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  1. Bonjour, Thank you for this Publisher beta version. My first impressions are very positives. I have 1 question for the moment. I export my document to PDF for print and need to have some clickable texts. How can I add an hyperlink (URL) to my text (or image) in Publisher? This option is very important for me. If not possible for the moment, will this option be added in the final version and when ? Thanks for your help. Tonio
  2. Hi Patrick, Thanks for such a detailed response. And as I see, I am not alone ! I don't know Affinity a lot yet, I am juste discovering to see if it can suit for my projects. I should say I like it very much but hyperlink is very important for me. I understand that it can be optional in Designer, but in my point of view it is absolutely essential for Publisher. Thank you again, I will be looking forward to your update on this subject.

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