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  1. Hello, I would like to know if an updated list of the import format files that Affinity Publisher can open is available somewhere. Thanks!
  2. I have experienced the same issue here. Are there any workarounds or fixes that anyone know for solving this problem? Thanks!
  3. Hello MEB, I have just uploaded the afdesign file to your Dropbox account. If I use the 'whole document' option both for web and for print presets, the issue occurs on Artboard4 and Artboard5. However, everything works smoothly if I choose to export only Artboard4 or Artboard5 areas. Thanks!
  4. I created from scratch a document in Affinity Designer and it also happens to me :(.
  5. I have just sent you the link file link via private message :)
  6. Hello MEB, Unfortunately, I didn't use layer effects, blend modes or complex gradients. And for whatever it is worth, all the contents have been created in vector format. I'm using 'PDF (for the web)' preset. If I select 'pdf (for print)', it looks good. Do you mind if I share it with you by private message? Thanks!
  7. Hello, Something is wrong with my afdesign document. I usually export to pdf and everything works fine. I tested exporting to png and the operation finishes smoothly. The point is some document areas seem pixelated, like stains, while the rest of the pdf looks good. Any ideas? Thank you!
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