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  1. It does not matter in which category, but for example I treid to change the create Bold option for text from CMD + B to CMD + SHIFT + B, as this is the same as adobe software I am used to: No cigar, it just gives me a B but no modifier. I use a lot of shortcuts in programs like indesign and clip studio paint. It would be useful if I can create shortcuts that do the same in multiple programs. As this should normally work in Affinity, I guess this is a bug, which was in the Beta as well (I reported this, but no reaction...) Also when trying to reset the shortcuts the program crashed once.
  2. Hi, I had this problem in the last Beta as well: I can not create new shortcuts with modifier keys in AD latest version! I do NOT have this option checked in the preferences window, so it makes no sense. Shortcuts are very important in my workflow, so not being able to set them up as I require them, is really annoying and costs a lot of time. I hope you have a fix for this bug soon System info: I am using El Capitan on a 2011 iMac
  3. I may be confused, but I seam to remember there was a way to link the brush and eraser (and other brush tools) so when you switched between it kept the same brush and brush size. Can this be switched on?
  4. The wacom line glitch on raster brushes, which created jagged lines and weird pressure readings seams to have improved. Thanks a lot, as it really made affinity designer unusable for me!
  5. I have to bump this one up. It is a big problem, am I the only one having it?
  6. Yeah, I still have it in the newest versions as well. Thanks for looking into this, I hope there is some kind of solution. Perhaps it is a wacom thing, tht somehow the wacom tablet does not play along with Affinity in certain situations? I don't have other manufacturer Tablets but it would be interesting to find out if it changes things
  7. In both AD and AP in the latest versions I can not add keyboard shortcuts as it does not pick up the modifier. The option to ignore the modifier is NOT checked. I checked and unchecked it, but this does not change things.
  8. Thanks for looking into this! I hope you can find a solution!
  9. 6.3.15-3 But I also used the latest version from the Wacom site and got the same results
  10. Hello Chris B Thanks for your answers, but unfortunately this did not improve things at all. I don't think stabilisation is the problem, as I can do very clean lines in Photoshop and sketchbook without stabiizers with no problems. Also the stabilzer in the Beta does not resolve the issue. But as I do get a similar problem in Krita, I think it must have something to do with how the wacom drivers interact with the programs in question. I am not using the latest Wacom driver, but I have tried it and it provided no change. I have both an Intuos 5 and a Cintiq 13HD and both have the same problem
  11. I tried this, but it does not resolve the issue. Slower drawing works better, so my feeling still is that the digitizer is not cathing up with the stroke, and starts to simplify/skip steps, instead of creating a fluent curve. Zoom levels affect this as well. The weird thing is, that the vector brush gives me no such problems.
  12. Here is a screenshot in the current version of AD
  13. I tried with the mouse, but I can not really draw with it, so its hard to say. I use Open GL (my mac does not support Metal). I cranked up the memory usage, but this does not change anything. The effect becomes more pronounced the more I zoom out and the faster I draw. It seems to me that the way my brush strokes are rendered is using straight polygonal lines, the faster I draw, the less segments are drawn, the less smooth the curve. Each of these straight segments seems to have 1 pressure value, so the strokes look really ugly and angular. I tried using the app Hej Stylus to smooth the lines out, but it does not really do much. I did notice this problem in Krita, by the way, but PS and Clip Studio are very smooth, Sketchbook too, so it seems to me it cannot be a pure Wacom problem or a hardware issue.
  14. It seems to me, that this occurs more when the canvas is more zoomed out. When I zoom in the effect is less noticeable. Perhaps this has something to do with the brush engine? I did not notice this before upgrading to El Capitan recently. Before that, I was still using OSX Lion...
  15. Hi, I have big problems with both AD (also the latest Beta) & AP: I get very jagged/angular lines, especially when drawing quickly. It seems the digitizer can not keep up with the stroke. I made a screenshot in AD. It seems to occur more with the pixel brushes. The problem is visible in any brush I pick. see screenshot I am working with the last Version of El Capitan. I tried the latest Wacom driver, and also an older one - no difference. I have no Problems with other programs, I tried Clip Studio, Photoshop, Sketchbook and Krita and they work just fine. As it is, I can not use AD & AP for any kind of freehand drawing and painting, which really sucks: I hope you have a solution!