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  1. Hi SubTric, Your question of "Probably worth me asking if there is away to have anchors in the anchor pane display in a remotely sensible order as well?" I wish there was a manner to put them in the same sensible order as they are on the pages, but it appears to be impossible and is a real impediment to creating a larger PDF document with lots of bookmarks. I haven't seen any sign that Affinity is going to sort this out, unfortunately. I hope they can solve your anchors problem, but seems the moderator went quiet on you. Regards, Kevin
  2. Hi Lukc666 and Stokerg, I'm still new to Affinity Publisher, but issue #2 has been a headache to me as well. Yes, the bookmarks in the published PDF will be in the correct order according to where the anchors really are placed . . . . but the bugger is that in the Anchors panel they are simply listed in Alphanumerical order, so logically out of their real order. Only manner to put Anchors in a visual order in the panel is with leading numbers, but you don't want those in every bookmark name, would be a hassle to clean them out after every publish. There have been plenty of complaints about this annoyance but who knows when Affinity will fix it, for us it makes AP impractical for any long structured publication, although fine for short ones that don't need bookmarks. I suppose that AP was not designed for long publications, but it has plenty of other benefits for us so we'll stick with it and I'm sure it will progress over time. We evaluated CorelDraw but were scared away by their new owners KKR and a pricey subscription plan that together has angered lots of their users. I searched for "Affinity" on the CorelDraw user forum and discovered that plenty of their long-time users are evaluating or already using a Serif software! We decided not to jump in to that unknown future, and Adobe we won't touch in any manner. We use PDF-XChange Editor instead of Acrobat and are very happy with it. I hope the above is useful to you! Regards, Kevin
  3. Hi Walt, Ahhhhh, OK, now I see how it works, great explanation you gave me, heck I never even noticed the new tab that opened. I came to the word "tab" and thought, "tab, what tab"? . . . . silly me, didn't even see it! This is what I didn't fully realize, I was thinking that once a file was imported/placed into Publisher, it was treated like any other object on the page -- now I see the important difference. Now that I understand the functionality here I really do like it, will be very useful because I'm brining in large CAD-to-PDF files, converted to .afdesign files, and then embedded or linked. Easily going to Designer to use it's full power will be very useful. The Publisher help manual should explain this better, seems it doesn't say any more than "Use Studio Link with Personas and you'll be happy"! Well, now I am after you explained it to me -- thanks again Walt for your quick assistance! Affinity should contract you and a few of the other all-stars to beef up their user manual, it's not bad but does seem that a lot of topics could use improved explanations. There's a lot of functionality in the Affinity apps at 55 euro each, seems to me the full suite is a bargain compared to the competition. Kind Regards, Kevin
  4. Hi Pšenda and Walt, I'm confused (yes, again!) with Publisher and the use of, or switching to and from, the Designer Persona, I haven't bought Photo yet but will soon, I'm beginning to need it. So, I have a small vector graphic (company logo) on a Publisher page, I hit the Designer Persona icon and seem to have the normal Designer interface. To edit an object on this graphic, I double-click it and bang it seems that I've returned to Publisher's interface, the Publisher Persona icon seems to be high-lighted, and here I can make an edit. Now I become even more confused, the Save option is grey and Publisher Persona icon is not active. Seems that all I can do is hit Close, which takes me back to the Designer Persona, it's icon appears to be high-lighted. Now I can hit the Publisher icon and return to that mode . . . except that I see only the page that holds the graphic, no other pages appear on the Pages panel. I'm stumped as to what to do so I close this file, and POOOFF like magic, I have all of the pages available. I'm doing something screwy in this process, or is it really supposed to go like this? I then tried Edit in Designer, that fired up the program and I made an edit. After editing, neither Save nor Edit in Publisher are available so I close the file, that leads me to the Designer interface again but here I can select the Publisher Persona, and all pages are available. During the tests above I'm using embedded objects, I tried linked earlier but got into a round-and-round mess between editing inside of Publisher and editing outside, seems the changes will go both directions but it was too confusing. My projects won't be so long so file size shouldn't be a problem, for now anyway. Thanks for your assistance! Kind Regards, Kevin
  5. Hi DMcG, Thanks very much for posting your RAL palette, that's what I'm looking for, basic colors that I can select quickly. I'm not experienced with colors and don't need them overly precise or complicated; my clients aren't interested in that, just standard traditional colors . . . . but those seem difficult to find these days. Similar to text and paragraph styles, I need a simple mode so I can concentrate on content. I've installed the RAL palette file and have a few questions about it, below: 1) On the main page there are hue groups, and each group opens to an all hues sub-page. Here the colors are ordered neatly and clearly to me, but the imported palette seems more chaotic, or I'm not interpreting it properly. I wonder if the Affinity palette could be organized more clearly in groups, I suppose not. 2) Are all the hues on sub-pages included in the imported palette? I find them on a spot-check, but just looks like the Affinity palette is lacking the same quantity of colors . . . or it's a visual trick on my eyes! 3) What are the pros and cons of RAL compared to Pantone that's included in Affinity? For me, there's way to many Pantone palettes and colors -- it's completely overwhelming to me -- heck, I can't even find a basic navy blue in that mess. 4) How did you turn the RAL color palette into an Affinity palette file, you did it manually? Simply curious, if it's top secret then don't tell me! Thanks & Regards, Kevin
