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  1. Herojas93

    Help !!!!! Icon design

    Many thanks Gabriel!!!
  2. Herojas93

    Help !!!!! Icon design

    So if Apple advised 180px x 180px (60pt x 60pt @3x) that settings would be OK?
  3. Hi, Is the first time I have to design an icon for iOS and Android and I don't understand the measures of the document to set them at AD. They say PNG and sRGB. For example at Apple guide indicates 180px x 180px (60pt x 60pt @3x) What I have to set at size of the document? Like the image? in pixel 180px x 180px?... what about DPI? Thanks!
  4. Herojas93

    Guides block

    Thanks MEB, Hope it will arrive soon, is annoying to work with blocked squares and lines simulating the limits of the document.
  5. Hi, First sorry is that question is already answered. How can I block guides in AD and also make that the software understand them as point to measure, take middle references, etc... Something like this Illustrator capture. Thanks
  6. Herojas93

    3DConnection space mouse

    You are right. Only dev team has the last word about that. Would be fantastic to have support for zoom, pan, etc... it would improve our workflow. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, I’m thinking to buy that 3D mouse and I’d like to know if it is compatible with affinity software. https://www.3dconnexion.es/spacemouse_compact/es/ Sorry if the question is already answered. Thanks
  8. Herojas93

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Done !! Good work Affinity team
  9. Yes, I have same UI bug. The selection works and you can place images but without the icon. Affinity team thanks for your continuous working
  10. Thanks! Time to test...
  11. Herojas93

    Replace one font by another one

    Ok, thanks MEB. Hope It will be added soon, is a very useful feature.
  12. I don't know if this can be done or is answered. I was trying to find any topic about that. I have a document with Art-boards and I would like to change one font that is used in several Art-boards (now is a miss font) by another one. Without selecting every text field and replacing it manually. Thanks
  13. Herojas93

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Where I can find the beta link?
  14. Amazing... Come on I want to test the beta right now!!!!