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  1. I really should check more before posting!! I believe you are correct and it was part of an older version of Default Folder that I am running. Have been using DF ever since it first came out and it was so en-lodged in my use of the computer that I just thought it was part of the system!! :-) Thanks for the pointer! Much appreciated. Best wishes, Mark
  2. This may very well be related to a recent system update so apologies if this is nothing to do with Affinity but hoping that someone might have an answer regardless. I updated my Mid 2010 Mac Pro to the latest system it can handle 10.13.6 and I've just noticed that when I go to open a file, if I have the dialogue box set to list view then I no longer get the preview of the file showing at the bottom of the dialogue. Now there is just a thin strip of grey. The only way I can see the files is by going into columnar view (which I don't like using) or by pressing the space bar to preview the images. Problem with that is that the images load very large and so take a lot longer to go through. Was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get that functionality back? If it is Apple that have taken this out then seriously have no idea why as it was really really handy having the image preview at the bottom of the window in list view. Thanks for any help with this. Best wishes, Mark
  3. Hi Don, That's really fantastic work, well done! Looking forward to seeing the rest in the series. Best wishes, Mark
  4. Thanks Pedro. Will take a look at that later on.
  5. I edited my answer above earlier on as I don't believe now that this is what the OP wanted. I don't believe there is a way to do what was originally being asked other than doing so on the original document in the Finder. Best wishes, Mark
  6. Same problem here - No mention of a fix or what is going on though :-( Best wishes, Mark
  7. It is unfortunately a bug but one they do know about and are working on a fix for. I'm hoping it will be really soon. Best wishes, Mark
  8. I have simply no words that can describe what I feel when I see an image made out of vectors to that kind of quality. Utterly stunning work! (Actually there's three right there lol) Best wishes, Mark
  9. EDIT - Apologies I misread what you were after here. I was thinking of when in Photoshop and you have the same document side by side so you can say have one at 100% and the other is the one you're working on. Apologies I believe that View->New View is what you're looking for here? You would then need to go to Window->Seperated Mode to get at what you need. Not sure if this is just a Mac feature though as don't use Windows. Anyway, hope that helps a bit. Best wishes, Mark
  10. I have to agree with this. Most of the brushes (I believe) have it turned off and it would be great to have it turned on as default. If someone is then using a pen it will work and if they're not and just using a mouse or other input device then well it's not going to make any difference to them anyway. Definitely add my voice to a +1 vote for this. Best wishes, Mark
  11. Hi Walt, Good catch. I could do (however unless there's a way to speed up the zoom?) but just prefer zooming using the Command + keys as it just feels faster to me. Will give that a go though definitely. Best wishes, Mark
  12. Crikey!! You're absolutely spot on there. I created the before image when exporting first and accidentally turned off a layer that was beneath the moon to cover the stars. Have updated post above with correct image. Thanks for that! Best wishes, Mark
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