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  1. Thanks, James. Yeah, I discovered that as soon as I poked around in the forum after posting this. Got it bookmarked now!
  2. I was wondering where you got the help files to convert to epub, so in a blinding flash of obviousness, I looked inside the AF App. I realized that all I have to do in order to see the help system is to open this link file:///Applications/Affinity%20Photo.app/Contents/Resources/AffinityPhoto.help/Contents/Resources/en-US.lproj/index.html# in a browser. It works great. To make it portable, just copy the folder en-US.lproj to another location or device; of course you'll still have to use a browser to see it. hth, ge
  3. I like the before and after view icons in Develop Persona but can't find a way to get the same functionality in Photo Persona. I'd like to be able to switch between my original image and the results of edits (all adjustments, filters, etc.). In Photoshop you just CMD-click the background layer's checkbox, I think, but I can't find this functionality in Affinity Photo. I tried searching for "before and after" in this forum, but it's to smart for me. I knows that I'm really searching for "before after", and it finds nothing. Thanks for your help. If this can be done, I know it's quite simple....
  4. Dan Margulis says that HSL adjustments are much easier to do LAB color. You already let us do Curves in LAB color space. How about HSL? Thanks!