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    Architecture: from avant-garde to restoration and renovation (actually working as a restoration architect)
    Structural engineering: has always been an interest and broadening my knowledge by taking courses at university
    Music and art: from ancient Greece to contemporary
  1. Markio

    .pat files

    It would come in handy for Designer also.
  2. + 1 Could be very useful at this moment, was searching for how-to on the forum.
  3. Markio

    Architectural axonometric illustration

    Did you use any other software to produce the plans, sections etc?
  4. I meant, I cannot emphasize enough the need for this kind of control. (damn typo changes the meaning completely)
  5. Markio

    dash scaling

    Nevermind, I have already deïnstalled it. Relating the dashes and gaps to the line width works counterintuitive to me. I use Vectordrawing for more technical illustrations (architecture), so I need precise control over the strokes, and I truly need closed corners when using dashes, described in this request. I need some sort of livepaint tool. None of these things are on the roadmap, so it's a no-go for me. (arrowstyles are being worked on) On both my machines I still get the issue described in this topic, you can't imagine how annoying this issue is. So I will give AD a try in the future when AD is more mature, but it became clear that I'm not the target group.
  6. Yes I can't emphasize the need for this kind of control.
  7. Markio

    dash scaling

    Relative to line widht I see now, all right AD is not for me then, too many things I need that have no workarounds. Maybe in a couple of years then.
  8. Markio

    dash scaling

    Ofcourse, I know that. But when I set the dash to 7 pt and the gap to 5 pt, I expect these settings to remain that way, independent from the line width. (the Illustrator, CorelDraw etc way) Too me this is a bug, I would expect the dash-scaling when ticking scale with object in the stroke panel. But as the screenshot shows this setting is unchecked.
  9. Markio

    dash scaling

    When I create a dashed curve and increase the line width, the dashes start increasing too. If this is the intended behaviour, is there a way to turn it off? I would like to have control over the dash length apart from the width.
  10. Have you tried exporting to pdf from Rhino?
  11. Markio

    selection layer tree

    Yep thank you!
  12. Is there a way to show a selected object in the expanded layer tree in the layers panel? When a layer or group consists of many objects I would like to be able to auto-scroll the layer-tree to the selected object, so I don't have to manually scroll through the tree. Or am I missing something obvious?
  13. Markio

    BUG: changing line styles

    The behaviour described in the first post, also occurs on my desktop at work, it's much newer than my home desktop. ( Strange that I am the only one reporting this.
  14. Creating a closed dashed curve doesn't give me sharp corner at the start node. I have selected the miter option. No problems with a normal curve. edit: and a request for closed corners. (AI: "aligning dashes to corners and path ends" option in the stroke panel)
  15. Markio

    BUG: changing line styles

    Hovering over the button highlights it and get a callout with dashed line style. cicking on dashed or texture line style resizes the drop down panel. I have to click several times before actually getting the dashed line. I will explore the app more. edit: where do I set the DPI settings in the app. I know how to set it in WIndows.