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  1. Thanks for your reply, Dan C! It would save me piles of time, but I'll keep on doing it this way while I dream of future possibilities.... Thanks also for all the time and efforts that are spent on the Affinity software. I'm an Affinity fan since I started with it, and running the latest versions of all 3. Keep up the great work!!
  2. Hi there, Just wondering, is there any way I can set a shortcut for this: I use the pen tool to do lots of my selections if I want to do a clear cut from the background. So I have a closed curve, & always have to go up & hit selection. It'd be real neat if I could just create a shortcut for this.... Any advice?? Thanks!
  3. Chul

    Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day

    them! Thanks!
  4. Thanks Merlin! That's something I've always wanted to research but hadn't found time. This explains it clearly; thanks for sharing!
  5. Yeah definitely! I wasn't sure if I need it, but now that I got started I'd hate being without it! The Studio Link a great plus, it's way too nice to be able to switch between Photo, Designer, & Publisher that easily & smoothly... Not to make you jealous, just saying.
  6. I'm sorry. I was in Publisher. I discovered that when I got frustrated when they were shown; text selected or not.
  7. Or go into View- & uncheck Show Text Flow.
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    wow! Thanks! The water ones are real nice too!
  9. For interest's sake, I decided to post the finished product, so you can see that your help wasn't in vain. I ended up doing each letter separately, & just copying & pasting the filter layers to each letter. I tried to set a style so I wouldn't have to copy & paste but it refused to do anything when I clicked 'create style'. I assumed it isn't possible with filters. ps I realize it isn't Monday (it turned out to be Labor Day & no work! temporary memory loss.) speed.afdesign
  10. hi! you should be able to click on your profile & get to your topic there in your activity. Or search for it. Sorry, I can't help with your other questions.
  11. You're not alone! I've tried & tried to get good sharp & yet smooth cut edges with the other selection tools to no avail. I don't know how many times I watched the selection tutorials. I finally decided the pen tool is the way to go in order to achieve the edges I want. That being said though, I do use the selection brush tool some and then finish it up with the pen tool. I was just really pleased to discover how well the pen tool worked, saves me hours of work! Hopefully someone can help you out!
  12. interesting comparison.. Exposing my ignorance, but what is the 4th one?