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Found 145 results

  1. Hi everyone I've created some Neon sign styles in an Outline and Solid effect, hope you like and make good use: Neon Style set.afstyles List of fonts used if interested: Magneto AR Delaney Burger Joint Neon Light JL Rage Italic AG Stencil Broadway
  2. Here are some metal styles (mostly silver and gold textures): The compressed styles file: metal-styles.afstyles.zip
  3. v_kyr

    Knock on Wood Styles

    Here are a few wood styles: The compressed styles file: Knock_on_Wood.afstyles.zip
  4. Still messing with styles in Designer. After a few try and error, i figure out how to rebuild my old PS styles. But I have trouble with saving the styles. It saves also the Font and font size. (Which I really don't want). Any tricks how to avoid it?Also my background get saved in the style. Any help really much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. 40 Felt Textures 300 DPI Available in : * All Colours in Sets 1 & 2 – 20 styles per set. * Primary colours * Blues & Pinks * Greens * Neutrals * Oranges & Yellows https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/felt-textures-for-affinity-programs/ref/63430/
  6. Is there any plan to support reflection maps into styles like we have in PagePlus X9? I find it adds a certain realism to some textures and would love to be able to achieve it in Affinity Applications.
  7. Hi, I cannot add a second style with the same fill and stroke colour to the 'styles'. I'm trying to save some styles to the styles menu. They have the same fill and stroke colours but they have a different dash length/pattern. So when I try to add a second one to the styles menu, it doesn't let me do that. I think AD sees this as a duplicate and therefor doesn't let me add it. Only when I change the the colour of it. Anyone out there who can help me out? Thanks
  8. LyricsGirl

    Snow & Ice Designers Kit for Photo

    Winter is HERE for those in the Northern Hemisphere.. That means Snow & Ice, only this kit isn;t so cold.It's Cool! Psst! If you are into GOT PM for a link to better soundtrack of this video.. https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/snow-ice-for-affinity-photo/ref/63430/ WATCH Demo Video here:
  9. Santa just Rejected these Candy Cane Textures! So it's Back to the Drawing Board for me. But Hey! I can't eat them all myself - so I'm offloading them HERE for you lot! I have REMOVED the original files I posted here. I now have a link to the files which includes the original textures created plus a sample of what can be done with the styles - the green and gold globe image. PLEASE MESSAGE ME directly if you experience any difficulties. If you were able to download and import successfully please do share a sample of your work with them Thank you. https://drive.google.com/open?id=13T1riemGFhjSWzqNfvhW7kzagTabBbZp ****** PLEASE NOTE: Some people have reported that they are unable to use / import these files. I apologize; I do not know why this isi happening. Most people have no problems with them. This software is supplied FREE of charge and "AS IS" so use at your own risk. They are virus free checked with AVG Professional Internet antivirus/ malware software. ***** Now, they are fine with small to medium sized images but on large ones the seams start to show. that's why Santa Rejected them! About half of them are solid patterns and the other half have transparent strips for you to place them over say metallic colours! Anyway, Help Yourselves before Santa finds out!
  10. Just a Heads Up for those not aware of this Website (NOT MINE) created for All Things Affinity .https://affinity.graphics/
  11. In my former InDesign work, I used a “no break” character GREP-style on most texts so I don't have hanging words.Publisher doesn't have such features, however, it does have a regular search&replace allowing to apply a style to matched texts. “That's almost GREP-styling,” — I thought. So, here's the bug. Reproduction I've made a “no break” character style. It adds a “no break” option to a text, nothing else; very simple. Then, I do a regex search equivalent to this (actually with a longer word list and in Russian) and apply this “no break” style to all matches: \<(?i:(a |the )) The rule finds whole words with the following (regular) space symbol. With short words like articles/prepositions/pronouns, it's a perfectly valid rule for finding spaces that shouldn't be broken. What happens When selected text has “no break” style, text goes outside the column: What should happen instead Text should stay in the column (I had to insert non-breaking spaces and clear styles): Affinity Publisher 1.7.2 release version on latest macOS 10.14 release.
  12. Sara72

