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  1. It was just a thought of mine... I saw a lot of angry in some posts related to this topic. I truly regret I started it....
  2. Stencils is another name for shapes. Each software`s developer has a name its own name. Stencils is just name. Microsoft could name it Assets, Shapes,Figures and so on. The name is not so important. Thx
  3. Microsoft Visio is based on stencils. Stencils are palettes of shapes that can be used to create almost any diagram you need. Each palette is task-specific making it easier to locate the shape/s you require. You can open and work with multiple stencils and can even create your own. Do a YT search for stencils. There are tons of very well-done clips about stencils. Thx
  4. Do a Google search for Microsoft Visio. If AD did about 20% of Vidsio it would be very nice! Thx
  5. I hope you worked with MS Visio or SmartDraw. They are very complex, they have more than stencils.... Yes, I can do my own Stencils in AD or into another external vector software. The purpose for having Stencils as a distinct category for AD only, is to be easier for the users to access it and to have its own sub-categories. Nothing special. Thx.
  6. In my previous companies I worked a lot with MS Visio. It would be possible to have similar features in AD? Maybe a new category named Stencils in order to be different from Assets category. In this new Stencils category to have Flow Chart symbols sub-category, Diagrams, Furniture, Garden, and so on. Also, the capabilities to import Visio stencils or even SmartDraw would be great! This new feature will extend the AD capabilities in combination with already implemented features. I woull be agreed to pay a fee for the major updates for all Affinity`s software in order to have a better product. I know that is a a lot of work to do by the developers to implement new features. Thx
  7. Duplicated layer, soft light blend then Levels and Curves adjustemnts, plus a fine sharpening macros.
  8. A normal pic, duplicated layer, soft blend, added selective colors and curves adjustments, plus a fine sharpening macros.
  9. Jus a normal pic, duplicated layer, soft light and a fine sharpening macros.
  10. I know this, you know this, they know this. Let`s hope they gonna do it asap.
  11. It could be possible to have preset for the Equation filter as we have for Procedural? It is quite annoying to re-insert a formula every time when we open the Equation filter. We have to open a file where we have stored our equation and then to copy & paste it in the Equation filter. Waste of time...Much easier for us to open Equation filter and from the Preset panel we just pick it up. Maybe some basic Preset made by Affinty team will be welcome. (such as waves equation, shape equation, wobbly equation, and so on) Thx a lot.
  12. Cropped a little bit the layer, duplicated it, then Levels, Curves, Exposure, Brightness adjustment and Gold Punch, Subtle Yellow/Blue and Enhaced Yellow macros by James Ritson (different levels of opacity).
  13. A small butter-fly having a moment of rest. I clipped the image, I added Levels, Vibrance, Curve and Selective Colors adjustment only for the right wing and for the body.
  14. I tried to find out such an angle for the pic that both the name and the statue to be visible. I didn't want to apply a sharpening filter to the writing. I focused to the statue mainly . Also I wanted people to zoom in a little bit in order to read it.
  15. I made the sky a little more dramatic with a Curves adjustment. Before I duplicated the layer and I put it in Soft Light blend mode. I played with the opacity.
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