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  1. Anything more on this by now? I was trying to use some online editors to accomplish it and got frustrated at the lack of consistency and user friendliness. It didn't help to keep thinking, "I'd know exactly how to get this to be like I wanted it to be and look professional besides if I'd be using AFPub..." 😏 Thanks for thinking about it again! 🙂
  2. Yes, please, add my vote to this too... Just feeling the pain of having to search a while before finding the option I wanted in the Layer Adjustments Panel... I see the point of Alphabetical not working, but some semblance of order would be helpful. Thanks for your hard work all ye Affinity developers who make it possible for us to enjoy the software we use! 😊👍👍
  3. Thank you @Gabe! I appreciate your assistance and attention to the problem!
  4. Which definitely is a faster and easier work around! Thanks for sharing the tip @MEB!
  5. Hello @Gabe, Thanks for your reply! No, I'm not using a graphics tablet, but am using a 2-in-1 Dell XPS and was using my mouse at the time and not my pen. The issue seems to have resolved itself. ??
  6. Well, good news, the issue resolved itself. At least for right now! I found out this morning that it only did it for pixel layers, not for images. And, the usual selection box you see with the blue dots around the edges was at any given random spot on the document and if I right-click - group, I could move, position, & resize it like usual. It almost seemed to be in pieces because if I moved the selection box that wasn't on the pixel layer but at any given spot on the document, it produced duplicates of the pixel layer, only in a very transparent state. And then if I 'sat' on delete for awhile the image got lighter and lighter until it finally disappeared. Did I hear you say weird? Well, I agree!😏 But now, I just randomly decided to try it again to make sure it hasn't gotten over it by itself. AND. IT. worked like usual!👍👍😌 But, then i got my co-worker to try it out on his computer. Same document. And it still won't cooperate for him?....🤔
  7. Hi all, I'm running Affinity Publisher on Windows 10, have a fair sized document with 16 artboards (created in AD & then switched to APub since I needed artboards for the current project). My problem is this- I pasted an image into the document cropped it & then rasterized it. And I have no control over the image anymore. There's a blue line around the image but no blue dots and I can not get the thing to move. I thought I could get around it and get it to move in the Transform panel, but it didn't let me then either. The other weird thing was that I could no longer hit 'delete' on the keyboard to delete it. It took either a right click- delete or using the little trashcan at the bottom of the layers panel. And it's not confined to one image only, I tried it on various images... It just started its strange behavior yesterday... the file really isn't that large that it would just be frying the computer's poor brain... are the artboards causing the issue?.... Any ideas, tricks, or tips, anyone? Am I missing an obvious clue to the puzzle? Please just ask if you need more info... I would really like to get this resolved, but I understand that you all are probably running hectic schedules trying to work from home.. Thanks so much! Media1.mp4
  8. Simply beautiful! I admire those who take the time to create true to life images & share them with the rest of. It's inspiring especially since my preference is to use a camera since my drawing skills are not so great. Thanks!
  9. Just wondering if there's any way yet to skip/avoid this popup? I used to be able to just hit enter & it would select yes for me, but that's no longer doable since I'd updated to the version prior to 1.8. I'd really love having a check option with 'Do not show this message again'. After selecting this numerous times in one hour it gets decently annoying.... Thanks for thinking about it again! ;)
  10. Thank you so much @Dan C! That definitely fixed the problem, what an easy solution! That would also explain the mystery of it looking okay printed but not digitally. Thanks again for your time & help! I can't wait to export to .pdfs now. Have a good day! -Chul
  11. Sorry for the late response, was out for lunch. Just Adobe Reader XI. You're thinking it might just be the .pdf viewer?
  12. Thanks for your response @Dan C. Do you have a Dropbox link or something, please?
  13. Couldn't agree more with you on this point! Esp, the 2nd paragraph. Add my name to the list. I do it more often than I care to admit. ;(
  14. & now I'm back to the same old struggle because I don't want everything rasterized. you can see the differences it's doing once I export & then open my .pdf. Do any of you have any tips to share? Need more info before you can? Feel free to just ask what you need to know!
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