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  1. Same issues here. See first post updated.
  2. Thanks carl123, I can see the bug has been logged. The unique thing we can do is to wait for the fix.
  3. Hi, I'm having issues with the correct visualization of the cells at table. Thanks [UPDATE] Still having same issue with new beta 305. See video. Table selection fixes in instances where table has been scaled Table row / column header fixes in instances where table has been scaled For me this is not working fine. Table headers issue
  4. Herojas93

    Perspective tool issue

    Sure, here it is. The images has big size as they are HD. Thanks Test.afphoto
  5. Herojas93

    Perspective tool issue

    HI, I found an issue with perspective tool that doesn't allow me to fit the images correctly. Can I do something to do correctly the composition? I'm using build Attached video. Thanks Perspective_tool_issue.mov
  6. Hi guys, Fantastic update... Many thanks for this "Lock Guides" added to the menus: This affects both tool and ruler editing/creation of guides".
  7. Hi guys, I have finished that design and I find that when I exported it to PDF the result is very bad. I have tried many options without good results. In the attached files you can see the settings and the final result. Any idea? AP_Result.pdf
  8. Mine is Spanish so I'm in the same situation jeje... I think I understand the procedure. "Framon" you are right. First you have to manage the format you want at every cell. Text, fonts, position, fill, etc... after this you have to select which format you want to be applied to every cell. "See the image". The final result is that the table will respect the format you applied at every cell to make the composition. See video. Possibilities has no limits as in the text style edition field you can select many adjustments for just the text inside every cell. UPDATE: The unique thing I can't find is how to export the format you have created. As you do with your Assets or Styles. Every document starts with the default table format. Video.mov
  9. I totally agree with you. MEB told us that they want to change the behavior of the guides to make them simple managed. The thing is that right now there is not "lock/unlock" feature and any "new easy way to manage". As I said at other post, the button and behavior of the first betas was perfect and useful. Now we don't have anything. Please make come back the "lock/unlock" button!!!!
  10. Hi, Could you please explain me how to use the table format? I can't understand how can I have, for example, this pattern every file added automatically. When I try to select 1 file and apply a fill it is applied to the full table. Thanks
  11. Thanks for your fast response Sean.
  12. Hi guys, I found an issue exporting a selected Artboard. If I select the whole document it works fine but selecting any of them gives me that error. Thanks UPDATE: also I have found same issue exporting to PNG, JPG, etc...
  13. Hi MEB, Can you please explain me the correct behavior of the guidelines? As you can see at video I can move them over the shape accidentally. Even trying to select inside the shape. Maybe I misunderstand your explaining. Thanks Guidelines.mov
  14. Herojas93

    Guidelines suggestions (

    Hi, I'm agree with dutchshader comments. I'm working right now with a 200 pages document and I can see 2 main things with guidelines: When you have artboards and remove one guideline out of the sheet to erase it, remains available if you fly with the mouse over it. Sometimes you want to select some items at document to move them and accidentally moves the guidelines. It happens many times to me. Could be have a dedicated button as at Publisher app? To lock or unlock them as you want... for me would be an amazing helpful. Thanks and very good work guys