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  1. postmadesign

    Rotate anticlockwise in plane??

    It seems there are some more issues when customizing the toolbar: twice I had the issue of the toolbar simply disappearing when I made a change to it. After a restart the toolbar was there again.
  2. In the latest publisher build .133 there is the option "Rotate anticlockwise in plane". This option is always greyed out, and in fact it is neither in the standard toolbar, not can I drag it into it... It seems like some Designer Beta code got mixed up, somehow.
  3. I do agree with this point that I would happily pay the price of quark xpress if the application fulfills my professional needs, as it would still be much cheaper than Adobe. But the expectation is probably that the retail price for publisher will be around the same as designer/photo. Perhaps the ability to buy this function if neccesary (in-app purchase) could be a solution?
  4. Embedded fonts seem to be the biggest issue. The only reliable way to place a pdf in publisher would be to outline every typeface in the document, which is not really what you want. When EDITING the PDF the embedded should not be accessible, as this would mean a breach of the fonts URL (in almost all cases). I know it sounds simple but it is difficult to implement, but basically what you would want is a "read only" mode, which keeps fonts and everything intact, and "read and write" mode, which will only have the fonts available if the user has these installed. As long as this is implemented, we need a better dialog to see if fonts need are replaced, to make sure no changes occur. In addition to this, i wonder how publisher will handle Photo or Designer files with included fonts? Can they be embedded so that even when I don't have the fonts activated or installed, Publisher will show a correct version?
  5. I have the same issue, if my picture sits nicely in the frame i sometimes need to rescale it to fit. In indesign i use a modifier key to do so. This would be my preferred option. Or the lock children checkbox could be used, as at the moment this has no effect.
  6. Yes, we definately need pdf-passthrough, which is reliable and does not create the problems shown above. Perhaps publisher should simply distinguish between opening a pdf, which makes it editable, or place it into an existing file as is, without the ability to edit.
  7. I love the way Affinity designer can open and edit PDFs much much better than Illustrator, it actually produces something I can work from. I hope they mantain this as it is a strong point of the software. However, I do think there should be more advanced options when placing images, like indesign offers. It should enable me to pick a page or an artboard, give me cropping option and also give me options to edit the pdf or place only a preview which will remain as is.
  8. Also I tried out the other options to rescale picture frames but they are also not working like they should: - Lock Children does not have any effect when I have one of the auto-resize options enabled. In my view this should enable me to resize the box without the image inside it. If it cannot, get rid of it. - I had a situation where I switched from custom scale to auto-scale. sometimes this put the image oddly off-center in the frame, and every time I rescale it. - I still need "fit image to frame" and "fit frame to image" options: these are essential especially if I want to make sure no parts of the image are cut off Picture frames are still pretty buggy and unpredictable: I hope you can fix this soon, as it is pretty essential. I love the work you have done on publisher. it still needs work, but it looks good, thanks!
  9. Does not make much sense to me. . . it seems more like a bug to me
  10. In the latest Beta, the problem that the custom scaled picture in a frame loses its customized scale, which is good, however, there does not seem to be a way to scale the box with the content together. In indesign you use a modifier to scale the frame with the content, but publisher does not seem to have this option? I tried the option to "lock children" but this has no effect. The best option would be the solution used for text boxes, where I can either reframe just the frame, or the frame with the text. (see image)
  11. Thanks, I kind of found out right now too. I just though there would be a quicker way, but it will do
  12. Something I cannot find in Publisher is a right Indent Tab (Shortcut in indesign Shift-Tab) Which I use quite often in indesign. Why is this missing, and will you be adding this?
  13. Sorry, perhaps I misunderstood, if I put my tabs on the top part of the ruler, it is reversed, if I put the at the bottom it is normal. Is this by design and if so, what is the purpose of this?
  14. Hi, I noticed that the values in the Tab Stops menu are reversed: If I have a text block of 70 mm, and put a tab stop on the ruler at 5 mm, the value is 65 mm. Vice versa, if I put it at 65 mm on the ruler, the value is 5 mm. Seems like a bug to me?
  15. What I would like to see as an option in the Paragraph options under decoration, is to be able to assign the line the color of the text (style) it is applied too. This is an option in indesign, and in this way it is much easier to keep a consistent style throughout. If I like to change the text color I don't have to change this setting as well.