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  1. Bravo, thatGuy, I loved your proposal. I download the file to study it. It is a pleasure working with people like you.
  2. I assume you copied the image from the internet. Many times we search for images and add the extension .png to find those that are transparent, but the image, although it has that extension, is not really transparent. Don't think twice, the image is not transparent and the checkerboard background is part of that image. This is not your or Affinity's mistake.
  3. There are two types of droppers in Affinity Publisher. One of them only takes a sample of any part of the screen, including objects outside the Publisher work area. The other, the one in the toolbar, applies the color of any element to the object you have selected. Look at the video.
  4. If closing the document works, it will prevent me from having to close other documents. I will wait for the error to reappear. Thank you.
  5. I understand and share what you say about "Drop Shadow", but I can offer you a solution on the design notes. There is a very simple and powerful solution for what you need. Look at the video. That is a great advantage, because you can save the file with the notes and export it without them.
  6. No, you do very well in making suggestions; you have to explore all the possibilities. The first time I did it, I found that it was the solution, but the error had not yet occurred. Anyway I am sure that they should already be preparing the patch for that error. You waste a lot of time restarting the application. And the worst is when you have many documents open at the same time.
  7. I have already tried to change the preview mode and the result is the same.
  8. And after closing and restarting Publisher, the text and table rules work again.
  9. Well, no. Unfortunately, the option to hide and show text rules again does not work. As you can see in this video. I can only exit and restart Affinity Publisher. This is a big problem when you have many documents open. And in the tables the option of controlling the number of columns and rows is also lost.
  10. Thank you very much, Garret. You are right, it behaves as you say. This will save me time on reboots. Does the same thing happen with the editing of columns and rows in the tables? Sometimes they disappear and cannot be edited. Can you think of something other than restarting Affinity Publisher?
  11. Thank you very much, Firstdefence. That was exactly the effect I wanted to achieve. Tonight, when I return from the Halloween party, I will try to test the effect and create the macro to apply it. Nottingham is too far from Alicante, but take a beer and send me the bill.
  12. With Adobe Photoshop I have been doing 3D effects for a long time by moving the pixels of the red channel to one side and the blue ones to the other. It is very simple. But with Affinity Photo I can't do the same. Even if you select the RGB R or B channel, when I move them, all channels are moved. Do I do something wrong or does Affinity Photo not have that feature? Thanks for your help.
  13. Hello Chris. Let me show you another way to do what you want in a precise and fast way. And you will not have any node left or curves open.
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