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  1. This is the seventh stage of this vector portrait, 100% vector, zero pixels. The rest of the updates will be posted in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2020/03/realistic-vector-portrait-of-beautiful.html
  2. After having mostly created logos lately, I finally got to doing what I love most - making vector portraits. I'm experimenting with a new style and new techniques (for me at least). Fiddling with the video editor in which I hope to put together tutorials about creating realistic vector portraits when I am more familiar with the program. This is a work in progress (started March 18 2020), so bear with me. I will post new stages later. Oldest at the bottom, newer above that. More info about this portrait in my portfolio blog that you find here: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2020/03/realistic-vector-portrait-of-beautiful.html 6th stage March 20 2020 5th stage March 20 2020 4th stage March 2020 This is the third stage drawn on March 18 2020 This is the second stage drawn on March 18 2020 This is the beginning stage drawn on March 18 2020 This is the vector outline view of the 5th stage
  3. Did some simple cartoon-like vector designing for T-shirt compositions of Elvis and Mr. Bean, unlike the realistic vector portraits I usually draw. The images contain a lot of Gaussian blurring, custom gradients and transparency. All vector, no pixels. Below are the vector outline views
  4. Most excellent art! I've always been fascinated by Jugendstil and Art Deco style artwork and you did a great job with these creations.
  5. An other fantastic piece you created of which there are more to see on your Behance page. Did you use the mouse of a drawing tablet?
  6. I usually work with vectors, but I thought I'd give it a go. It was challenging and far from perfect, but I enjoyed fiddling with this pixel image.
  7. Spectacularly good! It is amazing what skilled and creative artists like you can do with vector drawing drawing programs such as Affinity Designer. I enjoyed watching this work. Thank you for creating and sharing.
  8. If you draw a circle and apply a brush consisting of dots placed evenly spaced on a vertical line (no irregular organic shape is what I meant to say basically) it would simulate the record's grooves when the streched mode is selected in the brush configuratiin panel.
  9. The graining of the background is a perfect rendering of the paper they used for record labels. To change the spacing between letters select the text you intend to affect and then press alt + arrow keys (to right to increase or to the left to decrease) and use the character panel to change the word spacing (in percentage or hover over the field and turn the mouse wheel).
  10. At a glance this visually works quite well as you wrote. Allow me to make a suggestion. Perhaps draw circles to which a geometrically shaped vector brush is applied as a drawing or perhaps an overlay to what you've already created. Using what you have drawn above the circles to which the vector brush is applied, may also work, maybe with some tweaking of the filters.
  11. Seahorses are among nature's most successful designs of which you created a nice digital tribute.
  12. Nice to see the analog sketch from which the digital artwork was derived. Well done.
  13. Wow, this feels like a visual trip, which is a testimonial to your drawing skills. It also is a tribute to the excellent functionality of Affinity Designer. These things resulted in great art!
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