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  1. That is good to know. This would mean a filename without suffix would still be the preferred option. By the way: there does not seem to be a "save copy" in APub? I use this option quite a bit in ID, I don't see why it is missing?
  2. Ah, cool, this did not seem to work before, now it does! Thanks a lot!
  3. I would like to add a field to my document that is the same as the filename. I use this option in indesign a lot, but in affinity publisher, the filename always includes the suffix, which is not useful. Can you add an option to turn this off? Thanks!
  4. Yes, this is one of the nicest features in indesign, I use it all the time for quick text changes. Will this be implemented?
  5. postmadesign

    "snap" sliders in adjustments

    I don't know how it should work, I tried double clicking on the sliders but it will only click to this position, not reset. I tried multiple adjustments, but none works for me.
  6. This is not a big thing, but something that annoys me when I use adjustment layers like HSL: I would like to reset a slider to zero (0) but this is quite hard to get right with the slider. Of course I can enter the value, but it would easier if the slider would somehow snap to the original value.
  7. I am glad to see importing excel contents in a table now works, which was a big issue for me. I still need to get used to the way tables work in Publisher, but I will get the hang of it. I do run into some redraw issues when dragging the cells of the table sometimes, making it smaller. So some things appear twice on the screen, when only one is there (I don't know if ghosting is the right term?) These mostly disappear when I scroll or zoom, but are a bit annoying. Hope you can squash this bug? table_issue.mov
  8. postmadesign

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    It does here
  9. This is really something: the isometric studio is really amazing: creating isometric art has never been easier!! Many other great improvements all around. I wonder about one thing though: The ipad version has a magic wand in the pixel persona, but this doesn't? Why not?
  10. I just found this option in the ipad app and I love it, such a great and useful addition to the pencil tool! I hope it is added to the desktop very soon!
  11. postmadesign

    UI Bug: tool window stays on top

    Well, no, because the font picker menu disappears when I have selected the font, and gets out of the way. It is not a fixed window but a pop-up, which is why it goes on top. You will not be selecting a glyph AND changing the font at the same time. However, now I cannot properly change the font without moving the glyphs window (or any other floating window) away.
  12. postmadesign

    UI Bug: tool window stays on top

    Affinity Designer and Photo have the same "bug", I hope this can be changed
  13. postmadesign

    UI Bug: tool window stays on top

    Same story in illustrator. I don't see any scenario in which the current behaviour is beneficial?
  14. postmadesign

    UI Bug: tool window stays on top

    I just tried this in Indesign CS5.5, but your statement is false, the font list goes over the top of the floating panel, which in turn goes on top of the other panels. Check the screenshot