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  1. Same happens here. Build also works fine. Same thing happens to me with exporting PDF. Actually I'm exporting files using build 523. Builds 531, 535 and also 549 gives me problems. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/105468-pdf-exporting-issue/
  2. Definitely something has changed in the last 2 beta builds, 531 and 535. Here you can see the same file of the first post (Original.apub), created without touching anything with the build 523 and also with the builds 531_535. PDF obtained with build 523.pdf PDF obtained with build 531_535.pdf @Sean P, you can try it by yourself with the different builds.
  3. That's true. Same happens to me. Would it be possible for you to attach the original SolidEdge PDF you imported please? This will make it easier for Development to see what is getting imported that could be causing the problem. I've created you a link to upload it to our internal Dropbox account:https://www.dropbox.com/request/zRogzhv3QXvo2FZ74uL3 Sorry @Sean P I don't have access to the original PDF file, it was created by a colleague who actually is not working with me. In the same document there is another views that are working fine. That is not the first time I find that issue with an imported PDF. Finally I solved the problem as @Old Bruce said. I changed the alignment of the object changing also the width of the stroke. Is strange, if some elements were missed, as you said, during the importing of the PDF, when you just change the alignment of the stroke they wouldn't appear.
  4. This draw has been imported from a PDF generated by SolidEdge. Close to it there is a mother object that belongs to the same draw which appear perfect at PDF. Same lines and same imported file. Beside this, I can’t understand why those lines, even if they are 3 points shapes are not appearing in the PDF. Bit later I’ll update the file with 2 objects, both belonging to the same file. One of them appear and the other one no.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to export to PDF a simple file but it gives me hidden curves and I don't know why. As I show in the video are simple black curves. I attach the original file, video and exported result. P.S. I'm running MacOS 10.15.3 beta 2, launched Tuesday. Thanks Original.afpub PDF_export_issue.mov PDF result.pdf
  6. I have noticed the same behaviour in Publisher since the first update to 1.8.XX.
  7. Same here. Using Colin’s file is very slow here. As I tested in my first post with fonts. I’m using a MacBook Pro Late 2013, Catalina 10.15.2 beta 3 and AP
  8. Hi, I have report similar behaviour with AP. My document had about 200 pages, after do everything you suggest, link images, document at 72 ppi, the performance was so low. I noticed that the worst performance was obtained managing simple text. AP takes around 2-3 seconds to just modify any the letters of a word. Recently I have notice that with a 22 pages document, with the same conditions of the first one, again the performance of the text flow was extremely low. Regards
  9. Sorry guys for the late replay. Disabling everything you mention before doesn't change anything. I have found 2 things. Everything that needs a live preview of changes like, font selection, color selection from wheel, text changing, ... decreases considerately the performance with big documents. I have recoded 2 videos: 1 of them showing how much time takes the action of manipulate fonts. 2 video showing how copying and paste an object works relatively fine but copying the same object using option key (I think due the live preview of it) takes much more time. Also I have attach a capture of the activity monitor showing the great amount of resources Affinity takes only with those kind of modifications. Another ones like vector lines, object movements, ... shows a normal Activity with the software. Finally I can tell you that this only happens with big documents, even set with linked images and 72 dpi's, with small documents everything works fast and fine. Thanks Copy_low_performance.mov Text_low_performance.mov
  10. After work 2 weeks with that large document (220 pages, 72 dpi and linked images) I have notice that the big lag of performance appears when I work with fonts (text). For example, I can copy, paste , move, objects and every time I can see the beach ball about 3 seconds until the system refresh. No problem with this. When I edit, change, modify or similar any text, the beach ball takes around 20 seconds every modification I do. Another example, if I select a text and I select directly from the panel a text style it takes around 3 seconds to refresh but if I select the same text and I go to the fonts menu trying to select any of them it takes around 20 seconds to refresh. Also if I don't select the fonts list (that maybe it has to preview), just changing bold, light, or the font size. Hope this could help to improve a GREAT app even more. Thanks
  11. Hi, Following thomaso advices I expose my results: The document resolution has changed to 72 dpi. (Still same performance) All images are linked. All images are store locally. Only this document is opened. Only publisher is opened. Any other app. I tried changing the API from Metal to OpenGL with same results. When I open the document the fan inside my Mac starts running and the Activity monitor shows this In the moment I closed the 222 pages document everything goes to normal and fans becomes off. Could be the optimization of macOS Catalina. Actually I'm using beta 5.
  12. Hi guys, Actually I’m working on a manual that has 222 pages. My Mac is a MacBook PRO 15” Late 2013. It is A4, 800 dpi (I need people can do zooming without lose resolution) and the 15 images it has are all embedded , sorry, linked. The rest of items inside are 100% vectors with effects, like shadows, transparency, etc... Metal is enabled. I have extrematelly low performance in the document. When I do a change I have to wait about 30 seconds seeing the beach ball running until it is applied. What can I do? Thanks
  13. Thanks carl123, I can see the bug has been logged. The unique thing we can do is to wait for the fix.
  14. Hi, I'm having issues with the correct visualization of the cells at table. Thanks [UPDATE] Still having same issue with new beta 305. See video. Table selection fixes in instances where table has been scaled Table row / column header fixes in instances where table has been scaled For me this is not working fine. Table headers issue
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