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  1. My settings mirror those shown here. It is continuing to do it today as well... Effectively, pressing any of the 4 direction arrows just adds a space (as though I've pressed the space bar). Additionally, the delete button will not work and cannot delete the spaces that have been added (I need to undo instead). I'm needed to regularly close and reopen the doc to undo it. It seems to start happening after I have change an element, such as a text style or inserted an image. EDIT! - This behaviour begins to occur after I edit a table - my document contains a number of tables that I importe
  2. Aha! It was the latter - the image had picked up the header style. I had thought of that earlier, but when I selected the image it said 'no style', selecting it as you suggested however, revealed other wise. I really appreciate it! While I have you... given that you've been mega helpful... Twice this evening, the behaviour of my arrow keys (I'm on a Mac) have changed so that pressing them to move around a text block, instead increases the letter spacing between words. When this happens, I need to hold down the command button to make them work normally again. I can remedy this by savi
  3. Slightly unrelated (I think)... I have added this image inline to the file and it has gained an underline. If I move that image to elsewhere inline, the underline vanishes... For some reason it seems to just appear when the image is placed in that position. I can't work out why - there is no actual underline applied to it. Is this line created by Publisher in order to highlight an issue to me, or is something strange happening? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Strange issue I can't solve. Thought my doc, a few empty lines have appeared in bulleted lists (see image). Oddly, I can't delete these line. I can toggle the bullets off, which removed the bullet, but the empty line simply won't go away no matter how card I press the delete key If I hit return, and create another line/bullet, that too refuses to go away again. Ideas?
  5. Hi all, I'm having a few issues with image behaviour that I can't quite nail down. I have page numbers set in my master pages, however images that are placed on regular pages are moving the page numbers via text wrap. Previously as an InDesign user, text placed on a master page, such as page numbers, page headers etc. would be unaffected by images or other objects. In the example below, I have an image with text wrap applied. On the master page, the page number is in the middle and centre aligned (as you can see on the left page), but the text wrap around the image has forced the pag
  6. This is really helpful! I'd overlooked that functionality! Thanks.
  7. Thanks for this - currently I'm feeling the same about it. The lack of style syncing between chapters is going to be an annoyance when starting a new project, but I do think overall that this approach is going to make my transition between platforms feel smoother.
  8. Hi all, I'm Shep and a long-time user of Adobe CS6, currently in the process of migrating myself over to Photo and Publisher. I work in the tabletop RPG industry as a writer and do book layout for RPG book content. InDesign CS6 has been my life for a long time, so making the move (especially mid-book layout) is proving daunting. I'm very happy to be here though and excited to get fully up to speed on Affinity!
  9. Hi all, I'm 'almost' a convert - currently migrating from Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to Publisher and Photo. It's been a long time coming and I'm glad to be here! I wondered if any existing users could offer me some advice? I do layout on RPG rulebooks - typically 200-400 page US letter full colour books. 200,000+ words and hundreds of images of all different shapes, sizes and placement. In InDesign, I got used to working in chapters and using the 'Book' function to organise them. The primary reason I worked this way was that if I was tweaking and art piece in the book and that ca
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