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  1. liumingming

    Welcome to Cambodia

    The capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, where luxury and poverty are intertwined, looks up at a few high-rise buildings, and more is a messy wire. The streets are full of various types of motorcycles, and the locals rely on this tool to go to work, carry passengers, and carry ... to make the narrow and simple streets become vibrant. app:affinity photo affinity designer
  2. I use affinity photo and affinity designer.this is more convenient……
  3. 了haven't found this function~people who know please tell me、 thank you
  4. liumingming

    Affinity Photo iPad eBook

    hello is there only an English version?
  5. 青色 cyan not red HELP translation and name not unified(this is very common)
  6. liumingming

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.8

    When will it be released in Apple store?
  7. liumingming

    why is loading all the time export?

    1.67 ios11.4 ipad pro 12.9 (2017)
  8. png jpeg always loading。please tell me why?
  9. I know coming soon 2018. sorry I can’t wait for it. play a trailer please thank you
  10. liumingming

    Slow Performance After Upgrade to iOS 12 Beta 1

    excuse me for bad english.l‘m in china。first of all thank you for the chinese version。l do not know English,and it‘s not uesd photoshop。I uesd it photo editing soft is affinity photo in iPad Pro.very powerful software in ios photo editing。l study for affinity photo work book 。not on the internet. Your website does not support my country .including the teaching video inside. But in china we have a discussion group about affinity photo. (Mac Win IOS) in the group,some people make Chinese translation on teaching video.and finally we’re all looking forward to affinity desinger on iOS app
  11. liumingming

    Slow Performance After Upgrade to iOS 12 Beta 1

    please fix as soon as。l‘m dependent on it