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  1. Completed (for the time being). This is what the painting would look like when framed. Current size over 1 meter tall, but infinitely scalable because it's all vector.
  2. VectorWhiz

    [AD] Steam UI redesign concept - v2

    Comprehensive and slick design. Great palette.
  3. VectorWhiz

    My new work - Mobile app - FitCurves

    Most excellent designs. Very appealing.
  4. VectorWhiz

    Love, Hate and Vice Versa (Affinity Photo)

    Excellent idea that you've designed wonderfully.
  5. I try to stay away from who's the best guitar player or who is the best soccer player type of discussions. I just appreciate the Affinity programs and am thrilled by their announced future features. I departed with the Adobe suit ever since they started their wretched subscription model and divorced with Corel after it had so many bugs that their programs became unreliable. I just hope Serif doesn't bother to implement a rigid annual upgrade sequence, but rather offers improvements when they're bug free. I think they'll have a hard time winning over the hardcore Adobe and Corel users that already have built an extensive oeuvre, but to those new in the graphic design business they will find AD and AP most excellent and affordable choices. I recall being frustrated by the Corel apps crashing and already experimenting with Inkscape and GIMP when I accidentally ran into the Affinity programs; I could hardly believe my eyes when seeing the price at which they were sold and became even more surprised when fiddling about with the trial versions, being stunned at their functionality. To me the Serif policies are some kind of a gift from heaven and I think many struggling artists feel the same way.
  6. VectorWhiz


    To achieve such realism using vectors only is brilliant. Kudos!
  7. VectorWhiz

    Storm trooper photorealistic

    The subtle tweaking carried out quite well. Great.
  8. VectorWhiz

    Automobile illustrations

    Nice idea that is well executed. Wish you success with this.
  9. Update June 3 2018. Made several sub-drawings (that are embedded) for the ornaments. Approximately half way the body now.
  10. Work in progress. First vector painting created in Affinity Designer. Tried to see if all that could be done in photo editors could also be done in a vector drawing program. Size painting is 80 cm tall. It includes entire physique. So far most of the head (skull) is drawn. Progress sequence in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.nl/2018/05/vector-painting-crossing-deaths-frontier.html Update June 1 2018: =================================================================================================
  11. VectorWhiz

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    The 'Lock Children' function that probably has been there in previous versions and the 'Replace Image' function that I've never noticed before are brilliant. With each upgrade the yen for competing programs diminishes. Excellent progress in AD.
  12. A more detailed explanation is given in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.nl/2018/05/how-to-create-vector-woodcut-portrait.html
  13. Experimenting with creating vector woodcut portraits, which is a bit of a nuisance. Many things to consider when constructing such drawings. Still a tad confusing at this point. After four trials and errors I arrived at this level of design complexity. I used my vector portrait of Abe Lincoln as the image for this test. I believe the trick is to find the right way to set up the masking strokes after which basically any image can be used to build a woodcut portrait. Working method: Create a sine line Duplicate it until entire page is covered Select all lines and ‘Expand Stroke’ Combine all expanded strokes – after which they will show as a single ‘Curve’ in the Layers panel Duplicate a number times of your choice Rotate each of them to different angles, making sure they cover entire page – you have to enlarge them until they do Import an image Duplicate it to the same number of combined strokes / Curves that you duplicated in step 5 Apply a different ‘Treshold’ level to the original image and duplicates Rasterize all images Drag each image inside a curve so that the Curve serves as a mask Make sure none of the Curves has a fill or stroke width assigned Remarks: The combined strokes shown as Curves will show up over the images. Hit the Magnifier Zoom tool to see the result without the Curves overlaying them Each Curve containing the rasterized image can be manipulated in several ways – opacity, type of filter I attached the Affinity Designer file to study for those interested. Woodcut test AL portrait 3a.afdesign
  14. VectorWhiz

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018