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Found 98 results

  1. I couldn't find any topic related to this item... so I'm asking here. Is it possible in Designer to show Styles as list the same way as it is in Publisher? If not, I guess it should be somewhere in the requested features for Designer (and Photo as well). Thanks for answer.
  2. Hi, When I Copy/Paste formated text with styles from ID, I get the text styles also, but it not works from Quark. Please, can you add this feature in Publisher. It is timesaving feature.
  3. Hello, I created 25 types to fill objects. Designia Styles.afstyles
  4. While it’s nice to be able to create shared styles (like stroke width), how do I edit ones that are created?
  5. I've been playing with this for my current project (a template for step-by-step user guides) where my columns are on the narrow side. Ideally, I'd like to have the Initial Words have an option to automatically terminate at the end of the first row, where the line wraps naturally onto the next row, rather than on one of the available fixed markers such as a comma or hyphen for example. The screenshot below shows the sort of effect I'm after. There doesn't seem to be any suitable meta-character available to do this under the Text > Insert menu. I can fudge it using a Zero Width Space (insert one into a text frame, copy it from there and paste it into the field in the text style editor), but that's not probably ideal if/when I come back later on and edit the text. Is there something I'm missing that would actually allow this? Or could this be added to the other related feature requests people have discussed on here previously? I can't see this being difficult for the developers to add, so maybe this will catch somebody's eye?
  6. Chris Van Cleve

    Dream Styles

    So, I fell in love with Affinity after about an hour of playing with it. I bought it and started bringing my favorite assets over from Photoshop and Illustrator, including some styles I have been using for years on my web projects. I thought perhaps others could use them too, so here they are with a bonus set of sticker styles. Enjoy if they're of interest to you. UPDATE: New version 2.0! This time the gradients and strokes are tool editable. No more trips to the Effects Panel. This gives better and easier control of the styles. BONUS: By request, 4 atmosphere styles. Included is the AD file with all styles applied for you to play with. Will likely only open in the latest beta. Sorry. BONUS: Dream Metals styles! Aluminum, Gold, and Copper. Find these and more at https://dscape-llc.com/affinity
  7. v_kyr

    Fur styles 1+2

    Here are some Fur styles (based on bitmaps) for those who might have a need for such styles! The compressed AD styles files ... Fur styles 1.zip Fur styles 2.zip
  8. I've searched for specific answers but have come up empty handed on how to get styles and application palettes from Designer on the desktop imported to Designer on the iPad. When I attempt to import styles from a cloud stored file, the respective .AFSTLYES file is grayed out. I don't see a way to import application palettes, (or create one from an image or document, which would work also). I know you can access a document palette, but you can't save that to the system palettes so that doesn't work if you want to use that palette on another document. Is there a reason why this isn't possible? Is there some limitation from being on an iPad that keeps these features from being on the roadmap?
  9. Hey fellow Affinity friends! Have some new styles – fresh of the press. :) Played around with styles today and came up with the idea of the letterpress effects. A bit desdaturated, but these are just the presets. Obviously you can try different blend modes, colors and backgrounds. This is how the four different styles look like if you use them directly on text or vector layers. Use on path-based layers recommended, the effect doesn't show off well on pixel layers … And this is what they may look like after fiddling around with perspective and some further effects applied. Anyways, the afstyles are packed as a zip – have fun messing around! :D Letterpress & Embossing.zip
  10. Hello! I prepared new 25 styles for A-Designer, A-Photo and A-Publisher Regards Designia Styles 2.afstyles
  11. It looks like something's wrong with the Styles Pane options in iPad. Is this a known issue? Or is there something of which I'm unaware regarding my iPad? The righthand image is from my Mac.
  12. Would it be useful if you could import and export text styles? Single or multiple text styles together.
  13. I love the way the Styles and the Style Decorations are shaping up. A couple of suggestions: 1. When applying Paragraph Decoration to a heading, for example, that is at the top of the text frame the decoration may go above the text frame. It would be great to have "Keep within the Text Frame" option to push this down a bit to align properly to the top of the text frame. (inDesign) 2. When deleting a text style it would be great to be able to have an option to apply another style to the affected paras before the style is deleted. (inDesign)
  14. v_kyr

