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  1. Err, maybe I didn't make the problem clear: the export is the issue, not the screen. The screen however, can be used to verify that there is no halftone details in the white areas, yet the export gets a base gray. The seemingly unavoidable problem is that: The completely white regions of the picture are exported as halftone "gray". The only white in the exported area is the halo around a halftone area. This is clearly not how halftone should work. Even the zoom on screen shows that the white turns gray when zooming out. Again, white should stay white in halftone - no matter t
  2. Hey, I want to create a halftone version of an image. Seems only way to do this is by using Live Halftone filter? I am no expert, but I think it is safe to say that the halftone filter is not working as expected. Comments on the images themselves as well. This is a close-up of a detail in the picture, with no pixel view mode selected. Clearly, the white is entirely white - there are no real half toning going on here that is worth conserving in the exported image. Zooming a bit out, the halftone fill for the white remains the same size as in the first image; now a bit more
  3. Hey, Love AD, but I have some grievances. The most annoying is the many scenarios where my grid is messed up; artboard doesn't snap to anything when dragging, despite options being enabled. Is that not expected behaviour? My experience suggests that if the artboard itself is not on the grid, no objects within that artboard will be sharp either. In those artboard-off-the-grid situations, the size of the export does not match the artboard itself: 22 x 22 becomes 23 x 19, or worse. So, location of the artboard seem to affect it's size - which to me is .. extremely odd, and frankly extrem
  4. So, from v.1.9 there will be no more of this incredibly annoying and time consuming issue? I mean, I have the artboard and shape precisely on the grid, yet the edges are not sharp. Is this fixed in 1.9?
  5. Been fighting the same issue myself. I found somewhat of a solution: I changed the document resolution to Points, originally in pixels. Adjusted the size and stroke of my icons: artboard 22 x 22, stroke 1pt. The viewport of the exported files were somewhat matching the artboard - their viewport was set to 23 x 23. No idea where that came from. I am on grid with all the artboards, both size and location, so not sure why the size increased (I presume it rounded up for some reason). First I tried following the tip from @v_kyr but it didn't make a difference for my artwork (AD
  6. Please retain what I chose in the Alignment dialogue for “Align to:” Basically I only use “Last Selected” option. To have to always have to set this when aligning is needlessly time consuming.
  7. I love the icons for Photo, Design and now Publisher - but not the "splash mess" added behind them... They do the icon no favors. Would love to just see the icons - clean and simple. Actually, I thought the noise behind the icon on Designer beta was added to remind the beta testers that they should expect bugs. Was surprisingly disappointed when you kept it for release. Now I also saw the backdrop for the Publisher icon.. it is .. just too much! Please, why have that? * start crying myself to sleep
  8. I also have a file you can check out. In my case the background in the Export persona didn't have the correct size. If I exported from Draw, the result was correct. What I fail to understand is how this is possible? I added the file here. Wrong Background size.afdesign
  9. Dammit. I think the PDFs had transparent backgrounds, just all my viewers decided to be kind and render a white background. Even Preview did this, toggling View > Show Document Background did nothing. The exported PDF worked in Xcode however, which is the only thing I need.
  10. This is driving me nuts. I am sure I managed to do this before, now I cannot figure out how to export a PDF with transparent background. - Document Setup has "Transparent background" enabled. - I am seeing the document with the classic checked background. - During export I set "Compatibility" to PDF 1.7 (supposedly only 1.4+ support transparent backgrounds). The files I export have a white background. What am I doing wrong? All help appreciated.
  11. When using "Join Curves" why aren't the selected nodes used for the join? Seems to be so much more logical. If there is no selection - then the default is the two closest nodes. Not having any way to influence how a join happens, and not letting a selection influence the result just feels wrong.
  12. A workaround is to drag the first marquee you create around on screen. You only need to do this once - it seems. After the drag the tool start working as expected, showing the size and location in the transform panel. PS: Oh, didn't see the last part of that sentence in Chris' answer.
  13. Hey, Loved being part of the beta. Especially the clever way you reminded me of the fact that I was launching the beta version of the app: the ugly noisy background of the otherwise beautiful splash screen. Every day I was looking forward to getting the final 1.5 release without it. I thought you guys were so clever. Then the day finally came. Excited I launched the updated release of Affinity Designer, but the ugly beta background pattern was still there! I had to double-check that I did in fact launch the release and to my horror, I had. Now I cringe every time I launch A
  14. This is driving me crazy. I create an artboard and add a rectangle. Nothing seems to align to anything: - The artboard doesn't align to the checkered background. - The rectangle doesn't align to the artboard. - The artboard doesn't scale to match the handles. - Despite having snap enabled I can end up with an artboard/asset that isn't aligned to the grid. What is the reason for this?
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