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    Architecture: from avant-garde to restoration and renovation (actually working as a restoration architect)
    Structural engineering: has always been an interest and broadening my knowledge by taking courses at university
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  1. Thanks for your reply, I have already posted a bug topic.
  2. I was trying the affinity brochure as a sample and couldn't find what was going at page 7 of the brochure. I already started a topic on it. On spread (page 6-7) two master pages have been assigned. - select from the layers tab the group (Clear (Dark Text)) (-> the master page assigned to page 6) than a frame appears. - unlock this layer group and you are able to resize/move the master page - when selecting the unlocked group (Dark (footer))) from the layers tab only a vertical 'frame' with two grips appears, so this one has been resized to a vertical line (?). - resizing the master page on spread 8-9 to a vertical bar results in a crash. I am aware it is strange to resize a master page on a spread, it is locked for a reason, but it shouldn't result in a crash. Initially I thought I could crop the master page this way, but you are only able to resize and move the master page on a spread/page.
  3. Is the above too obvious to answer? I haven't been able to find a setting to override (?) a master page assigned to a spread. Is there way to show which master page is assigned to a page. By mouse-over a spread I only see the title of one or two master pages that have been assigned. And in the layers tab I can find the master page as a group.
  4. I was also looking for this option. I use multiple pc's so relative linking would be benificial. Managing files would become more flexible.
  5. I have downloaded the brochure example you've created. The Dark (footer) master page has been applied to page 7, but the dark background nor the footer is visible. How did you achieve that? Is that an override or something? (I am enjoying Publisher, and I can see me using it when foot- and endnotes functionality has been added)
  6. It has been requested several times, and would be great to have.
  7. Markio

    .pat files

    It would come in handy for Designer also.
  8. + 1 Could be very useful at this moment, was searching for how-to on the forum.
  9. Markio

    Architectural axonometric illustration

    Did you use any other software to produce the plans, sections etc?
  10. I meant, I cannot emphasize enough the need for this kind of control. (damn typo changes the meaning completely)
  11. Yes I can't emphasize the need for this kind of control.
  12. Is there a way to show a selected object in the expanded layer tree in the layers panel? When a layer or group consists of many objects I would like to be able to auto-scroll the layer-tree to the selected object, so I don't have to manually scroll through the tree. Or am I missing something obvious?
  13. +1, To me the 'Smart Fill' function from CorelDRAW is even more elegant than the LivePaint feature from Illustrator. (you don't have to make a Live Paint group first. CorelDRAW lacks much, but Smart Fill is nice). And the bucket fill feature from Inkscape won't suffice for me. (The fill has to be based on the actual vector info, not the rasterized screen projection) I am waiting for the windows beta, but I won't have much use for AD if this has such a low priority.
  14. Markio

    Windows OS Support

    unfortunately I cannot do without windows (revit and autocad). Some folks from the coreldraw-forum pointed me to serif pageplus a while ago. So I decided to purchase it, but as I said pdf-import is wonky (but 'vital' to me), so I don't use it and I regret upgrading to X8 (I don't know why I did that). It's a pity that the plus range is consumer stuff, and as a result professionals don't touch it (with a few exceptions). I didn't try Photoplus, because after reading the user guide I realised a lot of features are missing. I have tried drawplus, nice - actually quite close to professional. But I don't expect a lot from the upcoming release as a third of the development-team is working on the affinity range. And I don't want to pay twice the price for consumer-grade software as the same company develops nice pro-grade software for almost half the the price, it just feels wrong. (finally coreldraw: good vector editing with an ancient UI (very nice smart fill tool); weak pixel editing (coreldraw and photopaint have no on-canvas warping/liquifying etc on the pixel side of graphics; and photopaint is very unstable)