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  1. I will see if I can replicate it later today. Since I originally posted a couple of days ago, I’ve found that it’s not happening consistently, only intermittently, and that Publisher froze and crashed once while in the Edit Detached mode.
  2. No, Michail, they aren’t locked. Behaving AS IF locked, but (& I thought I *stated* this before, apologies) dialogue boxes show that I’m in the editing detached mode.
  3. Good morning, After the latest update of Affinity Publisher, I'm no longer able to use the Edit Detached function. Despite clicking it on, and the appearance of the orange dialogue box telling me that something is detached, I'm unable to change anything. A box appears around whatever item is selected with the Xs in the frame-corners. Help ASAP, please!
  4. Ermerlerd—I didn’t even know that was a thing! Today, you are my hero! I will definitely be coming back in here more often!
  5. Absolutely nothing. Ooooh, and YES—it IS a pixel layer. Created a background w/ noise filter in photo & just opened it in designer to work. So I should export it as a jpeg or png & then import? You guys are amazing! Thank you—I’m self-teaching at home, so excuse my ignorance, please?
  6. Good afternoon, The transparency tool for my Affinity Designer program (Windows-based) no longer works. I can click the icon for the tool, but it doesn't function. It doesn't bring up options to change (linear, radial, etc.). Nada. Did I miss something? I'm running the latest release as far as I know. Please advise? I love that tool!
  7. On further testing, I found it only did this when I used my wacom intuos pro--once I switched to both mouse and also just the general touch function, the problem/crash/close no longer happened. It would seem it's something to do with how the Affinity apps work with the wacom pen tablet, as I've tested the wacom functionality with several other apps (including inkscape and gimp, for example) and everything functions perfectly within the other apps--no crashes, no lag/delay... I've seen elsewhere in the forums that others have noticed issues with using wacom tablets with Affinity--I do hope it's sorted out soon.
  8. I experience poor pen pressure performance with my Wacom Intuos Pro (everything is up-to-date), as well. Works perfectly in other programs (Inkscape, Gimp, etc).
  9. Good afternoon, I've just had designer crash/immediately close on its own while trying to follow an online tutorial to make a seamless pattern utilizing the symbols function. For five times in a row now, I've gone to move the small black rectangle/resize it to fit inside/snap to the edges of the red square, and upon each attempt to resize the program has immediately closed itself with no warning. Please advise? Thanks, S.Freeze SeamlessPatternForTechSupport.afdesign
  10. I already trashed the file, but I was attempting to move nodes after expanding the stroke on text—when I expanded it left white space between the text fill and the stroke, and I was attempting to eliminate the white space.
  11. I’m having the same issue. Cannot move modes around to adjust curves/expanded strokes on text converted to curves. Going to see if restarting helps fix it.
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