  6. Hello MNH, Happy new year and are you still here in the forum? I'm suffering the same problem as you did above a year ago, and wondering if you have any new tricks that you can share? I haven't seen any mention of anchors and bookmark export in the AF Publisher updates, and doing some testing shows me the same functionality. Yes numbering is the only manner I see (still) to control the order, but it's awkward to number every page and the alternative is some manual PDF bookmark editing of the final deliverable. Anchors and bookmarks are, as you wrote, a challenge and limits AF Publisher's usefulness for longer structured publications. Thanks and Regards, Kevin
  7. Hi Patrick The new forum looks great so congrats on getting it up and running. What could be handy is the date of posts made more prominent, and add the year as well. I search a topic, sort the results by date, but have no indication of how old the posts are, not even the year of them. Also some manner to show what software version the poster is using, if it's an old version then I might want to skip reading that post. Overall it's a very useful forum with some dedicated and supportive users that jump in with good feedback for us newbie users. Like Walt Farrell above, he knows the software very well and always jumps in to assist. I know the majority of users are serious in their field because many are ex Adobe clients looking for an alternative, they own or recently owned InDesign and seem to be using Affinity software successfully. Glad that I didn't go that route and found your company instead! Also, I see very few hard-core complainers and flaming arrow launchers here -- that's a big relief. Heck, how can anybody complain about a viable InDesign replacement, new and regularly being improved, from an established software house, that costs only 55 euros and no subscription is required? When the AfPub iPad version is ready for sale I'll be one of the first to buy it! Thanks and keep up the great work at Affinity! Kind Regards, Kevin
  8. Hi Garry, Wow that's impressive what you created and published all with Affinity software. I'll take a closer look soon and send any observations, I'm no expert for sure so I hope that more experienced users jump in too. An attractive and smooth TOC and PDF bookmarks to multiple levels, that's what I need but I'm still a bit worried about them in Publisher, there have been issues with them but perhaps all sorted by now. Did you run into PDF bookmark problems that still haven't been fixed by the developers? Yours are all created simply from paragraph heading levels or you manually created anchors to generate bookmarks? I'll give Canny Vectors a shot and get back to you soon, hopefully others will chime in soon with feedback for you. Kind Regards, Kevin
  9. Hi Frank, I agree with you, bookmarks should be a lot better, something basic to a PDF document more than a handful of pages. When first available they seemed to work well for me but later I realized things weren't right with the same issues that others have posted here. Well, AP is a new-ish product and the price is very affordable so not a crisis for us, we took a different approach for larger PDF manuals but I would like to see this improved in AP one day. I'm very happy with it creating short un-structured documents, it's so smooth to use and allows a basic user like me to be very satisfied with the output. Also kept me from being sucked in to Adobe World, from which I had escaped earlier by dumping Acrobat and buying PDF-XChange Editor! Regards, Kevin
  10. Hello ProDesigner, Hey, you must have read my post, "Confused by Styles" -- I'm in the same boat as a few others it looks like. Yes, having a handy default set of preferred styles would be handy, and one that is available in new documents, but seems that's not possible. I imported a Word docx page full of examples of the included styles from the Normal template, but that was messy. I might try again to see if I can create a Publisher default by copying their attributes, but they're very different animals and not sure if it's really practical. Seems like Publisher should have two styles modes, an Advanced (the setup now) and a Simple mode more like Word or anything quick and clear to grasp. Anyway, I'll keep monitoring here for any new tricks for a low-level user like me. Regards, Kevin
  11. Hello AmDivVal and Catshill, Thanks for the above info AmDivVal I'll look closely at it soon, Current Formatting window will be useful, I checked again and can't find anything in AfPub Help on that window, so you're discovering virgin help information! Catshill, yes the Publisher text styles seem convoluted to me, I'm a newbie so I'll have to learn it enough to work and just ignore the oddities, I was hoping for a "Simple Mode" but it doesn't exist, unfortunately. Anyway, keep reading the above advice from some very helpful forum members and I'm sure that we'll both figure it out eventually! Old Bruce, thanks again for your helpful feedback, I'm going to look at that strategy closely, maybe that combined with understanding the Formatting window will do the trick. A question: how do you write such an informative message even before your first cup of coffee? A truly dedicated Af Pub trooper you are! I'll submit some more thoughts soon after compiling all of the above, and Catshill just jump into it as I'm sure you'll come up with a trick or two to understanding the text styles. Kind Regards, Kevin
