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  1. Yes, indeed this is the same issue, but I reported it here too, because I thought it might have been some kind of corruption on the preferences in the App Store version, which would mean the Beta version might not be affected. But this does not seem to be the case, so the issue is somehow in Designer itself. I hope a solution can be found for this issue, as it is these kind of annoyances can really disturb the workflow. Perhaps the last issue you mention might have something to do with the personas are somehow confused in the shortcuts, and as the N shortcut is already used in the Vector persona, this might cause it not to save? I will do some testing to see if avoiding these double shortcuts might cure the issue.
  2. I have an issue both with the App Store version and the Beta version of Designer with the tools shortcuts. I have tried to change some of these to make it more similar to other software, like making the pixel tool N and the fill tool F. But each time I quit Designer and restart the app, these changes are gone again. I had this issue with the app store version for a longer time already, but not with Photo, only Designer. I hoped that the Beta version would resolve this issue, but it seems the same thing happens here. I tried resetting some preferences, but it does not seem to change much. I saved the shortcuts and can reload them each time of course, but this is not ideal. Do you have any idea where this issue comes from and how i might be resolved? Another related issue which also reported on in the app store version and now in the beta as well, is when I change tool shortcuts in preferences, I can add shortcuts for functions in the vector persona while I am in the pixel persona menu. This seems to be a bigger issue and might have something to with tools shortcuts not saving correctly.
  3. I have a very similar setup, and find it a much better experience, also for non-creative work. I have an intuos 5 touch M, which is perfect, and you can get these or similar models second hand at a good price. The only thing that does not really work as well for me is the rotation gesture. I feel the software has a hard time deciding if I want to zoom or rotate, and it often does not work correctly. This is why I have it disabled, and do canvas rotation with shortcuts instead.
  4. I have seen some weird bugs with shortcuts in the latest App Store version of Designer. Designer does not seem to save my shortcuts when I close the app. I tried to change the pixel tool to N, but whenever I close it, it is back to B again. I also noticed some other weird stuff where I could add shortcuts to tools from the Designer Persona to the pixel persona... (See screenshot). I tried to add one, and it worked too (I added Ü to use the pie tool, and I could use the pie tool while in the pixel persona) This is not how this is supposed to work, is it? After I quit designer and restarted it, the Pie tool was in the Designer short cuts list twice...😩 I guess that a preferences file is corrupted or something? Please help me with this.
  5. Thanks, I never considered looking at that panel, I will try it.
  6. When I create a circle to use for a text on a path, but it has a line and/or stroke before I use the text tool on it, this formatting is preserved when I put text inside it. This would not be such a problem, even if it makes little sense to me, however I can not change the properties of the shape after I added the text: I can only change the text properties, but I can not access the shape properties. It would be more sensible to me if the shape defaults to have no stroke or fill when I put text on its path.
  7. I have seen the same comments in the Designer Bugs forum: the boolean operation are broken in Publisher 1.8, at least for shapes. Check out the attached video. First I combined 2 shapes, which seems OK, but when I subtract, XOR or divide, the shape breaks and straight edges become curves. It is the same when I convert the shapes to curves before the operation. However, when I create shapes with the pen tool I have not seen the same problems. booleanbug.mov
  8. I noticed the new document window has a problem with full screen mode on High Sierra: the window is opened in the default space, not in the separate Full screen space of Affinity. I noticed the exact same problem in the Designer Beta as well. This is of course quite annoying so I hope this will be fixed in time. The menu looks nice though!
  9. It always seems to embed them, even if the original ID file would always link them.
  10. I guess all I can say is that this way of working came from InDesign, where the picture frame dictated the image, and images of similar dimensions would be placed the same. I hope this can be the case in Publisher as well, because it just makes sense. In that sense I do not agree with your second statement: for me the frame determines how an image is placed, not the other way around.
  11. Make sure to get a hold of the script to batch convert many INDD files to IDML https://redokun.com/resources/batch-convert-idml-file
  12. Thanks for adding the ability to import IDML files. This certainly makes transitioning away from InDesign more of a possibility, even when it is not quite there yet. What I miss at the moment are some options for importing. I noticed that when I import an IDML, the document settings are generally set to embed images instead of linking, and the document resolution is set to a curious 72 dpi? I would appreciate to have the option to change these settings when I import the file, as perhaps some preferences with regards to the pages you want to import and such.
  13. I have been playing around trying to figure out how to convert some InDesign documents to Publisher. Although the conversion works really quite well, there are certainly some bugs, especially with placed images. I got frequent crashes when replacing images, and they are generally not correctly sized and sometimes squished. Now that I had set up the spread as I wanted, I wanted to test if it would work in a real world situation: I have the same basic spread but the content (graphs, tables etc.) have to be changed. What I ran into immediately is that Publisher does not retain the customized placement of the image when I replace it. I replaced both Designer files as well as EPS files, but in both cases I have to manually rescale and position the image each time. The files that I replace the images with are exactly the same dimensions, so this can not be the problem. It just seems to reset the picture frame each time. This is of course very annoying and gives a lot of unneccesary work. Is this some kind of bug, as I can not see why this would be intended behaviour?
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