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  1. I have been able to disable the swipe gesture for screenshot. I will have to check if this improves things.
  2. I have a 2nd gen iPad Pro 12 inch (with home button). I did not even know that I could do a screenshot this way, but if I swipe up from bottom (left?) it makes a screenshot. This is quite inconvenient if I want to delete an object!
  3. Although I welcome the return of the delete button in a certain form, I am not sure it works with the swipe on the X button in the bottom left. I want to use it with my left thumb, but find myself often triggering the making of a screenshot instead. It would be better if it were just a dedicated button as it was before, either in the lower left, or in the context toolbar at the top when the Move tool is selected.
  4. I agree that tapping would be preferable to swiping. When I compare Affinity Designer to its competitors like Vectornator and Amadine, they all have a single button to tap to delete an object. This is the easiest way and the best way. Even if you accidentally delete an object, it still is easier to undo once or twice, than to have to swipe up, swipe up swipe up etc. This was one of the quality of life features in V1 that should still be there unchanged. I think the new quick menu is a great addition, but for something like deleting multiple objects, it is not ideal. I tend to use my bluetooth keyboard, just to delete a lot of things quickly, but would prefer for it to work without one.
  5. I would love to know. I have tried various options, but not many were any good at all.
  6. I agree with the others here that the little trash icon on the left is very much missed. Please add a trash icon, at least in the contextual menu for the move tool, as this would save me a lot of extra steps.
  7. I can't say I agree. I think Publisher is a very great app for DTP, but it is not neccesarily a replacement for indesign. indesign has been on the market for 20 years now, so expecting publisher to have the same depth of features is not realistic. Yes, Publisher has it's faults, and tables are not great, but the update did bring several very nice things, like the books feature and the style picker, which have been two features I dearly missed before. I find it quite bothersome that users fill complete threads of these forums with only negativity. Constructive criticism and disappointment can and should be voiced, but these threads don't offer any of it. Why even bother writing in the forum how bad you think this program is. No one forces you to use it. If you don't like it, get InDesign or Quark or whatever else you hink suits your work better. It is also quite disrespectful to the devs, who did work very hard to create a good program. However not everything works for everybody, and Serif has no obligation to any user to just put in every feature any other program has for a single payment, with free updates, for a price that gets you 2 months of CC... This is just an absurd expectation. I think the v2 updates are very good, and will be better. There will be bugs and there will be improvements. I am sure the Serif team is already working on them right now. I want to thank them for offering such a great suite of products for a very nice price. It has been a gamechanger for me, and undoubtedly for many others too.
  8. How do I access these options on iPad?? edit: I found it, it's in the layer stack, middle button at the top. It's bloody well hidden though, I will say that.
  9. The option to fill a text frame with filler text does not seem to work right now? Nothing happens at all. I use the new quick menu and select the option, but it does nothing. The only way I can get it to work, is when go into text editing mode and long press, which bring up the old style contextual options.
  10. I will give it a go, but I will have to check how to avoid conflicts with my current font manager.
  11. Auto activation for Affinity would definately make me switch to your app. I now use Font Explorer, but it has been discontinued.
  12. I agree that VS offers a lot of hardcore vector features that I would love to see in Affinity. I have a license and use it, but only sporadically, which is mostly down to it being rather buggy and unstable for me (this could have to do with my older Mac too). Even if I like the feature richness of VS, it still has quite some way to go to become as nice to use as Affinity. The UI in VS is really messy and hard to understand, with a lot of options for everything. I have been working with these kinds of programs for over 20 yrs now, so I am hardly a novice, but the UI of VS must be one of the most convoluted and complicated to navigate. For VS to really become a serious workhorse for me, it really needs to work on this, right now I will only use a specific feature I need and then jump back to Affinity... Affinity and VS are both at one extreme of the spectrum: feature packed but hard to use for VS, basic but very intuitive and fast for Affinity.
  13. This is a good question, indeed. Responses here are slow sometimes, so I wrote a message on twitter to some professionals that make Affinity brushes. When I get an answer I will post it here.
  14. If you really need to send .ai files to third parties and cannot get them to accept the Affinity formats directly, you may have little choice but to stick with what you are using (or find new suppliers, manufacturers and clients to replace the ones who insist on these formats). As AI is a propriety format by Adobe, you will only be able to use them in Adobe Software. I do not know what line of work you do, so I cannot say if another vector format would also work for the supplier. I would recommend using EPS for most printing, SVG for other applications. I can see that switching away from Adobe can be difficult, as no design software will be able to give you the same workflow, so if you want to switch you may have to make some compromises. It took me some time to adopt to Affinity, but I think the time I spent with it was well spent, as I feel I can work very efficiently in Affinity, in some thing even more efficient than Adobe. But how you fare will depend on your requirements an your ability to adapt. If you are a small business and the Sub is to high an investment to make in relation to the income, I think Affinity is a good compromise. Otherwise you might want to try Corel Draw or Quark Xpress?
  15. An interesting idea that fits wel with the brand. I do think the colors need some work, as the red and the blue clash and create an unappealing look. I would be interested if the logo would work better if a Sans-Serif typeface was used?
  16. I created this illustration, loosely based on the Citroen Mehari, in Affinity Designer. It is a part of a map project, but as this one did not really fit, I wanted to share it with you here. It is all done in vectors and it was very enjoyable. I hope you like it.
  17. I guess it all comes down to the expectations. I agree 100% that Affinity would need a couple of features to really compete with Illustrator for everyone. How much you rely on these features to do your work determines your success or failure in using Designer. For me, there are things I would like to see, but I have about 95% of the features I need ATM. If you need Live-Trace or Vector transform all the time, then AD is not for you right now, and you would need to try Corel or Adobe. But it would make little sense for Affinity to add a feature like trace when it works badly. Inkscape, Vectorstyler and Vectornator all have this feature, but the results are very poor most of the time, especially for color images. Even Illustrator is not very good at that. And if you only need B/W vectorisations, either trace yourself or use an online convertor. Only if Affinity adds one that does a proper job am I going to use it.
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