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  1. Good tutorial but may have been better if you hadn't lifted it straight from Unmesh's channel with the exact same images. Totally appreciate people teaching new users how to use Affinity as that's great but taking already published material and making it look like your own is not ideal. Sorry, didn't watch the video as saw the image and recognised it immediately so if you do mention this in the video somewhere then please accept my sincerest apologies. Mark
  2. Hi Lee, I did think about that actually as I've noticed redraw issues before however I did try zooming out and panning round the document but the effects never showed up again. These are fairly large files I'm working on with a 2010 Mac Pro so not sure if that makes any difference at all? I'll have to see if doing everything as normal, saving out and then re-opening the files shows any difference. Will try that later on and see how it goes. Thanks, Mark
  3. Hiya, Glad it's not just me. That's actually what I'm doing at the moment to remedy the problem although not exactly what's shown in the video above as that was just for showing what was happening. I'll have to do it this way for now as have a lot of images to edit but would be great if this could be fixed in an upcoming update. I've had a couple of these types of things before where adjustments / live filters have done something odd and can't see a reason as to why one would cause a problem but not others. Definitely causes a problem with workflow though which is not ideal at all as absolutely love working with Affinity and won't ever go back to PS but would love these niggly little problems to be fixed if possible. Thanks again for the reply confirming it's not me doing something silly, very much appreciated. Best wishes, Mark
  4. Hi there, I'm putting together images for my Mom's funeral and have come across something a little odd. It may be something I'm missing though as obviously not thinking completely straight whilst doing this particular job. Anyway if you have a photo on one layer and add say a white outline to it using the layer effects and also say a drop shadow just to get a sort of photo look to it, if you now add a noise reduction live filter to that layer then all the layer fx you've added to the layer don't render any more. I've also got an unsharp mask live filter on that layer but that doesn't affect the layer fx options though. I've not tried all the other live effects so don't know if noise reduction is the only one that causes this problem but definitely seems like there's something up with that somewhere? I've attached a video below to show what I mean. Many thanks for any help with this. Best wishes, Mark Noise Reduction Problem S.mp4
  5. Apologies if this has already been asked somewhere or is covered but I couldn't find it. Does Affinity Publisher have access to the Tone Mapping persona which is in Affinity Photo when clicking on the AP button at the top left or do we have to go into Affinity Photo in order to do that? Many thanks, Mark
  6. I really should check more before posting!! I believe you are correct and it was part of an older version of Default Folder that I am running. Have been using DF ever since it first came out and it was so en-lodged in my use of the computer that I just thought it was part of the system!! :-) Thanks for the pointer! Much appreciated. Best wishes, Mark
  7. This may very well be related to a recent system update so apologies if this is nothing to do with Affinity but hoping that someone might have an answer regardless. I updated my Mid 2010 Mac Pro to the latest system it can handle 10.13.6 and I've just noticed that when I go to open a file, if I have the dialogue box set to list view then I no longer get the preview of the file showing at the bottom of the dialogue. Now there is just a thin strip of grey. The only way I can see the files is by going into columnar view (which I don't like using) or by pressing the space bar to preview the images. Problem with that is that the images load very large and so take a lot longer to go through. Was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get that functionality back? If it is Apple that have taken this out then seriously have no idea why as it was really really handy having the image preview at the bottom of the window in list view. Thanks for any help with this. Best wishes, Mark
  8. Hi Don, That's really fantastic work, well done! Looking forward to seeing the rest in the series. Best wishes, Mark
  9. Thanks Pedro. Will take a look at that later on.
  10. I edited my answer above earlier on as I don't believe now that this is what the OP wanted. I don't believe there is a way to do what was originally being asked other than doing so on the original document in the Finder. Best wishes, Mark
  11. Same problem here - No mention of a fix or what is going on though :-( Best wishes, Mark
  12. It is unfortunately a bug but one they do know about and are working on a fix for. I'm hoping it will be really soon. Best wishes, Mark
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