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  1. https://communicats.blogspot.com/2020/09/cartoonish-vector-t-shirt-design.html
  2. Over time you may find that you can take AD almost anywhere that bitmap can go. In a resolution independent way. Best of luck with developing your drawing skills.
  3. Appreciating the tremendous measure of work you do for the community.
  4. You found a way to weave suspense into the bits. Kudos.
  5. Sehr qualifizierte Arbeit, die Kreativität ruft. Manchmal führt eine Katastrophe wie die kaputte Festplatte, unerwartet zu besseren Ergebnissen.
  6. Art critics usually are self appointed persons that have something missing in their lives. Artists benefit more from people who encourage and inspire them. Mind what they say and ignore the rest.
  7. Update July 18 2020. Progress sequence and information on how this vector drawing was made in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2020/07/vector-portrait-david-bohm.html
  8. Crashing again. Set available RAM to max and reduced Undos to 100, but that does not help a lot. So I hope to be able to finish this one. Update July 14 2020.
  9. DWright, Gabe offered me to send the file in Dropbox, which a I did a minute ago. Thanks for the offer.
  10. Update stage 8 July 12 2020. One crash since the previous stint.
  11. Stage 6 July 12 2020 - 01:30 hrs. Happily crashing along, but so far useful things come out of it nevertheless. Update stage 7 July 2020. AD has been behaving quite well; no crashes.... I'm puzzeld, but content.
  12. I started a vector portrait of the late great David Bohm, trying yet an other new drawing method. A bit worried now, since AD began crashing on me. Cranked up usable RAM in Performance Preferences, but it still crashes. Save often now. Perhaps I have to buy a new rig haha! Update sequence in my portfolio blog at: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2020/07/vector-portrait-david-bohm.html Vector outline view
  13. Skilled editing. I once placed (some 80 pages of) text in docx format from Libre Office and Publisher crashed. Did it again after exporting the text as txt, but it crashed again. It puzzled me. What is your machine configuration (CPU / RAM)? Recently I created a image rich (84 page) document inside Publisher and it would open sometimes, but freeze most of the time. Strange thing is that it would sometimes open and allow me to edit the document and other times not. CPU and memory use were going through the roof, when applying normal functions such as scrolling through the pages, switching to master pages and exporting to pdf, as well as power consumption. Interesting book, by the way.
  14. I have a similar problem with Publisher in Windows 10; CPU- and memory use are soaring on almost every function up to the point that the app freezes (from which it does not recover) and after several of such problems, closing and opening the app in an attempt to get it working, it refuses to open all together and I had to re-install it to make it start up. After re-install the same problems continued.
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