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  1. VectorWhiz

    a Book in Affinity Publisher

  2. VectorWhiz

    Crystal Reed - Sophia Falcone vector portrait

    In my portfolio blog I linked to the reference photo I used. It is also shown there what steps lead to this stage. The actress alias / name is: Crystal Reed who played Sophia Falcone in the Movie / TV-series 'Gotham'. Here is the outline view of the portrait in this stage.
  3. VectorWhiz

    Crystal Reed - Sophia Falcone vector portrait

    Did some more work on this 100% vector portrait. Progress sequence at: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2019/05/crystal-reed-100-vector-portrait.html Nearing completion (I think): This is what it will look like when framed:
  4. VectorWhiz

    Table of contents and hyperlinks

    The page numbers are hyperlinks, the linked header texts are not. Laborious work around: select the text and add hyperlink to page in 'Interactive'.
  5. VectorWhiz

    Pinning grouped object problem with text

    Thanks! These options helped.
  6. VectorWhiz

    Pinning grouped object problem with text

    Moving the pin around isn't possible in inserted filler text. It appears to be possible in a placed docx-document however.
  7. VectorWhiz

    Fresh Out The Shower

    At times overcooking isn't too bad. Like the effect.
  8. VectorWhiz

    New sketches and practicing

    Sometimes good artwork submitted in this category goes almost unnoticed while deserving more attention. Like these works here. Kudos!
  9. VectorWhiz

    Pinning grouped object problem with text

    Tried that. Doesn't work. I mistakenly posted this question on this forum, I should have posted it to the Windows PC forum.
  10. VectorWhiz

    Pinning grouped object problem with text

    Is it possible to move the image's pin to a different position in the text?
  11. VectorWhiz


    Design is creative, palette is great and detailing is the cherry on the cake. The video is very informative. Kudos! I wonder how you captured your actions.
  12. First six stages of vector portrait Crystal Reed as Sophia Falcone in Gotham. 100% vector, zero pixels. Created in Affinity Designer. Work in progress. More detailed progress sequence: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2019/05/crystal-reed-100-vector-portrait.html Stage 7. Progress will be slower as I wish it to be due to a lack of time. Stage 9 - working on accents and shadows Stage 12 - accents, highlights, shadows & lip creases Stage 13 - hair background drawn Colour testing
  13. Hi Gabe, thanks a bundle. This solved it.
  14. After installing the latest version AD after opening, shows a slew of corrupted files (the entire width of the bar is filled with corrupted files), all named 'untitled'. When closing them I am required to save them (there is no way to not save them). When I do, AD crashes. It suddenly closes without giving an opportunity to send crash reports. I tried starting AD while holding the Control key, which does not change the situation. I am running AD on Windows 10 on a 16GB RAM machine with an Asus Mb and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti GPU. Please advice.
  15. VectorWhiz

    Penguin - How to soften edges?

    Here's a trick: Duplicate an object that you want to give some hard edges and some blurred edges Move the underlying object inside the one above it (select in the Layers panel to make certain you have the right one) so that the top object serves as a mask Do not give any blurring to the object on top Blur the underlying object to the amount of choice, using fx - Gaussian blur Move points to outwards of the top image to make an edge blurred Move the nodes of the blurred underlying object outwards where you want a hard edge - the top object masks it Hope this helps. Take care.