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    Table of Contents trouble

    Hi Publisher Forum, Not sure if this thread is still open or anybody still available to comment. OK so now that Publisher is a paid product I want to be sure about PDF bookmarks before I pass up on the introductory offer. So, nobody foresees Publisher being able to create a bookmark, meaning the links in the left pane that show the document's structure based on the TOC, it's still the case I suppose? I tested LibreOffice and it creates them from the TOC, so the feature can't be that difficult to implement, but I suppose Publisher is more for paper printing than digital publishing. I need to create manuals for monitor and tablet viewing only and the client wants bookmarks of course, not just a TOC at the start of the manual. If anybody has feedback or news on this then please send it along, and thanks in advance. Regards, Kevin
  2. Kevin B

    Table of Contents trouble

    Thanks your replies Oval and fde101, seems odd that Publisher doesn't work with bookmarks but I suppose it's goal is to create new documents only. This leaves me hanging as I need to update/improve existing pdf manuals and I can't just ditch their entire bookmark structure. Hummpffff! Regards, Kevin
  3. Kevin B

    Table of Contents trouble

    Good Morning, Anybody available to take a shot at my post above, moderator maybe??? Sort of left out in the cold here on the Publisher forum! Thanks, Kevin
  4. Kevin B

    Table of Contents trouble

    Hi All I'm new to Publisher and having trouble with the TOC feature, I've opened a PDF that has bookmarks so shouldn't I see those bookmarks? Nothing in the TOC pane appears and I can't make any entries to start a TOC. I followed the advice of Old Bruce and Seneca by creating various styles, base paragraph character but still the menus in TOC editor are blank or greyed-out. I must be doing something wrong but can't figure out what. If the PDF already has bookmarks then at least I should be able to see and edit those, no? Thanks for any assistance and I hope this message gets posted, the first one seems to have disappeared! As a note, I'm trialing Affinity Designer and love it, I think I'll abandon Xara Designer and switch to this Designer, looks like it has a brighter future ahead of it, and I imagine I'll pick up Publisher when it's ready for sale. Regards, Kevin in Barcelona