    Rust Styles

    Just the rust styles (grunge rust textures): The old rusty compressed styles file: rust-textures.afstyles.zip
  15. Steps to reproduce the issue: Create a text frame Type a single letter Apply "Drop Cap" built-in style to the letter using "Text Styles" window. Best way to do it: place cursor before the letter and click on "Drop Cap" option. Within the textbox select whole text with Ctrl+A In "Text Styles" select "Base" and immediately after that select "[No Style]" Result: Crash
  16. v_kyr

    Div Metal Styles

    Here are also some Div Metal Styles (mostly dark textured/structured ones) for those who might have a need for these! The compressed AD styles files ... Div Metal Textures.zip
  17. v_kyr

    Wild animal texture styles

    Here are some wild animal textures styles, in case anybody needs such things: I use such things sometimes for text on flyers and the like... The compressed AD Styles-file: Wild-animal-textures.zip
  18. MartinB78

    Going mad with Style(s)

    Hello, here some styles, you may like... Some of the styles are two layer based: Glass, SwampCamping and SanFrancisco. ( As soon as I have more time, I will write an additional tutorial. ) Have fun. TextFX_05.afdesign MartinsTextStyles1.afstyles
  19. Chris Van Cleve

    Dream Organics Styles

    I finally figured out how to blend in patterns correctly, so here is a set of Wood, Leather, Cork, Stone, Crust, and Cookie styles. The patterns make the file size too big for the forum, so here's a link to download it from my site. Sorry for the previously broken link. You can find this and others at https://dscape-llc.com/affinity
  20. Simple logic designs


    Hi everyone these are some styles i created for use on individual letters , hope there good enough for everyone to find a use case for them. this is my first go at creating styles it is a 148.59MB DOWNLOAD. S.L_LETTER_STYLES.afstyles
  21. v_kyr

    Fire Styles

    This time some Fire Styles (a few of them have transparency, though most do not) for those who might have a use for these things. - [NOTE: that these styles work best when used on very dark (preferable deep black) backgrounds!] The compressed AD styles file ... Fire styles.zip
  22. So I have these Vector styles I'm wanting to make. Supposedly it's worked on other things I've done but I can't figure out why it's not working now it only either does the outline or a whole fill category? I do have a pattern that was successfully with hashes but I can't figure out HOW I got that to work. It was from a pattern I had found on my Adobe Stock for Illustrator. And that shows like it's a curve... So I guess what I need to do is maybe make a brush with what I want, place the brush and have it be in the "Fill" area and then make the style?
  23. bkabstract

    Importing styles

    Is it possible to install or import the Affinity Photo styles that I downloaded from the Internet? I’m working on an iPad Pro, iOS 11. thanks, bkabstract
  24. Can Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer add strokes to raster layers like layer style strokes in Photoshop?
  25. The First in a series of Affinity Add-Ons specifically for Designers! This is the Rose Petal Texture set with multicoloured almost translucent colours taken from photos of REAL Roses. There are NO fillers or files to pad out the kit. Just the tools you, as a Designer needs. You can then get on with your artistic skills and make your designs illuminate with these textures. There are just THREE (3) program add-ons:- Rose Petal Texture Styles - for Both Designer & Photo Rose Petal colours Palette - for Both Designer & Photo Rose Petal Vector Brushes - for Designer A collection of Thirteen (13) Vector Brushes comprising ALL Twelve (12) colours from the Styles set PLUS a neutral brush to use with the Rose Petals Colour Palette or other colours of your choice. AUD$10. https://visiblestories.com.au/products/rose-petals-texures-styles-vector-brushes-palette-for-designers-using-affinity-products IMPORTANT ! To ensure that you use the Correct Colour of choice: From the Swatches or Colour tab, ensure that the Stroke & Fill Ring and Circle are BOTH set to NO COLOUR to ensure the Chosen Brush Colour is set. This does NOT apply to when using the First Vector Brush ( Grey one at the top of the Brushes list) so you can use the colour/s of choice. LICENCE: You may use this Add-On Kit for UNLIMITED number of projects, designs, clients.You may use the resulting designs for all delivery methods, including but not limited to digital, printed, Digital On-Demand Print, web, cutting files, video and moving image projects, broadcast etc. NOT to be used for anything Illegal, pornographic, derogatory, or other similar uses.