    80's Retro game Styles

    Hi Everyone I have created some more 'Retro' inspired styles, this time 80's themed, 6 altogether and look great with my Neon Styles 80’s Retro Styles.afstyles List of fonts used: Sonic XBd BT Orbit-B BT Bauhaus 93 Ultra Serif SF Rage Italic
  13. Just finished there Winter Warmer Styles for Affinity. .The Lower part has pattern and the upper part is transparent or partly transparent.. In this Sample image I have placed a WHITE duplicate of the typography to demonstrate clearer the upper portions of each style . Keep warm this Winter! Put on yer Ugly Sweaters! Winter_1.afstyles
  14. I'm getting the hang of the table formats and the use of cell formats inside a table format. However, I'd still like to be able to quickly apply a style to a specific cell (including fill, borders, insets, etc.) from time to time. I am creating a calendar with empty cells in the 'corners'. The table format helps me set up the basic formatting with grey on the weekends, etc., but I have to manually edit the empty cells at the beginning and end of the month to remove any fill and outside borders. In InDesign I had styles for each potential type of cell and simply applied those styles as needed. Before: After cleaning up: Perhaps this is possible in AP and I'm missing something?
  15. Snow & Ice are Coming! Look out for Demo Video and where to Freeze your copy!
  16. I have been unable to do anything in the Text Styles panel. It will crash before I complete creating a paragraph style or when I click ok. Has anyone else had this problem? Mark (MacOS 10.13.6)
  17. Affected Version: 1.7.1 I tried to reproduce some photoshop styles I used to color smoke like fire. This actually works quite well. The issue here is that I cannot distinguish between the several styles I have created, as the previews in the styles panel is empty. Screenshot: There are actually 18 styles in the selected category, all selectable through a transparent square that hightlights blue when clicked.
  18. Hallo zusammen, nach dem Update von 1.65 auf 1.7 sind die alten Stile von Affinity 1.65 verschwunden. Nun könnte ich diese Stile gebrauchen. Ich hatte die Hoffnung dass sie noch irgendwo auf der Platte sind und nur nochmal eingebunden werden müssen, kann sie aber leider nicht finden. Wahrscheinlich ist das passiert weil beide in der gleichen Stilkategorie sind, da hat die neue Version die alte überschrieben. Auch scheint hier ein wenig durcheinander zu herrschen, da in AP die Kategorie "Standard" heißt während in AD diese mit "Default" bezeichnet ist. Vielleicht kann mir Serif selbst oder ein anderer User diese Stile wieder zur Verfügung stellen. Bitte die Stilkategorie beim exportieren umbenennen damit die neuen nicht verschwinden. Danke und Gruß Dieter
  19. I defined a paragraph style with an initial over three lines. On the masterpage it displays the right way, but on the layout pages it streches over 5 lines.
  20. With these simple hatching styles you can hatch your vector objects in Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo. Affinity Publisher Beta seems not working yet (previews looks strange on my machine). DOWNLOAD: https://mensch-mesch.com/download/affinity-designer-schraffuren-hatchings/ With the red styles you can easily change the color of the hatching while using an adjusment layer recolor. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  21. At last I have started to create some assets to Give Back to the Affinity Community! This is a HEFTY style set of brilliant 300 DPI A4 textures. The set is a hefty 810 megs in native Affinity Style format! Next I will separate them out to smaller sets to download from here. In the meantime they are available as a single file . So if you have a slow or low internet bandwidth you can download the smaller sets - so PLEASE do NOT complain about the huge size! I WILL upload and post the smaller sets later. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had when creating the textures! LyricsGirl :>) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1WmFms5d6dDdUVOSHhqbzZfUms/view?usp=sharing
  22. Hi, On AD .445 (because some bugs prevent me to use last versions), it's impossible to add a second style with a stroke of a different width, and the only solution is to add a new category to save this style. But there's another bug: I tried again today — why not? another day, another AD behaviour?! — to add another stroke with a different width and a different pressure curve, and this actions deleted all styles from the 2 previous categories with styles of the same ilk!!!! Going back in the history or reopening the file didn't restored the styles in those categories.
  23. A heap of my stuff- Styles Images and more Fantastic FREE stuff from the site Hosts and other members! https://affinity.graphics/
  24. My initial install of AfDesigner had a set of default styles which included Metal, Rainbow, Onyx, Glass etc. I used a couple of them. Now looking for them again, they have disappeared and been replaced by a different set of defaults. What happened to them, and how can I get them back please?

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