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  1. I would like to add that the previously reported bug is still there that when I copy/paste from excel it tends to add an empty column to the right of the pasted fields, even if the copied cells are exactly the same width/hight in excel and publisher. I have a table where I with a number of rows and columns with data, in here I want to replace a column with copied text from excel and it will add an empty column as well. Tables are not ready for the kind of work I do with it unfortunately and I hope you are looking into this, as I would rather not go back to indesign but I have to.
  2. Thanks Jon, perhaps I misunderstood, as I thought it was a fix for the table issues I reported. I uploaded the files.
  3. I don't see any improvement in this area, as you can see in these screen grabs. I am using el capitan on an iMac 2011. Actually, I made two screen recordings, but I can not upload them. Please get back to me and I can send you these recordings
  4. postmadesign

    crashing when exporting in a new folder

    OK, I will have to live with it then until I get a new mac
  5. postmadesign

    crashing when exporting in a new folder

    I will see if I can try this later
  6. I get AP to crash everytime I use the export persona when I create a new folder to export the slices to. It crashes directly after creating the folder (which does show up in Finder) I use a iMac 2011 with el capitan
  7. No fix for tables (yet)? that is a shame, I hope you are working on this for the next betas as it is quite a limitation right now. But besides that, thanks!
  8. I hope the team is working on a fix for the various issues with the tables. Copy and pasting from programs Excel adds empty rows and columns Pasting text from other apps as non-formatted text only takes the formatting from the top left cell for the whole table, not from the individual cells. These two issues make working with tables quite troublesome at the moment.
  9. Yes, please add this in the future A PDF manager would also be nice, so I don't have to use acrobat anymore...
  10. postmadesign

    OpenType features in placed PDFs

    I have seen similar things in PDFs with fonts containing contextual alternates. This seems like an import bug.
  11. postmadesign

    Export persona does not work

    I must have done something wrong, had the wrong tool selected or something, as it now works again...
  12. postmadesign

    Fix for table issues

    Thanks for your reply Jon! another issue I see is with formatting. I have a table where some lines of text are bold, some are regular. When I select the cells and paste without formatting (which I would usually do from excel) it only takes the formatting of the upper left cel for the complete table. In InDesign, it keeps the formatting for each specific cel, so I guess this should be the case for Publisher too? I just want to reiterate that I love publisher, but it seems tables are not quite there yet in terms of stability and workflow, so I hope to see improvements in this area.
  13. I have been trying to export slices, but it will not work. I have tried creating a new document, with or without artboards: nothing. The little menu below the layers window is always greyed out. Only when I select an object I can create a slice from it, but then I can not export it. I have tried restarting the app as well. Affinity Photo export is the same... am I the only one with this bug? I am using an iMac 2011 with el capitan
  14. I have some trouble with tables in Publisher. whenever I import a bunch of cells from Excel to Publisher (with the exact same amount of rows and columns) it add a row and a column to the table every time. This has been in the Beta as well. Is there some kind of fix for this? I want to create a file with lots of pages of tables, and this kind of bug really makes it very annoying, particularly as when I delete the column, the table resizes to previous width, instead of keeping the columns as they are. I would like to have the ability to turn of these kinds of "automations"
  15. This has been something that is Designer & Photo too. It is a bug, you have to make sure to push the TAB key again before quitting. I prefer if we were able to save workspaces, so I can back them up in case of crashes and revert back to them if I need too