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  1. My MAC OS Ventura Network->wifi->TCP/IP->Configure IPv6 is set to "Automatically" - I'm not sure why this would change, perhaps a function of the modem/router ? I have a mesh network. I'm only guessing now. But as I said, if I wait some time, that error message goes away and it eventually works. I suspect we (you) beat this to death with your image capture -> AP2 suggestions - as I am now a happy camper.
  2. Well, I view it more as a timing bug in and around the api call, because if I wait a few seconds, click again, or switch to another scanner and then back, it works. That is why I said earlier that the environment in and around calling the api is different. Anyway, your second suggestion, simply outputting image capture to AP2 is fine. Doing it twice creates a 2nd tab which is ok, so the image can be modified, then copy/pasted to the first tab. This is a good enough solution for me and it is out of the box, w/o having to create custom code (automator) that perhaps can break in a future OS upgrade. AP needs to fix the underlying issue as the fix might expose other issues. I can make Affinity Publisher crash for example and had to identify work arounds - so what I'm saying is that their qualification/system test processes need to be enhanced - yes, every piece of code has a bug, its just a matter of time for it to be exposed .....
  3. I see. Of course I can try, but my question is, will this create a new layer in the open tab or a new AP tab ?
  4. And yes, your simpler idea worked for me, image scan -> affinity photo 2 - thanks for thinking out of the box
  5. there are bugs in the affinity implementation. I sometimes get a -9921 (Failed to open a session on the device) but yet the scanner is running. Perhaps a timing issue.
  6. @loukash, thank you for the idea, I will look into it. I was hoping that by indicating it didn't work for one brother scanner, but yet another it did work, that info might help Affinity. The fact that it works for Pixelmator pro, and perhaps other photo editing apps, should be a stimulus to accelerate a fix. In terms of the "same process", well it might not be the same "environment" - timing, memory management, race conditions, whatever, recursive code if they implement that way. This is an annoying situation, similar to have to work around using nik collection on an apple silicon. Affinity needs to strive for perfection.
  7. Let me add that scanner from Brother Brother HL-2280DW CUPS seems to work well - and when I tried various combinations for Brother MFC-L2750DW series-AirPrint some importing caused Affinity Photo to actually crash. I believe these bugs are latent for many versions of Affinity Photo.
  8. See attached PDF file describing the bug and the environment. I show where it doesn't work well with Affinity Photo, but does work well with Pixelmator Pro ...... Affinity Photo Scanner Bug.pdf
  9. Understood, but it continues to happen. The use case is save file, but don't close file, and close Publisher, then it crashes. Separately I have been able to crash publisher with a very large file, when bringing up resource manager. I have split the file and now use the books feature.
  10. Walt, thank you for the clarification. I wonder how you knew this as the report is misleading? The report should state what you stated as I wasted so much time trying to understand this. Anyway, thanks again for your feedback.
  11. Preflight is reporting missing characters, which are not in fact missing. They are Emoji's from the publisher menu. This bug is a carryover from V1. I am using V2 on Ventura, see attached png file for eample.
  12. Using V2 affinity publisher photo and designer. Using Mac Studio Ventura. In publisher, place a photo 2 photo. Switch to photo using the studio switcher. Right click on the layers panel in photo, there is no merge visible option, however, from the layers menu in photo, there is a merge visible option. My work flow normally uses right click
  13. I just did an experiment for you Chris. I saved the document on my internal SSD drive and closed affinity publisher (without closing document), no crash. Same experiment with external USB Hard Drive is when the crash happens. I save the document, then close affinity publisher. Saved document is not affected, just crash.
  14. Locally to a USB attached HD. I was hoping original crash report would help you. I have not tried with a "file" on my internal MAC Studio SSD.
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