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  1. As a workaround this managed to solve the click issue, but unfortunately this is far from ideal as I'd prefer to work with using the pen mapping. It simply means I'm trading one inconvenience for another. Thank you for the suggestion anyway. I hope that future updates will take this into account and allow pen clicks to function the same as mouse clicks without having to change the mapping.
  2. It seems to me that Affinity Designer doesn't interpret a left click using a stylus the same way as I do with a mouse. Example: When I want to select an object directly behind another, I would hold alt and left click to select it. But with using the same method using a stylus, I end up selecting both objects instead. When I want to convert a node to a Sharp I would hold alt and click on it, but this does not work with a stylus. When I want to add a node on a curve, all I have to do is click to select the curve and then click on where I want to add the node. The same method using a stylus does nothing (I can only drag the curve to change its shape) I'm used to working in Illustrator where whatever I can do with a mouse, I can do the same using a stylus. So this inability to do certain basic actions in Affinity using a stylus (like adding nodes) is really hampering my workflow. Is this a limitation in Affinity's part, or is there a setting in preferences I have to change in order to make sure actions using the stylus behaves in the same way as using a mouse?
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