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  1. The vector cropping function isn’t working correctly. Confirmed I’m able to do it in designer & photo, but in publisher it’s pretty much unresponsive.
  2. I already trashed the file, but I was attempting to move nodes after expanding the stroke on text—when I expanded it left white space between the text fill and the stroke, and I was attempting to eliminate the white space.
  3. I’m having the same issue. Cannot move modes around to adjust curves/expanded strokes on text converted to curves. Going to see if restarting helps fix it.
  4. It finally became responsive again & I deleted the image I was trying to wrap the text around (which was a vector-based image file created originally in AI). I then replaced it with a PNG copy of the image and it's worked beautifully thus far. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Hey, guys! I've been following along with the tutorials released for publisher so far, creating a test doc to learn my way around. I made it to the text wrap tutorial, and then Publisher crashed on me, now keeps freezing/is non-responsive. :( I also noted that it doesn't allow me to place svg documents created with Inkscape within the program. Is this a functionality that will be added later? Best regards, SF