  12. Hello AmDivVal and Old Bruce, Thanks to both of your for your replies, interesting and gives me a better handle on Text Styles. First AmDivVal -- thanks for that workaround to populate the settings of a new Group Style, it does in fact work but not intuitive, just as you wrote. However, it's an empty Group so I'll have to create the styles manually, or optionally just use the afpub default styles file from Wosven and build on that. I might even stick with the same name Base for the sake of tradition, and tag on a suffix to differentiate when I create more Groups for specific uses. While trying this I investigated the small pointer in the upper-left corner of the Text Styles Studio panel, and was surprised to see here is possibly the source of the default settings that populate a new Group, as you wrote in your previous post: A new Group Style created with the setting box populated, seems to be the same settings I see here. if I change a setting in the Group it does not reflect here, and I cannot edit or copy this list so I presume it's coded in to AfPub. Settings appear here depending on how the Group was created but I can't see any logic to when they appear and when not. If selecting an individual style it simply shows the same name as in the list. I can live with it but I agree that this Text Edit Studio needs to be re-jigged so it's intuitive, maybe a simple mode for those that don't need so much control, and explained better in the help file. The blue high-lighting on Groups seems chaotic to me, overall I feel like I'm wrestling with this studio. Hello Old Bruce -- Thanks for chiming in and your advice is interesting, this could simplify it a lot but will have to play around with it. I'll work with a collaborator and he needs a simple bullet-proof interface . . . . well, me too of course but him more so. So, you're recommending to use a good number of Groups to organize styles by usage, and all settings made in the Group dialog instead of directly in paragraph or character, right? We don't need much unique styling, heck if all of the standard styles are defined in one Group's settings, could we just have that Group as default while writing, or perhaps AfPub always jumps to the No Style setting? If not, then we have to manually select the Group and apply it to the text or entire page, right? Thanks again for your assistance, let me play around with all the great info that I've been sent and if any new comments or advice then please post it, of course. Kind Regards, Kevin
  13. Hi All, Thanks again for all the great assistance, perhaps I'm getting a grip on the text styles, not 100% but enough to get started and not worry about the peculiarities. As Wosven wrote, the long part is coming -- writing and rewriting and tele-collaborating with the other expert who works in the Netherlands. Perhaps what's confusing me is the Base "thing" that I was thinking is a standalone entity / function but not explained well in AfPub help. After reading AmDivVal "some sort of parent style" and Wosven "Yes, Base is a Group Style" I realize that it's both and I mis-interpreted the word base -- it's just another Group Style with a lot of pre-entered settings. I can't create a new "Base Style" in an empty document, only a Group Style and name it Base or anything else. So I'll just utilize the default styles that Wosven sent to me, in their Base group, and build on that. However, I'm still curious to know the origin of all those settings in the default styles file that Wosven sent to me? If I create a new Group Style (+s ?!) then the settings box (in Edit dialog) is empty, so Affinity or a user populated that settings box. In fact, most of the settings are Off/Null/0/No etc, but if I alter the setting, save and close, then reopen edit settings and return them to off/0/no, then the setting name remains there.This would give me a trail to show what I've altered in the past, even if it returned to off/0/no. Another minor thing that confused me, we have the Create Group Style dialog, then to edit it the dialog name changes to Edit Text Style -- no big deal now, initially it wasn't clear that I was dealing with the same thing. AmDivVal did write that "Create Paragraph Style dialog and Edit Text Style dialog" are really the same dialog, but I didn't extrapolate that to Group Styles until just now. Perhaps Affinity should rename or explain that in the dialog itself, there's plenty of space there to write a note for us newbies. Yes, a lot of settings in there as AmDivVal wrote but they all relate to real settings that I could alter like global settings, when desired; otherwise I'll ignore them and concentrate on the Character and Paragraph styles. I'll start off using a Group Style and Hierarchy control to keep it all clear and organized, as AmDivVal and Wosven wrote there's a lot packed in on that small window with Group Paragraph and Character styles, so I see the importance of keeping it clean and organized. Side Note: A big positive for me is in version 1.9, I tested the beta to see how the headings and anchors export to create PDF bookmarks, and looks perfect from my quick test. We'll need that feature for sure with three or four heading levels necessary, primary viewing format will be a PDF and paper printing secondary, maybe only once. Hmmm, I wonder if there's another AfPub user on the forum that's creating a long boring technical manual, would be good to share tips with him/her. Please let me know if you bump into one. Thanks again everybody, your assistance is much appreciated by me/us . . . . . now time to dive into it and start writing! Kind Regards, Kevin
