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  1. As you can see in the video, I am having a hard time selecting a vector that has a (complex) mask applied. I have to drag over the outline, clicking on the shape does not work. I am not sure if it is the complexity of the mask, but deleting it, makes selection much easier. maskselections.mov
  2. Two screen caps, I can reproduce this like clockwork. I have reverted back to an older version I still had installed (337) . It has none of these problems. It seems like the latest builds had some corruption in both table and text editing, especially with selecting and copying. I really hope this gets a fix very soon, as this will be a dealbreaker... I am using an iMac 2011 with el capitan cmd_a.mov select_all.mov crash_1.txt crash_2.txt
  3. I will see if I get a chance to do this later, thank you
  4. If it helps you, this is the crash report: crash.txt
  5. As I said, the behavior is not consistent, but I had this document crashing on me multiple times today. Can I send it to you on a link, so I can attach fonts as well. It is client work and the fonts are commercial, thats why.
  6. Please note that this does not always appear at first when starting a document, but after I have added some text from a word document, some images and done some formatting. I have yet to see some kind of pattern, though I somehow suspect it has something to do with DOCX import?
  7. This has been a critical bug in the last version, still there in GM1. This is a killer bug, which basically makes Publisher impossible to use!
  8. It is implemented now for the iPad versions, and it is great. The whole experience is MUCH better. But what kind of tablet are you using on the Mac OS? I set up my pressure curve in my Wacom preferences (I use an Intuos 5). It should probably controlled from your tablet software, not the OS?
  9. This does not make much sense to me, as it is "b" for brush in every program, including the desktop and APh? It would be very nice to be able to customize these shortcuts as I can on the desktop, as everyones workflows are different after all.
  10. I really need to be able to import swatches in the iPad apps, and I can find no logical reason not to have this feature. I can import brushes, fonts, symbols, assets, but not swatches? It is essential when working with color to be able to import a palette with specific characteristics. On the desktop it is so easy to do, but on the iPad it is impossible... Also I considered creating a swatches set myself from an imported image, but this required so much back and forth, clicking and opening menus it was a nightmare and I gave up after 4 colors. Please implement importing swatches soon.
  11. Oh, damn, i sure hope they can fix this asap
  12. Today I had both Photo and Designer crash on me while editing a brush. In Photo I was trying to add a new brush and it crashed on adding a second bitmap image. In Designer I was trying to create a new soft brush preset, based on the one in basic brushes, just with a bigger size. The size slider was very laggy, and when trying to close the window, I get a spinning beach ball. I work on an iMac 2011 with El Capitan.
  13. I believe so that each object is visible in the layer stack. Organisation is key here, so using groups and proper naming will help. OTOH I don't find this so much different from indesign, just that the hierarchy between these objects can easier be manipulated. After all, in Indesign some objects would also overlap others, and it would sometimes be hard to get to the specific object obscured by others. In this, Publisher is an improvement. Also the ways to add a clipping mask is much quicker and easier than indesign. As for Maps, I am not sure either Indesign or Publisher would be the preferred app. Designer, Illustrator or another vector app would probably be easier.
  14. I made another attempt, and I am not sure what is going wrong. I pasted the same text twice, with a line between them: no problem. I pasted another part after a return: no problem. I pasted the part I pasted before: boom, same problem. Perhaps it has something to do with the way characters are interpreted when pasting from PDF. I reported before that it seems to have trouble with german accented characters. This could be related.