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  1. OMG, so you know the thing where your car breaks and as soon as the mechanic looks at it, it totally works fine? I did that - it's the obvious thing, so I double clicked on every part of the adjustment layer (in the layer panel) and nothing happened. I did it again, thinking, "well, at least I can tell FirstDefence that I tried again..." and it WORKED. Thank you! (I'm super annoyed, though; why wouldn't it work without me having to look like I can't think of the obvious? )
  2. I'm trying to make an image in Photo with a bunch of layers and adjustments and so on. I did it first with low-res images and, since I'm not sure of what everything does, I tried quite a few things. I know what I want the end result to be now, so I'm trying to recreate it with high-resolution images. But when I look at the layers in my original image stack, things don't look the same. One of the issues I'm having is that I can't see the settings in different layers. For example, I've got an LUT adjustment layer, but when I click on it, I can't see *which* LUT it is and what (if any) fiddl
  3. Oh wow! Those textures you posted are fabulous. Thank you! I'll definitely poke around on DeviantArt to see if I can find more. AND, now I'm halfway down a rabbit hole of learning to make my own brushes, so soon I'll be looking for tutorials on adding nozzles and other stuff. You've been so helpful and kind - I'm super grateful.
  4. OMGosh, FirstDefence, how did you do that!? I have no idea how to extract the textures and I was going to just give up. Golly!!!! You're amazing!! Thank you! I'm emailing with the brush designer about this; I don't know what, if anything, she'll do (I only paid 3 bucks for the brushes, so if they're not perfect, I'm not terribly upset, except insofar as I want to be able to use them, of course. I've paid more for coffee I've liked less.), but I think I could find other textures like this. Or at least tutorials on how to make textures like this. There must be instruction online, right? (Ev
  5. Hi, and thanks for the welcome. I have looked at the textures and they seem fine (most have only one of the three available 'slots' filled, but there are a couple brushes in the set which don't break and which also only have one of three texture spaces filled). https://www.obsidiandawn.com/brush-on-glimmer-photoshop-gimp-brushes These are the brushes I'm using. (If you know of any other good 'magic swirl' brushes which can be used for commercial projects, I'd love to know about them.)
  6. I bought some brushes I like - they're designed for photoshop, but I'm using other photoshop brushes without any trouble. For some reason, though, these are 'breaking'. (I've attached an image, to show what I mean.) Not all the brushes are doing it and different brushes are 'breaking' at different spots. There are strong horizontal bands where the brush either doesn't show at all, or turns into (essentially) a big fuzzy brush. Stamp-shape-based brushes from this same brush designer are NOT doing this - they work just fine. These are, I guess, texture-based brushes? (I'm new to Affinity an
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