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  1. Hi guys, I have notice with last beta that I can't introduce decimal valors at any field of the software. It is doesn't matter if I use coma or point to introduce them. Decimal_valors.mov
  2. I can confirm that envíen the master pages are not displayed the exported PDF shows the information. But If you export the document as JPG the mater page images that not being displayed also not appear at exported JPG file.
  3. Hi, I have notice with last two betas of Affinity Publisher 1.9.1 one problem rendering master pages. That issue with MAS version 1.9.0 and same file doesn't happens. When you zoom in and out the pages shows or hide any master page applied. See attached video. Thanks Rendering.mov
  4. Hi, I have a document which I would like to send in PDF format using booklet option. The problem comes with the blank space it leaves in the document. See attached. How can I generate a PDF file, using booklet arrangement of pages, and have edge to edge result? Size of the spread is exactly the same as the selected paper. Thanks
  5. I did it yesterday and re-arranged it again. For the moment seems is working fine. Thanks
  6. Same happens here with same macOS Big Sur build. Crashes at start.
  7. Yes, it is enabled. As Old Bruce says is already logged. Hope the solve it for the next build.
  8. For me it doesn't work even trying to add and remove manually vertical or horizontal guides. Is true the guides are there as I can see how the snapping works but are hidden always. I only can see the ones created manually.
  9. Hi, I don't know if that question has been reported. I found with last version of AP and macOS BIG SUR Beta 9 that column guides doesn't work. With MAS 1.8.4 and same macOS system works without problem. Videos show same document with same settings and both programs. Column_guides_BETA.mov Column_guides_MAS.mov
  10. Oh! man... almost 4 years using Affinity and I didn't know that option...f... Thanks!!! Joachim_L. @MattP, using this option is fine for me. Anyway if you want to add "all" option, will be well received.
  11. It would be nice for me the "all" option. I use mainly Designer to do user manuals with several pages. So when I send them to print and to avoid problems with fonts, I used the option in Illustrator "select all text objects", them convert them to curves. Just in 2 clicks I done everything. Doesn't matter the type of text or format. Also is very nice to have the selective option for text to be more accurate.
  12. "Select same" for me will be the best... Please introduce select "all text objects", even if them are grouped or blocked. That will increase the workflow for me when I have to convert text in curves. Thanks, great job!!!
  13. After update to Big Sur beta 5 the problem still there. I decided to delete completely the 3 apps and reinstall them again. That solved the problem and now StudioLink works fine. Honestly I don’t know what happened, the unique thing I did was update the apps to 1.8.4 version. Doesn’t matter, thanks for your support guys.
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