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  1. Really important. Need an easy export of the text of all document ==> .TXT to check in third software Thanks
  2. You're right ! I just have to reverse "Conclusion" and "Pos aiiis". Sorry, I'd have to try before write... Thanks for your both help. And about bookmarks, it's still under development, right ?
  3. Hello, I think I have the same problem with bookmarks. Then I disabled bookmarks in the PDF export settings. I would like to use PDF bookmarks again. I have another problem : "Pos aiiis" is in front of "Conclusion" in the table of content. But in reality, it's the reverse (p.7). Do you know why ? Please find attached my .afpub and exported .pdf Tha .afpub is a clone but without confidential informations. Do you know when it will be resolved ? Thanks dp_16-AFFINITY - light 2.afpub dp_16-AFFINITY - light 2.pdf
  4. Hello Affinity team, Please implement it, it's an important feature to save time.
  5. Thank you for your answers. I'm using Win 10. The mouse wheel works well on my W10 and others sofwares. But in Publisher, the mouse scroll speed up/down is very low in the tab "PAGES". I'd like to set it up ... Is it possible ?
  6. Hello, Did you add this new option ? I need it and I can't find it... Thanks,
  7. OK thank you all for your answers 😀 @MEBDid you plan GPU acceleration for windows ?
  8. Hello, I would like to buy those brushes for affinity on windows : https://affinity.serif.com/fr/store/product/daub-paintbox-brush-pack/ Is it possible or definitely not ? Thanks and have a good day !
  9. Hello, I have the same problem with : https://www.freepik.com/premium-vector/brick-wall-design_3728996.htm All the groups were lost when I open the .eps in Affinity. I suppose no solution was found yet ? Thanks
  10. Hello, Thank you. Indeed, I was using Firefox PDF viewer. I have just checked with Acrobat and it works fine. By the way, when I print from Firefox PDF viewer, the colors are not good either. Thank you again for you help. Best regards, Tonio
  11. Hi, When I export my file as PDF for print (300dpi) the colors become darker (yellow is now brown in PDF). Do you have any idea which parameters I can ajust and how ? Thank you in advance for your help. Tonio citrouille_test.afpub citrouille_test.pdf
  12. Hi Patrick, Thanks for such a detailed response. And as I see, I am not alone ! I don't know Affinity a lot yet, I am juste discovering to see if it can suit for my projects. I should say I like it very much but hyperlink is very important for me. I understand that it can be optional in Designer, but in my point of view it is absolutely essential for Publisher. Thank you again, I will be looking forward to your update on this subject.
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