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  1. I hope Affinity becomes a typesetting software for professionals in the world, not just a typesetting for Latin-speaking countries
  2. I used screenshots to compare Chinese and English, as shown in the figure, the translation of Chinese in the red area is wrong, and the current translation is completely inconsistent with the translation of graphic design Referring to Adobe and some English font books, the white text is translated next to the red box,
  3. They are very slow to update bugs, which will make users lose confidence in the team
  4. New models of facilities can be made to support new functions. If you always have to take care of the old models, the software will not be able to get more function support. Many devices only have 2GB of ram.
  5. I think if you support old models, the experience will be very poor
  6. The development progress has not been officially announced, because I want to use the iPad to do more projects. At present, Affinity Designer is very unfriendly to text layout. The iPad version of the artboard cannot adjust the margins. The bug has not been fixed, which makes it very difficult to do multi-page design. Convenient, no matter what software, please enhance the function of text layout
  7. Especially the function of expressing the concept of sports is very important
  8. The ipad version has only 80% of the functions of the desktop version, but the official website emphasizes the ‘same function’
  9. As far as I know, most users are prone to software crashes when using the ipad version. I have used the iPad version for 4 years. The iPad version was really easy to crash before. There are other reasons that it is not easy for many novices to find what they want. The interface of the software is sometimes not very intuitive. For example, the operation mode of the Affinity photo layer channel is really difficult to understand. The functions are very powerful, but they are all hidden, and users often come to realize when they use it!
  10. I hope that publishers can take advantage of the performance of M1 8gb memory. At present, when the affinity software runs in the background, the ipad pro 4gb memory will restart.
  11. I said it was in development a long time ago. I don’t know if it will be released this year.
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