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  1. postmadesign

    IDML import: Thank you, but I need some options!

    Opening, I have not tried placing yet
  2. postmadesign

    IDML import: Thank you, but I need some options!

    It always seems to embed them, even if the original ID file would always link them.
  3. I guess all I can say is that this way of working came from InDesign, where the picture frame dictated the image, and images of similar dimensions would be placed the same. I hope this can be the case in Publisher as well, because it just makes sense. In that sense I do not agree with your second statement: for me the frame determines how an image is placed, not the other way around.
  4. Make sure to get a hold of the script to batch convert many INDD files to IDML https://redokun.com/resources/batch-convert-idml-file
  5. Thanks for adding the ability to import IDML files. This certainly makes transitioning away from InDesign more of a possibility, even when it is not quite there yet. What I miss at the moment are some options for importing. I noticed that when I import an IDML, the document settings are generally set to embed images instead of linking, and the document resolution is set to a curious 72 dpi? I would appreciate to have the option to change these settings when I import the file, as perhaps some preferences with regards to the pages you want to import and such.
  6. I have been playing around trying to figure out how to convert some InDesign documents to Publisher. Although the conversion works really quite well, there are certainly some bugs, especially with placed images. I got frequent crashes when replacing images, and they are generally not correctly sized and sometimes squished. Now that I had set up the spread as I wanted, I wanted to test if it would work in a real world situation: I have the same basic spread but the content (graphs, tables etc.) have to be changed. What I ran into immediately is that Publisher does not retain the customized placement of the image when I replace it. I replaced both Designer files as well as EPS files, but in both cases I have to manually rescale and position the image each time. The files that I replace the images with are exactly the same dimensions, so this can not be the problem. It just seems to reset the picture frame each time. This is of course very annoying and gives a lot of unneccesary work. Is this some kind of bug, as I can not see why this would be intended behaviour?
  7. postmadesign – Partly blurred UI

    I am sorry to say, but this is also present on my non-retina iMac 2011. I am using El Capitan and I see the same blurred UI, especially on the New Document screen edit: sorry I missed your correction
  8. postmadesign Tabbing through Fields in Panels is Broken

    In noticed the same in the color slider fields.
  9. What I have seen which might be related, is that links with non-ascii characters in them like ü or ß are not interpreted correctly, which means it can not automatically find the linked images and I have to relink them manually (even if all images are in the same folder and the others are properly located). They are also shown in the wrong way in the resource manager. It seems to be a text encoding issue.
  10. idml import! WOW I did just one small test and it works really well! Much better job than what QuarkXpress is doing, which is amazing for a first try. Thanks!!
  11. I look forward to testing it, but the download is extreeeemly slow.
  12. postmadesign

    Swatch import on iOS apps!

    Posting something in the feedback section is like screaming in a void, there is no one there to hear you or at least let you know people read what you wrote. Very disappointed!
  13. postmadesign

    Swatch import on iOS apps!

    Any news on this issue?
  14. I would like to suggest a change to the way tables work in APub. As it is now I can set an exact value for the width of a column, but when I enlarge the table by dragging the handle on the right, all column widths are changed evenly. However I would want for the widths of the columns to be retained, especially when I set an exact value. In my opinion there needs to be the option at least to resize responsibly (as is the case now) or not. I am used to the way Indesign handles it, and it is just much more precise and easy to use. The same problem also occurs when I want to add a column in the middle of an existing table: instead of the columns to the right of the inserted column moving to the right, all columns are resized. This is just very annoying and I want an option to fix the width of a column, at the least when I have set exact values for the width. I am all for new solutions, but the solution for tables just does not make much sense to me most of the time.
  15. postmadesign

    Fix for tables???

    I agree 100% on this! Yes, the data is from Excel, but I don't want the formatting from Excel, so I would paste without formatting, in which case all cells have the style of the top left style.

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