  14. Hello Text Style Consultants, Thanks for your very helpful followup messages, let me go thru them thoroughly and then reply with results and thoughts. Maybe soon I can change my status from "Befuddled" to "Somewhat Fuzzy" on the topic, thanks to all of you! Chris26 -- Great observation, so much useful info here it's going to raise the bar on my engineering manual 😨 Gutenberg press breaking the desk, that's a funny one for sure! Kind Regards, Kevin
  15. Hello Chris26, Wosven, AmDivVal and Duoro, Thank you very much for your time and replies, all useful and I think I'll be able to mix them all into a solution. Chris26 --- That was a good video for me, she explained text style usage well although there still seems to be something "under the hood" that has me befuddled. Your suggestion I've considered as you are correct we don't need or want too many styles, would just confuse us. A complication that I didn't explain in my first post, I'll collaborate with a fellow who is the real engineering expert, he also owns Designer and Publisher but he can't be bogged-down figuring out text styles, so I need to create/find a simple text style set that we will both follow. Yes, I considered starting from scratch and base it on Word, but when I reviewed the attributes of the styles in AfPub they looked complicated and worried I wouldn't get it right. Wosven -- Thanks for the default styles file, I've imported it and this is leading me to think that the BASE, uhhh, thing, might be what is confusing me. I don't even know what to call Base, it's not a style itself as it doesn't have the the character or paragraph icon leading it . . . . or is it, or some sort of style set??? When I import it, the Imported Text Styles dialog appears, and there I can deselect Base, so I did as a test and the other styles seem to work even though their attributes are "Base + something." If I was going to create all my styles from scratch as Chris suggested, would I have to create this Base thingy? Help manual mentions Base but doesn't really define what it is and what it isn't. Wosven, did you create these default styles yourself from scratch, or they're the ones that come in a new afpub file and later modified? Is there an official text style set from Affinity, other than what I see in a new file? AmDivVal -- Thanks very much for all that excellent info, I'm going to work thru it thoroughly, every different explanation gives me more clarity on text styles. Reading that " . . . Affinity makes it very confusing. It's hard to understand" relaxed me a lot, maybe I'm not the only one out there that's befuddled! I want to ask you about your advice on Edit Text Styles >> Style Settings window: " You want to keep that as clean as possible! Don't have too much there. If you are having to scroll, you have too much. You will notice when you press "Reset formatting" all of that goes away." So the Base thing does have a lot in that window, I pressed Reset Formatting and yes it all disappeared -- so where does that leave the Base style now, does it serve any purpose if it has no settings? Here the Base is defined as a style and a Group Style at that, which confuses me even more, if it's a Group Style then what is it grouping just these 12 individual styles? I have the 1.9 Beta version also and made a new Group Style, but I don't see the [ s ] designation in front here or in the 1.8 version. Like Base, there is nothing in front of it to ID what it is. So, your approach is to start with no styles and build up from there, all custom-created, correct? Well, if we're thinking of mimicking say the Word styles just because they're well-known, then we should follow this path and I don't worry about the Base group style, or whatever it is -- sound logical more or less? Hi Duoro -- Thanks for jumping in, so if we decide to create new styles, and/or modify the default styles like Wosven sent to me, then your procedure would be good to follow; We could eyeball compare our style versions to what Word has, when satisfied just create it as a new style. So in reality maybe text styles aren't so difficult, but I need to figure out what to do with Base. Genaral Question -- I see that it's very easy to delete and/or detach styles, should I be worried about doing this accidentally? Once we have settled on a style set, should I export them/it to an afpub file as a backup, or some other manner to back up text styles? Chris26 -- Your question of "Working to an ISO standard?" is a good one, you'd think I would be but it's maritime industry which is backwards and wild-west. I'm reviewing manufacturer manuals for ideas and most are atrocious, shockingly low quality. A few companies created an organization to utilize a modified S100D standard named Shipdex, but it hasn't taken off well, it's too complicated for the vast majority of manufacturers to handle. Anyway few people are concerned and no organization has responsibility to impose a standard. The equipment yes has to meet various standards, but the manuals nobody is worried about. Good for us in fact -- the bar is very low! The crew engineers I believe read the manuals only as a last resort, they just figure out how to operate the equipment based on their experience . . . . . scary thought, eh?! As I say, if the aviation industry followed the same low documentation standard, there would be a crash every day!😨 Thanks for all of your contributions, all further advice is very welcome and with your assistance I will discover AfPub Text Styles Simple Mode! 😁 Best Regards, Kevin Confined in Barcelona
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