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  1. This is a good move, in fact, I would like to see this in other windows too, specifically the Text Wrap window in Publisher. I use this quite a lot and having to open and close it is quite annoying.
  2. In Publisher on Mac (latest OS version, Affinity version 2.4.0) I ran into a weird problem with keyboard shortcuts. I live in germany and use a german keyboard, but my Affinity software is set to english, as I prefer my software in english. (but as I am dutch, my OS language is actually dutch... yeah, I know, it's pretty complicated 🤪) I wanted to create a shortcut for Preview mode, using the # button, as it is easily accesible and not used for much else. When I implemented this in settings, it shows up as # in the imput box. However, the shortcut does not work, and in the menu the shortcut next to the menu item says 3. When I then use 3 it does not work (possibly because of a conflict?). I then tried the = sign on the number pad. In the imput field it shows up normally, but it does not work. In the menu, it now says * next to the item. When I then tried to use this shortcut, it did indeed work... ⁉️ I have no idea why this problem occurs, and have found no way to change the input setting in Affinty. I have only one keyboard installed. I know my set up is a bit uncommon, but other software does not have this problem, so I guess this should be solveable.
  3. I am using the latest version of Ventura. But these problems have been present for a long time.
  4. This has been a problem in V1 and unfortunately there has been little improvement in this area. The problem is that Designer (other Affinity apps too) frequently crashes when working with styles. Crashes and hangups often occur when I open another category, which gives me the spinning beach ball, and most of the time I have to force quit the app. Creating, re-ordering, deleting and re-naming styles is also very slow and buggy, and causes frequent crashes as well. It seems to me this part of Designer is just not very well developed and too buggy. Plus it is lacking features, like the ability to edit a style. I hope that there will be improvement in this area soon, as it has been an annoyance for years and has in fact cost me time and work as well.
  5. I think my issue was misunderstood: Bleed is working correctly in the exported PDF. However while working in Designer, I do not see the the graphics in the Bleed area when I have artboards enabled. It shows the markers of the bleed area, but no graphics that are outside of the artboard but within the bleed area.
  6. I love to work with artboards in Designer to create Flyers and other design elements all in one document. Designer also offers Bleed for artboards, which is great when creating PDFs for printing. One thing is a bit annoying though: Designer will not show the elements within the bleed area. It will indicate the bleed edges, but not show anything outside of the artboard but within the bleed area. This sometimes makes it hard to see how the final output will look like. Perhaps adding an option to the viewing settings to enable this? Thanks!
  7. Thank you for reminding me of this, but I always found this method very hard to work with and not precise. I would like a numbers based approach with a preview.
  8. I really like the improvements in this area. May I add a suggestion: add the ability to create a grid of objects with this. You could create a checkbox for this, but it would require two entry fields for horizontal and vertical copies. I find this very useful in InDesign, and seems to be a rather easy addition to improve this feature
  9. This is relatively minor feature request, but I would like to have another option for the size of the color swatches. At the moment the Large option is too large for my taste, but the medium option is too small. Perhaps create a size between these, and rename the Large option into extra large?
  10. Could it be an option to have keep all draw lines selected? For instance when using the Sculpt feature to modify or add to the curves this might be useful. Not a big thing though.
  11. Really? I find it hard to believe this would change my issue, because I have been using a non metal Mac until very recently (v1 in this case) and it had the very same issue.
  12. No I do not have this setting turned on. However I have had this problem with my old intel iMac in V1 too, so I don't think this causes it.
  13. In the latest version, working with styles in Designer is still very buggy and slow. Adding and removing styles is very slow, and might even crash the app. Each time I have an object selected to create a style from, opening the styles menu to add a style takes several seconds with spinning beach ball. This behaviour was already problematic in v1, but I hoped the new version, plus a new Mac Mini M2 would resolve this. It is still there though, and it is very annoying! I hope that you can finally improve on the styles functionality, both improve speed and reduce bugginess, but also allow for better editing of a style. Why not give me the option to edit the style and change things like effects, line width or color? It is quite cumbersome to work with right now, which is a real shame...
  14. I can not really take these complaints seriously. Some people just want everything for free, and throw a tantrum when they don't. Affinity is amazing value, regardless of any discount.
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