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  1. That might be the cause. I tested some regular paint brushes, and these seem to behave normally.
  2. This still is an issue in Beta The brushes look OK in the panel, but don't work as they should when painting. brush_bug1.mov
  3. The brushes render correctly in the panel, but don't behave as they do in the MAs version. It reacts completely different to pressure in some of the brushes, not creating a gradual buildup with more pressure, but rather an on/off thing. I know this is not a place for bugs, but I created a thread about this two betas ago, and although things have changed, the brushes still don't work like they should. See attached to know what I mean. brush_bug1.mov
  4. I am glad to say that Vector brushes work as they should! Thanks! However, tha problems with raster brushes are still present...
  5. Yeah, that would be great, other programs SPACE to pan with and SPACE+SHIFT to rotate with the pen on the tablet.
  6. I see some weird bugs with the layers panel and vector brushes (reported) but it's nice to see the resource manager in Designer. Perhaps you could consider adding the font manager from publisher too, as it just makes sense for a design program. Finding and replacing fonts can be tricky in more complicated documents in Designer. I like the new canvas rotation. I use it with an Intuos 5 with touch, and it works well by just pressing CMD and scrolling with two fingers up or down. Certainly much better than trying to rotate with two fingers using gestures on the Intuos, which never properly works.
  7. I don't know if this is the same problem or related, but all vector brush presets are exactly the same basic line, the preinstalled ones and the ones I installed myself. This is quite a bad bug, as i makes the program practically useless for illustration right now and I will have to stick to the MAS version for now.
  8. I see the same issue on the latest Betas, as well as still some weird behaviour in the pixel brushes, as described in a thread in the Designer Beta forums. It is different in this Photo Beta, but it is not as it is in the retail version.
  9. I uploaded the brushes and the file. Will try the propcol file, but cannot guarantee it will go through. EDIT: all files are now uploaded
  10. I tried uploading, but as it is a rather large file, I always get network trouble. I will try again shortly, or upload the things in seperate attempts.
  11. Here is the screenshot of my performance settings. I use a 2011 iMac with High Sierra
  12. In the latest beta I have seen problems with vector lines with brushes applied, but also on some objects with a basic color fill, that they appear and disappear, especially when zooming in and out. This especially happens with selected paths. I attached a video where you see the effect with a stroked object. redraw_issues.mov
  13. I am uploading the brush packs now. I hope you can fix this! EDIT: upload does not seem to work right now. I will try again in the morning.
  14. I have stumbled into a rather nasty problem with the pixel brushes in the latest betas for both Designer and Photo. When I use exactly the same brush in both the beta and the App Store versions, I get a very different result. It is hard to describe, so have a look at the video. It seems to have something to do with the opacity or flow dynamics, but I am not sure. The first brush one from the Crayon set by Frankentoon. It is a brush with custom wet edges, but not a double brush. The second brush shown is from Eleni Debos brushset (from the Affinity store) which I use with the pixel tool, so no wet edges. No double brush either. It affects other brushes as well, not just these too. I hope you can fix this soon, as it is quite unusable atm. FWIW I am using both Programs on a 2011 iMac (non-metal compatible) running High Sierra. Brush_problems_in_Beta.mov
  15. Any chance you could get the Auto Selection / Magic Wand in Designer's pixel persona? It seems to be a glaring omission, and curiously it is in the ipad version but not the desktop....
  16. That is pretty cool, would be great if PS double brushes could be imported into Affinity, as it would make the number of available brushes much higher than now
  17. Perhaps it could be possible to select the same brush properties for vector objects, and/or the same appearance (all strokes and fills)? Select all locked layers, or have the ability to exclude locked layers from the selection. Perhaps add an ability to select only within a layer or group?
  18. This is a huge deal, I can't wait to check it out! Additional question: I see that the Photo beta has studio presets. Will this be in the 1.9 version of Designer too?
  19. Why does this have to take long? Keyboard shortcuts are essential for a quick workflow, even on iPad, so not having all the options is a pain. I use Clip Studio Paint on iPad and Mac, and the whole experience is just seemless. I don't see why Affinity can not do the same? Is it for lack of resources? If so, this could really become an achillis heel in the success of the Affinity apps. You built a great foundation, but it still needs work on details in various apps, as well as more consitency across the suite to really knock it out of the park. I know this is a huge project, but users like me have been waiting for many years for basic functions to be implemented in Designer and it's not happening for some reason. I truly hope that development will not slow down now the apps are all pretty successful, as you got something very good that could be great if you put a bit more energy and resources into the thing.
  20. It sort of does. I understand why there is not a direct connection to the devs, as it would suck up all their time. What I am interested in is, if the suggestions made are read by anyone, if they might be considered. It would be helpful to have some kind of development plan/roadmap for the app, to see what the devs are considering for the next updates. If there is one, could you please point me where it is.
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