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  1. Yeah I agree as they stand right now the apps are pretty much useless for illustration and digital painting with a stylus. Functionality with a mouse is great for DTP, photo editing and simple design. Stylus work is a choice between poor performance or poor workflow It is a design choice that needs serious consideration to be considered a fully featured application suite.
  2. Hi All, I recently purchased the whole suite of otherwise excellent Affinity applications for Windows and have been having major trouble getting any of them to function with stylus input on a Cintiq Pro. The usual support response has been turn off Windows ink. Well above are my findings. As you can see various combinations produce differing results with "windows ink" turned on in both Affinity Preferences and Wacom Tablet Properties. Line quality wise the only acceptable is with Windows Ink ON in both Wacom and Affinity preferences however the caveat is that anything requiring a single "tap" (such as with the Patch tool etc) doesn't function and you have to grab the mouse. Without Windows ink on in Wacom you get no pressure and with one or the other on you get "tap" functionality returned. This is the same across all 3 apps with Designer being the worst due to the amount of "tapping" required. All lines were created with Comics G Pen brush I am using the builds. Hopefully this is something that can be rectified with the next update. Thanks, Rob
  3. Cool, yeah that's what I was thinking as they showed up in the Designer install on my last rig. Wasn't sure if both filenames were "previewable" in the new templates box out. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Just curious why I am not seeing any thumbnails in the templates when I have the folder set to the free "Iconic Templates". They were visible previously on my last rig however now in both Publisher and Designer they are not visible. I am on the latest version of both on Windows 10. See below. It isn't a big deal just driving me a little ocd not having them show. They all work and can be seen as thumbnails in explorer. Thanks, Rob
  5. I am having the same problem in Designer on Windows10. Cintiq Pro and Designer performance is pretty poor...almost like it doesn't properly register stylus taps as clicks. My work around has been to "right click" using the other stylus button almost to reset the stylus click in between switching objects. Haven't tested it in Affinity Publisher yet.
  6. I have the same problem...had same problems on my last rig too. Bought a new desktop last week still getting major slow down and lag in Designer. Running Windows 10, SSD HD, 16gb ram, GeForce RTX. No other apps running using a fresh boot and still general poor performance from Designer especially when using cinitq pro.
  7. Yeah, did a full reinstall of all Wacom drivers and it occurs regardless of the pressure curve. Feels like a memory handling issue perhaps due to the extra levels of pressure with the Pro Pen 2.
  8. Hi, I have been using Affinity Designer and have recently been getting really bad results with my Wacom Cintiq Pro on Windows 10 within Designer. Often mid-stroke the pressure sensitivity will drop out and return a hair second later. Also when doing the jitter test (diagonal lines using a ruler) within Designer the line is erratic. I would rather not use "stabiliser" although this does elevate some of the problem however it is evident that the Cintiq does not perform how it should in Designer. I do not have these problems within other apps such as Zbrush Core, Clip Studio and PS. Any suggestions? Luckily the app runs like a dream on iPad and I have been using that to finish the job i am working on. Thanks, Rob
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