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  1. Sure, you're welcome! That's what we're here for. And btw, welcome to the forums!
  2. Depends on your specific situation here, but what I often do is use the selection brush tool & select what part of the picture I want blurred. Copy & paste the selection & apply Gaussian Blur in the Effects panel or experiment with the different blurs in the Filters drop down menu underneath Blur.
  3. @Alfred, thanks for the directives! It worked perfectly for me & was just what I needed.
  4. Exactly!! I've thought the same for quite a long time already, but figured I was the only one.
  5. Is it still December? I wanted to get this in earlier but somehow time slipped away from me. Can't believe it's 2020 already! Anyway, here's something I created in APub. You can see the original & then what I ended up with. That thread of snow hanging down is hung by a spider web, which is invisible to the eye. @StuartRc, as you can see, I had fun with your flake assets. Thanks so much for sharing! I did a bit of gradient filtering & lens filter adjustment, as well as blurring the background so it is less busy. I took the picture with our Nikon D3400. (I dream of upgrading to a full frame one of these days.....) Have a blessed New Year!
  6. Precisely. You may now go back & change your post to ALWAYS a workaround, @Joachim_L. Thanks so much! I'm not sure why I didn't do that before, it works great for what I want it for. Yes it might take longer, but hey it's a workable workaround!
  7. Wow, you're bright! That's too funny though; I'll admit I wondered why you wouldn't have told us how to do it with your first post!! Let me remove my 'thanks', actually no it's a thanks for the laugh of the day!
  8. CHEERS to Affinity!!! Would you mind letting me in on your secret, @carl123? If I say please pretty please?
  9. Wondered about that myself... Okay, sure! I design lots of ads, so I generally have how many pages with different versions until I get done. (probably the only weirdo designer who does that!) I'd like to be able to space the pages so I could do a side by side comparison without having them run into each other. The other scenario is the brochures, trifolds etc I do. I like to have the front & back cover totally back to back, but not the rest of the pages. More like artboards but without being stuck with Designer.
  10. LOL! I did not mean to ridicule you in the least; I seriously loved your positive answer. And yes, I wish for this pretty much daily & I can give you reasons too if you wish to hear them.
  11. @Joachim_L I like your positive answer. Can you give me a work around for adjusting the spacing between 2 facing pages as well, please?
  12. @Etdronehome, I'm glad it solved the problem for you! I've spent way too much time with .pdf's and their exporting quirks already...

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