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  1. Thank you so so much for that!! Can't believe I hadn't looked in there. Very much appreciated. Best wishes, Mark
  2. Hi, Probably me doing something silly here (it usually is!!) but I'm having a little problem with adjustment layers in that if I have a layer selected (say a cutout person) and I want to add an adjustment layer to just that person then when I add let's say a curves adjustment layer then it always gets added above the person layer so it then affects the whole image. I can drag it down on to the person layer no problem but just thought that if I had the person layer selected then it should add that adjustment onto just that layer thus clipping it to the layer? Clipping is possibly the wrong terminology here but have come from using Photoshop for many years so still learning all the AP terms. Basically is it therefore possible to add an adjustment layer to a selected layer upon creation of the adjustment or do we have to drag it down to where we want it every time? Many thanks in advance for any help with this. Best wishes, Mark AP Adjustments.mov
  3. Hi Walt, Many thanks for the reply. I had PDF (For Print) chosen with 300DPI for rastering. Would have hoped most effects would export the way they're meant to but guessing not. I suppose I can always (as a workaround) just add the effects then rasterise the layer so that it all comes out the way it should. Would rather not have to do that but if it can't do it then that's what I'll have to do for now I guess. Mark
  4. Hiya, Probably just me doing something silly (I hope so anyway!) but having problems with certain effects and processes not exporting to PDF but work fine when exported to say an image format such as JPG. For instance and example : 1 - Place an image into Publisher. 2 - Apply a box blur (just one of many things that don't work upon exporting to PDF). 3 - Export as PDF. Blur is not on image at all! Now export as a JPG and the blur is there on the image. There have been quite a few things that I've done inside documents and they just don't export to PDF. Am I missing something obvious? A setting perhaps? Thanks in advance for any help with this. Best wishes, Mark
  5. Hi, First of all sorry for this question as I've probably just missed something obvious somewhere but what I'm trying to do is to paint with a brush set at say for example 10% but so that if you paint over an area it should build up and get more and more opaque. Currently to do this if I set the brush to say 10% and paint over the whole canvas I'd get my colour all over at 10%. What I want to happen is that the paint starts to build up so I can make it more opaque in places and not others but without having to lift my finger and start painting again. Is this possible at all? I've used it in another App and thought it would be possible in AP but perhaps I'm mistaken? Many thanks for any help with this. Best wishes, Mark P.S. Sorry should have mentioned I'm using an iPad Air 2 so no pressure sensitivity.
  6. markbowen

    save gradients in designer ipad

    Excellent. Glad that helped. Best wishes, Mark
  7. markbowen

    post apocalyptic skyline

    Very nice. Here's one I took on my iPhone a few years back now when a load of dust from a volcano blew across the UK making everything very very weird looking. I wish I'd taken some of looking into our village as it was the most surreal moment ever. It was as though someone had literally dutoned everything with this orangey brown colour. It was eerily quiet too with hardly anyone outside which even for the village where we live was seriously quiet! Best wishes, Mark
  8. markbowen

    The Lyin' Lion

    Very nice work there. I think I saw this on Instagram and gave it a like. I do believe (we were taught it was correct anyway) that lying can mean to lie down although I know that a lot of spelling and grammar that we learnt a while back has changed nowadays so may now be considered archaic I guess. Best wishes, Mark
  9. markbowen

    How to apply the gradient to stroke? (ipad)

    Quick screen recording to go along with what gdenby mentioned above. Hope it helps. Best wishes, Mark 715EB186-ED24-4519-8765-98D656636562.MOV
  10. markbowen

    How was this grid setting achieved?

    Hi Gabe, Ah okay thanks. Seemed like quite a nice 'feature' albeit not real. Many thanks for the heads up on that. Best wishes, Mark
  11. markbowen

    Logo Affinity Designer - IPAD

    Really lovely work and fantastic gold mockup! Love it. Best wishes, Mark
  12. Was just watching a video on YouTube and noticed that his grid only shows when he adds the shape to the document. Anybody know how to go about doing this? Many thanks. Mark
  13. markbowen

    After War Selfie: Photo Manipulation

    What would the image look like with the girl moved to the right slightly? The only reason I ask is that when I first looked at the picture I thought there was a masking problem with the stairs on the left hand side of the image 'looking' like they're in front of the girl. From zooming in I can see that they're actually just sitting in to the outline of the girl perfectly but did detract my eye for quite a while taking me away from the main subject fucus area. A great start though. Best wishes, Mark
  14. markbowen

    Snap to grid not working

    And there you have it, I was right! It was something silly!!! I must have leant with my right hand on the screen as it was actually turned on previously as I've been using it a lot lately. Can't believe I didn't notice it had been turned off! Thanks for pointing me to my silly mistake Lee! Best wishes, Mark
  15. Yep I've been getting crashes all the while trying to do this sort of thing. I've found that if I come out of the document before committing the grid back to normal again then it 'usually' doesn't then crash but if I try to do everything in one go then it crashes every single time. Hoping it gets sorted soon. Luckily I've not had the problem mentioned above with the wrong area selected though. Best wishes, Mark