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  1. I tried to place a Designer file, also crashed every time... I am on el capitan
  2. For plain B/W graphic, I can recommend the convertio.co convertor website. It can convert almost anything, also huge files, and does a pretty handy job. I tried many of the apps mentioned (except vector magic, which is really only for power users, way to expensive for casual use) and they are all rather meh. Super Vectorizer 2 is OK, but it seems to downgrade the input before creating a vector trace. So when I use my 1200 dpi huge B/W scans it creates a lower resolution graphic which it then traces. This is far from ideal. Intaglio Vectorize is better in this respect, but it produces very many nodes, especially on diagonal lines. Also both these programs have a flattened graphic as output (one curves layer) which is really annoying if you want to edit the graphic (f.i. with letterforms, alphabets, symbols). Convertio.co does a better job in this respect too. I am not sure about greyscale or color photos. as I never use vector tracing for this, as it produces quite awful results most of the time. A 3 color logo in a decent resolution did not do too badly in SV2, though there are some issues with the separation of colors, which require some postprocessing.
  3. postmadesign

    Add Image Trace!

    You can use online file convertor Convertio.co. For B/W graphics it gives very decent results, and there is a very generous 250 mb limit for file size, much more than many other online services have. It is free, but has some limitations in the free version.
  4. postmadesign

    HUGE file sizes

    And not just for this use case, it just eats HD space, if I want to send it via email it is cumbersome. Also the PDF writer is also inefficient at the moment, with rather large file sizes. I hope this is an issue that can be improved before official release
  5. postmadesign

    HUGE file sizes

    Yes, I also hope this issue can be addressed, as it just very inefficient this way, files taking up to 10 times the size of an indesign file. Probably something about the linking mechanism or preview settings need to be updated.
  6. Yes, this is annoying behaviour which I have noticed in the other affinity apps as well. I hope this can be changed, so using TAB would automatically return the standard interface.
  7. Yes, I do set bleed at first, but as in the use case mac_heibu describes, the flexibility at export level would be useful. But what is most important to me, is that bleed is a part of the preset I create, so using the preset will always include bleed. Seems like a simple but useful thing to implement.
  8. I believe the problem is, that PDF don't embed all properties of the font, only a part. They are not fully working fonts. There are also licensing problems with fonts usually not being allowed to be distributed in this way. I agree that opening PDF only without change (pass-thru) no possible is a hassle, but then again, other applications do not offer this option either. If a printer or other company requires editable files I would never send a PDF, but rather an indesign or illustrator file, which do not allow font embedding, so I have to send the fonts as well.
  9. I would like to see some changes to the PDF export in Publisher regarding bleed. I would like to be able to change the bleed setting in export in the "more" dialog. This way I can set bleed (and a specific bleed value?) for a specific export-preset. This can not be done now, and I still have to check or uncheck bleed regardless of the preset. Having the ability to change the bleed value in the export settings would be very useful, as printers have different requirements for these things.
  10. Thank you so much for this, this was very important to me. Picture frame UI also looks cleaner now. I would still prefer to have the fit settings as simple buttons though, not a dropdown menu as it is now. This is not a major issue though. I don't see a change here since the last version. I can select this option when exporting, as I could before.
  11. Yes, this has been around for a long time, very annoying. I also reported it here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/81651-improvements-to-raster-brusheraser/&tab=comments#comment-430509 Sadly I have had no response from the raster brush developers, but this really needs to be fixed!
  12. I have an issue where my document is missing fonts, but publisher does not warn me about it when opening the document. Yet it replaces the font with another one, even if the name in the font list is the original. Also the Font Manager does not have any issues and says all fonts are OK. I use Fontexplorer X on Mac El Capitan. Normally this works pretty well, even if there is no auto-activation yet (unfortunately). Perhaps it is a font cache issue, but I hope Publisher can at least ave a better warning mechanism, as this almost went under the radar, which could have given me a lot of trouble...
  13. I really hope to see a vector eraser soon, it is an essential feature, along with scissors and knife, to edit paths. I know the devs have lots of thing to implement, but this one is quite essential. The pen and node tool are my favorite in all drawing apps, but I really miss these features, which are in less advanced apps like Graphic and Vectornator
  14. In indesign, whenever I want to delete a text style, I get a window, asking me with which style I want to replace the current one. I would like this simple dialog window in Apub too, as it is much easier than search/replace.
  15. Oh, I am sorry for the confusion, this described the behaviour in indesign (cs5.5)