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  1. Alright! You are right! In pixel if I don't use no comma is perfect. But I need to print the art and I need that in cmm But you make me understand the situation... Thank you @Return!
  2. My point here is, why when I move from 0,55cmm to 0,56cmm using my mouse is perfect and when I use the move tool or alignment tool to do the same positions the image gets blurred?
  3. Hello! It's off! But no matters if is on or off this bug happens in both states!
  4. Adding more informations... My Affinity Photo is the last one. Macbook m1 - last operational system. • My layer is a non rasterized image. When I move the image around the canvas with my mouse and I place the image on canvas in any position, it's ok! No weird pixel is created. But when I move the image using transform tool the image lost resolution and receive weird pixels... Thank all!
  5. Hi Guys, I believe that this a bug, but correct me if I'm wrong. When I move my image on the screen anywhere it stays intact. No weird pixels added, when I use the mouse, but when I use the alignment tool then strange pixels are created in my image. Bug or something I'm doing wrong? I'll show this in a video! Thank you in advance! IMG_0224.MOV
  6. Hi guys! Can we save the option that I chose? When that I restart AP I have to change the option that I prefer, in this case "Layer". Do we have some type of "player prefers"? Thanks!
  7. Guys, first V.2.2, 2.3, 2.4... they have a lot of thing to do in 2.0 yet! I have bought the complete package and honestly I hope that these updates to reach my package. And not on a new 3.0 version.
  8. @2ddpainter thank you ! Looks like very interesting! I'm started study a couple of programs... https://toonsquid.com This one have a lot of potential but unfortunately, the program cannot import vectors... In Mac we have other great options, like Spine and ToomBom but too much expensive. :/
  9. Guys, Staff, I need an Affinity animation app. Preferred full compatible with Affinity design. (Vector) will be a killer app. any plans? 🤩 best!
  10. Sorry, I think I wasn't very clear. I would like to be able to rescale a layer using this type of resampling (Nearest Neighbor) Currently in AP, I can do this for the entire document, but there is no way to do this for layers. I'll give you an example, imagine that I have a pixel art file with many layers, so I just want to resize one layer or another. Without having to open a new document to rescale the layer. Thank you again @NathanC
  11. Wow, that was it. Thank you very much. I hadn't noticed. Without wanting to abuse @NathanC, could you tell me if it would be possible to implement this type of resize feature with Nearest Neighbor in the layers as well? Individually, without that I have to do is in another document? Thank you so much! Really!
  12. Hello @NathanC! You have no idea how happy I am to get your answer. And I can gladly share the document with you. Your action makes me believe I'm investing in the right programs! Sincerely! If you need anything more I'll be here! My OS is Mac OS Ventura 13.4 My Affinity Photo is 2.1.1 To see what I said just resize to 1200x192 resample Nearest Neighbor. My pleasure! Logo Pixel.afphoto
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