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  1. Yes, so can Inkscape if you don't have access to illustrator.
  2. Hi @Artsketch, Do you have a small sample, I am curious how that looks. I think I know what you are talking about. When using vector brushes I get annoying hooks, I can sort of workaround those by using a short rope stabilizer. But it doesn't work great. And just tried it for the pixel brush a short rope stabilizer sort of solves the blobs, I think. BUT drawing gets more 'viscous' (couldn't think of a better word).
  3. Hi Sean, I can confirm that AD doesn't crash when selecting an individual paragraph.
  4. Designer (1.8.3) crashes whenever I want to adjust the Spacing settings on the Text Studio. The other settings in the Text Studio I can adjust.
  5. It's quite remarkable that I would have recommended a Wacom tablet for a couple of years ago without a second thought. And at the moment there are actually very good alternatives for Wacom tablet.
  6. Kort antwoord: Ja, maar dan zou ik in jouw geval voor Affinity Photo kiezen, dat is meer vergelijkbaar met Photoshop. Qua complexiteit zijn zowel Affinity Designer als Photo redelijk complex , hoewel ik ze intuïtiever vind dan Photoshop en Illustrator. En er zijn genoeg goede tutorials te vinden.
  7. But do you have pixel alignment? it is actually impossible with 30 degrees isometric grid. 2:1 isometric is closest to standard isometric grid with pixel alignment.
  8. Hi Joao, If you use these settings you'll get what you are trying to achieve: 2:1 isometric with a spacing of 8,944 px
  9. Yes, you should be able to import Photo's pixel brushes in Designer. But you have to be in the Pixel Persona not the Designer Persona.
  10. I have tried it, and it works. But I am still not convinced of the necessity for Designer and Photo to open Publisher files. It’s great that we are able to work both ways in Designer and Photo.
  11. I was trying to think of a scenario I would open a publisher file in AD or AP, but I couldn't think of one. Evidently APub should be able to open/place AD an AP files. And it's great that the Designer and Photo personas are available in Publisher.
  12. There are no rulers unfortunately. But there are guides under Document - > Guides. Is that what you mean by helplines?
  13. Not to my knowledge. You can type mm, but then you have type every measurement. That would be great! edit: go to preferences - > Interface - > switch off Lines in points for line thickness in mm And if you are already working in a file go to Resize and set Units to mm.
  14. That is the pixel persona in Affinity Designer. And it would be great to have a freehand selection tool in the vector persona for the move and node tool.
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