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  1. I have sent the designer file, a screen recording and more crash reports. It doesn't matter if the hardware acceleration is disabled or enabled, the crash occurs in both situations.
  2. a crashreport from this morning: 31b512ca-b6f4-4f8b-977b-5ac9a30e5f11.dmp If you need the actual file I can upload it, just not on the forum.
  3. Designer regularly crashes when using shape builder. I imported the curves from a pdf file (multiple floorplans, sections etc. on a sheet) and started to use shape builder. It crashes when selecting all curves and start using "create new shape from selected areas", but also when selecting a portion of the curves (a single floorplan).
  4. As a workaround you could try the Shape Builder tool with the 'create new shape from selected areas' to create a new object, and place that new object underneath your linework.
  5. As an architect I still use larger than A3 sized pdf's on a daily basis. The last time I actually plotted an A0 has been years ago. The limited preset list sounds reasonable, but I still wasn't able to add A0 as a preset. I will try it again when I am at my desktop.
  6. I noticed that too, and added A2 and A1 as a preset but was unable to add A0. AD made it 840 * 840, instead of 840 * 1188.
  7. In the end I created a series of small linked text frames with a paragraph numbering inside a larger text frame and using text wrap. It works, but it's quite finicky to set up.
  8. Hi @Old Bruce, I was hoping It could be solved without scripting or spreadsheets. I was hoping I could create a field consisting of a sequence like Word has.
  9. I would like to create a sequence of numbers or letters or a combination running along multiple text frames. Is that possible without manually typing the sequence?
  10. Nope unfortunately, NVidia is supported from the Maxwell generation (Geforce 900 series) onwards. And the internal GPU (Intel HD 4600) isn't supported either. Info from Serif:
  11. Are the brushes reasonably usable in the 1.9 version? As there is some hardware acceleration present in the most recent version.
  12. I would also smaller increments for the rotation. It would be great if we are able to set the increment size.
  13. I've added two clips showing what I mean by aligning to an orhogonal or isometric grid. You could ofcourse combine align to grid with snap to grid. The app I've used for these clips is Concepts. align_isometric.mov align_ortho.mov
  14. Look at the rhino forum, you need the wip version: https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/what-export-option-to-use-to-get-rhino-into-affinity-designer/38872/54
  15. @Calina Bell have you tried the app concepts, there you can set line smoothing from 0 to 100%. 0% is handdrawn. I like concepts very much for sketching, and it is a vector app.
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