only option is to trace the lines with the pen tool and snapping tool, but this seems to take a long time. There must be some other useful approach I think. line above and under other line.afdesign
  2. Thanx @PÅ¡enda and @Old Bruce for your answers. My question was actually also related to a question I had previously asked: So I am actually looking for a way to draw borders of countries without covering the color border of another country. It would be great if I could draw border lines with multiple colors. I've also read the link: So I understand that it is currently only possible if the stroke is closed. Currently I have come out as follows: [uploaded screenshot] I will experiment with this now Thanks again for all of your help.
  3. As you can see below, I am unable to change the alignment of a single line, made with the pen tool, to outside or inside. It is possible with the other three figures, these are also made with the pen tool? Is there any way to get this fixed for a single line?
  4. I have the same problem like in this YouTube tutorial for Adobe Illustrator: Is there a way to do this in a convenient and practical way in AD? Just copy past and centre it is not the right wat. I want to make borders for a country map with two colors. Can anyone helping met with solving this?
  5. Thank you G13RL and GarryP. Thanks to you I managed to realize the following work:
  6. I'm a beginner and I have a question. As shown in the picture in the appendix, I try to make a pie chart with text in the pie slices. Each pie slice should have two-line text. And of course I would like every text right in the middle of the pair. Both horizontally and vertically. I think I have to make a new circle path for every line of text and I don't know how to calibrate the middle. Perhaps there is a way to do this more practically and efficiently. Can anyone help me with this please? thank you in advance
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