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  1. VectorWhiz

    Penguin - How to soften edges?

    Here's a trick: Duplicate an object that you want to give some hard edges and some blurred edges Move the underlying object inside the one above it (select in the Layers panel to make certain you have the right one) so that the top object serves as a mask Do not give any blurring to the object on top Blur the underlying object to the amount of choice, using fx - Gaussian blur Move points to outwards of the top image to make an edge blurred Move the nodes of the blurred underlying object outwards where you want a hard edge - the top object masks it Hope this helps. Take care.
  2. VectorWhiz

    Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)

    Your sense of graphical ethics keeps amazing me. The compositions, choice of palette and skill to make it work are excellent. Kudos!
  3. VectorWhiz

    Applying an Astronomical process to a terrestrial Image

    HDR has a wealth of enticing functions that make it difficult to stop (editing). It's all a matter of preference, but artists can take it anywhere. That is the brilliance but also potential pitfall of advanced graphic programs. In this case, I like what you did; the result is appealing.
  4. VectorWhiz

    New to Affinity

    Keep going. You've found the best graphic software at the best price around.
  5. VectorWhiz

    It's the little things

    I think you shouldn't put yourself down. I would say your work would fit in there flawlessly.
  6. VectorWhiz

    T-shirt designs

    Made some T-shirt designs in Affinity Designer. All vector, no pixels. More designs in my portfolio blog. (Images removed due to adult content - please follow the link above to view)
  7. VectorWhiz

    Photo - Nature Design

    Brilliant work, great skill!
  8. VectorWhiz

    Working with Affinity Designer

    It is visible that you obviously have above average drawing skills. Glad you put them to use in AD. Looks great! Soon you won't be missing AI at all, I guess.
  9. VectorWhiz

    Caricature in Designer, Raster

    Most excellent creations.
  10. VectorWhiz

    Greek word for love

    I've seen people post similar problems on Facebook. Exchange between different versions sometimes seems to result in problems.
  11. VectorWhiz


    Typography is a specialist trade. Mind the kerning. The visual space between the I, N and E for instance, is tiny compared to that between the L and the I. If you even that out (more space between the I, N and E that is) it would be easier on the eye.
  12. VectorWhiz

    General Photography - Edited on Photo

    AP's HDR function is so powerful that you can make a city view look like the tiny Faller houses. Reality beyond reality.
  13. VectorWhiz

    First time sharing work

    Very good first work! Palette and composition are excellent. Perhaps use the fx Gaussian blur effect to enhance realism?
  14. VectorWhiz

    View from the big cave

    Nice atmosphere in the drawing somewhere between eerie and beautiful. Great work.