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  1. It looks like you have your Affinity Photo document zoomed in to 127%. Try zooming back to 100% to see if that fixes the issue here. Best wishes, Mark
  2. My pleasure. Glad that got you sorted. Can be really annoying when you press something and don't know it's done something then find out at a later date. Have had that happen a few times in apps before. Glad you're all up and running now though. Best wishes, Mark
  3. Try pressing the right arrow on your keyboard once (or possibly twice). Brushes can be tilted by using those keys. May be that you accidentally knocked one of those. Hope that helps. Best wishes, Mark
  4. Only way that I've ever found on OSX anyway to de-activate most (not all unfortunately) of these fonts is by using a 3rd party app called RightFont. As above though I've found there are around 5 or 6 that you just can't delete or de-activate or do anything with. These I believe are used for language support in the system. Would be nice if there was a way to turn that off but have never found anything to that end unfortunately.
  5. I could have sworn I used to do that but obviously not Thanks again for the help, very much appreciated.
  6. Hi loukash, That's great thanks. Could have sworn I used to be able to hold down the space bar in there and get rid of them but guessing I was imagining that. Thanks again, Mark
  7. As per the title, when using Affinity Designer / Photo is there any way to hide the blue lines that surround your layer selection when applying a layer effect? I could have sworn that I used to hold down the space bar and they would disappear much like when you do that just in the document normally? Doesn't appear to be doing that now and maybe I'm mis-remembering but could have sworn I used to be able to do that? I can see it's possible if I hold the space bar down before clicking on the layer effects icon to bring that window up but if I accidentally let go of the space bar whilst applying effects then there is no way to press the space bar again to hide the outlines. You'd need to go out of the layer effects window in order to re-apply the space bar again. Have I by any chance changed some setting unintentionally which is making this happen now? Many thanks, Mark
  8. Thanks everyone! Telemax thanks for that. By bringing down the shininess also I was able to get what I wanted. Hadn't been messing with the controls enough obviously! 🙂 Best wishes, Mark
  9. Hi there, First of all sorry for the title on this one as wasn't really sure how to title it! I've been testing out Affinity Designer today and added a very simple 3D layer effect to a shape (shown in image attached). I was wondering if there is some way to get just the highlight which is on the top right of the shape without the shadow at the bottom left? I tried all the controls in the 3D layer effect but couldn't get it to go and then I thought I'd just mask out the shape to just get what I wanted but that applies the effect to the edge of the mask also so I'm a little stumped as to how to get what I need here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes, Mark
  10. As per the title, if you create a fill layer (I created one with a gradient in it - not tried yet with others) and then add say a noise live filter to that layer then the filter doesn't affect the gradient at all. Dragging the filter above the fill layer does then affect it as you'd expect. Not a massive problem but as it's nice to keep things organised in the same way with layers it's a little annoying organising layers one way but then having to arrange others in a different way because things don't work the way you'd expect them to. That is unless of course this is intended behaviour? Have attached a video to show what I'm referring to. Thanks, Mark
  11. There are loads online however something such as the Union Jack (if that's the one you're after and not the George Cross?) would be really quick to make (even trace if needed) in Affinity. Depends on what App you have of course? Designer or Photo? https://www.vecteezy.com/vector-art/1416664-united-kingdom-great-britain-flag Regards, Mark
  12. If you click on the brushes panel (to the right of the colour panel you have open currently there in that image) and make sure you don't have a textured brush selected then hopefully that should work for you? Difficult to say if it's not that as a static image doesn't really show us much I'm afraid. Hope that helps though. Best wishes, Mark
  13. Was using Vivaldi here and that's what I got about it maybe trying to steal information. Different browsers, different messages I suppose. I still can't actually load the site though as get a 403 error here. So is it loading for everyone else then? Best wishes, Mark
  14. EDIT - Sorry, please ignore. I was dragging the one layer under the other in the wrong way! Just came across this setting today and also wondered what it was for so thank you for the screenshot explanation. Just wondering though how exactly you got the yellow circle 'clipped' inside the red one like that? Is that Designer that you have created it in as I'm not sure how you'd get two shapes to do that in Photo? Thanks, Mark
  15. As a quick update to this you may also need to update the documentation (documentation link) as it states : "The following options are displayed on the Channels panel" It then does mention 'Reset' but doesn't have the icon shown so not straight away apparent where that would be. Admitted I hadn't read the documentation as Affinity Photo is generally so easy to use that I hadn't bothered however for anyone looking they may not have understood where the 'Reset' function is. Best wishes, Mark
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