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    Water-sports like fishing, diving, sailing and anything boating, light hiking in the Pyrenees mountains, road trips to new places, playing with our dog, doing home projects and enjoying the excellent food and wine in Catalunya!
    Of course, also working with Affinity Publisher and Designer and reading helpful messages on this forum!
  1. Hello ProDesigner, Hey, you must have read my post, "Confused by Styles" -- I'm in the same boat as a few others it looks like. Yes, having a handy default set of preferred styles would be handy, and one that is available in new documents, but seems that's not possible. I imported a Word docx page full of examples of the included styles from the Normal template, but that was messy. I might try again to see if I can create a Publisher default by copying their attributes, but they're very different animals and not sure if it's really practical. Seems like Publisher should have two
  2. Hi Walt, Thanks for your reply and good information, much appreciated. I should apologize for not reading the post from AdamW well, and yes I should keep that in mind. My initial work will just arrange the chapter headings and TOC, with anchors for bookmarks, but the real content will go in later when the retail version is available. If the transition doesn't go well then not a crisis, I can recreate it in the retail version and then we'll start to add content. So now I'm wondering when the retail version will be out, this we don't know but I won't let it slow me down. I already enjo
  3. Hi All, I'm using the beta and having success with it, especially important to me are the anchors that create PDF bookmarks. So, if I use the beta to create a real project, will that project (.afpub file) be usable in the future when the retail version is released? That is, the retail version would import and open it correctly, and I could continue on working with it? I imagine so but want to verify before going too far. Thanks and Regards, Kevin
  4. Hello AmDivVal and Catshill, Thanks for the above info AmDivVal I'll look closely at it soon, Current Formatting window will be useful, I checked again and can't find anything in AfPub Help on that window, so you're discovering virgin help information! Catshill, yes the Publisher text styles seem convoluted to me, I'm a newbie so I'll have to learn it enough to work and just ignore the oddities, I was hoping for a "Simple Mode" but it doesn't exist, unfortunately. Anyway, keep reading the above advice from some very helpful forum members and I'm sure that we'll both figure it out eve
  5. Hello AmDivVal and Old Bruce, Thanks to both of your for your replies, interesting and gives me a better handle on Text Styles. First AmDivVal -- thanks for that workaround to populate the settings of a new Group Style, it does in fact work but not intuitive, just as you wrote. However, it's an empty Group so I'll have to create the styles manually, or optionally just use the afpub default styles file from Wosven and build on that. I might even stick with the same name Base for the sake of tradition, and tag on a suffix to differentiate when I create more Groups for specific uses.
  6. Hi All, Thanks again for all the great assistance, perhaps I'm getting a grip on the text styles, not 100% but enough to get started and not worry about the peculiarities. As Wosven wrote, the long part is coming -- writing and rewriting and tele-collaborating with the other expert who works in the Netherlands. Perhaps what's confusing me is the Base "thing" that I was thinking is a standalone entity / function but not explained well in AfPub help. After reading AmDivVal "some sort of parent style" and Wosven "Yes, Base is a Group Style" I realize that it's both and I mis-interpreted
  7. Hello Text Style Consultants, Thanks for your very helpful followup messages, let me go thru them thoroughly and then reply with results and thoughts. Maybe soon I can change my status from "Befuddled" to "Somewhat Fuzzy" on the topic, thanks to all of you! Chris26 -- Great observation, so much useful info here it's going to raise the bar on my engineering manual 😨 Gutenberg press breaking the desk, that's a funny one for sure! Kind Regards, Kevin
  8. Hello Chris26, Wosven, AmDivVal and Duoro, Thank you very much for your time and replies, all useful and I think I'll be able to mix them all into a solution. Chris26 --- That was a good video for me, she explained text style usage well although there still seems to be something "under the hood" that has me befuddled. Your suggestion I've considered as you are correct we don't need or want too many styles, would just confuse us. A complication that I didn't explain in my first post, I'll collaborate with a fellow who is the real engineering expert, he also owns Designer and Publisher
  9. Hello Affinity Forum, I'm new to Affinity Designer and Publisher and in no way a DTP expert, more of a technical expert but now I have to write as well, a fairly long technical manual for shipboard equipment. I've been reading up on Text Styles for two days, AFPub Help, the forum, even YouTube videos, and I still can't get my head around the text styles concepts, I wish that there was a Simple Mode for them. I don't need fancy styles just a generic set of accepted styles that would apply to technical content -- the readers (marine engineers) want to read about machinery operation and aren
  10. Hello AP Beta Forum and Developers, For me the big feature of 1.9 is the creation of PDF bookmarks, I did some tests with the beta and it works perfectly so far. I can create a structured document with multi-level anchors, and the bookmarks appear in the exported PDF exactly as they are in AP. I made anchors in an AP file, then imported it into a another AP file, exported to PDF and the anchors all created bookmarks as expected. So I can work with smaller nested afpub files and the anchors will carry thru as I build up the master file. Great work you have done Affinity developer
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